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Eastern Oregon Weather j
Tour reiMence
Tonight and Thursday fair; jf
cooler tonigiii
13C " JT
XO. 4712.
La Strike Ordered and
yianv Wealthy Kesidents
re Leaving the City,
... nff the
likers Attempt
fclty't Water Supply Soldiers
;ompelled to Fire Upon moiers
ing Is Out of City,
tome April 8.-NotwlthstandinB
T?!: ,,Ai -nncral strike was
B Ittti III'1' " .
lered for today, many shops are
fcned and doing im'. 1 "
r" ,. ,unro d n nil forenoon.
Efew trains are being worked by
niclpal guards tills afternoon. The
, ...0tinn miv heenmo serious.
ere was a general exodus of for-
kn tourists today, tho wouuuy n
Ents are leaving the city.
fren additional linttaiions ot nruu
K were ordered to report for duty
trnllhln tonight.
The strlko took on a moro serioiiB
Ipect as the day advanced, mo
bikers attompiea to cut on me uu
b and water supply and Slop worn
Vtha olnptt-ln tlfrllt nlfint.
Soldiers in one portion of the city
ere compelled to nro nnu several
filers aro reported wounueu. inu
n uhn In at lils shootlnc box. has
ten advised not to return to the city
fctil the dl8turi)ances are over.
General Strike Ordered.
I Amsterdam, April 8. It was docld-
this afternoon to call a general
rike of all trades unions In Hol
Marines Mobilized,
Amsterdam, Netherlands, April 8.
foe government has called upon the
irlnes of the country to mobilize
llthin 24 hours. The three warships
It Don Heldcr have been ordered to
In readiness. There aro now 10,-
) Idle men in Amsterdam alone, and
i flour is being dellvorcd. The con-
Ittlon of the poorer classes promises
i be serious.
Emnlnvite Mau Jnln Qtrlbjtre
I A motion in the Chambers to nd-
DUrn fnr thf nnnialHnratlnn nnrl file.
lusslon of the government anti-strike
Ew was rejected by an overwhelming
aioritV. Thp mnnlnlnnl nmnlnvpa
Ire now considering whether or not
IllBn ..t.nll 1-1.. ! . .... .1
cj uau join mo sinners.
Strittprc I nftlnn RrAiin
Rotterdam. Anrii k Tiw. intn,.nn.
I tonal trains today aro running on
oe regular schedule. There is a
light Inrro.isc In II... mi In lint" nf Innnl
rains. The strikers are losing
pregon 4. California Railroad Loses
Its Casr
1 u. iiu UlillUll
IJiaieS RIMirpmn nmift in ,intj-.i i.
tfto i -wni, HUE) UUU1UUU IWU
? n y,ng th0 rIht of the Ore
On & Pill fni.,,1,. T-JI rt
I. .. . iiuiuuuii company
, J nclt aen ln lle" of other land
E.lJ,.n settIors "ad previously
Z' !i,iforo tlle ,a"lB had been sur-
l ' . ctirt held that the tltlo
In ..Bett ers waa 'ho uottor one,
tTn tu 1,10 "eclslon of the court
trial nf ii ' Am'" The third
mw in 1 ,?0?i?' for. allcea com-
caliph iu. "" "i uoeuei, was
Mesen.p mo"lnK. The defense
8ennttedl(a" amilftvlt aa to what the
L7 tuJU- The
Uonrno77 ""jwica. rne judge ad
C; oourt and listened to the ob-
anth!!6!!!18.0 afflllavlt Wfta admitted
u me trial proceeds.
Chio, Swift,
IttTus Hiif vm The will of Gas
K " fl'cd -for probate this
Icretinn W?.b0 disbursed at tho dls-
I' aWlded ,m ,flow: Th0 remainder
Marah.iull Jn poal Mine.
Intral co.r7...1?:' . A.nril 8 The
er warehoii.. ana 8tore "eeP
8te this ; ZIm woro destroyed by
000. 18 mornl,iS. The loss is 25;.
