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fw ahnny QOOD QOOD8 atiAWxawter-.
At. prices to make the heart rejoice. Our entire
window full of Men's Choice Dress, Walking and
.Work Shoes. Fifty, styles, to select 'from.
Alexander Dep't Store
We also keep the Sorosls, the Correct Ladles' Shoe In the
Smart Shapes.
Now York, March 28. Tan In all
the fabrics of light weight enjoys un
precedented favor this season. It is
bv no means tho leading shade for
first placo Is unanimously awarded to
grey, but It affords an effective change
In tho fashionable wardrobe which de
mands variety almost above every
thing else.
Tho nonuiar tendency is still Dene
toward color combinations, but exciU'
slve modistes are quietly asserting
the greater eleganco of single color
effects. Whatever difference there is
In the tone of a smart frock Is obtain
eil bv a trlmmlnc in a Hunter or dark
er shade of tho same color, but a dis
tinctly varying tone is not en regie.
Tan Silk Voile.
A very dressy afternoon' gown In
tan Bilk voile has the skirt laid in
transverse tucks running from the
hem to the waistline. The tucks do
liot cross the front breadth which li
perfectly plain except for three chir
rlnirs below the belt.
The bodice has a vest of chiffon,
which broadens above the bust to ex
tend In one Dlece with the collar and
shoulder seams. Bordering the vest
are embroidered bands of tan taffeta.
The sleeves are shirred at tho top,
several rows deep, while the fulness
below the elbow Is gathered into a
wristband of embroidery.
Renaissance braid dyed a soft cafe
au lalt shade constitutes another
charming toilette. The elegant en-
r ' 'tween Uheiopcn, narlpgV8"" '!th?
CUBS. ( HW,. I
' . (Spring rasrilona; I '
Spring fashions are pretty well de
cided upon now and many of tho gro
tesque effects noticed among tho (first
output of novelties have, disappeared.
The trimmings of various kinds thai,
remain, though unique, have tho mer
it of beauty and originality, and one
does not hesitate before selecting
Tho most beautiful sheeny ribbons
nro nhnwn in tho shons for sashes.
Thoy are from four to IB Inches wldo
and su soft that it Is posslblo to
twist them in almost unconceivable
designs without producing a bulky ef
fect. The color comuinauons nuw
In dresses earlier In hto season, Beems
to have shifted to tho province of
sashes with tho .result that the color
schemes are delightful. Pale cowslip
yellow with cornflower blue and pink
ish heliotrope Is both aristocratic and
artistic, while del, cream, pale olive
green and milk-white constitute an
other effective combination. Crash
ribbons with color edge borders arc
now, and sell at 50 cents and upward
a yard. Flowers and ribbons are all
tho rage and are In greater demand
than satin fruit.
semble is gained by the richness of
See the Fisherman
in Our Show Window,
And remember that 1 have a full line of High
-Grade Tackle: I bought all of my Tackle direct
from the factory and have the kind that will .suit
every fisherman. 1 have in stock fly honks from
25c to g1.50.per doz., leaders from 5c to 75c, , fish
baskets, straps, bait boxes, leader boxes, reels,
from aoc to $5.50, jointed poles from $1 to fio,
all kinds of artificial bait, spinner hooks, "Chubb's
pole varnish," mist colored gut and other fisher
man's supplies, too numerous to mention.
74 Main Street
I The Grand Trunk Gold Mine
k Sumpter, Oregon, Gold Mining District.
. Is located upon the OREAT MOTHER
4 LODE system of veins and has for neigh
bors on that vein such well known
mines as the NORTH POLE valued at
$10,000,000. The COLUMBIA valued at
$5,ooo,ooo. iOOLCONDA valued at $3,
000,000. THE MONMOTH O. M. CO!S
BELLE BAKER mine valued at $5oo,
000. THEBALD MOUNTAIN valued at
$5oo,ooo. THE IBEX valued at $400,
ooo, and many others.
The Grand Trunk Gold Minhig and Milling Go.
Own Ita Property Consisting of 160 Acres of Rich Qotd Bearing) Veins
'Ithasno.indebtedneis of any character.
It has a conservative mining and business management.
It is offering 50,000 shares of stock at 15c per share.
It will become a dividend payer in a short time.
