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I Eastern Oregon Weather
.T-nnl.t.t Mi.1 WnilnnflitDV ndftlv
NO. 4705.
Men to Tie
Mines of the
Up the
r el
'can I
lof Bituminous Operators and
Mlneworkers to Settle Wage
I - r.ii u t'j III1II
for 1903. I rit-iM
, Quit Tonight.
Haute, Inch. March 31. ino
hftween the bituminous op-
land the miners to settle the
Le scnle so far lias proven
afternoon both sides united In
John Mitchell to assist In the
but of the difficulty. He will
operators refuse to grant any
ktons to the miners, who do-
hooters. Their present agrce
L.p tnnlrht. Nearly 12.000
fault work tomorrow pending
Lew of the Lorlmer-Durbnow
Irttslonal Contest Promised In
jl Courts.
Igo, March 31. Tho attorneys
election commissioners mis
bo telegraphed to Washington
that protection of the general
Bent be given them to pre-
krimer's forces from getting
Ion of the ballots In the Lor I
lirow congressional contest by
I An answer Is said to have
rthred promising a review of
! In tho federal courts by a
too will be sent to give both
In impartial hearing.
Appointed Collector at Charles
fakes His Office and Forces
i Attempt at Injunction.
leston, March 31. Dr. Crum
pro lately appoiutcd collector
port here, took his ofllce today,
pens were preparing to secure
pncllon restraining him from
charge on tho grounds that Ills
iment was made by Roosevelt
f me consent of tho senate,
pa therefore unconstitutional.
Jim forestalled thorn by quali-
Isbury Park" Will Ply Between
y City and Famous Methodist
liielnhla. Pa Mnmi. n mi.o
f Asbiuy Park, built b'y the
mua or now Jersey to ply
n New York nil,- nn n,,. m
f rsey Methodist resort, was
'"uay at Cramps' in the
o( the city ofllclnlh anil n
of other prominent visitors
isbury park. Th i,Hat,.ni...
Ijy was performed by Miss
I . iiMii ia if.ir nuilUD
ln 88 ,Mab01 U,,rt a'l "iss
ln Hawkins, all of Anbury
f'lB Trouble n the Balkan
Via ThmmU.
. a,n lD Be uac of
fcnnrt. ,"D,"'"i ' niacouo
E!'!1 "urease or the
An attr:r.e"f
oMiA"!" mill-
IesnltR i, 'V lne revolution-
f u"iag tnem.
'ron and ri..i , .
i rA, - "lanuraciurera
1 conferenr. .. .
Method, n"'aer Amer-
fVlW. ?TA conference
Nt Brit. 1601 manufacturers
er "' w"8 held today to
American means of meeting
I r trade ... . rtIuurica in
In tffn'.n'SJ" "e chair.
lU8e greater JZ manufacturers
for-savlnR 2aliB more use
pcans. -"ih:uh man the
t mn...":. u n a chnm..ino.i..
1 Is scarcely nnl t CmOVOrn flsht
Mrn.. f any hottlnir nr in
I Joten and oven.
the ""ant..
rs of v;:3 March 31.ti,
P 'e pfrtt have boon
and i. 8 ."flven thn !
Molten Steel Deluged Workingmen
in Steel Works Three Fatally In.
Pittsburg, March 31. A blast fur
nace In tho Edgar Thompson steel
works at Braddock, exploded from
some unknown cause at 4:30 this
morning. Fourteen men wcro seri
ously injured and three fatally hurt.
The men were casting, when without
a premonitory sign tho big furnace
let go. throwing a deluge of molten
metal. A special train brought tho
victims to a hospital hero.
Blacklegs Met the Strikers Scores
on Both Sides Injured in a riot
Berlin, March 31. The building
trades 3trike at Bromborg, resulted
in fierco riots today. A trainload of
blacklegs nrrived under police pro
tection and were met by the strikers.
Scores on both sides were more or
less Injured. Tho Infantry was called
out and numerous arrests made.
Rev. Hungate, of Paintsvllle, Ohiov
Found Guilty of Delicate Opera
tion. Paintsvlllo, O., March 31. Rev.
Hungate, who tho jury found was
guilty of criminal operation upon his
18-year-old housekeeper, this morn
ing was sentenced to Ave years' im
prisonment. He eloquently pleaded
his own case and asked that, the ver
dict be set aside. He protested his
Detachment of Marines Sent to
League Island to Quarantine Re
ceiving Ships.
