East Oregonian : E.O. (Pendleton, OR) 1888-current, March 24, 1903, Image 6

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You alway? pot GOOD GOODS t AlexaiicWr'.
At prices to make the h :art rejoice Our entire
window full of Men's Choice Dress, Walking and
Work Sh es. Fifty styles to select from.
Alexander Dep't Store
We also keep the Sorosis, the Correct Ladies' Shoe in the
Smart Shapos.
Grass Beginning to Grow baiuc
Very Thin Mountain Roads Very
Rough Fine Dance at Doherty's
Barn on the 17th.
Itldec. March S3. Our weather has
hecn oulte chanceable. the thermohi-
eter replsterlng from 28 to 5S. Four
Inches of snow Wednesday nlgni, oiu
It turnpd warm Thursday and con-
j tlnues getting warmer all the time.
1 1 Snow Is melUnc fast under the rays
4 i of tho sun but freezes again at night.
4 Grass Is growing luxuriantly where
4 the snow has disappeared. Stock Is
1 looking emaciated ami some are dying
J j but not may have perished as yet.
4 Some people are plowing while others
4 will soon commence If the present
J plensant weather continues.
A. A. Cole's sheep began lambing
1 Marth U: Edwards Bos.' will com
4 nience April 1st and the other sheep
4 men around will begin about that
1 time.
4 The stage driver reports Camas
4 Pialrle and Snipe valle nearly on
I Die lloat with rough mountain roads
4 and verv soft roads from Rldgo to
1 Snip'
J There was a fine ball at tbe Doner
tv br.ni near Blnson. on the 17th. Be
4 ltig St Patrick's day. a large crowd
attended and gooa oruer aim l-hju.-
. . . . i j-i.i i..t.i..i J-M--..I..I. H 1 1 I 1 1 HI I I I I I I I I I I . mnnt it reiiorted bv all.
............. I There were six ikihwuiti. uu .-
------ . . stage sauiruay. an noinei-crtri uum
Btems U done by hollowing out a
ort of cut In oue end and letunc tne
raP flowTnJo It. which Is done very
oulcklr. Then It U emptied Into a
Sort Which is caried by the pulque
dealer. A plant will yield Iron .three
to 10 gallons. Every pulque shop In
the City of Mexico has a name pecu
larlv its own., such as -Delights o
ilf":- 'The nalnbow "The Image of
lesus The Inspiration' and a lot oi
mhers of a similar nature rlQe.
when taken In large quantities Is in
toxlcntlng. It forms the principal
drink of the Mexicans, and Is a thin
whitish fluid with the odor of sour
Has Splendidly Illustrated Article by
Charles Moore on the "Restoration
of the White House."
Illustrations for tho April Century's
leading article. "The Restoration of
. . ... . ..-.! r.i l.t- firms.
the wniie nuuac, v.m... -t .7, I
Moore, clerk or the senate committee i
on the District of Columbia, are not ;
by photographs, but from drawings, .
extei lor and interior, by some of the
best draftsmen In the country Al-
fred Brennan treats both the state
dining-room and the Blue room in full
double pages; and JuIes Guerln ",0E
drawn the new east entrance to the;
executive mansion lighted for an j
evening reception ,a view from the ,
new office buildings showing the west ,
terrace, the west terrace and office (
buildings as seen from the state din
Ingroom windows, and the south por
tico and new wings. Other drawings
are of the main entrance hall, the
staircase grill, the East room the
firenlnee In the Red room, the presl-
study the private uiihiikt""'"-
See the Fisherman
in Our Show Window, 1
t'iffe-ent parts nad if the crowd eon- the main staircase and the new con
tinues. Southern Umatilla anu uram cert prand piano
counties will have a heavy settlement
And remember that 1 have & full line of High
Grade Tackle I bought all of my Tackle direct
from the factory and have the kind that will suit
every fisherman I have in -.took fly hooks from
25c to J1.50 per doz., leaders from 5c to 75c, fish
baskets, straps, bait boxes, leader boxes, reels,
from 20c to $5.50. jointed poiss from Si to $10.
all kinds of artificial bait, spit. ner hooks, "Chubb's
pole varnish." mist colored gut and other fisher
man's supplies, too numerous to mention.
nf iriod Easterners and have a rail
road in the near future as we have
plenty of room left yet and welcome
all specially the railroad.
U Wach'er. who cut his hand badly
a few days ago with n pocket knife,
is getting along nicely.
It is reported that Mrs. Starr of
Bois". is visiting at the heme of her
J. A. Owincs. at present.
H. W
E. I brother
! Ml s.
to be
Z ! ranidlv
j S. M. Ledgerwood .of Ukiah. passed
t throneh here a few days ago with
1 place
Whittaker is reiwrted
main and improving
through here a few ilays ago
a load of freight The roads were so
heavy that he had to get help in cne
although he had a six-horse
The Thornwclil Bros, have purchas
ed hay of Rugg Bros for spring feed
ing George W Linsner is at present
over in the John Day country looking
after his stock ranch in that .part.
