East Oregonian : E.O. (Pendleton, OR) 1888-current, March 24, 1903, Image 8

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All kinds for all purposes.
Wu Ting Fang Has Not Been Degrad-
ed by His Government, But Is on
an Important Mission.
When that Americanized Celestial,
Planing of all descriptions done ; Wu Ting Fang, for some years Chin-'
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c J
ese minister to Washington, departed j
from the United States, it was widely :
advertised and as widely resetted.
that he was going home to be degraded-
because he had failed In de
feating the Chinese exclusion bill be
fore the American congress. With
such craft was this idea disseminated
throughout the world that most peo
ple who care anything at all about
the matter, believe to this day that
Mr. Wu has gone from a place of
honor In the t'nlted States to take a
minor and absolutely unimportant
post under his government at home.
Wu's Greatness.
But the facts In the case are slight
ly different from what they seem. If
the plans that are making are carried
out by the governments interested in
them. Wu Ting Fang will be the
greatest man In the Chinese empire
within a few years. So great are
the plans that the personality- of Wn
Ting Fang ought not properly be con
sidered at all In connection with
them. He is a mere cogwheel in the
great machine that has been set In
motion by at least three of the great
powers of the earth to preserve the
Chinese empire from disintegration.
and save her commerce to the nations
of the world upon equal terms.
China is now paying an indemnity
to the powers, under the treaty that !
ended the occupation of Pekin by the
allies, after the great Boxer outbreak. I
The treaty stipulations as to what ,
basis silver or gold these indemni-1
ties are to be paid up In. Is vncue. :
But China, when she came to make I
the flrst payments, paid upon a silver i
basis and In silver, that being the i
currency of the country, claiming j
that the treaty called for nothing but i
silver payments.
In this contention. China was vie
orously upheld by the United Stntes.
and Japan and Itus3ia signified that
the silver payments would lie nccent-1
able to them, although, on account of
the depreciation in the price of silver.
the payments in silver are of much , quiring why they also should not have
less amount than would be the same lord mayors. Well, if they bestir
payments in gold. Germany. England ' themselves and request Lord Strath-
and France all accepted the silver , cona to prefer the request In the right
payments at first under protest, and ; quarter, doubtless their ambition .will
will continue to accept them under j be gratified. The Canadians are not
protest until the last payments have I so pushful In "making representa
been made, and then they will nut I tlons" as the Australians.
in a demand for further payments to 1
make up for the total difference be-1 Putting it Gently.
tween sold and silver payments for Gerald I'm colnc to kiss vou when
the full amount of their indemnities, the clock strikes nine.
When that demand is made, as it Is Geraldlnc Wouldn't that be fool-
certain to be made in the end. v.-ilj ish. the clock sometimes runs down.
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moved the image appeared light and
the fruit dark, or vice versa, accord
Explanation of the Manner In Which 1 ing to the manner In which the paper
was cut ana npptieu.
They Are Made by French Artists.
At present, however, photographs
er China shall stand as a nation, or
be divided Into spheres of influence
among the nations of the earth.
The Test is Coming. Ilf
China knows that this test is com-'V
New Tork Times.
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are perfectly reproduced the photo- j Strong negative electrotypes are em
graphs of the emperor and empress ployed, having great resistance aud
of Russia and of the president of the I lepoduced on thin films. The films
French republic have been shown in are obtained by photographing the
France, says a consular report. 1 subject many times. The film is held
Before photography was employed, in place by two rubber rings or is
images were produced by means of fig-1 stuck by some matter that will not
ures cut from paper and stuck on obstruct the rays of light such as
the surface. When the paper was re- albumen or the white of an egg.
