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Eastern Oregon Weather
Tonight and Sunday occasional I
train; cooler Sunday; high wlndB. 2
15C A tt
NO. 4703.
ext of Proposed Land
. .1 I... Atinrl-
, introduced try
, Made Public.
L commissioners' Board Pro-
tor will Have Most Extraor-
Good or Evil
IPU Arrears of Rent Due.
U.rrh 2S.-TI10 text of the
land 'purchase bill, which was
Iced In the house nt common
Irish secretary,' Mr. Wyndham,
today last Imb been given
1, iwnnics ! 6 " '
In- paper anil bristles with
Millies. The full wording re
many Important features which
not mentioned in an. J . ,
lipcech when me uui wns mi"-
fintars of rent due at the time
Lpirchase of land are recovem-
lireirs lor a yeur umy, u i"--I;
cabled. Tho land commls-
I! tower, are given puwui m
l'cases to remit part or nil of
rLmmUslnnerR am not permit-
I pnrcime estates which are not
fc jpicmiurai or iniHiorai.
fcer is exempt under this clause.
lues of untenanted estates pur
Fiw ihf enmmlsslonorB thev are
mi to Inspect the necessary
ot Improvement, which trcmon-
I enlarge tne scope 01 uic com
'1 expenditure.
1 coimlsslon is empowered 10
tub-tenants to lie tne tenants
ftoldlnr hv them, which will
benefit hundreds.
h;, shooting and mineral
l.whfoh Ara .nmnnp tho mnfll
Irenlal, will bo vested In the
leiloners when an estate Is pur-
I Mil pan ho itlQnnanri nf ao (hn
Issloners decide. The commls-
11 are also empowered to ne
p hnnnilflrv nnrt nMinr rilartiitnn
(a the proprietors of holding
me uiii.
I commission has the flrst claim
IrhnBO Knntrnn natntna onrl .on
them to tenants or use portions
wu lur me repatriation ot evict-
pms. Tne latter point is re-
11 as oeing one or tne most vital
h of the bill.
Will Send Commission to Washington
to Protest Against Cattle Tax.
Missoula, Mont., March 28. Trou
ble Is brewing on tho Flathead Indian
reservation over an order made by
Indlnn Agent Smcad that all Indians
owning cattle In excess of 100 head
must pay a tax of $1 per head, the
sum to bo distributed among those
Indians owning no livestock. The
well-to-do Flatheads are in open revolt
against tho order and have named
n commission of red men to go to
Washington and Interview President
Roosevelt. The delegation should
havo started several days ago, but a
message from Chief Carlos, who was
at Washington and who appears hos
tile to tho plans of tho delegation, has
delayed their departure.
Ike salmon off market.
Imerle In Alaskan Waters Are
pnlted to Force Uo Prices.
Ue, Wash., March 28. The In-
ri Aiasua canneries havo do
to take all tlwlr. nf ,i
I' oil the market till prices go
f M Pacific Packing & Navlga
tompany will ,i0 tho snnie. and
r mem mey control all red
C ID first lmmlo n...l., ...
e done, cannerleB of Ilristol bay
I n nuai Wnvo nnd the clos-
UWIl nf 1ft ,,!nn ot..., .
'Mja, It Is estimated this sea-
wk will be 1.000.000 ensos
't Slatoujk Results in Death of
2&-50 Are Wounded.
IkliiM . T ,T "18' I'orsons
wed and 5 Owero wounded.
ornH Athletes In the West.
' inTathrfnHItc1:-' March 28.-In.
ente, &tlc clrcles ln thta sec-
Iby ho n "uw, ln ttie t0"r boing
VMM?. the
0 fff, IS! with the crack
lnlve ,rt..u? of Michigan,
r of pt."4800 and tho
I irith th'?K0 ThIs series
lies l !in , rse Weatom unl-
I raeli tra,u V? lnnvatlon ln
I'aa meaiirj u -V. ""'vorsity
I - """n colleges.
Emptov cm.
Idon m. u " ln Tra"vaal.
CUnSSlS? t0 Cnlna to n
emn?'?iso lahor with thfl vi,
Kburg t tho mlnes
Sir w...s,..T7a'vaa . gallon
lU"onera J Itl California the
! .ln1IHng 1 ' ,lpena sovoral
'''hs the chii th. me'hodB of
JWe In that state.
