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    I M I I I I IIHH M
For Men, Boys and Children
are now ready for inspection.
Baer & Daley
One-Price Clothiers, Hatters and Furnishers
r t t I I 4 1 V I I 'l l I1 1 I I r I I l
TUESDAY. .MARCH 31, 1903.
Six streetcar strikers at Water
bury, Conn., are under arrest charged
with assault with intent to kill.
Seventeen large restaurants in Den
ver were closed Monday because of a
strike of the Cooks' and Wnlters'
Noah Haby, of New Jersey, is 131
years old and lias lived in the poor
house of Mlddlessex county for the
past 50 years.
An agreement has been made be
tween Russia and China for the keep
ing of the funds of the latter nt the
Russian bank of I'ekin.
William Kalley, of New York, has
been laughing for five dnys and can
not stop. The physicians have not
been able to diagnose his case.
President Cabrera, of Guatemala,
and President Escalon, of Salvador,
mot Sunday on the high sea and ar
ranged satisfactorily the differences
between those two republics.
Sunday a Catholic priest in New
York attacked the distribution in the
Philippine Islands of the Bible which
he declared was a quickly thrown
together translation of the holy hook.
Arthur Welhausen. a 13-year-old
boy at .Marine City, Mich.. Sunday
after a heated argument with his pa-
rents, uecause ne inun t want to go
to cnurcn, went to his room and shot
Himself through the head.
A Fruitgrowers' Union was form
ed at Medford Monday.
Smallpox has broken out in As
toria in a malignant form.
An annual regatta will be held at
Astoria some time in June.
A great scarcity of sailors now
prevails In all the North Pacific coast
Eighteen striking miners at Kes
wick, Cal., are now in jail, charged
with rioting.
Robert McCulloch, an Indian war
veteran of 1850, died at Roseburg
Sunday night ,aged 70.
The Roseburg lodge of Elks has
purchased a lot and will build an ele
gant new hall this spring. ,
Plans for a railroad between Nome
and Council City. Alaska, are now be
ing considered by Portland capital
Pleasant Armstrong, the Baker
county murderer, has made a public
statement In which he says ho Is not
afraid to die.
Rev. Spergensen, a Boer minister,
Is now In the Willamette valley solic
iting alms tor the widows and or
phans of Boer soldiers.
Samuel Baer, of Larene. Wash.,
committed suicide Monday by shoot
ing himself with a 32-callbre rifle.
Suffering from the amputation of an
arm, drove him temporarily insane.
The Jackson County Dairymen's
Association held a meeting at Med
ford last week, for the purpose of
discussing the use of ensilage as a
dairy cow food.
The postofllce at Lane. Idaho was
robbed Sunday night of 400 in onsh.
The Pullman (Wash.) Tnbune Is
owned, managed and edited by Mrs.
Minnie Sargent, who Is also an ex
pert Job printer.
Golden Rule.
(!. H. Cassent and family. Orange.
Li. Cunningham, Portland.
A. B. Callaway, Portland.
John E. Driver, Arcadia.
Thomas McDonald, Coon Hollow.
Mrs. A. .McDonald, Coon Hollow.
H. Cameron, Spokane.
G. I,. Yack, Tacoma.
H. J. Riddle Skaguay.
J. J. Simpson, Seattle.
Miss C. Garland, Buerda.
.Miss U Garland, Buerda.
Miss I. Chamberlain, Uuerihi.
.Mrs. E. Overhude, Buerda.
William Moore, Spokane.
K. W. Jackson, Spokane.
Ett Burke, Portland.
A .G. Howard, Portland.
John Hill and wife, Helix.
E. W. Haven, Portland.
J. W. Plumor, Portland.
M. Manasse, Coshocton.
R. I Bourgnmer. Pilot Rock'.
William M. Wards, Mapleton.
William A. Wards, .Mapleton.
Master F. Wards, Mapleton.
.Miss Ada Wards, Mapleton.
William French, Weston.
C. Glllman, Weston.
J. Harker. Milford.
J. E. Moak, Tekoa.
F. H. Welton, Tekoa.
A. Nylander, Portland.
F. K. Hilton, Spokane.
1.. M. Lasley, Spokane.
F. Berg, Walla Walla.
.Mrs. Armstrong. Westerley.
.Mrs. Ivanhoe, Weston.
.Mrs. Tooney. Sumpter.
Miss Lula Hlnton, Sumpter.
W. F. Bailey. Manhattan.
E .A. White, Lewlston.
P. E. Holt. Stockton. j
A. C. Vnndewater. Walla Walla.
One Firm Has Spent $75,000 for Cat
tie Since December The Ship,
ments for the Season Will Aggre
gate 100 Carloads.