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ing. The government of the United
States knows It, and the government
of the United States Is going to stnnd
oenind China in insistini: that her
errltory be not taken from her to
satisfy a disagreement over the nrice
Pi sliver and gold as set forth in a
treaty of peace. Wu Ting Fang has
gone to China for the express pur
pose of l.eeplng IiIe government In
formed that the United States will
stand behind China in insisting upon
making the payments in silver, and
that the iulluence of the United States
will be useu against any partition of
the empire. Hussla, satisfied with
the part of China she got during the
Boxer troubles Manchuria takes the
same attitude as the United States.
and Japan also takes that attitude.
These three nations, having large
commerce with China, will prevent
any encroachments upon Chinese ter
ritory. not, perhaps, because of love
for China, but because their interests
demand that the empire be kept in
tact so that they may freely enjoy a
part of the great commerce of that
United States Watchful
It Is even suggested In Washington
that a good part of the great navy
mat tne united States c build nc.
will be put into Far Eastern waters
as soon as it shall have been com
pleted, and at any rate, until the new
navy Is finished, a sufficient fleet of
vessels will be kept close to Chinese
waters, as an object lesson to the
world that this country has commer
clal Interests there that it intends to
safeguard. On account of this watch
fulnesF of Chinese affairs, the army
In the Philippines will for some years
oe Kept at a considerable strength,
unless a change of admlnstratlon at
Washington shall change the whole
policy of affairs toward the Far East,
wnere American commerce Is devel
oping rapidly. E. 8. Little.
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Recent Distinctions Conferred by the
King 8tir Up Contentions Among
The recent distinction conferred by
the king on the cities of Melbourne
and Sydney and giving their chief
magistrates the enhanced dignity of
lord mayor and the title of right hon
orable has raised some Questions of
etiquette and precedence, cays the
London Chronicle. It Is contended in
some quarters that the title of right
honorable gives the lord mayor of
Melbourne, the temporary capital of
trio commonwealth, rank and preced
ence over the president of the federal
senate and the speaker of the house
of Representatives, who are only hon
orables. If at tho next great vicere
gal function tho lord mayor of Mel
bourne attempts to go ahead 6f the
firr.t commoner of the whole common
wealth, complications may arise. But
perhaps, in the meantime the Her
ald's college In London will be con
sulted on this and kindred points,
and an amicable solution arrived at.
By the way, Montreal and Toronto,
the leading cities of Canada, are in-
To be opened up and developed by American capital and enterprise.
w esiern uoai ana iron oomDan
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ii iuaKes me nuesi ana oesi cose in uie wona, ana ior steam ana aomestic purposes mere is no Deuer coai j
Great Northern .Railroad are now both readv to construct and extend their lines into th Ninohi coal field and
ue LUKia Line vear. i iiih iihhiii inn iit:iiiu vh hv win irinn ri iiirnnn mm a nnonivo rt monnn inniiKirietM
Western Coal and Iron Company are now offering the first block of its treasury Btock at the Tow rate of
15 Cents Per Share
The Crow'B Nest coal shares sold in 1896 for 10c per share. Today the stock is worth $125 per share; it
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iow muijuiB, uociue quicK as una 10c siock win noi last very long j ne stock will be advanced next mouwi.
nito uuu(,uv ' " i lur uujujlllllg tuai IttUU, Mllly J UiJIOB IIUI11 UUI yjUlXluJ - I
erty and in the very same coal basin and paid
$2,500,000 CASH FOR THE LAND
I hi Q m fTlrifMrilta vicit-o In thiiao hnlHlniv Wao4awn Pinl ... Jl T "I I . 1 m I m - AnntnQnV
-&mAwuo uvno iv tuuoD uuiuiiit iioorciu vusi suu J.IU11 VjUIilUaUV a BLOCK. I I1H ISBUmu tuujp; ,
tends to place their coal on the market here aB Boon as shipping facilities have been furnished. For further
lujuiutiuu uuiuiuiiv mviw vuu to can at inv omce. wnnm nnmnioo nt tiio ao i.ni-nw mau Himiromn. uiw
i-jx r - .1 i l . . . H,ri
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van uu avail. ucepuuiuiuy,
Room 16, Judd Building,