!r?ck 1 ThleJrJPh0 trla
? e storm Ktpw on
--u were disjoint-
ilC n? "omoter and
SBd,!. Wldenor-
i"9 ""8 .n7orn.rp.loaa
"i neart
Handsome Indian's Death to be In
vestigated. Butto, Mont., March 28. A special
from Kipp, Teton county, Mont., says:
Assistant United States District At
torney G. H. Bailey has arrived here
from Helena to Investigate the death
of Joseph Fast buffalo Horse, the In
dian found dead here. Three Indians
nro under arrest on suspicion of hav
ing committed the murder. Tho dead
Indian was one of tho handsomest on
tho reservation and was the envy of
tho hand. From Indications, the body
had been dragged by a larlnt around
the redRkln's neck.
Blacksmith Shop Wrecked at Mine
Near Cheweiah.
Chowclah. Wash., March 28. An
accident occured at the Copper King
mine, five miles from town Thursday
morning. No one was hurt.
Superintendent Strobeck had just
cone in the tunnel to commence work
and left A. Nelson and another miner
on tho outside to thaw powder on the
forgo In the blacksmith shop. After
fixing the powder to thaw the two
men started into the tunnel. Tiiey nau
cono but about 20 feet .when the pow
dor exploded, completely demolishing
tho blacksmith shop.
"-CLOSED IffimiTm
Result of Trouble In Lowell, Mass.
Mill Owners Say It Is Not a Lock
1 ,i I -tnaa Alnrnh "R The own
ors of tho mills hero have decided
not to open on Monday. They say it
ta tin IntuntlcH no n Innknllt fnr the
textile workers, but merely to avoid
uouuie. 1 uoy win ruinum uiuocu u
.lnflnltnlv If la nrnlinhln that Blml
lar action will be taken In tho entire
affected district eventually throwing
iiu.uuu peopio out. 01 empioyiiiuiu.
Alleged Plot to Turn Over Central
Pacific to Union Pacific .
New York, March 28. The Keene
interests will spring a sensation at
tho trinl of the Injunction suit against
tho Union I'aciflc in Kentucky next
week. They will claim to have evi
denco of a plot to separate the Ceil'
trnl Pacific from tho Southern Pact
lie. turnlnir It over to the Union Pa
clflc. This boing done It is alleged
Harriman is willing to throw over
tho Southern Pacific. Tho Cqnirai
Paeifle would have been detached be
fore if mortgages hadn't prevented.
It is believed the Southern racinc au
nual meeting will possibly be post
Passed the New York Assembly by a
Safe Majority.
Albany, N. Y. March 28. Tho $101,
000,000 "canal referendum bill passed
the-asBembly Thursdny by a 'vote of
87 to 85, after a discussion of nine
hours, in which partly lines were prac
tically abandoned. AH but three of
the negative votes wero cast by re
publicans, the democrats voting al
most solidly for the bill.
Plea'ant Armstrong Breaks .Down
Completely at His Trial at Brker
City .
Baker City, March 2 Pleasant
Armstrong was placed on tho witness
Biaud yesterday afternoon in his own
defense, and to tho surprise of all
made a complete confession.
To Mark Historic Spot.
Wilmington, Del., March 28. The
Delaware Society of Colonial Dames
has arranged to hold an interesting
ceremony tomorrow in commemora
tion of the first landing of the Swedes
in Delaware. From tho original rock
on which tho landing was made a
memorial tablot has been made and
this will bo placed with appropriate
ceremonies In tho yard of tho MoCul
lough Iron Company, where tho origi
nal rock was situated.
Fire at Indianapolis.
Indianapolis, March 28. Flro in the
Hohringeon Iron Works this morning
damaged that plant to the extent of
Mississippi Waters Flowing Through Great breaches and the
Whole Delta Will Be stiblnerged.
Jackson, Miss., March 28. Dis
patches from Greenville state that the
crevasse ln the levees south of that
place has widened Into a gap of three
miles. Immense volumes of water are
flooding tho country.
