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    Our Line of
Richard Hud nut's
Perfumes and
Toilet Requisites
Is now open for your inspection, including perfumes, toiict
soaps, cold creams, satchct powders, talrum powders, almond
meals, ct:. We will be pleased to show you these goods
whether you intt-nd to buy or not.
No use to hunt the happy days
They're with you all the time: ,
They're loafing with you 'long i
the ways
An' sincin' in rhvme. I
No use to search the world
And think they're far and
The brightest of 'em ptill are
In violets at your feet.
Atlanta Constitution.
Few homesteads are being located
on the Echo irrigation reservation.
The rush that was anticipated has
failed to come to pass, to this date.
MntTClthstnniUntr the fact that five
tons of alfalfa hay can be raised each
year on every acre of that reserva
tion, which can be irrigated, settlers
are slow to exercise the last privilege
they possess, for acquiring land, un
der present conditions.
The reason for this hesitancy Is ap
parent. The Echo irrigation reserva
tion lands can be taken only by
homestead entry. The homesteader
must make residence upon and im
prove this land, In the usual way, al
though at present it is incapable of
supporting settlement. So far as the
possibility of cultivating the land,
and supporting a family upon It is
concerned, It might as well be in the
midst of the Arizona desert, as touch
ing shoulders with the rich 'Butter
Creek settlement, for without water
it is unfit for any use.
To make a home upon it, and keep
a family there for two or three years
while waiting for the slow process of
government irrigation to come to fru
ition, is out of the question. The
homestead law, just and equitable as
it is, can scarcely induce men to face
the situation.
The government should be petition
ed for a ruling to cover such cases,
which would allow the settler to file
upon and hold his homestead claim.
:i on this character of land, without re-
quiring him to make actual residence
i5 upon it. The question of Imnrove-
ments, on land that will not support
a family. In its native condition,
should be waived, nendine the pom.
jPletlon of irrigation works, upon the
land. Then If the government nban-
idoned the scheme, or for anv reason
failed to complete Its irrigation works
innocent homesteaders would not
lose the labor and improvements be
stowed upon the desert.
It Is not just to require men tr bo-
,itgln the Immediate improvement of
- !' villain ui ,
jtsuch land. In order to fulfil the pro-1
visions of the law. The homestoail
irlght which Is exercised bore is. in a
ji.great many instances, the only means
ileft the settler for acquiring a home.
WJille he is waiting for Government
mwBuuun uus rignt oxere fieri nnnn
!tho arid land is bringing; him no re-'.
Sttunis: his labor on that character of ,
Rianu cannot support a family and he
trshnnlrl 1m rnlonon.l r .u-
Ijtions of the homestead law, In such I
Anil furtiior if ti, . '
. ......, wlc Huverniuoni
hniilrl ffiti fnr ,o I
. . huj juaaujl, to reclaim
Me Innit 1 . .... .
ii,w, mil uuumsieaa rignt3 excr. 1
icised thereon should ho restored to
flllO nnttln. I
. I
Thn L.onfiom I , I
ino gentlemen In charge nf tho
owls nml ninv ri .
fl and Clark Pair havo already
Iven evidence of tholr dctermlnntinn '
- ,,. ,. ,
ro make it a success, but thoy might
set a valuable suggestion from thn n. '
IVvantt .
Bhf if 7'? Pre3ldent Panels, of
6R Piuon, says tho Or-
jliKon Dally Journal. Ho is
ICf" T ,f Bn Atncrlcnn "hust-
IZ . . ' B l"p 10 Jsur-1
in tho Interests of thn rmn.lllnn I
vniia. 7. I
votl ncarce y more than a day to
iuHiry mat ho visited. From
where he had an Intnrvl
UKlBg, Hdward, he hurried across
"T1 10 'rarlr and had a chat
- - fTa
1UVt . Innll ..a l . ... ...
"-fa uomi ana ne laid
lfore the Spanish government the
plana tor the big exposition. Emperor
William listened to him tor an hour
( ai Berlin and Leopold of llelglum was
his nest royal auditor. President
; Francis is said to have met with ex-
traordinary success, and wherever he
went he obtained assurances of sup
port and co-operation.
It is such active, individual effort
which makes a great undertaking a
complete success. The directors of
the Lewis and Clark Fair have the
right to rely upon the co-operation of
the public, and of the press, but the
bulk of the work and of the responsi
bility must fall upon those to whom
the affair is especially entrusted.