Norfolk, March 31. A detachment
of 40 marines arrived here today from
the League Island navy-yard to rein
force the quarantine on the receiving
ships Franklin, Richmond and the
torpedo boat Decatur, where diph
theria has broken out among 1,500 recruits.
Report False.
Chicago. March 31. The report
sent out last night that troops had
been called for in the Lorlmer-Dur-bero
election contest, is utterly with
out foundation.
Decision Tomorrow.
St. Louis, March 31. All the par
ties in the Wabash Injunction suit to
day were notified that the court will
hand down a decision tomorrow.
Copy Ratified by Cuban Congress Not
Arrived They Agree In Writing to
Recognize That as an Exchange of
, Washington, March 3L Minister
Quesada for Cuba and Secretary Hay
for tho United States, this morning
constructively exchanged ratifications
of tho Cuban reciprocity treaty. Tho
copy ratified by tho Cuban congress
has not arrived but both signed the
copy ratified by tho United States and
agreed in writing to recognize that
as an exchange of ratification. They
will sign the Cuban copy when it arrives.
Children Playing in Creek in Texas.
Torn to Pieces by Enraged Beast.
Houston, Texas, March 31. Word
reached here this morning that two
children playing in Mud Creek, wero
iatoly attacked and killed by a moun
tain lion. They were literally torn to
pieces, as was the dog which fought
for them. The owner of the ranch,
where the children's father -was em
ployed, trailed tho beast and Wiled it.
Increase for Alabama Miners.
nirmlnirhntn Aln.. fnfh 31. As a
result of the unprecedented earnings
during the pnst year the Galloway
Coal Company, operating extensive
rrtnl mlnao In 4ha narhnn Hill rllfltrtnt.
has granted a general wage Increase
to Its employes, ertontive toaay. rne
miners' wage scale Is Increased from
50 cents per ton to 55 cents, the ad
vance benefiting more than 1000 men.
Big Increase in Telephone Stock,
Now York .March 31. Stockholders
or tho American Telephone and Tele
graph Company voted at a special
meeting today to Increase the capital
stock of the company from j&(i,uuu,-
000 to $200,000,000. This increaso of
$100,000,000 is to be used as necessi
ty demands, and Is not all to be Issued
at once.
King Edward Going to Lisbon,
London, March 31. King Edward
lla .nilnii .in .lit, rfii.nl vnpht Vlptnrln
and Albert for Lisbon to repay tho
recent visit to isngianci ot rung win-
s. Though the plans navo not un
lit. nnnni.nin.l 1. U linrlnrfltnod that
the king will remain In Portugal four
n. fl.m ,in,.u I TV. lu nprnmniinlnd on
the trip by his Intimnto frlond. the
Marquis of sovorai, mo ruruiBiiuar
minister to London,
Foreign Powers Delay Their Signatures to the Protocols to
Allow Seligman to Make a Loan".
Washington .March 31. A million
dollars and possibly the whole future
of Venezuela depends on a race which
is being run today between Laguayra
and Carracas by Pullda, tho Venezue
lan minister to Washington, and a
representative of the Seligman Bros.,
the New York bankers.
Six weeks ago Minister Bowon sub
mitted to The Hague the question as
to whether they by reason of their
blockade of Venezuelan ports should
be entitled to preferential treatment.
Notwithstanding the promises of
prompt action, the signatures have
been unaccountably delayed.
Early in March tho Seligmans made
a proposition to loan Venezuela $50,
000,000 to pay tho claims of the al
lied powers, bearing 10 per cent In
terest. Bowen absolutely refused
this proposition.
Suspecting that tho signatures to
Engineer and Fireman Killed Ex
press Messenger Fatally Hurt
Number of Passengers Injured.
Waterbury, Conn., March 31. In a
collision between a light engine and
a passenger on the New York, New
Haven & Hartford this morning the
engineer and fireman wore killed and
the express messenger was fatally
hurt. Both trains were going at a
high speed. A number of passengers
were slightly Injured by being hurl
ed from their seats.
New Shamrock Sailed Against the
Old Challenger Today on Clyde.
Glasgow, March 31. Shamrock III
sailed against the old challenger
Shamrock I on the Clyde today. A
light west wind was blowing and the
new Shnmrock easily led. It created
a decidedly good impression. As the
breeze freshened sho went through
the water with scarcely a ripple. Sho
Ik exceptionally quick In her stays.
Brighton Ashore Off Atlantic City
Crew Saved With Dffilculty.
Atlantic City, March 31. Tho Brit
ish steamer Brighton, loaded with
iruit and carrying a small number of
passengers, went ashore off here in
a storm last night. All aboard wero
rescued by tho life savers with diffi
culty, the' breeches buoy being used,
the vessel, which is partially new,
will bo a total wreck.