It will pay you to write us for full particulars and to make
careful investigation of its merits.
It has the indorsement of mining men, business men and
bankers of Eastern Oregon.
1 Write us today and let us post you.
H. S. McCalfam & Company,
Minors, Brokers and Flnanolal Agents,
Or B. S. BRYSON, Local Agent, Pendleton, Oregon.
Our Weekly Mining Letters on Sumpter, Oregon, Gold Mining
District Free on Application.
1 r 1 u -1 9
'ml '1
A Good Housekeeper
wants her .kitchen supplied
with everything that will
lighten labor and 'facilitate
work. So when she sees
such bargains as we are offer
ing in wash tubs, pails,
c)othes wringers, measures of
all kinds, and everything in
.housefurnisliing ,goods, .she
will secure what she needs
at once.
A fttfl pfdy !adwyi kept km ateefc.
Write the Eaat Ore
gootaa ior a toe cat?
tho braid, for there Is little trimming
besides. The skirt, which nas a very
sweeping train, Is made over a chif
fon petticoat, which in turn, ban a
foundation of heavy taffeta. The chif
fon uettlcout Is finished with a flounce
of the same material closely plaited
and edged with a tiny lace ruchlng.
What would be seen If the overdress
were not made In one piece, are mark
ed with strips or cafe au lalt taffeta
embroidered In French knots.
The bodice fits perfectly and Is
trimmed simple with graduated frills
of plaited chiffon which fall In cas
cades over the vest, but nre scarcely
more than three inches wide at tho
arm pits.
The sleeves are elbow-length and
finished with deep frills of plaited
finished with deep frills of chiffon and
laco that fall to the Auger , tips at
points, where they aro left uncon
In Satin-Faced Cloths.
The tan shades In satin-faced
cloths arc Irresistably alluring. A
stunning design In ladles' cloth, Is
much decorated with palest corn silk
overlaid with narrow silver braid and
embroidery. The skirt has' a mul
tltudo of plaits upon It that fall from
a guaged hip-yoke, clasped and flat
tened by embroidery.
Tho bodice Is given a deep yoke
with elongated tabs, and Is gathered
Into a belt of cloth, banded with gold
and silver braid set close together. "
Accompanying tho gown is a stole
scarf of fawn-colored chiffon, gaug
ed at Intervals and delicately embroid
ered with silver silk at the end.
Poulard silks In tan and -grey del'
cately patterned with fall flowers and
largo designs in blue, black, whlto and
olive-green are employed for various
effective morning and afternoon toil
ettes. They are swathed in tho newest
trimmings in which money melts so
rapidly away out of tho most plethor
ic purse. The decorations selected
for a bowitchlng Easter gown, which
is all finished and Is posing .beneath
Its folds of tissue. In an exquisite'
(lowered embroidery. The bodice has
the embroidery almost covering tho
whole front, from which It Is plaited
back, forming a full broad front. The
back Is formed and cut and fits close
ly, tho front being very full and loose
over a delightful Japanese nllllgreo
silver girdle.
Tho sleeves are cut to the elbow
and fall very full' to deep cuffs of tho
flowered embroidery.
Tho skirt has the embroidered de
sign all over the front seam, sloping'
outward from the top, from which
come five tiny tucks at either side,
tho rest being Just over the hips and
sloping from the long ones. Around
headed by tucks and with tucks and
with tucks around the bottom. This
falls very long and full over tho feet
and sweeps the floor in the back.
White Moat Effective.
White has been so popular all win
ter that it can be scarcely be classed
among tho spring novelties. Yet there
Is nothing more effective. Tho oyster
perle and milk tints, though espec
ially charming, are unfortunately
quite oxpenslve. It Is difficult to get
a desirable shade under $4 a yard.
But then tho materials are wide and
a comparatively few yards will make
a gown. In fact, when It is possible
to gain such exquisite effects with taf
feta and satin trimmings, one might
verily piece out a scanty allowance
of goods In tho namo of decoration.
A certain young debutante whose
wedding to one of New York's of
the world's for that matter most fa
mous millionaires ,1s wearing a stun
ning oystor-whlto broadcloth costume
with a gathered coat. Tho skirt Is
braided six Inches from the hem In
ornato designs, to a width of perhaps
eight Inches.