741 Main Street
The Grand Trunk Gold Mine
Sumpter, Oregon, Gold Mining District.
Is located upon the GREAT MOTHER
LODE system of veins and has for neigh
bors on th?t vein such well known
mines as the NORTH POLE valued at
$10,000,000. The COLUA1BI A valued at
$5,000,000. GOLCOND valued at$3,
000,000. THE MONMOTH G. M. CO'S
BELLE BAKER mine valued at $5oo,
000. THE BALDJM0UNTA1N valued at
$5oo,ooo. THE IBEX valued at $400,
000, and many others.
The Grand Trunk Gold Mining and Milling Go,
Owns Its Property Consisting of 160 Acr:s of Rich Qold Bearing Veins
it has no indebtedness of any ci aracter.
It has a conservative mining and business management.
It is offering 50,000 shares of stock at 15: per share.
It will become a dividend payer in a short time.
It will pay you to write us for full particulars and to make
careful investigation of its merits.
It has the indorsement ot mining men, business men
bankers of Eastern Oregon.
Write us today and let us post you.
Murderer of Minnie Eneminger Was
Whisked Through Town of Haines.
His Victim's Home, at 30 Miles an
I Baker City. March 24. Running
j past the hamlet of Haines at the rate
, of over 30 miles an hour, the east
f", bound train upon the line of the O.
f'R. 4- Jf carried the person al Pleas
ant Armstrong, tne muruerer 01 jiibb
Minrie Ensmlnger He has Wn re
turned to jail at Baker City The fact
was known to no one outside of those
I directly connected with Sheriff
I Brown. The Halnesites are erabltter-
I ed against the man even more than
1 when the attempt was made to take
blm from the jail, and it was feared
some demonstration might be made
' should the news leak out that he was
beln? brought back three days prt
t vious to his trial.
fr. j Sheriff Brown was reported to have
gene to Hot Lake after recovering
I from nn attack of smalloi, but Hot
j Lake saw him not, and he traveled
t westward to the big city. Colonel
. 1 James Panting was his aldede-c&inp
H. S. McCaiium & Company,
Miners, Brokersand Financial Agents,
Or . S. BRYSON, Local Agent, Pendleton, Oregon.
Our Weekly Mining Letters on Suirpter, Oregon, Gold Mining
District Free on Application.
A Good Housekeeper
wants her kitchen supplied
w.th everything that will
lighten labor and facilitate
worl.. So when she sees
s jch bargains as we are offer
ing in wash tubs, pails,
clothes wringers, measures of
all k nds, and everything in
housefurnishing goods, she
will secure what she needs
at once.
W. J. CLARKE & CO., Court Street
and between the two the scheme of
outwitting the vigilance committee
was concocted. No effort was made
to keep away from the public the
statement that the murderer would be
here Monday, and the willingness of
the officers to divulge this caused the
press representatives to smell a
"nigger in the woodpile."
The Jail is locked securely, and not
wide open as It has been during the
past few days, and this fact alone as
sisted In starting a quiet Investiga
tion, as It was surmised the prisoner
was "back among the old folks once
H.s attorney. George TJentley, has
affidavits from attaches of the sher
iff's office who were present when
the mob appeared on Tuesday morn
ing early this month, and he has also
taken occasion to secure newspaper
dippings showing the intense feel
ing against the murderer, all with the
hoiM? of being granted a change of
venue, but few in touch with the sit
uation believe the cuurt will allow
the application, and are Bure that the !
trial will he held in f.aker county.
Rumor has It that threats are made
law or no law the officers will never
take the wretch from Baker county
to be either hanged or imprisoned at
the penitentiary, A measure enacted
at the last session of the legislature!
provides that all hangings shall be I
( held at the state penitentiary, but 1
I frie.ids of the deafl woman are quot-
ea as saying .rnusiruui; n.-vi
leave the court room U a verdict other
than murder In the first degree Is re
turned. .
Uncle Sam Buys Five Pounds Yearly
fcr the Members of Congress.
Paw sinfp the United States senate
held its first ression. nuff has been j I
provide.-! for tae members. ine set-, 1
retarv of me senate mij f""""
every year. The snuff is Kept in two
. clrl. t1 the n- I
uantes from the lobby. Any member I
who wants a pinch is free to take it I
Thorn are nn snuff takers In the I
present senate although In the old
avB of course, nearly every senator
took' it The snuff in U:r present.!
boxes stands untouched from me
year s end to another, but it is always
then and always jresh. The snuff
is provided under an old rule that has ,
1. in., utirncntnl
In the last report of th txpecdl-l
ture of the contingent fund of the,!
senate sttnds this item (f
pounds of Copenhagen snuff. 60
Blind Author of 5,000 Hymns.