"-nici a,
i.. . n Comoanwp w d.i
Street. Mat'8er1 120 Court
ISrtshfentf" f'-The continued
IV1 Opened. Cled.
July . 739i 7Ki3PU
jir 42
lr Opo,
"UBnoa. .Closed.
7394 iaa
In Consequence Dunsmulr May Close
Down at Cumberland.
Victoria, D. C, April 8. The coal
miners trouble on Vancouver Island
is extending to Cumberland. When
the 1,000 or more miners employed at
the extonslon mines voted to join tho
Western Federation of Miners, James
Dunsmulr, owner, closed tho mines.
On Sunday Mr. Baker, organizer of
tho federation, who came to Lady
smith In consequonco of that action,
wont to tho union mines and organiz
ed a branch ot tho federation there.
About 100 men have joined. These
mon will undoubtedly be discharged,
ns Mr. Dunsmulr is determined not
to recognize the federation. There
are 500 mon employed there.
If tho other men join the federation
the mines will bo closed down, as
those at Ladysmlth havo been.
Twelve Reported Killed and 25 Injur,
ed at Haneville This Morning.
Birmingham, Ala., April 8, A cy
clono passed over tho country a mile
north of Haneville, in Cullam county,
at 2 o'clock this morning. Twelve
are reported killed and 25 Injured.
Six members of ono family are among
the dead. Details aro meager as all
wires are down.
Many Houses Destroyed.
Additional details of last night's
cyclone show that 30 farm houses
were destroyed. Thirteen dead havo
been recovered. Tho path of the storm
Is narrow and cut a swath through
the forest.
Three Men Badly Beaten Two Pink
erton Thugs Jailed on Charge of
Columbus, .0., April 8. Local brew
ery workmen's strike was opened this
morning. An attempt was made to
koep a carload of non-unionists l'iom
Pittsburg, going to work. Three
itrlkors wore badly beaten and two
Plnkerton guards were arrested and
jailed on a charge oi assaull Foity
police were detailed to ecort the
wagons distributing tho beer.
President Roosevelt Will Be Permit
ted to Hunt on Antelope Island.
Salt Lake. April 8. John H. White
owner of the herd of buffalo on Ante'
lone Island, near Salt Lake, has no
tided the reception committee that his
herd is at the disposal of President
Roosevelt and his rifle on the occa'
sion of his visit there next month.
Steamer Allegheny Brings News to
New York of Eruption of Deltirrn
Flrma, March 22.
Now York, April 8. Tho Atlas line
steamor Allegheny, which arrived io
day from Kingston, brings the news
or an eruption In the old volcano of
Deltlrra Flrma in Colombia, March
22. Tiojo village was destroyed and
trom 00 to 100 killed. Tho eruption
was noticed 00 miles at sea.
Game Birds Subscribed for by the
Condon Sportsmen.
Condon, Or., April 8. About 75
pairs of Chinese pheasants, said to
bo tho best game bird known, are to
bo placed In the country tributary to
Condon, Fossil and wmeeior mis seu'
son. Enthusiastic Gilliam and Whee
ler sportsmen have subscribed $200
to purchase specimens, and these will
bo stringently protected until the
number is materially Increased. It Is
thought the rough stock districts in
both these counties will ue eminent'
ly favorable for the pheasants' wel
Two Hundred and Twelve Miles of
Territory Staked Off.
WfiHlilnetnn Anril 8. Discovery of
a largo area of coal and petroleum
land In 80utneast K.ooienai nus nmu
reported to the state department by
United States Consul Smith, at Vic
toria. Two hundred and twelve miles
of territory havo been staked off.
most of the locators being Americans.
All this torrltory Is on a government
Woman and Two Children Lose Lives
In Tenement House Holocaust.