Tho coat also shows tho sanio
braiding. There are no seams In the
coat back, which Is cut In tho Franch
fashion, and tho slight fullness left
is shirred In the center at the waist
line. The long straight skirts that
Is dress skirts and drop lining aro
also gathered (n at tho waist In the
center and a plain white cloth band
forms .tho belt.
Tho sleeves widen until at tho
wrlst4the-'are"qulte 'broadband hare
vory wido and flaring turned-back
cuffs heavily braided. Tho collar .and
rovcres aro also braided.
ivompieiina.tne costume is a broad-
brimmed, Whlto hat with slightly lift
ed, Ibrlnv and a huge white ostrich
feather'trnllB' over the left sldo and
down tho back.'
Under the coat Is worn a blouse
of .whltO'sllktcovered with very heavy
white lace, almost llko guipure cloth.
ThA fllpflvpct JhnVA .'nvavflmrntArt ilMnn.
ling wings .above thej '.wrist tbflti .fall,
far below tho hands and show be-
Fine Tellow Newtown Apples,
only 90 cents a box,
Fresh Ranch Eggs, 16 cents a
We bave the Famous and al
ways satisfactory
Atrial will convince yon of Its
Some Uid
' 'MUM
I. W
,480 acres grain and stock
ranch in Klickitat Connty,
Wash., 150 acres in wheat.
Whole thing fenced two and
three wires. Two good
houses and two sots farm
buildings, living water and
wells. Sinical mountain free
range for stock, $8 per acre.
We have the Het stock
ranch la the west for aale. Con
trols all the water aad range
for twenty atllea; twenty mile;
of fencing 80 acre. Irrigated
aad In alfalfa. Pair bulldlnfB,
orchard aad vineyard, $23,000
takes It for two weeks.
Section 'HorMHeavea Land
$7100 per hen.
Irrigated tracts at all Prices. :
Nessly-Sobtt Investment Co ,
rj'usuer, ttoou.
The Big Store in a Small
Alta Street, Opposite Savings Bank
Is always received when you
place your order with us.
Fir. Tamarack and
Why buy poor coal when you
can get the best for the same
Laatz Bros.
Telephone Mam 51
A Iff.-.' K
hJ ntij 'Kil'M
Sash, Doors and
Planing of all description
rnn'r nil...
um..uub moid jtu unui yo-
consulted us. '
Pendleton Planing Mill
Lumber Yard
1 ne climax in perfection!
readied in monopole.
When you want the B
come to us and get
Our line
for cash.
of groceries
We sell cha
Miller Grocery!
636 Main Street
Phone Main 511
Boys Week at The Fair
Our Spring Clothing and Boys Furnishings have arrived and
we have decided to make a Big Special Opening Sale for
Boys. This sale will begin ::::::
.3 Monday, March 23 and continue until Saturday, March 28 e
L during which time the special prices quoted below will hold good. Our
Syndicate buyer in New York has made some very large purchases and se-
,gp , cured for the Fifty Stores connected with our Cash Buyers Union '.some of
the best values in clothing to be found in the market. Never before have
values in Boys Clothing and Furnishings been offered to Pendleton buyers,
ft lEvcrything from the highest priced suit of clothes down to the smallest
M .article used by your boy has been marked down to the lowest price possible
IS for this BIG SALE.
C Many articles, are priced Below .Actual Cost. This is .the week to outfit
your boys. You can save from 20 per cent to 50 per cent here on everything
listed below. Note the SPECIAL .PRICES.