Twenty years of faithful, tireless,
intelligent work performed in favor of
an isthmian canal by Senator Morgan
in the United States senate, is de
stroyed by one sweep of the hand of
the railroad corporations. The Amer
ican people are so blinded to their
true interests that they permit dem
agogues and hirelings to legislate for
them, Impose unnecessary burdens,
delay vital reforms, absorb public
funds by selfish laws, and yet tax
themselves and pinch on the neces
sitles of life to pay the bills.
The adoption by the woolgrowers of
regular sales davs. for their nroduct.
is one of the greatest developments
recorded in the sheep raising indus
try. Unity of purpose, unity of
strength, unity of proceedure, will
place the woolgrowers upon a finan
cial basis which no bull nor bear of
the market can overthrow. When
the wheatralser of Eastern Oregon,
imitates the sheenraiser. forms a
union, fights the battles of his neigh
bor and joins forces with those natur
ally allied to him, in creating a good
market, what few mortgages are vet
lingering in the Inland Empire will
fold their tents and depart.
Governor Chamberlain has appoint
ed a strong delegation to attend the
convention which meets at Atlanta
in May, to discuss the negro question
in the South. The race nuestion is
not confined to Dixie any longer. Like
a rising tide, this great national is
sue is climbing slowly but surely lu
American politics. It will soon cease
to be confined to party lines. The
perplexing questions involved are
now agitating the best intellects ot
the nation. The negro race must be
deported or absorbed. The American
people can take choice of these two
"For the first time, probably, in the
history of Oregon, a railroad Is to be
assessed on exactly an equal basis
with other real estate, and on as high
a valuation as one-third of Its invest
ment value," says the Telegram. In
.ilicnniUK Ul me WurK OI ASSeSSOT (J
P" strain- of this county. The move-
ment for higher valuations of nroner
ty in this county Is having a benefic
ial effect. Mr. Strain's work Is meet-
ing with universal satisfaction and
"when taxpaying timo again arrives
the peoplo will more fully appreciate
,he moning of thorough asrontB
" now-
The Raker f!itr Tlamnrnr u .i-....lJ
lnB a,one in ,u wpport of the move-
nassnri ltv tho ls loiin.... 1. 1 i.
tvwmtuiu (yiiiuh
nromisrw thr
n- t mimua lu
FiflgtArn flrr.t..... nr ill, . i .
v," " ouis iiiat uo-
camo ,aw- Iu loneliness in this mat-
tfir is nil 11. Q mn.n T .
the fact that its principal support
come from tho great farming nnd
stockralslng industries, which aro tho
i,if i,ni 1
""UBiniaum ot ul0 measures
It sooks to defeat. Whero Is tho
iv, " " 13 1,10
"-muviui. KuiuB iu get on air
win rt u-i,,o. i,n, i.i ni.....
..... ... .(, uwi sum mo UUIUI'IO
.Democrat, one of the live exchanges
or Eastern Oregon, to J. R. Qregc
for some time. Tho Democrat has tho
continued oest wishes of tho East Or-
pcnnlnn . irt ...1,1 .
" ' wi remain in
Ontario and attend to a constantly
Increasing law nracUce
Qovornor Chamberlain's broad no-
j ,Ucal "Pt In reappointing the old
- iiuiMvuiiuitti uuaru.
. 1 . I . .
witn unanimous approval. The
interests of Oregon are wider than any
party lines.
The new press of the Oregon Daily
Journal has been shipped from the
factory. "May Its tribe Increase."
An Investigation of the tomb of
KIhf Thntmes IV. near Thebes, in
which a splendid chariot was found
Mr Davis, an American, has re-,
vpa1p1 tnanv Interesting features.
Around a large chamber. In which
there is a magnificent granite snr
rophagus, covered with texts from
the Book of the Dead, are smnllpr
rhnmbers. The lloor of one of these
was strewn with mummified loins of
beef, legs of mutton, trussed ducks
and geese, offerings made to the dead
king nearly 4000 years ago.
