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Folding Vapor Bath Cabinet.
For the Scientific Application of Heat and Steam
In Curing and Preventing Disease. : : : : :
Endorsed by 3o,ooo PHYSICIANS and OVER 600,000 Happy Users
PRICE, $5.00
"Happy lie
With such a mother! Fnlth in
Bents with his blood, and trust
in nil things high
Comes easy to him, nnd tho' he
trip nnd fall,
He shall not hnld his soul with
excursions and a great many other
affairs of a similar nature. The or
ganization of this association should
mean tho working together harmoni
ously of the business interests of the
city for tho upbuilding nnd advance
ment of Pendleton.
Why could not the ladles of Pendle
ton organize a league for the protec
tion of our feathered friends, the
song birds?
Tlie hoy has a slingshot, an air gun
or a 22-rlfle he is not a bad boy. He
simply lacks training along tho line
of the wanton destruction of God's
harmless creatures. He does not
know that the birds he is killing
"just for fun" are the farmers' best
friend. He does not realize that each
season in raising their brood they
rid the farmer of countless insect
pests, which would do his growing
crops great damage. He Is simply
the average boy. Just such a boy as
yours or mine, unless thoy have had
special training along this Hue. The
lark sits on the fenco post pouring
out its soul in its rapturous love
song. There Is a slight report and
Its clear, liquid, flute-like melody Is
stilled. It was a good shot and the
bird flutters down with a broken
wing to die a lingering death.
What about the boy? He simply
needs training. His energy is mis
directed. Teach him to study the nn
ture and the habits of the bird. It is
a fascinating study. He will enjoy it
Organize a "Bird Study Club." Got
him Interested In it. He will soon he
come their champion Instead of their
destroyer. Instead of a Saul he will
become a Paul. On another page we
publish the law recently passed. Cut
It out and save It. While the birds are
important, your hoy Is more Import
ant. Talk It over with him and get
him Interested in their protection.
Some of the valley counties are get
ting out very neat and attractive
booklets to advertise to the home'
seeker the advantages of their sec
tion or country. Tlie booklets are
handsomely Illustrated with typical
farm and livestock scenes. Umatilla
county might very profitably fall into
lino and emulate their excellent ex
ample. We certainly have resources
in this county which would attract
the favorable attention of the home
seeker if presented In an attractive
form. In a recent talk with Colonel
Drake, he said: "I am surprised that
a county as rich as Umatilla county,
does not get out more attractive read'
Ing matter descriptive of her resour
ces. You should Illustrate some of
tho splendid cattle and sheep of your
county. As an Investment It would
certainly he a paying one."
John Barrett has aroused much In
terest In the Orient. Ho has secured
the promise of exhibits from Japan
Korea, China, Ceylon and India. The
possibilities of trade with tho Orient
are almost boundless. A vnst and
teeming population Is to be fed. They
can make use of all tho foodstuffs w
can send them. They can be taught
to uso and thus create a demand for
many of our manufactured articles
Take tho one item of condensed mllli
During tho past year there has been
a steadily Increasing demand for
in unina nun jnpan. it is greatly es
teemed there by tho rich as a dell
cacy. So It will be with other of our
products. Already thoy are dragging
our plows with elephants In India
and our mowing machines with cam
els on tho steppes of Siberia.
We are so used to modern convex
lences that wo take them as a matter
of course. Not till wo are deprived of
them do we begin to appreciate them.
Tho citizens of Seattle are beginning
to realize tho great convenience of tho
street cars now that they have to
walk. Tho suburban service and tho
night service has been abandoned.
The sympathies of tho public seem to
be with the striking employes In splto
of the inconvenience to which they
aro put by tho almost total suspen
sion of service.
The organization of tho Business
Men's League or Retailers' Associa
tion of Pendleton, Is a forward Btop
in tho lino of progress. As nn asso
ciation they can consider and act up
on many things for their own nnd tho
city's good. For example, Sunday
closing, closing all stores at C
o'clock, except on Saturday night, tho
entertainment of distinguished guests,
tho management of celebrations and
. Last night's rain means much to
the stock that have been on short
rations for some time past. Tho hills
seem to have put on their robe of
green over night. Hay has not been
so scarce for many years as It has
been for the past month. Aside from
all humanitarian grounds, It Is not
a paying proposition to try to wiii'
tor stock without suflicient feed to
carry them through the winter. Ewes
Insufficiently fed are too weak to prop
erly care for their lambs and the con
sequence Is the percentage of Ios.3 is
A great deal of Interest Is being
manifested In the anti-trust legislation
which was placed on the statute
books by the last congress. The Im
presslon prevailed at the time that
the legislation was Innocuous; that
the trusts had nothing to tear. It
now appears that some of the now
laws were loaded for bear. The bureau
of commerce is worrying tho trusts,
Tho prompt appointment of addition
al law ofllcers seems to Indlcnte a
tendency on the part of the depart
ment of justice to strenuously follow
the anti trust legislation. All around
signs appear to Indicate that perhaps
tho anti-trust work of congress was
not so futile after all,
in accordance with the request of
the State Grange the Oregon Agricul
tural College Is getting out a series
of bulletins pertaining to nature stu
dy for the use of the rural schools.