Philadelphia, April 8. A woman
and two children woro burned to
doath In a Hebrew tenement house
Are this forenoon. Two others were
badly burned and several others
Preliminary Spin.
Weymouth, April 8. A preliminary
spin ot Shamrocks III and I, took
place this morning, followed by Lip
ton In his steam yacht Erin. They
Unfnra thn wlllll for SOVOU lUllCS.
Shamrock I was In the lead for 40
seconds after tho wmu utnu.
Shamrock III speedily caught up and
outdistanced tho first. The first offic
ial test of tho new challenger will be
made Saturday.
Results From Different Parts of the United States Show Little
Change in the Political Situation.
Chicago, April S. Carter H. Harri
son was elected mayor of Chicago
yesterday for tho fourth time, his ma
jority by unofficial count over Graeme
Stewart, tho repubdlican candidate,
being (1,949.
The republicans elected John S.
Smulskl for city attorney by 9,700
plurality, and Fred C. Bender for city
clerk by 3,700. Tho democrats elect
ed Ernest Hummel for city treasurer
by 21,700.
The new city council will consist of
35 republicans, 33 democrats and one
independent democrat.
Will Not Contest.
Chicago, April S. The charges
made by the republicans last nighi
of. fraud in the election of Mayor
Harrison ate ungrounded. It was de
cided this alternoon not to contest
his election.
Socialists Carry Anaconda and Red
Lodge Democrats Make Clean
Sweep at Livingston.
Butte, Mont., April 8. The mayor
alty vote Is yet in doubt. Henry
Mueller, candidate of the republican,
democratic and citizen's party had
2197 votes, leading Pat Mulllns, candi
date of tho anti-trust democrats (Heln
ze wing of the democracy) by about
50 votes. Leamy, the socialist, is
third and Duggan, labor, fourth.
At Hed Lodge the socialists elected
two out of three aldermen, the citi
zen's party naming the third.
The democrats of Livingston made
People's Candidates Will Oppose Cit
izens' Choice.
Wallowa, Or., April 8. To oppose
the citizens' ticket the people's ticket,
composed of a number of prominent
Wallowa citizens, has been put up as
follows: Mayor, L. Stokes; council
men, J. H. Maxwell, Henry Gcrber,
J. A. Lanman, George Hemmell;
treasurer, C. W. Mumford; recorder,
J. L. Maxwell.
The election takes place next Tues
day. There is a fair registration and
a good representative vote is ex
pected. Each ticket has municipal in
Interests as its chief plank.
Albanian Leaders Confer With Turk
ish Delegates Peace Secured for
Vienna, Austria, April 8. A dis
patch from Mltrovitza this afternoon
t-ays that the sultan's special Alba
nian mission at a conference with the
Albanian leaders, has arrived at an
agreement by which they will secure
peace there for the present. Tho re
port published at Sofia of tho maB
Baere or Christians at Okhrida is un
confirmed and disbelieved.
One of the Best Known Flrma of
Chicago Falls Receiver Is Ap
pointed. Chicago, April 8. Lord, Owen k
Company, one of the best known
wholesale druggist firms In the Middle
West, assigned In the district court
this morning. Their liabilities aro
$762,000; their assets 315,O00. A
leceiver was appointed under bonds
of $500,000.
Land Withdrawn.
Washington, April 8. The secreta
ry of the interior has ordered the
temporary withdrawal from settle
ment of four townships, or about
100,000 acres of land In The Dalles
lotiH ,ilutrloi nf Oregon, to await the
determination of the feasibility of tho
Umatilla Jllvcr survey tor irrigation
He Hilled the "Cowboy Poet" and Deputy Sheriff at Kingman,
Arizona, Last Week,
Los Angeles, April 8. Outlaw Mc
Klnney ,who killed the "Cowboy
nnH rfpmitv sheriff at Klneman.
In Arizona, last week, passed Klein-
fetter's placer Sunday.