Echo. March 30. J. R. Greer, of
Shoshone county, Idaho, is looking
over the field here. He Is accompa
nied by J. B. Collins and H. M. Pen
dy, of Johnson, Wash. G. T. Johnson
stopped over here last night on his
way to Salem, where lie goes to as
sumo his duties as assistant warden
of the penitentiary,
O. W. Ray. an attorney of Heppnor,
has been confined to his room at the
Arllng Hotel hero for two or three
days with a severe attack of la grip.
He Is reported as much Improved this
Dick Jones, the liveryman, is put
ting in a now rig every few days to
accommodate tho homeseekers that
are constantly pouring In.
Owen Horton, city engineer of Col
fax, came In this morning as advance
agent for a number of Colfax people.
T. C. Benson bought two carloads
of fat steers of Ben McCuIIough and
Is loading them here today. He Is
also shipping a mixed car of hogs nm!
cattle. He says in all his experience
of buying cuttle, he has never seen
a region of country that grows nicer
cattle than Butter Creek. This makes
57 carloads of fat steers that he hns
bought since December of last year,
and loaded at the little, town of Echo.
The average price Is about $1,300
per car. This means that one Ann
alone has contributed to the wealth
of this vicinity In the short period of
three months, the sum of nearly $75,
000,000. He saj-B before this seoson
Is over his firm will have purchased
at least 75 carloads or about $100,000
John Shaw Is also loading two car
loads of cattle here today. The price
paid Is 4i cents for cattle and 6U
rents for hogs.
Pendleton transacting business and
S. S. Darnell is busy assessing Wil
low Springs, Vinson and Hogue at
Asa Luck of Vinson, was trans
acting business In this part this
week. Mr. Luck reports very poor
cattle and scarcity of hay but sheep
are looking line. Same have com
menced lambing, while others will be
gin Immediately.
E.1 Welch, of Middle Fork John
Day, was a guest of the Llnsners last
week. .Mr. Welch was on "is roau to
Pendleton. He und his brother-in-law
hove about 200 head of nice two
year-old steers.
Jacob Bourne, of TJklah, has 125
head or good beef steers, which he
hns been feedincr all winter. Mr.
Bourne is said to have good feed
anioiiL' his stock cattle.
.1. A. Rust was dolne business In
the city this week.
The weather has been very warm
all week. The thermometer hns rang
ed from 40 to 70 above zero. Wed
nesday morning some rnln fell and
there was n slight thunder storm.
Grass Is growing nicely, stock Is
picking up and plowing nnd seeding
are In progress.
A. AI. Crozler, of Gurdaliu, was vis
iting In Pilot Rock and this vicinity
this week. His school will begin
again In Gurdane about April 1, after
a vacation due to sickness.
The high winds tore down and turn
ed over a great deal of fence and did
other slight damage during the past
There Is n report that the grass
hoppers have already begun to hatch,
and If they do not fly early, good-bye
to grass and crops.
B. F. Ogle, of Athena, Is here again
looking after business. Mr. Ogle Is
about well again. He reports Frank
Mansfield as some better.
A Rare Opportunity.
To get 180 acres of fine laud In tho
Grande Rondo valley. Good improve
ments; house, barns, etc., nnd there
are hot springs on the property that
ale easily worth the price of the whole
Address Box SOS. City.
ft f Tit R rVK 7) IT A F Erctm
j S MM. --' - O X V
As McCormick was the original inventor of the rear ...
so was "Best" the original inventor of the first v-J?.
cr, so was
blued Harvester.
Grass and
STATrc ok onio.
Frank J. Cheney makes oath that he Is
the senior partner of the firm of p. J.
Cheney 4 Co., doing business In the city of
Toledo, county and state aforesaid, snd
mat said nrcn will pay the snm of One
Hnndred Dollars for each and ererr nw
of Catarrh that cannot be cured by the
use oi uairs uatarrn care.
Sworn to before me and subscribed In
my presence this 0th day of December, A.
D., 1888.
(Heal.) A. W. GLEA80N,
Notary Pnbllc.
Halt's Catarrh Cnre la taken Internally
end acts directly on the blood and mncoos
surfaces of the system. Send for testi
monials free.
P. J. CHENEY ft CO., Toledo. O.
Sold by all druggists, ?0c.
Hall's Family Pills are the best
Lewis Morrison to- Appear In "Faust"
Next Wednesday Night.
Lewis Morrison's revised version of
"Faust" appears nt tho Frazer Wed
nesday, April 1. What tho dramatist
calls heart Intorest hns been the
cause of the longevity of many plays
when Injected In sufficient niiniitltlos.
Goethe's Immortal poom of Fnust Is
credited with many years of phenom
enal prosperity In Its dramatized
form, greatly owing to Lewis Morri
son's version, having carefully pre
sorved the struggle between the good
and ovll of Faust and .Marguerite,
though sore-tempted and dominated
by passionate love otherwise ono
phase of heart intorest.