Boys' dark 3pleco vestee suits, made of good
twilled suiting, well made, .in the latest
i'tylet), sizes iirom 4 ito 10 years, well .worth ,
$1.50, Special Sale Price S1.1G
Hoys' two-piece suits, double-breasted coats,
same goods as above, sizes 8 to 14 years,
Special Sale Price J1.1C
Doys' dark striped 3-pIece suits, sizes 4 to 10
years, .well made, .handsome, suit and (very ,
durable, worth much moro than we ask for
It, Sale Price $1.50
Hoys' dark striped 2-plece suit, same as above, 1
sizes 8 to 14 years $1.50
Boys' light grey wool, 2-plece vestee suits,
sizes 4 to 8 years, latest style, Special for
this Big Sale , $2.00
Boys' 2-plece wool suits, green mixed color
with pin stripe, new and neat pattern, sizes
t 4 to 9 years, only $2.75
Boys' 3-plece vestee suits,, sizes 4 to 8 years,
One now goods, dark with ftne whlto specks,
a beautiful suit at ..v. .1 $3.00
Boys' 2-plece, all wool, blue serge, 'heavy weight
sizes C to 10 years ,a great bargain at . .$3.00
Boys' 3-plece suits, blue serge, same, as above,
9 tq 14 years , $4.00
Boys' 3-plece, all wool coronation cloth suits,
beautiful mixed color with small speck or dot
effect, sizes 8 to 13 years, regular price $5.50,
Special for this Sale $4.70
BoysVJjrown, all wool worsted dress sailor
suits, beautifully trimmed, sizes 4 to 7, regu
lar $5.00, Special Sale Prlce $4.60
Boys' long pants, 3-plece suits, black and white
mixed color, newest style cloth, lino value
at v $4,00
Boys' long pants, 3-pleco suits, sizes 12 to 20
years, dark color with small stripe, a very
dressy suit $5.50
Boys' long pants, 3-plece ,sulU; grey mixed
color, sizes 12 to 18 years, a good serviceable
suit $5.5o
Boya' long pants, 3-plece suits .fine mixed color
black and white, up-to-date dress suit $8.50
Boys' dark mixed color, 3-plece long pants
dressy ii,.$7.75
Boys' all wool black clay worsted suits, long
pants, sizes 1,4 to 20 years, heavy wolght $8.75
Boys' dark fancy worsted suits, 3-plece long
pants, beautiful patterns, latest style dress
suits .$9.75
Boys' socks, grey mixed, good, serviceable a;
ticic , 4c pr.
Boys' skin gloves, all sizes 18c pr.
Boys' suspenders, all grades from 25c down to
10c pr.
Boys' bow ties 15c, 13c, 10c and 6c each.
Boys' scarf ties, .regular 25c value, Special 5c
Boys long hose, all grades, "Topsy" brand, 23c,
17c, 15c, 13c and 10c pr.
Boys' Spring and 'Bummer weight underwear,
all sizes, 25c each.
Boys' knee pants, all sizes, $1.00, 75c, 05c, 50c,
40c, 25c and 16c pr.
Boys' waists with belt,36c; without belt, 25c.
Boys' ruffled sailor waists, good Quality, onlr
Boys' heavy shoeB, strong and durable, H
sizes from 10 0 2, Special for this Sale 80c.
Boys' shoes, sizes from 13 to 6, heavy soles,
Boys' shoes, sizes 13 to 2, seamless, made 01
the best of calf skln a shoe to give good
service, $1.60.
Boys' shoes, same as last mentioned, sizes 3
to 5, $1.85.
Boys' heavy shoes, oak-tanned leather in up
pers and solos, made for .hard service, our
beat shoo, size 12 to 2, $1.80. .
Boya' heavy shoes' tsame aB last mentioned
sizes 3 to 5V $2.00. . .
Boys' fine dress shoes, Dongola or calf sKin.
sizes 12 to 2, $1.80.
Boys' fine dress shoes, Dongola or calf
sizes 3 to 5, $2.00. .
Small boys' shoes from 6 to 8, soft calf skin or
Dongola, $1.20.
Boys' shoes, same as last named, sizes w w
11, $1.36.
With evtry' Milt coatlno 14.00 or lew '9f J
mail boy a jK WlnUaor ncktl, worth e. jm
With every auH coating more than 4-. 1 U
nice iik ne, ana tie pin, ,.
With every, pair of boya' ahoei, one P''
of "Topay" hoW
Calico, 10 yards to one person, 'ft-li!
;i.MUioua lining, any quantity
use lining, any .quantity "..liu
'8-oz. duc.kf" 28 inches wide fjj.
1 BbVrtlnk'irood 'ouailfarVoniy . :cJ.t
... n
Strlned' s'hYrtin&'ioii "nliaHtv. only.
Sun bonnets, ladles sice. 19c: Misses
nets, lag.
The Busy Fail4 Store
il"';5 "it ti
17" -------