He was mounted ana nnu inree
pack animals. He Is heavily armed.
i-fn wna rrnpnlzfid v Denutv Bow
era, who wired to Kingman. McKln-
ney Is now at Manholl, Ariz.
Sheriff Lovln. of Klneman. ai rived
at The Needles last night. This
morning Lovln raised 40 men and
ol&rtflri In nursult of the outlaw. , The
a clean sweep, with tho exception ot
Mayor Garnier, the republican candi
date, who was re-elected by only 22
At Anaconda.
Anaconda. Mont., April S. Social
ists yesterday elected John FrinKo
mayor, Pat McIIugh pollco Judge,
Mlko Tobln treasurer, and three out
of six aldermen. Deniocrnts got two
and republicans ono nldermnn. The
socialist majorities on the general
ticket run from 200 to 400.
Republicans Elect State Officials by a
Large Majority.
Detroit. Mich.. April S. Tho re
publican club ticket is elected by ma
jorities of from 35,000 to 40,000. It is
as follows:
For justice of the supremo court
Judge Frank A. Hooker, of Charlotte.
For regents of the stnto university
Peter White, of Marquette, and 1
E. Knappen, of Grand Rapids,
The vote throughout tho stnto wur
At Battle Creek the socialist party
made a strong campaign, but Mnyor
Webb, republican, was elected by 700
majority, A'ith the total vote east in
the city 1300 greater than at the last
tpring election. The socialist party
eleced two aldermen, giving them
(our in tho present council.
At Escanaba the socialist labor par
ty's candidate was elected mayor.
Police and Deputies Called Out to
Protect Lawrence Mills.
Lowell, Mass., April 8. A largo
force of police and deputy sheriffs
was called out this morning to pro
tect the Lawrence mills, where a mob
of riotous Greeks were making a dem
onstration. Labor leaders aro on tho
scene attempting to prevent any
breach of law.
Defective Gas Jet In Jersey City
Home Results In Death of Mother
and Two Boys.
New York, April 8. A defective
gas Jet in a house in Jersey City as
phyxiated a mother and two boys.
Tho father and daughter were In a
critical condition when discovered
this morning.
President Plunges Into Wilds for Two
Weeks' Vacation,
Livingston, Mont., April 8. Presi
dent Roosevelt and John Burroughs
plunged into the wilds of Yellow
stone Park this morning for two
weeks. The president arrived hero
at 9 o'clock this morning, talked to
the townspeople and then started for
Cinnabar, where tiie remainder of the
party will stop until his return.
Sanger at Chattanooga.
Chnttagooga, Tenn., April 8. As
sistant Secretary of War W. Cury
Sanger, accompanied by several prom
inent officials of tho war department,
has arrived ln Chattanooga for a visit
of several days. Under tho guidance
of General H. V. Doynton tho party
"ill vlilt the various battlefields In
1 lils vicinity and will Inspect tho army
pott and Chlckamagua Park.
Philharmonic Lady Quartet.
The Philharmonic Iady Quartet, of
Chicago, will give a musical enter
tainment at the Christian church In
this city, tomorrow night, April 9.
Tho quartet comes very highly recom
mended. therlffs of Vizalla and Inyo counties
are closing In tho other way.
McKinney has a brother living at
A late message says that McKin
ney is at Randsburg and Sheriff Ralph
of San Bernardino, Is closing In from
San Bernardino.
Six sheriffs from six counties and
posses numbering 140 men aro after
him. It Is anotner Tracy nunt. mo
Kinney is game and, will M$bU K'fc
can get oat of Kwitbwq fulo Ke-
Old Timer Loses His Life by the
Overturning of a Boat.
Welser, Idaho, April 8. David Law
rence wes drowned yesterday morn
ing In the Snake river about six miles
below Welser at Westlnko Island. He
vns In n boat with two other ineit
when the boat capsized, Tho other
two men woro rescued by men who
went out In a skiff but Lawrence at
tempted to swim nshoro. Ho sudden
ly sank probably caused by cramps.
