East Oregonian : E.O. (Pendleton, OR) 1888-current, March 18, 1903, DAILY EVENING EDITION, Image 3

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    You always get GOOD GOODS at Alexander's.
And the new dress will be the predominating
feature. It is best to prepare now that no
disappointment will greet you Easter Morn.
Soft, Meshy Weaves in Mistrae Suiting.
Light, Fluffy, Clinging Voiles.
Crepeolines in Spring's Fetching Shades.
Canvas Etamine of Rare Texture.
And the Latest Grape and Persian Trimmings.
Many Easterners Investigating Coun
try About Brlggson for the Purpose
of Purchasing Homes Sam Rose
and Party to Prospect In Bitter
Root Mountains.
IJrlggson. March 16. Winter in
this section Is unchanged. There
was a slight fall of snow yesterday.
4. j Today It Is warmer.
j Feed is very scarce and horses are
T said to be dying in the reservation
south of here.
Uncle Gus Johnson is recovering
from his illness.
Mr. Bryan, who has been occupying
the Erl house since last fall, has
moved to Helix with his family
Alexander Dep't Store
l I H 1 I t ffnTnli Jiilnt ill if 1 11
Insomnia's Cure-
Insomnia is generally caused by
the overworked digestive organs
trying to digest food at night
which they should have done
during the day. A dose of
Beecham's Pills will
Soothe the Stomach
by assisting the organs to do their
work and enable you to obtain
Nature's Restorer perfect sleep.
Yourstomach doesnot nourish you
the food 3'ou take if it is not work
ing right. You sometimes need
the gentle assistance of Beecham's
Pills to help nature. If you would
Wild animals are becoming numer-1 sleep well, work well and be well,
Protect Yourself Impure Milk
Our cap labels, shown abore, are a guarantee against all impurities. We m
only the best part of cow's milk. Our dairies are kept scrupulously clean and
the greatest precaution is exercised from the feeding of the cows to the canning
of the Cream. Be sure and ask your dealer for
Economy Brand
Evaporated Cream
'Made by the originators and largest producers of Evaporated Cream.
Every can guaranteed.
See the Fisherman
in Our Show Window,
And remember that I have a full line of High
Grade Tackle I nought all of my Tackle direct
from the factory and have the kind that will suit
every fisherman. I have in stock fly hooks from
25c to $1 50 per doz., leaders, from 5c to 75c, fish
baskets, straps, bait boxes, leader boxes, reels
from 20c to S5.50, jointed poles from gi to $10,
all kinds of artificial bait, spinner hooks, "Chubb's
pole varnish," mitt colored gut and other fisher
man's supplies too numerous to mention.
74 Main Street
The Grand Trunk Gold Mine I
ous in this vicinity. A strong lung
ed Puma made his appearance in the
neighborhood last Thursday night.
The human screams the animal made
were anything but soothing. Evi
dently the deep snow in the moun
tains has driven the animals Into the
foothills in search of food.
Mr. Payne moved back to the Al
Booher place Saturday where he
could be handy to the timber on his
place. He has a thousand cords of
wood to cut.
Mrs. James Navin is rapidly recov
ering from her long spell of sickness.
Early last fall she contracted a cold
which stayed with her until the first
of February.
Miss Bessie Navin. accompanied by
Miss Elva Kirk, of Athena, spent Sat-1
urday and Sunday at the home of her
parents, Mr. and Mrs. James Navin. j
Several Eastern men have been In
vestigating this section of the coun-,
try of late in view to purchasing
homes. They are seemingly well
pleased with the soil. It certainly is
of the very best, producing an abund
ance of all kinds of fruits, grains and '
vegetables. The apples are especial
ly fine in flavor and are entirely free .
from worms. Strawberries and all i
small fruits are an excellent quality, I
often selling from 10 to 15 cents more i
on the crate than the Milton berries. ,
This will undoubtedly be in a short
time, one of the greatest fruit belts '
in the country. j
John Herndon was in Pendleton on
business the latter part of the week. '
Sam Rose and party contemplate
starting for the Bitter Root moun-,
tains on a prospecting tour in the
near future. They intend being gone
all summer.
take an occasional dose of
If you don't know their reputation
throughout the world, ask your friends.
Sold Everywhere
In Boxes, lOc. and 25c.
Made in California
where materials are
produced. The lowest
priced roofing made.
Lasts longer than all
others. It is weather
and water-proof and
fire resisting.
Send for booklet.
The Paraffine Paint Co.
San Franchco, Seattle,
ni AnWl
and Denver, Colorado.
Hard Winter Is Killing Hundreds of,
Elk and Buffalo. (
Butte, Mont., March 18. Reports . '
have been received here from the 1
Yellowstone National Park telling of
an appalling loss of wild game, con
sequent upon the extremely cold
weather and blizzards which have I
been sweeping the wonderland and
the mountains adjoining the reserve, i
HnnilrpflK nf anlmalc hnvo linriKhed i
and In the canyons dead elk lie in J
heaps. In one place the carcasses of
eight were counted. The only game
appearing to withstand the intense
cold is the bear. Italian miners on
the park boundaries are making al
most dally trips into the mountains
after the dead elk and buffalo.
Sumpter, Oregon, Gold Mining District.
Is located upon the GREAT MOTHER
LODE system of veins and has for neigh
bors on th t vein such well known
mines as the NORTH POLE valued at
$10,000,000. 1 he COLUMBIA valued at
$5,ooo,ooo. GOLCOND A valued at $3,
000,000. THE MONMOTH G. M. CO'S
BELLE BAKER mine valued at $5oo,
000. THE BALD MOUNTAIN valued at
$5oo,ooo. THE IBEX valued at $400,
000, and many others.