This Is not to add an additional study
to those already required in the school
loom, nut It Is for tho purpose of
teaching tho pupil to take notice of a
lew or nature's manifestations of
growth and change. The theory of
modern education Is to teach the mind
to see, tho hand to do, and the mind
to act. Learning by doing Is the best
form of education.
We aro In receipt of the March
number of the Oregon Teacher's
Monthly, it is a very creditable Is
sue. It should receive tho hearty
support of Oregon school teachers.
A merchant pointed out In n rwtu-
stenographer the other day several
serious and wholly inexcusable mis-
tunes wnicn ho hod made. Tho ste
nographer colored at tho first word of
tho lecture and waited Imnatimitlv
and without listening until It was
ended. Then ho resinned.
"Why do you reslcn?" nslipil
"Because I won't let AI1V 111 fill til Iff
advantage of his power as nn em
ployer 10 speak harshly to me."
"What did I say?" asked tho
"I don't know lust wimt it
only know you wore jumping on mo
about my work."
"Why did you leavo tho position
you had before you camo to us?" ask
ed tho merchant.
For the same reason ihni 1
leaving here. The man thought Im
could Jump on mo becauso I was an
But didn't you mnko nnv mlo.
takes? Was your work perfect?"
"Of course I mndo mistakes. M,,.
body is perfect."
"Then you don't permit any 0110 to
speak to you of your mistakes?"
"I doii't think harshness Is the way
to help a man to get along."
"And you regard any form or re
proof as hnrshncss?"
The stenographer was silent.
"You can't see that praise Is not of
tho slightest value to you, that criti
cism Is Invaluablo."
Tho stenographer wns silent.
"You can't see thnt by speaking to
you of your mistakes I was showing
myself to bo your friend; that If I
had passed over your mistakes 1
should have been doing you nn In
Tho stenographer was silent.
"Don't you think you'd better give
mo another trial?" asked the mer
"Yes." said the stenographer. But
he resigned again within n week and
was let go.
At first blush every employe who
reads this story will scoff at this ste
nographer as a fool, as a horrible and
unusual exnmplo of Inordinate vniu
ty. But Isn't the story worth think
Ing about? Is this stenographer so
unsual. after nil? Is such vanity rare
or Is It only bis courage of It that It
It mav have been by ambition that
Iho angels fell. It Is by self-excuso
that the men fall.
A very great man once said that no
man hail ever yet lifted his head so
much as an Inch above tho mass of
his fellows who had not the power of
self-criticism the ability to seo his
own faults either on his own Initiative
or when some friend or foe pointed
them out. Tho smaller kinds of su
perior men close their oars against
their enemies, hut learn when their
friends are venturesome enough to
criticise them. The larger Uluds of
superior men learn much from tho
frankness of friends, more from the
llerce and scorching criticism of their
unintentionally friendly foes. And on
the day that a man ceases to bo capa
ble of self-criticism, ceases to be tol
erant and eager for criticism from
without, on that day his undoing be
Again and again you hear it said
of a man, "He has reached Mb limit.
What does that mean? In every case
close study of the man and his career
will show that he has reached that
stage at which self-exaltation lias sue
ceeded In silencing self-criticism.
Study the man who works beside
you. Study the man who wns promot
ed the first of the year. Study the
man who wasn't especially If he
happens to be yourself. This Is not a
world of chance, hut of causation.
There was a "why" for tho 0110 man's
pioniutlon, another "why for tho
other man's dismissal or fnlluro to ad
Scratch an anarchist nnd you will
find a personification of self-esteem.
a furious hater of criticism. Men used
to blame the gods for their shortcom
ings; then It was the devil and his
mps; now It Is the social system. All
the failures and ail who love to in
dulge the supercilious nnd contempt-
ous emotion of patronizing pity nre
crying out for "mutual aid."
What the world most needs Is not
alms or crutches, but more friendly
criticism, more self-criticism.
The place to begin to correct tlie
ovlls In the social system Is with the
0110 member of It who is wholly under
your controt. Other corrections can
wait. That one can't. Saturday
ivenlng Post.
Ar M-rx iK CAll PDA II MA
JW I lit PM m I VTB vri w - miVV
World-wide space and the sky above;
Open light, that no shadow mars;
Karth is a star with tho other stnrs,
And heaven is near enough to Iovo.