Ho wns nn old tlmo resident of Wash
ington county and has been in busi
ness In Welser several times In the
last few yenrs. Ho hnd been In tho
Seven Devils country lntely.
He leaves a wlfo and several child
ren. The body has not yet been re
Surveys Have Been Made and Track
Will be Built Soon.
Baker City, April 8. Tho Similiter
Valley railway has ordered 700 tons
of 40-pound steel rnlls for an exten
sion of tho lino beyond Whitney the
present terminus,
Tho extension to bo built this sea
son Is 12 miles long and taps n rich
timber and mineral belt In tho Green
horn district.
Genernl Mnnnnger Joseph Barton,
Is now In Portland where he will en
gage a large force of graders. Work
on the extension will begin ns soon as
the weather In tho mountains will
Preliminary surveys havo been
made from Whitney to Canyon City
and it Is tho ultimate Intention of the
company to reach that city.
Saloon Robbed,
Ii Grande, April 8. Two lubbers
were found In Gus Hebron's saloon at
2 n. in. Inst night, having entered by
removing the glass from n bnck win
dow. Beforo tho night watch could
reach tho place, they both escaped.
Only a few dollars ln the cash drawer
wore taken.
Electric Plant for Mine,
Union, April 8. Tho Sanger Min
ing Company, which operates the old
Sanger mlno 40 miles east of this
city, will install a $75,000 electric
lighting and power plant this season.
Tho mino employs 50 men and has
produced over $1,000,000 ln gold.
Birthday of a Pioneer.
La Grande, April 8. "Grnndma"
Palmer celebrated her 89th birthday
today. Sho Is tho oldest person resid
ing In Union county, since tho death
of Gen. J. H. Stevens.
Took Twenty Policemen to Separate
the Infantrymen From tho Macks
Fifteen Badly Beaten.
San Francisco, April 8. Forty In
fantrymen from tho Presidio, loaded
up with Pacific street whiskey, this
morning and ran amuck with the wo
men who frequent the district. The
women called their men friends and
It took 20 pollco to separate the com
batants. No shots were 11 rod, hut tho
15 soldiers In custody look as though
they had been through a Donneybrook
fair. Tho balance got away.
Medical Specialists Meet,
Indianapolis, Ind., April 8. Tho
American xzvillln kqj ffme vbz xgwk
Otologlcal Association and tho West
ern Opthanologleal and Oto-Lnryngn-logical
Association are tho nnmes of
two bodies that will ho In annual ses
sion hero during tho romalnder of tho
week. Reduced to plain forms tho as
sociation aro composed of throat,
nose, ear and eyo specialists, and tho
membership Includes some of tho
most eminent medical men In Ameri
ca. Scientific papers and discussions
make up the program and tho meet
ings promise to bo ot much Interest
to tho medical fraternity.
Steamers Collide,
Now York, April 8. Tho steamship
Allegnehy, which arrived from King
Eton today, while coming up tho
bay, collided with another steamer oft
Liberty Island, and sunk. No lives
wero lost.
C. B. 8ampson, Advertising Manager
for East Oregonlan, Buys Out B. E.
0, B. Sampson, for the past 11
months advertising manager for tho
East Oregonlan, has bought a ono
half Interest In the Morning Tribune,
in this city, of I). B, Kennedy, who
has been associated with Mr. Dodd,
as business manager ot that paper.
Mr. Sampson will take charge of
tho business department of the Tri
bune and Mr. Dodd will continue to
occupy the position of editor.
Mr. Kennedy will go to Hot Springs
Arkansas, as soon as he can close up
his business here. He has been suf
fering with rheumatism for soveral
vonra nml trnia In anfirh nf hpnlth.