Greenville, Miss., March 28. With
a tremendous crash the levee four
miles south of Greenville gave way
at 11 o'clock yesterday and great
quantities of water aro now pouring
through a 300-foot crevasse rapidly
Hooding the most fertile land in the
great Yazoo delta. Major Sears, In
charge of the government engineers'
office here, says it Is the worst break
ever experienced on the Mississippi
side, and he states that the whole
delta, from Greenville to Vicksburg,
will be flooded. This is the first
break reported on the Mississippi Bide
durnlg the present high water.
Another Break Reported.
Greenville, Miss., March 28. Only
six blocks of this city are above
water. Hundreds of negroes have
been rescued from the root's of their
cabins. News was received this morn
ing of a threatened break In the levee
30 miles north. Tho mayor issued a
call forvoluntecra and 500 respond-
eu., onouui a orcas ucum i
point thlsjplaco will receive a deluge.
The town, la in darkness because tho
electric-light plant and gas houses arc
Women and Children Drowned.
New Orleans, March 28. Tho river
fell two-tenths of a foot in the last
day. This morning reports from
Greenville. Miss., say that a woman
nud five children were swtpi away In
a house and drowned.
Situation Awful.
One hundred more convicts have
been sent, from Huntington to assist
at Greenville. Advices say that un
less morcjVboats wero sent many will
be drowned. The situation is describ
ed as awful.
Later Ten Drowned.
New Orleans. March 28. Further
advices; rfxim Grcenvillo say that the
larger portion of the city Is Inundat
ed. ThefcreVasso Is still enlarging.
Four moro were drowned, making a
total ot 10. The property loss is im
mense. ltis;.fearcd the death list will
be lncreaqcdl'
Missionary Just Returned From Ori
ent Says China Was Never In Bet.
ter Condition for Work.
San Francisco, March 28. Hev. Dr.
It. T Ryan, of tho Southern Baptist
church, who far tho last 17 years hns
been a missionary In China, has
leached this city en route to his homo
in North Carolina. Ho reports that
tho rumors of prospective trouble
rrnm mi liiniirrortlnii In Southern
China havo been greatly exaggerated.
Ho does not uoiicvo nny scrums
trouble Is to bo apprehended. Tho
withdrawal of the garrison from
Shanghai recently caused an Idle ru
mor to start to tho effect thnt trouble
was about to arise. China hns, In
fnct, according to Dr. Itynn, never
before been in such good condition for
tho invasion of peaceful missionaries
nnd other foreigners. Some Incon
venience. Is always to bo feared In out-of-the-way
plnces from smnll bnnds of
Insurrectionists, but In the main tho
country Is not disturbed.
Were Found In Cornfield Near Spring
field, III. Had Been Rifled No
Clue to Thief.
Snrlnirfinlrl 111 MnrpVl 2R. TWO
mail pouches that had been stoletf ln
transrer were .luunu tcis aucrninm
'In ft coTrnfleld two miles south of this
city. It had been rifled of its con
tents. Checks, drafts and money or
ders aggregating 1100,000 were un
touched. The postofflco authorities
announced the theft this afternoon.
There is no clue as to who robbed the
Placed In Charge of Division of Sal
aries In Postoffice Department.
Washington, March 28. Charles
Waters, of Denver, was placed in
charge of the division of salaries and
allowances In the poatofnee depart
ment on his arrival from tho West
this morning. Beaver, who resigned,
under pressure, immediately retired.
Athletics at Princeton.
Princeton, N. J., Match 28. The
Princeton University baseball nine
lined up today for tho tlrst game of
tho season, the opposing team being
that of New York University which
was substituted for Kutgers college.
The hard practice of tho last few
weeks has put the team In good shapo
and the .outlook is considered bright
for a successful season. Princeton
will cross bats with Cornell. Pennsyl
vania. Harvard and Yale this season,
besides nearly a score or games with
Institutions ot lesser note-
Will Retire Himself.
Paris, March 28. The army ! con
siderably Interested In the fact that
tomorrow General Andre, the war min
ister, reaches the age l''11'1"! 05
ears, and consequently he w II havo
to sign tho decree removing his name
from the active army list and Placing
himself in the reserve. This will not,
of course, prevent General Andro re
maining war minister, but U 1b potot
Pd out that since the foundation-of
the Third Republic this Is the first
time that a war minister has had to
remove his own name from the active
army list.