Philadelphia. March 24. Fanny
Crosby, the popular blind hymn writ
er, was the recipient of an ovation
todav on the occasion of her S3rd
birthday. During the past half cen-'
turv Miss Crosby has oeen wnuuK
hymns and has turned out more man .
5,000, many of which have attained j
wide popularity. Among the most ,
widely known of her enons are saie
in the Arms of Jesus." "iiecau tne ;
" MT Shnll Know Htm.
X C 1 .1 ... uuu - .
If you are troubled with impure
Mnnii indlrateil hv sores, nimnles. ,
headache, etc, we would recommend 1 1
Acker's Blood Elixir, which we sell
under n nositlve guarantee. It will
always cure Scrofulous or Syphilitic 1 1
poisons and all blood diseases, ou cis ,
and tl.OO- r w scnmiai k . u..
Not He.
"Do yoii take this Internally?" asked ,1
the customer as he put the bottle in .
his pocket and handed over the
change. '
"Me?" said the druggist's new as-!
sistant. "Great Scott, no! I sell It'"
Chicago Tribune.
The Colombia
Lodging Hoose
Newly Furnished.
Bar in connection.
Bet. Alta & Webb bts
In Center of Block.
F. X. Schempp
Propri e t o r
J&r ...
gonUn for a free cat
'alofve of tiem. A fS scpply always kept in stock.
Picturesque Resorts of the City Which
Attract the Tourirts' Atentlon. 1
"The pulqueries of the City of Mex-
leo are a unique feature of the life In
that country that never fall to catch
the eye of the tourist and attract the
attention of visitors," said A. S.
nKn...tw nf CI Doan Tor tn fL
Washington Star man. "There arc
I nearlv a thousand such places and
3 iL .I! n nn.. ill. ntllnlln
eery day, These pulque shops aro
open -every day in the year, and sure
ly present a picturesque apearance.
The walls are decorated with the
most extraordinary pictures, repre
senting bull fights and nrire fights.
Tbe extraction of the pulque from the
Is responsible for many damaged
vehicles, but when a carriage is
left in charge of Neagle Bros, for
repairs, no one can ever accuse us
of carelessness in repairing, Our
work is always done thoroughly
and well, and with promptness
and dispatch.
WsmU and goaruitM the Elortr OuoHot
CD ft DO,
Out Cost
Glassware, Crockery,
All must go. We cannot
enumerate the many articles in
fancy China, etc. We ;have not
scratched the old price, but
have placed the new selling
price below or alongside, so you
can readily see the difference.
Granulated Beet Sugar per sack, S5.45
Granulated Cane Sugar per sack, $5.70
Mocha & Java Coffee per pound, 30c
Our "400 Blend" Coffee per pound, 30c
"Hosiers' Pride" Coffee per pound, 20c
Four packages Arm and Hammer Soda,
Owl High Grade Baking Powder per
pound, 30c
Six Bars Owl Soap, 25c
Semi-porcelain 7inch Plates, per doz
en, 81c
Comi.nnrrplflin PlP PlfltPS. ner dOZeO.
4jVlll I pUl VVIUIII - 7 f
l t - . l t . A,
Vnrm.nnrroi'iin i line Jinn .aiii nrs. c
dozen, 99c
Covered Vegetable Dishes, each, 48c
A few White Chambers, each 50c
Bowls and Pitchers, each 48c
14-01. Granite DisfiDan. each 50c
5Ut. fNlCKei riaieu lea ramie, eatiw
Woven Wire Wash Boards, each 6
Common Lamp Chimneys, each 6c
Horseshoe Tumblers, per dozen 30c
8 Boxes Toothpicks, 2500 in box, 25c
I00piece Haviland Dinner set, $27.73
(Note this Price.
All -vti -w rioTiT ctni Ir rX MI II R
All IJ 111 llv it Otuwa jx.
TT 1 J 4-1 fOZi.
r-i i' I I it 1 1 1 1 uiir v v i.ii id i
iju n niiu uaubwiiJi .irj
' -t.
T n -m mo -r-i f f nocic? n I I Cff Til
a in i m 3.iili t aaBt cxx.x -,
i m. rr.- r V -T -ri kZTIIl.
the better. Come now, don't pu
off comine in and investigate.
i . t a.,
UUI ClUbllll' UUl SillC ai"
Monday, March 16, and we
uau A Ull 1U1 HAW u' ZD
oeen a gooa advertisement -
i it . rr , li
5iv wf nivp fiir Tiift -nricc a"
visit to our store is all that
necessary to convince you.