Thieves Entered by Front Door Se
cure About $150 In Cash Postof
flee Inspector Now Investigating
In addition to what could be learn
ed yesterday about tho Pilot Rock
postofflcp robbery it Is reported that
tho robbers entered the building
through the front door.
It is probable that they first at
tempted to enter the safe through the
combination after knocking oft thu
knob. Falling in this they blow tho
safe, using two charges of dynamite
for the purpose.
They secured between $140 and
$150 In rash and stamps and valuable
papers to an unknown extent. Miss
Smith, the deputy postmaster, arriv
ed In town last night and reported
the affair ofllclally to Postmaster
Livermore, who at once notified tho
nostomce Inspector. Clark, of Walla
Walla, who has tho Investigation In
hand now. Miss Smith could not say
just the extent of the loss, because
sho and tho postmistress, Mrs. Lura
Richards, labored under tho misap
prehension that the safe and Its
more or less scattered contents
should not bo overhauled before tho
arrival of the Inspector.
While they satisfied themselves
that the money and stamps wore
taken, they did not know at tho tlmo
Miss Smith left Pilot Rock, Just
what had been taken besides, nor
the value of whatever else had been
taken. Of tho $140 or $150 cash
taken, about $40 belonged to one of
tho Pilot Rock fraternal organizations.
the protocol wero being withhold luv
cause tho powers wanted Venezuela
to accept the loan, Bowen sent puiuia
direct to Castro to explain tho many
objectionable features of the loan. Ho
sailed March 21. Tho same boat car
rlcd a Seligman representative, who
will get Castro to accept tho loan.
notwithstanding Bowen s protest.
The boat arrived at La Guayra to
day and Minister Bowen believes that
whichever gains first audience with
Castro will ho successful. Ho Is anx
ious that The Haguo render an opin
ion relative to tho collection of claims
by force to gain a preferential treat
Another serious anxiety Is that It
the loan is accepted and the claims
paid it will leave considerable money
in tho Venczuelnn treasury which is
always a menace in a South Ameri
can republic.
Mississippi Fell an Inch Last Night
at New Orleans Louisiana Convict
Plantation Submerged.
New Orleans, March 31. Tho river
fell an Inch In tho laBt 24 hours. Tho
crevasses are In the samo condition
as yesterday. Many weak points nro
State Plantation Damaged.
New Orleans. March 31. The levee
protecting ono of tho state convict
farms gave way this afternoon. No
lives are known to have been lost.
Efforts are being made to protect tho
convict camps. Tho plantation will
be completely covered, causing big
Leland Threatened.
Leland, Ark., March 31. This city
Is threatened with a flood. Nothing
but a rapid fnll of tho river will pre
vent a break below hero .which would
Inundate hundreds of miles In Ar
kansas an dNorth Uiuislana.
Five Hoboes Given From Five to Ten
Days Each in City Jail.
Five hoboes went through the vag
abond mill this morning, Tboy wero
Eilwnrd Hayes, Joe E. Davis. James
Redmond and S. Moore. All were
booked as plain vags and were given
from five to 10 days each iu tho city
Jail. .
Loss of Two Cars by the O. R. & N.,
a Small Dwelling and Three Ware
Further particulars about the Cay
use fire are as follows: There was
approximately 18,000 bushels of
wheat and barley burned lu three
warehouses, divided as follows: Kerr,
GIiYord & Co., 4,000 or 5,000 bushels;
Interior Warehouse Company, be
tween 2,000 and 3.000 bushels; the
balance being in tho Pacific Coast
Company's warehouse. The buildings
and contents wero a total loss. Tlio
fife, tho origin of which cannot even
be guessed, began In tho upper part
of the Interior Company's warehouse.
All the warehouse companies car
ried Insurance, but the local agents
do not know In just what amounts.
Several telegraph holes wero burned,
belonging to tho Western Union
Company, and one rail in the switch
track was considerably warped by the
The O. R. & N. also lost n car with
its contents, which belonged to the
painters' outfit, and also an empty
box car, which was awaiting loading.
A small dwelling belonging to J. W.
Flack, tho Cayuse merchant, and
Martin Madison, and in which tho
two. men slept, was burned, tho Iobs
probably being $250 to Messrs. Flack
and Madison .
Trees 150 yards from the flru were
consumed. J .W. Flack's store build
ing caught fire repeatedly, and only
strenuous and patient work saved It.