Trying to Arbitrate.
Seattle, March 28. Thero was no
change in the strike situation up to
noon. A meeting is now being held
or officials of the company, the may
rr, committees of tho strikers and
the Chamber of Commerce.
Graney as Referee.
San Francisco. March 28. Eddie
Grnney hnx been selected as referee
in thu JlcGovern-Corbett fight. Henry
Corbett was chosen, but declined to
Four Drowned at Bass Lake,
Owen Sound, Ontario, March 28.
Four men were drowned at Bass lake,
nine miles from here Thursday,
They were fishing in a leaky flat-bottomed
boat, when It sank.
Man Found In the Sand Hollow Coun
try of Morrow County Examined
at Heppner and Pronounced In
sane. Word was sent Sunday to Sheriff
Shutt that a crazy man was frighten
ing the people In the Sand Hollow
country. Sheriff Shutt 'went out and
found tho unfortunnto man near Wil
liam Barnctjt place, 18 miles from
Heppner. ,Hels about 45 years of nge
and gave.cbJsiname as Noel Roberts.
Sheriff Sbuttuy a clever subterfuge,
brought theitnan to this city without
any trouble.&jSob,erts talked In a wan
deringi maiiMrjwid, said that ho had
Walked from5Th,Dlles, but was un
blella'.fll!lI'ny.'worki He had been
In'thc rSand' HollovH-eountry for sev
eral days. He acted strangely. At
intervals he would let out most un
earthly yells which could be heard
for a long distance. He would also
make sudden starts and run with
great fleetness until exhausted. He
was examined by Dr. Klstner before
Judge Bartholomew and pronounced
Insane. Sheriff Shut accompanied by
Ed Hale, took him to the asylum at
Salem, Tuesday. Heppner Gazette.
Fish and Pendell Each Fined $10
Frank Ernest Given Five Days In
Jail Riley Released .
Henry Fish and William Pendell
were yesterday afternoon lined $10
each for disturbing the peace of two
highly respectable women. The or
renso wns an aggravated 0110 of Insult
and Intrusion. Judge Fitz Gerald se
verely lectuied the offenders.
Frank Ernest was this afternoon
sentenced to ftvo days In the city juil
for passing liquor through the bars
of tho jail to prisoners on the Inside.
James B. Hlley, arrested on a
charge of begging, insistently re
monstrated that he was not tho man
wanted Unit ho iiad not begged at
all. and that tho iul'oniiiuiL was mis
taken in Ills' man. The witness
against Riley was equally positive
that Riley was the man. Hlley claim
ed that ho had a job engaged or. a
Hitter Creek ranch and that he want
eii to get to work as soon as pos
sible. Tho Judge suspended sentence
to enable him to get out ol town and
al work as soon as ho could. Ho has
not been seen since.
To Head the Glassblowers.
Pittsburg, Pa., March 28. All indi
cations point to the election of Paul
St. Prtpr nf this rltv. tn succeed Si
mon Burns, as president of tho Nation-1
al Union of Glnsslilowers. A reioron
duin vbto wns taken several weeks
ngo. but no decisive result wns reach
ed. St. Peter, however, lacked but a
small number of votes of winning out
nnd It Is believed thnt tho second voto
which Is being counted at headquar
ters today, will snow ills election.
American Art Exhibit Opens.
Now York. Mnrrli 2S. Tho twenty-
fiflli nnuiinl evlilliltioii of Urn Society
of American Artists wns opened ln
the Kino Arts Galleries and win con-
tlnuo until May I. Both ns regards
Ihn rmmlii'i' nnd hlcli class of the
works displayed tho exhibition is pro
nounced by critics ns runy up to tne
stnndard of tho former bIiowb hold
under the nusplces of tho Baino society.
Wheat In Chicago.
Chicago. March 28. Wheat 7251
Vi cents per bushel.
First Real Game of the Season to Be
A llvi'lir iromn nf hull Is nrOmlBCll
ot the followers of the natlonul game
in Pendleton tomorrow, ino i-cupies
Warehouse nine will attempt to dc
font n nine from the Boston Store.