Waves of green on nn endless sea;
Streaks of bloom that are tossed
like fonm,
Tho sun and the wind are here at
And here the cloud and the storni go
Royal night, and the veil withdrawn,
Blinding glitter of starry spears;
Changing glory of days and years.
Perfect splendor of dusk and dawn.
Earth's clear breast, and tho sky
World-wldo spaces, and full,, free
breath r
Here life looks in tho eyes of death,
And God la near, for the soul to love.
Marjory Couthouy Smith.
Ksn. Wm. A. Deane, Clerk of tho city and county of Han Francisco, was Chief
Deputy in the otltco of his predeoetsor during tlio latter part of Ills trm. Ho is u
Natiyo Ron, having-been Imrn and raised hi tho city of San IKrnnclsco, and has for
muny years been prominently identllled with the Ordt-r of Native Honn of the
Ooldon Wcdt, us well ax other fraternal organizations. Ilu is an exceptionally
popular young manv socially and politically also, us ovldcotied by the ballots cast
at tho lato election, lie having defeuted ills opponent lur ttio office of County Clerk
by nearly 8,000 votes.
Ju. a letter written January 28, 1890, from San l,raucl3co,.to.Ir.Uartman,Mr.
Dcano has tho following to say of l'eruna:
The Peruim Medicine Co., Columbus, Ohio.
Gentlemen: " would not be without Perunar as I have found
it to be the best remedy for catarrhal complaints that I' have ever used.
I have tried most all of the so-called catarrh remedies advertised,
and can conscientiously say that of all the remedies for catarrhal
complaints recommended to me none have beew so beneficial as
CATARRH assumes different phases I autumn catarrh. Iweach of these rarie
Ju different seasons of tho year. ties different organs seeia to bu the prin
XheM is, therefore, fourqntte well-murk- j clp.il seat of the catarrh,
ed Tmrietles of catarrh Winter catarrh, lu tho winter tho oaUu-rh Is more-frv-pring
cuUrrh. HUinrmar catarrh, audi quent in the head,. thruuland.reupira.tury
org ans. In tho sprint tho t
10 omeny anoot U10 8tomuli
VJll') (J I n .VJll. ... liih M IT TT. . .
11. 11 J ,, -""Ml
iilnlwell1ituit I. 1L.
l"J wmwjwk w hilt, rn.Vnr.n
a 1.. . a
- .0 uut meant trrU.f.
catarrh la ubsolutlv'Vinn...L .
,nla f .1 ..
j.. v., ..... uuuj "urine tha
iiiuv n,muii.uur urir Art in
- - 'J HUT
1 i.viin, t.tit- 11.1.,,... -
b1' " " 10 attack tun..
uuuiwuuuruiiuBcasons that ft.....
... ... . .vm I
""" I""'"" Jlliyu DMnnin
Mr. Kobort Douglas. it...
I . "Mi UUU JJ' NU Iff
WiLalilniTtiin.Tl. n i . " v!
inu x-uruun lueuiclno Cn n n.,.
1 - ... . ' " vui
u., jioh 1110 ioiiowinir tn
muii uuiuu UHiurrn TAmw w n
..1 u.. . " 7'"
".I".. Mtl
lur Duma .rears, aurinrr u.f.j.1.
ut "v fw.iwuo iur coas, c&lMrrtt
venerai aeauitv with . . .
tiivm. 1 uavc uaia nnrtirtiimm.ti-
iu us ciiclis, ana i nave ahmi,.,.
imence in 11s curative qualltlt,
have no hesitation In rii. 7
emphatic endorsement."
Hon. Clomont At. 1limn,...i .
Tim iiAar. u'nnwTi nnwan.. .
1 ici iiipn in
v..T. mt 11..
for years editor of
ouoof the principal
papers In Hart
ford, Conn., later
was prominently
connected with tho
Now York Record
er and Now York
World. He has
traveled oxtensi vo-
lv ntifl lalfnnwn nil Tlnn t i
o v 0 r tho United
Statea fnr liln inlnnf . .
tilntl Wrltlnn. l(.'M.all a.
Co., he says:
"lor about six yera I hare
trouble every fall and winter with
voice. At times It his extended to
bronchial tubes and lung.. I think
II. la 4vr.Kl.in namn .-V. J
JTCHiB IMU, uu v 11 iLil ml. rug
I 1 . CJH T 1 . ,- . 1 I 1.
1.11 111. .in., v iiuia mibcu 1 CIU1U.
vuu:u jimi uvvu uiuuiui uiamuoTrr
Arlington." Ul Montague street,
scicnimc icmeuy lor caurrn, u
I'liLurrii wni!rt!ver iih:iiiihi. lurntii
waste. By flavlncr the mucualtcn
No rpniwiv can tkikh.mv' buddit
- v v rj-.