Tho tumptatlon of Faust, Faust's
lejuvonution and passionato desire to
possess the lovoly Marguerite the
hapless fato and final npotheosls of
Marguorlto, tho rovelatlon of tho
nethor depths of tho Inferno, with
Satan ns u visible entity, possessors
a rovelatlon that Is evident whonevor
Lowis Morrison's production of Fnust
Is presented.
We, the undersigned, will be In
Pendleton within a few weeks, for
the purpose of purchasing three hund
red (300) more or less head of horses
for the United States cavalry, there
fore, would instruct owners in this
vicinity, to get their horses in proper
shape to conform to the following re
Geldings Roans, light and dark
sorrel, and other hardy colors. They
must be sound, gentle under the sad
dle, with free and prompt action at
the walk, trot and gallop; without de
lect or blemish; of kind disposition,
to weign not less than 850 pounds
nor more than 1150 pounds, from 16
nanus i inch to 16 bands high; from
iour (4) to eight (8) years of age;
suitanie ior the united States cav
We will notify you later, the date
we want the horses brought in for
Yours truly.
or runner particulars, write to
Merman Metzger, Portland Ore.
Late Rains Have Started
Crops to Growing In
Helix. .March 30. The late
have made the surrounding
country look very beautiful.
Mrs. Scott, lately of Iowa. Is eon.
fined to her bed with the grip.
.Miss Fannie Dodge, who ha-, the
measles and grin. Is able to b.- nut
Mrs. A. H. Smith and .Mrs. .1. It.
Phelps and daughters spent Saturday
and Sunday m the home of L. D.
Mrs. G. W. Knight. Mae Sones, Miss
.Myrtle Knight and Ethel King, drove
to Athena Saturday.
Mrs. Charles Betts. .Miss Emma
Green. Mrs. Cramer, went to Pendle
ton, shopping Saturday.
Word has been received from Osce
ola. Mo., by rriends here, that Miss
Nellie Horndon, primary teacher of
the school here this winter, was mar
ried to Silas Brown, of that place, on
the 18th of March.
Mrs. .Maude Scott and .Mrs. Cocker
line were Pendleton visitors Inst
D. B. Richardson was in Pendleton
last week on business.
B .B. Richardson, Clint Kern and
B. H. Decker went to Pendleton Sat
urday. W. M. Scott went to Pendleton Fri
day and returned Saturday.
Miss Flo Kllllan and .Miss Pearle
Smith went to Pendleton Saturday.
.Mrs. R. Raymond spent last week
In Pendleton with her daughters.
Resale and Jessie, who are at school
Ws sell the greatest of blood puri
fiers, Acker's Blood Elixir, under a
positive guarantee, it will cure all
enronic and other blood poisons. If
you havo eruptions or sores on your
uuuj, ur uro paie, weaK or run down.
It is Just what you need. We refund
monoy if you are not satisfied. 50
cents and $1.00 F. W. Schmidt & Co.,
Lady Ensley Properties.
Birmingham, Ala., .March 31. After
Ring in litigation since 1893, the
pioporties of tho Lady Ensloy Coal,
lion & Railroad Company aro to bo
disposed of at public salo today. The
properties, which have long beon In
jfcelvershlp, consists of extensive
toal and Iron ore mines and lands
In Jefferson, Walker, Winston, Frank
lln and Colbort counties. The Sloss
Sheffield Steel and Iron Company is
regarded as tho probnhlo purchaser
of the properties.
Mrs. Upson Your grandfather Is an
octogenarian, Is ho not? Mrs. Neurlch
Indeed, ho Isn't nnythlnir of th
found on sale at Frozlor'B book fitoro. Dally News.
Gurdane School Resumes Again After
Vacation Caused by Sickness
Among Scholers.
Ridge. March 30. George W Lin
sner. made a trip to Pendleton on
business this week.
nr. and Mrs. P. E. Fletcher are In
Wouldn't it be a comfort to
get entirely rid of your corns?
You can.. Can do it easily and
quickly, with scarcely any trou
ble, no hurt at all and' far slight
Oregon Cora Cure
Is a guaranteed remedy. It can't
fall once in fiv7 hundred times.
If it does fall you are asked to
come back for your money. No
matter what you've tried, you
don't know what a- real corn
cure Is like until you. try this
Price 25c.