Clay seals bearing the king's name
were attached to me ooors oi
chambers. These indicate mm '
F.irvtiHmiR of the eighteenth dynasty
to some extent had anticipated the
Invention of printing, the raised por
tions of the seals having been smear
ed with blue ink before the clay was
The walls of one chamber wero
adorned with paintings. There was
an Inscription stating that the tomb
was plundered by robbers In the eighth
year ot tioremnei, mu u iwiu
1 1. fo. ne Yincsllil.-. in- flip rnlcninir
as far as possiuie uy uie ruim"
Pharaoh. It was doubtless then that
the jewelry buried with Thotmes was
The floor of this chamber was cov
ered with vases, dishes and other ob
jects, nearly all of which were wan
tonly broken, apparently by the rob
bers'. Some had been repaired.
There was also a piece of textile
fabric. In which hieroglyphics in vari
ous colors were woven with such
wonderful skill as to present the ap
pearance of a painting on linen.
The great find, however, was the
chariot. The body alone remains, but
this is in perfect condition. The gives all the symptoms of the disease with full directions for home treat
wooden frame was first covered with ment. Medical advice is furnished by our physicians without charge.
wooden frame was first covered with
papier, mache and this with stucco,
which is carved into scenes from the
battle of Pharaoh fought In Syrin.
Every detail is exquisitely finished
and the whole thing is one of the fin
est specimens of art preserved from
With the chariot was found a leath
er gauntlet, which protected the king's
hand and wrist when he '.ised a bow
or reins. Exchange.
The ordinary playing cards of to
day are derived from a stick game,
supposed to have originated in this
country. Fifty small sticks are a
pack: the "game" was originally for
the player to divide the sticks rapid
ly with his two hands, the opponent
guessing which hand held the larger
Owners of sticks spent rainy days
in carving them. The Asiatics bor
rowed the game and carved more
elaborte counters out of ivory: those
with different carvings grew to have
different values; arranging them In
roups of fours made it necessary to
add two to the original number.
Then thin slabs of ivory began to
be nsed.
For centuries after this all nlay-!
ing cards were hand-painted at first, i
or Ivory or metal, afterward on card-,
board. The pictures, at first legend
ary Iieroes and ladles, gradually be
came the fixed, wood faced carica
tures we now know. And these, com
ing back to America in their west
ward Journey around the world, find
our Pacific coast Indians still jug
gling the same kind of sticks their
forefathers used. New York World.
Running lessens
the "blood supply
in the Tegs.
"J llf-.rr
m .r-p w u t' k
K i x r sat tM of
j c lii instil
v zaa j cit,n
OK jijr,fT Tin.-!-:!
iul ct
Ik-v jro jirc-yicide
i-' i ' tai-. lo pro.
Cu iaur of ihls
'.'-arsntr or, by
tstru ing tlie
. -1 xt-n ,a t!iat
.nt. uniu ll. ollOf
ti. iiau Tx.at, it
fi i tc dandruff,
foato UUt-iies im-los-lMe.
It then
promotes a now
ami thick urowth
to replace the old
thin, briflc lialr.
try Uco suiemeau.
forSale at ail Tint
Class Drug Stores.
I bare k'Ooo 11 dnyt at s tima uiikuui .
movement r Hie Iuiti. not uiu- m.i m
XUOT6 IbMn uieti i uy uiue liot naier IiiIp,mii,.
I hrnitiA....i.... . .. . ...
er piacc4 mc In T
at thus I did ST- 1 T
kiuu relief, tucb IT
tASCAltlil-S. I j
niuiuKiuraraoi i oim ieri uuat
nattnrcue unln 1 i-jiu ui.uir (
ouw iiiti (r"uouoiati n i,u..d.. ,...'
wt r .eli I n w.i guo IWJW t ,r each niOTtuieuti It
It ucb a relief a uiru L Ulnt. '
IWHukMllbl Dlr6lt,Ulob.
I ,-,rti is,
TflAOI UAJIH niaiannio
A thin, vapory Bmoke, lazily ascending
m 10 crater mav be the only visible
of life in the sleeping volcano, out wiuiin
ia a raging sea of fire, molten rock and sul
phurous gases. Those who make their
homes in the peaceful valleys below know
the danger and, though frequently warned
by the rumblings and quakings, these
They are living in fancied security when the giant awakes with deafening
roars and they are lost beneath a downpour of heated rock and scalding ashes.
Thousands of blood noison sufferers are living upon a sleeping volcano
gnd are taking desperate chances, for
merit the external symptoms oi mc
disease disappear, and the deluaea
victim is happy in the belief of a
complete cure, but the nres 01 conta
gion have only been smothered in the
system, and as soon as these min
erals are left off will blaze up again.