All that saved the Flack store and
also tho section house, but more par
ticularly the latter, wbb the direction
of the wind.
Executive Committee of the Lewis
and Clark Fair Have Engineers and
Gardeners at Work.
C. B. Wade has returned from at
tending an unofficial and Informal
meeting of the fair commission at
Portland. Tho general board cannot
legully organize until the 28th of
May, and on that account the meet
ing of the board was necessarily In
formal and advisory.
Mr. Wado reports that the execu
tive committee Is making progress,
having engineers and landscapo gard
eners at work, and that the archi
tects will begin work on the build
ing plans In a short time.
Team of Clydes.
George Horsmau, of Qurdano, yes
terday Bold to a Sound buyer lu this
place u team of 7-yearold Clyde
grades (or $300 cash. This Is said
to be one of the finest teams ever
bred Jn this country,
Quotations Furnished by Coe Commis
sion Company, 120 Court Street
B. E. Kennedy, Local Manager.
Chlcngo. March 31. The constant
downward tendency of July wheat Is
ono of the marked features ot tho
week's market. Money Is tighter at
7 per cent today. Sales of May corn
wcro vorv brisk.
Wheat Opened.
May 73
July 9V4
July 43
Minneapolis, March 31.
Wheat Opened.
May 73 M.
July T3K,
72 ?i
Mrs. Joe II. Parkes is qulto III, and
has been so nearly a week.
Chicago Wheat.
Chicago, March 31. Whe.it-
cents per bushel.
Caisson of Light Field Gun Overturns
and Explodes at Fort Meyer.
Oregon's Foremost Citizen
Dies at His Home of Heart
Has Led an Active Business Life Cov
ering the Period of Half a Century
As United States Senator Suc
ceeded George H. Williams.
Portland, March 31. Former
United Slates Senator H. W. Corbett
died nt 0:15 this morning, of heart
Ilmirv Wlnslow Corlictt waa born
Washington, March 31. Ono sold-j In Wgsthro, Mass,, February 18, 1827.
ier was killed and four others were
seriously wounded ln an explosion of
an ammunition caisson ot light artil
lery, nt Fort Meyer while at practice
drill this morning. Tho details wore
not given out either by thu wnr de
partment or tho hospital, but it Is
known that the victims served tho
gun and caisson that met with tho
Caisson Overturned.
it was announced this nftcrnuou
that the killing and wounding of thu
artillerymen nt Fort Meyer wan duo
to the overturning of ti caisson In
stead of an explosion.
President Enraged Because the
Charge Is Made That Simon Was
Turned Down Because He Was a
Portland, Mnrch 31. A Wellington
special to the Journnl says Roosevelt
Is enraged at tho chnrgo mndo that
ex-Senator Simon was turned down
because ho was a Jew. When the
president comes west ho will person
ally explain the entire, matter to the
leaders note.
Challenges Novelist.
Paris, March 31. Tho brother of
Emma Thoret, the woman who yes
terdny tried to hill Provost, tho until
or, today challenged tho novelist to n
Judge Murphy This Morning Exhaus
tively Reviews Evidence Couldn't
Render a Verdict Establishing Iden
tlty of Murderer.
Buffalo, March 31. Judgo Murphy
this morning rendered n verdict In
the Ilurdlck case and exhaustively
reviews the evidence. II" closed by
saying that wero Pennell nllvo ovl
denco had been brought out at thu
Inquest that would Justify the Issu
unco of a warrant for his arrest on
the charge of murder. Ho said tho
law presumes a man Innocent until
he Is proven' guilty, thereforo ho
could not render n verdict establish
lug the Identity of Hurdlrk's mur
Mrs. Hull's Testimony.
Judge Murphy nlso lays stress on
Mrs. Hull's testimony und says; "Her
actions the morning of the murdor,
and her testimony ure to my mind
Inconsistent with a perfect want of
knowlodgo as to what actually occur
red. So llttlo apparent feeling for
the dead man nlid such an evident
desire to cover up tho crime, and no
disposition whatever to aid the auth
orlties In apprehending the murderer
may bo explainable but certainly have
not been explained. '
Censured Mrs. Burdlck,
In closing. Murphy said: "It Is our
duty to censure Mrs, Burjlick, but oh
great as her wrong, has been, great
... , . i... ,
in ner iiiiuimiiiiuiii.
Charles Frazier Fractured His Left
Elbow and Was Badly Bruised by
His Fall.
Charles Frazier was brought from
Barnhart last night on the passenger
Examination by Drs, Colo und Mc
Faull disclosed tho principal Injuries
to be a bad fracture of the left elbow
and more or less severe concussion ot
the brain. There was no fracturu of
the skull.