The following is tho line-up of tho
teams: Peoples Warehouse Pitcher,
Charles Bond; catcher, Fred Hart
man; flrst base, Ed Strahon; second
base, James Peters'; third base, Fred
Earl; left field, David Hill; right
field: William Shlverick; center field,
wiuard uona; snort stop, r rea iee.
HoKfnn Store Pitcher. Charles Bon-
ney; catcher, E. Waffle; first base, C.
E. Roosevelt; second base, Robert
Scott; third base, A. F. Zoellner;
short Btop, Robert Kruger; left field,
Frank Macey; right field, Charles
liean; center nold, Mariin rinerau,
Referee, I.ce Toutech.
Clemens In Prlnevllle.
H. A. Clemens and wife, of Port
land, arrived In our city Tuesday, and
expert to make prinevuie tneir iu
ture home. Mr. Clemens is an export
printer and come to take charge of
the Review's mechanical department.
The Journal extends a cordial wel
come to Mr. and Mrs. Clemens and
feel sure that they will like our city.
Prlnovlllo Journal.
Afr nnrl Mm fUpmniitt formfirlv llv
ed in Pendleton. Mr, Clemens was
connected with this paper and Mro,
Clemens worked on me Morning pa
Bind NightWatchman at Gar
rottsville, Ohio, and Rob
Postoffice and Store,
After Robberies They Stole a Rip;
and Drove to Ravenna There
Boarded Fast Freight Were Re
celved at Bedford by Officers and a
Fight Ensued.
Cleveland, O.. March 2S. Three rob
bers entered Garretavlllo last night,
met tho night wntehmnn, Btruck him
down, gaged nnd bound him and took
i,ii,i in tiin ttostoiilcti wheru tlioy
compelled hint to watch them blow tho
snre. They rotiiicd mo tin nun uion
went up stnlrs and held up nnd rob
1,0.1 n fiimllv. Tlinv then crossed tho
street and robbed a cash register In
a store, after which tuoy waiKcu.n
short distance Into the country, stolo
n vlir mill ilrnvn to Rnvonnn whoro
they bonrdod a fast freight.
Tho nlarni reached iinvonna ami
deputies on todays' passenger troln
closely followed the robbers and wlrod
,1 t. tlml fnril . HIllrerH and citi
zens were waiting when the robbers
jumped from the tram and a running
fight occurred. Ouo robber wns kill
ed and another wns wounded and
taken after his ammunition was ex
hausted. A third escaped en route.
At the Fraier.
1 nvi.ru nf the ion I. the true and tho
Intellectual on tho stngo will havo a
treat In wltnesslnc tho porformanco
of Lewis .Morrison's "Fauat." Its
beautiful scenery, wealth of mechanl
cnl effects, elaborate, electrical and
pyrotochnlcal display, as well as tho
rnmnntnnt rnmlinliv hill fair to make
its presentation on next Wednesday
night In this city, on event mat win
Un .nmnmlinrflil rta find nf till mORt.
'Important Iilr tho annals 'ouTtUocaUs-
Charges Filed With the President To
day by Counsel Stebblns Against
New Justice in District of Colum
Washington. March 28. Chnrges
wero filed with tho presldont today by
Counsel Stebblns for tho Anti trust
League against Judge Clnrbough, who
was yesterday appointed uy tne pros'
Ident to bo chief Justice of tho mi'
nieine court In tho District of Colum
bin vice BliiKhnm .retired. Stebblns
nlloenx that Clabauuh hns several
times Issued ex parte orders from tho
bench to tho detriment of litigants,
nnd has otlierw'so boor, unjinliclal 111
his rullngB.
Secured Judgment.
Ashwood, March 28. 1). M. Iladloy,
1 ihn flnlumhla Southern vail-
uriiv rnr S2U.00U ilniiinucs. has secured
Judgment for $5,382 In the circuit
limit now In session ni aioro. win-
ley boarded an engine nt wuseo una
VVlllMl tint ciiL'Ino wns derailed near
lllggs, ho received tho InJurluB out of
wiiir.h 1 he milt arises. Rndley was
represented by W. II. Wilson ,of Tho
Street Commissioner Ordered to Pro
ceed With Work on flyers' Lane.