Governor Chamberlain Appoints
egates to Conference.
Salem, March 18. Governor Cham
berlain has appointed eleven dele
gates to represent Oregon at the Na
tional Conference of Charities and
Correction, which will be held at At
lanta, Ga., May 6 to 12, 1903, as fol
AV. T. Gardner, W. R .Walpole. Wil
liam M. Ladd, Mrs. L. W. Sitton, Hon.
Thomas N. Strong and George 13. Hy-
land, of Portland; G. A. Hartman,
Pendleton; Mrs. Henrietta Brown, Al
bany; C. W. James, superintendent of
the penitentiary; H. 12. Beckers, su
perintendent of the reform school,
and Superintendent J- F. Calhreath,
of the insane asylum.
Bargains in
The Grand Trunk Gold Mining and Milling Go.
Owns its Property Cons'stlng of 160 Acrea of RichQold Bearing Vein
It has no indebtedness of any character.
It has a conservative mining and business management.
It is offering 50,000 shares of stock at 15c per share.
It will become a dividenc payer in a short time.
It will pay you to write us for full particulars and to make
careful investigation of its merits.
It has the indorsement of mining men, business men and
bankers of Eastern Oregon.
Write us today and let us post you.
H. S. McCalfam & Company,
Miners, Brokers and Finanolal Agents,
Or R. S. BRYSON, Looal Agent, Pendleton, Oregon.
Our Weekly Mining Letters on Sumpter, Oregon, Gold Mining
District free on Application.
Government Reserves Land for State
on Grande Ronde River.
Washington, D. C, March IS. On
iecommendation of Representative
Moody, Land Commissioner KIchards
has directed the land office at La
Grande to withdraw from entry two
tracts of about 400 acres on the trib
utarles of Grande Ronde and Wallowa
rivers in Wallowa and Union counties
for the use of the state. State Fish
Warden Van Dusen solicited Mr,
Moody's aid in getting this withdraw
al, indicating that the state decided
to establish a fish and salmon hatch
ery in that vicinity, but, having no
valid lieu base land at this time, was
unable to make the selection in its
own name. The land withdrawn is in
T. 2 N.. R. 41, and T, 5 N T. 44 E.
At the request of Representative
Moody the land commissioner hag ex
tended for 30 days the time in which
the state of Oregon shall show cause
why list 11, which was filed under the
Carey act by the Oregon Development
company for lands on the Upped Des
chutes river, should not be rejected.
Owing to bad weather and hindrances
to travel, it has been impossible to se
cure the necessary affidavits in the
first 30 days allowed.
Married, yesterday afternoon at
2:30 o'clock, in the parlors of the
Golden Rule hotel, Mr. Will If. Cap-
linger, of near Pilot Rock, this coun
ty, to Miss Laura Belle Corley, of
Butter Creek. The marriage was
performed In the presence of the fath
er of the bride, and C. J. Manning
and wife, Mrs. Scott and a few other
special friends. The ceremony was
performed by Rev. B. B. Jones, pas
tor of the M. IS. church, South, of this
city. The bridal party left immedi
ately after tho ceremony for the home
of the groom.
Real Estate
I have a larger and better
list of Farms, iitock Ranches
and Oily Property to sell
than ever before. Also a big
lot of land in the coming
wheat s etion of hastem
N. Berkeley
All kim'p for ail purposes
Sash, Doors and Blinds.
Planing of all descriptions done
to older.
Don't place your order foi
Building Material until you havr
consulted us.
Pendleton Planing ' Mill an'
Lumber yard,
R9MRT fWfTlft, PrwMer
Carelessness in Driving
Is responsible for many damaged
vehicles, but when a carriage is j
lefc in charge of Neagle Bros, for'
repairs, no one can ever accuse us
of carelessness in repairing. Our,
work is always done thoroughly1
and well, and with promptness
and dispatch.
We sell and guarantee the Stover Gasoline
At Cost, and Less
Than Cost
We intend remodeling both
the interior and style of our
store. These improvements will
make it necessary to either sell
or remove our stock. Rather
than move our glassware,
crockery and graniteware, we
have decided to sell it at cost,
and some lines less than cost.
We will sacrifice other lines,
also, as you will note by the
following prices:
Granulated Beet Sugar per sack, $5.45
Granulated Cane Sugar per sack, $5.70
Mocha & Java Coffee per pound, 30c
Our "400 Blend" Coffee per pound, 30c
"Mothers' Pride" Coffee per pound, 20c
Spider Leg Tea per pound, 30c
Four packages Arm and Hammer Soda,
Owl High Grade Baking Powder per
pound, 30c
Six Bars Owl Soap, 25c
Semi-porcelain 7-inch Plates, per doz
en, 81c
Semhporcelain Pie Plates, per dozen,
Semi-porcelain Cups and Saucers, per
dozen, 99c
Covered Vegetable Dishes, each, 48c
A few White Chambers, each 50c
Bowls and Pitchers, each 48c
14-Qt. Granite Dishpan. each 50c
8-Qt. Nickel Plated Tea Kettle, each $1
Woven Wire Wash Boards, each 39c
Common Lamp Chimneys, each 6c
Horseshoe Tumblers, per dozen 30c
8 Boxes Toothpicks, 2500 in box, 25c
100-piece Haviland Dinner set, $27.73
(NotethlH Price.)
We will give no more pre
mium tickets, and all out will
be redeemed at 2c.
This is a bona fide Cost
Sale. We ask those of you who
are not familiar with our stock
and prices, to come in and see.