F. W. Schmidt, Ph. G.
Postotlice Blk. Phone-Main 851
itf ...i i. Mm f 1 1 f on t Inn nf mi filn.i-
wo aro still In tho lead in tho way of improvements In'
"KING OF THE FIELD." After watching Its work in ths7.u
..oof olvfnon vrnrc nnd for the season of 190.1 It n,in v. ...T
v .1 n .. ....ml.n. nt t.rilMnl.la I ..... ..n . "
ua we uuve iuuuu u uuuiuv. ... ..uu, iuiiiuvumeilu
The MACHINE Is the stroncst und most durable made.
IMPROVED DRIVE WHEELS C feet 4 inches high, 22 lack
RUNAWAYS are a rare thing with us. There Is a hr.v
I.. ...l.,.! ...),t), l nnnfrnlla.l W flm .1.1..
HEADER Is driven independently from the
orator, and Is arranged with a clutch for throwine In ami . .,
' " "Ul w
THE SEPARATOR We wish to call vour nttnnli ...,.
.... . , . - - u yai .1
to the separating qualities oi our macnine. We claim that no
luuiuiiicu umivDivi uii m; wwnci ju uuj way COmpftrp ini
forspeed and thoroughness of work, in all kinds and condiclT
t 1 ...Ml !. 1nn nn, t It
yiuill, uuu will icquui; icon ivum iu uyciaiD ji.
AUTOMATIC GOVERNOR Our nntnnt wind ,.
c,vc.:ur m
fnnK irnvnrns the blast so that at nnv sneed at which it,, v
n - - - uic i i.i r w
mav uc traveling, rne winu is automatically roiruintprf
. " . . . . . - " u vrei
t-iuiuK i nt; olive uuu luitiub im; iaiu uvci iu me BlrftW
n ..i . t i 11. . it
rcnaieton, uuu nmite n pursuum uiHpecuon or eacu and every part
eu to ao an we ciaim ior it ami to ne nrst-ciass m err? respect.
Local Agents
I I M 1 1 I ' J M
in si i ill 1 1 huh i ii hi i in
Mimprer, uregon, lioid Mining District.
I r ln,nul l.n tlTsC A T MftTUCn
LODE system of veins and has for neigh
bors on that vein such well known
mines as the NORTH POLE valued at
$io,oootooo. The COLUMBIA valued at
$5,ooo,ooo. GOLCONDA valued at $3,
000,000. THE MONMOTH O. M. C0S
BELLE BAKER mine valued at $5oo,
000. THE BALD MOUNTAIN valued at
$5oo,ooo. THE IBEX valued at $400,
000 , and many others.
The Grand Trunk Geld Miniiur and Milk
i t. r . a - - . . . it.
r b 1 lb r 1 uiicci i lift innnr 111 inn m mstfw iaih twinnr i
Fishing Season
April First
Prepare fot the great sport
of catching the wily trout.
Come to us for your rods,
tackle, lines, baskets, hooks
and other supplies. Our
stock is the largest and best
Sporting Goods of all Kinds
The Kacycle rides further and
taster with one-fourth less work H
than any other bicycle made. It 3
is easier to ride a Racycle up hill 2
than many other wheels on level 5
ground, bee the
WiliA 311 Court
It has no indebtedness of any character.
It has a conservative mining and business management.
ii ib oiicring 50,000 snares ot stock at 15c per snare.
It Will beCOtllP a fll Vlflfnrl noifur In f clirf ftitilf.
' j'UJ . ,14 A V .....
careful investigation of its merits.
1. 1 .1. . j , . . . . . .
...Hw. ..w.iaw... J 1 lllilllllL; IIICU, UMSI!ll-a ..."
1 1 f IT '
Lmuivi-is 01 eastern uregon.
Write us today and let us post you.
of suffering from Indigestion If you
eat what you want, or of starving
yourself to avoid such distress?
Acker's Dyspepsia Tablets taken after
eating will digest your food perfectly
and free you from all tho disagreeable
symptoms of Indigestion and Dyspep-
oiu. wnai you line at any time,
and tako an Acker Tablot afterward. 1
Positively guaranteed. Your money
will always be refunded If you
are not satisfied. Wrlto to us for a
frpfi samnlo. W H Tionimr a- r I
Buffalo. N. Y. I
My line of Shirt Waists,
in style and fit are unsurpas
sable. Dress Skirts, Walk
ing Skirts, Silk or Wool that
have an individuality and al
ways appear chic. Under
skirts and Muslin Under
wear in big variety.
1 make Shirt Waists,
Tailor-Made Suits and Skirts
to order in my own factory.
Ed Eben
645 Main street.
H. S. McCallum & Company,
Miners, Brokersand Financial Agents,
Or R. S. BRYS0N, Local Agent. Pendleton. Oregon.
, - j--'- 1 ' ct '
. w.. ltT.WI.WM.
New Babies in Town
Just arrived, the new style Baby Upright Piano
315 East Court Street.
Call and see them. They are reasonable in pnee
makes it possible for everybody to have one.