Peruna. Tako no other remedy.
is 110 BUbstuiuo xor HUB C&UR&
fine. Menu ior a iroe vook. on
A. pnua Ut Hunina MfvllrMnA UA.
lumbuti, Ohio.
Is tlie cause of more discomfort than
any other ailment. If you eat the
things that you want and that are
good for you, you are distressed. Ack
er's Dyspepsia Tablets will mnko
your digestion perfect and prevent
Dyspepsia and its attendant disagree
able symptoms. You can safely eat
anything, at any time. If you tako one
01 these tablets arterward. Sold by
all druggists under a positive guar
antee. 25 cts. Money rofunded if
you ure not satisfied. Send to us for
a free sample. W. II. Hooker & Co..
iiutiaio, n. t.
A Nightmare
Gives point to the fact that exceulve or
irregular eating dUturbs the digestion.
Nightmare or niiiht hag has it's day time
correspondence in the undue fullness
after eating, with the belchings and sour
or bitter ruing so often experienced after
too hasty or too hearty eating:
Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery
cures dyspepsia and other dlueases of the
stomach and its allied organs of diges
tion and nutrition. When these diseases
are cured, the whole body shares in tlie
increased strength derived troni food
DroDerlv digested and nerfcctlv asuimil.
ated. ' "
"Your 'Golden Medical Dltcoverv' and Dr.
aage'a Catarrh Remedy have been of Meat
benefit to me." writes (f rof.) Pleasant A. Oliver,
of Viola, fulton Co.. Ark. "llelbie I used tlie
above mentioned remedies my sleep wa not
sound; digestion bad; a continued feeling of
misery, I now leel like a new man. Any one
in need of medical treatment fur nasal catarrh
conlil do no better tliuu to lake treatment of
ur. k. v. fierce. 1 icnow nis medicines are all
right In this clasa of diseases."
Sometimes a dealer temnted bv the
little more profit paid on the sale of less
meritorious medicines will offer the cus
tomer a substitute as being "just as
good" as the "Discovery." It Is better
for him because It pays better, but it is
noi as gooa ior you, it you want tne
medlciue that has cured others, and
which you believe will cure vou.
Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets cleanse
the clocutd svstein from accumulated
3-lot tract, one of the best building
sites on the bottom 890.
8 lots, house and barn, well located
20-lot tract, Irrigated; something to
invest In J1C.000
3Vi acres, large house, stone cellar,
fruit of all kinds, rich soli, barn,
well Irrigated $2250
4 acres, house, barn, fruit, one of the
best gardens in town J2600
B-acre chicken farm, irrigated bottom
land, house, barn, chicken houses,
incubators, fruit, alfalfa ....$2000
10 acres, mostly rich bottom, well Im
proved $2600
IB acres, 8 acres of It rich bottom,
running water, house, chicken yards
one of the best small places in Pen
dleton $860
$10 to $13 PER ACRE.
N. T. Conklin.
Phone, Red 277.
Bargains in
Real Estate
I havo a larger and better
list of Farms, Stock Hanches
and City Property to sell
than ever before. Also a big
lot of land in the coming
wheat suction of Eastern
N. Berkeley
Just received another
car load of Poultry and
stock supplies at the
127 and 12U Eat A1U Street
13V tlie l'ire insurance lo
pames we represent.
companies, stand nrst m
a 111 a ' 1 nn M0
London & Lancashire Fire
Triniirniinn fin . S.
North British & Mercantile
Koyal Insurance Co
sisiBim am smsiBBar
as mm a u
M BsT WW m km BsC I 1 1 I
iiuim is mi 1
A Merciful Man is
Merciful to Beasts.
Patent Humanp T-lnrnocc o. ,1...
greatest blessing ever bestowed
mjitc&. 1 nis new iaea protects
the horses. t.rtvpntc vnhK;n
blistering of the skin and lightens
the burdens. Call and sp tl
great improvements.
are patented and we have the ex
clusive right to manufacture and
sell these harness in Umatilla
these harness
be prosecuted.
county and all infringements will
218 Court Street.
Farmers Custom Mill
Fred Walters, Proprietor
Coiiaolty 160 barreled day
Flour exohantred for wheat
Flour, Mill Fowl, Chopped Feed, etc
always rn hand. '
Babbit Metal, belt in tha uinHri In
The Colombia
Lodging Hoose
Newly Furnished.
Bar in connection'
Rr Aim & Webb Ms
In Center of Block
F. X. Scbcmpp
The Gasoline Engine is
most handy companion.
the Improved
Gasoline EnoW
r ...'l'rS
It's something new. Reiiu
rinrltlnir nnd has nO Stud t".
r-- a ;
to twist Oil.
I.t lie aVinw VOU Olir '"? .
i i.-irrntlrn in this
country means wealt"
. 1
Withee, "a
Oregonlan Office.