Mr. Sampson has a host of friends
ln this city who will be giau to Know I
that he has engaged in Business wu
will become a permanent fixture ip
tbA Hfl la An UlMa iflWliUMC
rocrets to Iota ?n&&KJHflV!Ytlkrt out of an open window
British Government May Send
an Officer to Accompany
tho Turkish Troops,
Balfour Thinks That If Austria and
Russia Are Unable to Cope With
the Affair It Is Useless for Other
Powers to. Interfere.
London, April S. In the house ot
commons this afternoon Balfour said
that If Austria and Russia were un
able to cope with the Turkish situa
tion It would bo useless, he bollovod,
for other powers to try to avert trou
hlo. Secretary Crnnberne, replying to a
question of John Redmond, said:
"The British ambassador at Constan
tinople hail Insisted on the porto's
carrying out the reforms in the Bal
kans with weariness monotony. Tur
key Is surrorlng from Incompetency.
Not only aro the Christians misgov
erned but tho .lohnnimetllan8 ns
well." lie said tho British govern
ment wns now considering whether
as a gunrunteo against excess n Brit
ish otllcer should not accompany tho
Turkish troups sent to repress tho
King of Servla Suspends New Con
stitution and Declares Popular Rule
Belgrade, Servla, April 8. King
Alexander yesterday executed a coup
lle Issued two proclamations, thu
first decreeing thu suspension of tho
constitution, adopted April 19, 1901,
repealing objectionable Inws passed
thereunder, retiring sennturs and
councilors of stnto, dissolving tho
skiipslitlnn and re-enacting tin' Inws
as tlioy existed previous to the con
stitution of 1901.
Tho second proclamation restores
this constitution to Its former valid
ity. Tho king says tho sonata and skup
shtinn, created under the constitution
granted by him in 1901, passed laws
which proved Impracticable.
Tillman's Trial Continued.
Columbia, April 8. Tho trial of
Tillman for tho murder of Gonzales,
has been continued until the noxt
term of court, Tho defense claimed
nil absence of witnesses.
WANTS 50,000 LAMB8.
John Fleming, of Fort Benton, Mon
tana, Here Looking for Young Mut
ton Sheep.
John Flouting, of Fort Benton,
Montana, Is In tho city on his regu
lar seml-nuiiual sheep and cattle pur
chasing trip.
Mr;. Fleming lias In thu yours gono
by bought many thousands ot cattle
and sheep In litis and adjoining conn
ties, Ho lately shipped to Montana
2,710 stock steers for full feeding In
that state the coming summer Many
of these animals woro bought In this
vicinity und others farther east in
tills state.
Ho Is now looking for young mut
ton sheeii Blockers also which will
ho shipped to Montana and full fed
I'm- next fall's Eastern markets. He
Is after lambs, and avers that there
pro no liner mutton sheep bred any
where In the United Slates than iu
Umutllla comity. He will purchase
50,000 lambs und tho probability U
that ho will purchase all of them In
this county, which means about $125,
000 moro put into circulation here.
Charles Cunningham regards the
county as overstocked with sheep in
tnnro than the number of lambs which
will come this spring. Ono reason
for this was tho luck of shipping fa
cilities last fall when buyers stood
ready to take a large number ot
sheep out of the county but couM
not And curs to ship them In.
Bill of $70 Paid for Telegraphing In
Matter of Rooevelt't Visit,
Tho Commercial Association last
night allowed a hill ot $70 for tele
graphing In relation to tho proposed
visit of President Roosevelt to Pen
dleton, This ought to sottlo tho con
corn some have manifested about the
committee having tho matter In
chargo not having dono what It could
to secure him for this point.
A motion to Indorse tho movement
to hurry the construction of the port
ago road was unanimously Indorsed,
and the action of the association will
be added to thu other inlliionces tend
ing In tho same direction.
Tho committee to secure an exbib-
It from Umatilla county for the Union '
Depot at Portland, reporter .
progross m tne way -pi
formation about Mie
nnu. .,ut;3,t
fand fell four. Atlanta Constitution,
.V.J Ci? I . . , ... '-'