A called meeting of tho city coun
ell was held last night, which order
ed tho city street commissioner to
proceed with the work necessary to
put the Byers' Inne, (the caBt end of
Court street) Into condition.
It was decided that In vluw or tho
abandonment or the project to rock
ballast the lane that tho work to
make the road permanently passahlo
bo attempted with an ordinary gran
Inir machine and by day's labor.
This method Is regarded for tho
most nart as being an experimental
substitute for the original plans for
Imnrovinir tho road.
The regular monthly salary list aa
follows, was allowed: Marshal, (100;
Scheer, night police, 7G; Fee, night
police and street commissioner, io;
recorder, i&u; city attorney, szo;
Janitor, Mi nre chier, io; rent, 110
Mabel Reynolds Given First Place-
Clara Boylen Second Each Con
testant Received a Priie.
Mnltnl PAVtinliln wnn thn first reck
cnlng of excellence in tho declamatory
contest at the hlgn scnooi assemuiy
hall last night and Clara Boylen the
The Judges were Geo., Hartman, Jr.
R. S, Bryson and Hoy Rltner, Fol
lowing the announcement of tho
Judges' verdict each or tne contest
nnta warn nrpRpntpil with n new and
choice book as a recognition of their
faithful aud excellent worK,
n'hn cinmlnril nf nxcGllenco follow
ed by tho judges was based upon
memory, interpretation, iwiuiaww
nt oanliipa nrnnnnrlatlnn. articulft
w "v " " ' . ' I
Hon, enunciation and, eaeral etect, '
High School Will Hold Declamatory
Contest Friday Evening, April 10,
to Select One to Go to Walla Walla.
Friday evening, April 10, will tako
plnco tho high Bchool declamatory
contest which will decldo who will
represent tho Pendleton hcIiooIb In tho
declumatory contest ut Wnllu Walla
about May 1.
This Wulhi Walla contest Ib not tho
Inter-scholaBtlc uffulr ot which so
much has been said, but will be par
ticipated lu by all tho high schoolH
nnd collcgos within n radius ot 100
miles or so from Wnllu Wulla, which
caio to lie represented. It Is an annu
al affair at which thoro nro usually
snven or eight ItiHtltutlons represent
ed. Tho program for tho contest "f
April 1(1 at tho high school assembly
bull Is ns follows;
"Benedict Arnold's Death Bed."
Fred Ilurtman,
"Hegulus to the Cnrthngenlnus," So
"Toiissnnl 1,'Overturo," Elmer Un
it or.
"Cntallne's Defiance," Charles King.
"Siinrlaciis to tho GladlatoiB," Olen
"Eminence and I.lttleuesB of Great
Men," Ed Jay.
Anthony's Oration," Clatenco
"Zagoy ill's Charge." Milton Shaw.
"An Adventure," Edgar Smith.
"An Engineer's Story," Noll Jay.
"Emancipation," Myrtlo Dlzney.
"Tho Polish Uoy," EHlo Smith.
Will Hold Its First Tournamsnt To
morrow Several to Attend From
The first tournament of the Athena
Oi.n Club will bo held tomorrow.
Thero will bo In attendance tho 25
members of tho club at Athena, nnd
delegations from Pondleton, WeBton
and mllton, and, perhaps from other
iclnts. Thero will be 10 events, with
clay birds, and all the condl,!on reg
ular, Thero will attend frrun Pendle
ton T. W Ayors. Otto Uoottcher, V.
W. Wulto, II. J. SUllman, J. E. Krauso
Thomas C. Warner and Charles Fer
guson; also Jack Bushnell, the ex
pert trap totter. Tho ahooting wilt
bo for tho championship. Tho Pen
dleton boys aro anticipating a thor
oughly enjoyable occasion. Mr. Krauso
goes especially In the Interest of the
county aud state game associations,
Rex. Uren, Formerly Pastor of tho
Methodist Church, Broke His
Rev John Uren, pastor of tho M. E.
church at Dayton, ono ovenlng about
it week ago fell from a porch and
uroKO ins Blinuiuur, Tne ucuiuom wm.
necessarily put him off duty for soe.
weens, and is particularly
nnto. bocauso Mrs, Uren la
)ld and neeas ner, a,nt
nt the PendlMar
Mu Mr. W W
. (, o-vl' JilT-A