Aside from the Injuries mentioned,
he wns badly bruised and shocked
from the fall of over 12 feet from tho
scaffolding to the floor of tho new
warehouse, He is nt his homo now,
perfectly conscious and in a general
was doing well,
"You sav vour playing created a
irieat deal of talk?" said the friend.
"Yes," answered tlio pianist, "but. un
fortunately, it was mostly during my
performance." WasblBirfonfMar,. . J
Ho removed with his parents to
Washington county, New York, nnd
received nu ncndemle education; en
tered n storo as n clerk In 1840 at
Cambridge, Mass., and In 1843 remov
ed to New York city, whero ho con
tinued iu the mercantile business.
In 1850 ho shipped n largo quantity
of merchandise, by way of Capo Horn
to Portland ,Or., nnd lu thu following
spring enmo to Oregon himself, by
way of tho Isthmus of Panama.
From the dato of his nrrlvnl In
Portland ho began nn active business
career which has been closely Iden
tified with every step In tho history
of the slate of Oregon.
In 1805 ho Becured n government
mall contract between Portland nnd
Secrnmento and put a stago lino on
the route. In 1860 ho Joined with
Henry Falling lu purchasing thn First
National Bank of Portland, which In
stitution has been under his manage
ment continuously since thnt tlmo.
In 1807 Mr. Corbett was elected to
the United Stntes senate, to succeed
C.eorgo II. WllllaniH, tho prcBont may
or of Portland,
In politics ho was a whig until tho
republican party wbb formed, nnd
slnco Its organization has been ono
of the foremost leaders of thnt pnrty
In the stnto.
In business Mr. Corbett has always
been extremely llbernl, fostering ami
cncouriiglng uvory Industry nnd un
dertaking that tended to advance tho
stnto. As United Stntos senntor ho
wns nn ardent advocate of tho con
struction of tho Northorn Pnclflc rail
way, at that tlmo In a formntlvn
When the Lewis nnd Chirk Centen
nlnl Exposition corporation wan or
ganized Mr. Corhutt was unanlmoiiBly
elected president, which position ho
held at tho time of his death.
Ho has taken an nctlvo part In ad
vancing the exposition and has dis
played remiiikablo vigor for a man 7fi
years of ago. Ills health lias been
very good and tho sudden nttnek of
heart failure ciiine unheralded.
Head of the Great packing Trust,
Had Internal Hemorrhages and
Died Yesterday.
Chicago, March 31. O'ustuvuB
Fruuklln Swift, president of thu Swift
Packing Company, died at his homo,
188 Ellis avenue, of lutornal hnmnr
ihages, resulting from u surgical oi
crntlou performed several days iigo.
Mr, Swift wns 03 years old.
The hemorrhage which caused Mr.
Swift'H death resulted from an oper
ation for an Infection or the gall blad
der, performed March 22, Ills death
wbh entirely unuxpectd ooth by Mr.
Swift's family and physlcl.iiui.
His Life Career,
Ouslnvus Franklin Swiff li.igan his
business enreor ns a butcher. He
leaves a fortune oatlmuted at f r m
$7,000,000 to $10,000,000, Hind's in tho
(.mil so or 45 years. He was born nt
Sandwich, Mass., In 1830. He open
ed it small hutcner shop In his uatlvo
town. He removed to Boston when
ho wus Icsrf than 30 years or ago,
He remained In Boston until 1875.
when ho enmo to Chicago. Iu thin
city he engaged In the same biiBlncsa
which ho had left In Massachusetts,
and developed thu department or ship
ping live cattle to Eastern markets.
In 1877 ho evolved plans for the first
refrigerating car, and dressed meats
Instead of live animals were shipped
to Eastern clllos. He was the pio
neer In this kind or business and It
was not long before others saw tho
advantages of his method and Im
itated him.
Mr. Swift was not only tho oldest
packer at thu time or tils death, but
lie was tho originator of tho methods
that has made many largo fortunes.
From tho small plant started In 1877,
has dovclopcd a great corporation
with branches at Kansas City, St,
Joseph, St. Louis, Omaha, St. Paul,
and Fort Worth, Texas, and with dis
tributing offices In ovory Important
city and town In tho United States
and with representatives lu lending'
cities or tho United States, Asia and
Arrlcn. Its employes number 23.60T-
Upon Its capital stock or $25.000.(iil. -
ino saies or jsua oxceuueu fyu,wv .
staru .T)i:
itnnr ntTts'Mi