Occasional sores break out in the
mouth, a red rash appears on the body,
and these warning symptoms, if not
heeded, are soon followed by fearful
eruptions, sores, copper colored
splotches, swollen ginnas, loss 01 iiair
r 1 ; .. -
ana omer BicKcniDg byuijJiuiuo,
Mercury and Potash not only fail
to cure blood poison, but cause Mer
curial Rheumatism, necrosis of the
bones, offensive ulcers and inflamma
tion of the Stomach and Jiowels.
The use of S. S. S. is never followed by any Daa results, jx curei
without the slightest injury to the system. We offer $1,000.00 for proof
We will mail free our special book
Treasurer of the Brooklyn East End Art Club.
larities are gener
ally the beginning
or a woman s tron
bles. Witii the vitality at a
low ebb, the blood weak
ened, the digestion disor
dered, she goes about pale
faced, hollow-eyed and nag
gard, a piteous contrast to
the blooming health of
her former self. Hut over
1.000.000 women have found
health airain by taking Wine of Cardui.
As a regulator of the menstrual periods
Wine of Cardui has never been known
to fail. It lias seldom failed to restore
perfect health, even in the most persis
tent and iigcravated case of weakness.
.Miss Ida M. Snyder, of No. 535 Ber
gen Street. Brooklyn, X. Y., has used
Wine of Cardui and she says it helped
her into a new life. Health to Miss
Snyder is worth a great deal. She is
an attractive young woman with intel
lectual attainmpnts and she occupies
the position of Treasurer of the Brook
lyn East End Art Club. This position
marks her as a x?rson of intellect, cul
ture and refinement and it speaks highly
of the reijx?ct and trust her fellow
women have in her. She writes:
''If women would pay more attention
BAKER & WELCH, Mgre, AURK M00RH0USE, Local Mgr.
Tt. r- .
i imminent Uerman Comedian,
In Lincoln J Carter's New Sensational Scenic Comedy
A .. i .
. ...... ,K rtnu interesting story. A strong comoa -
of beautiful special scenerjmechanicaf and S 'ical
effects that can be used on this statre
PRICES: $1.00,
Seats no on sale at Frazier's
Babbit Metal
m,p b- t
under the Mercury and Potash treat-
Bowline1 Groen, Ky.,
Maroh 24, 1003.
Gentlomom For over four years X
Buffered KroRtly from a never out
of contacioua blood poison. I want
to Hot Spring, staying; there four
months at a bUr expense. I thon con
sulted phyalolans, who proscribed
Bloroury. Nothlnc did me any rood,
In fact, the treatment proved mora
harmful than beneficial. Imontlonea
my oass to a frlond, who told me that
S.B.B, had certainly oured him. Xat
once commenced Its use, and in six
months oould find no traoe of the dis
ease whatever. This was abont two
years ago. X oontlnued S. S. S. for
some time to make aure of a perma
nent ouro, and X oan truthfully say X
am entirely well.
tuat it contains a mineral 01 any ue
scription. S. S. S. is an antidote far
contagious blood poison, and the only
radical and permanent cure known. It
destroj'S every atom of the virus and puri
fies and strengthens the blood and build
no the treneral health.
on Contagious Blood Poison, wbici
to their health -we wooW
have more happy wives,
mothers and daughters, and
if they would use more intel
ligence in the matter ot medi
cines, observing results, they
would find that the doctors'
prescriptions do not perform
the many cures they are given
credit for.
"In cons'ilting witn my
druggist he advised McEIrte'
Wine of Cardui and Thcd-
ford's Black-Draught, and so I took it
and have every reason to thank him for
a new life opened up to me with restored
health, and it only took three months to
cure me."
You may secure the same relief as
Miss Snyder, if you take Wine of Cardui
as she took it. Thedford's Black
Draught is the companion medicine of
Wine of Cardui and it is a liver and
bowel regulator which assists greatly
in effecting a cure. If you tako these
medicines according to directions, tho
relief and cure is simple. Some cases
are cured quickly and others take longer
because the disease has run longer.
Remember how Miss Snyder took Wine
of Cardui and has health The same
medicines are offered you to-day.
million suffering women
have found relief in
Wine of Cardui.
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Base of all Wealth
The best investments W
land on the Pac fic Coast are
in the Yakima Valley. The
soil and climate are produc ,
tive of more diversified crops ;
than any other section of the
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