East Oregonian : E.O. (Pendleton, OR) 1888-current, March 09, 1903, DAILY EVENING EDITION, Image 2

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Men's Furnisnings
Men's Cotton Ribbed Underwear, heavy weight in natural,
salmon and blue, each 50 cents
Men's Sox. black and tan, at 10 cents and 15 cents.
Men's fancy Half Hose, new patterns, 15 sents and 25 cents.
Shirts, stiff bosoms, reduced in price, 50 cents and 75 cents.
Golf Shirts, good patterns and special prices, 50 cents, 75
cents and $1 00.
New stock of Gloves, 25 cents to $1.50.
Black sateen Shirts, 50 cents and 75 cents.
Suspmders, 25 cents, 50 cents and 75 cents.
Reductions in Men's and Boys' Sweaters
for the past few days. Friday last
It was fire hours late.
The Caledonians are preparing for
a grand reunion the last of May.
Frank S. "Willis, of Gibson, Is at
present transacting business In Athena.
John Muir Has Plowing Contract for j
Several Hundred Acres North of (Slayer of
Pendleton Pioneer Bachelor Grows '
Wearv and Will Wed Thomas ' William
is Now at
Bae & Daley
One-Pr-'" 'lothir.-:. Hatter an 1 Funii?ber
John Cross
Dykenian. better known
Jacques Purchases New Threshing tfy ns gd8B0 , was brougnt
Machine. ;jnt0 Burns. Ore., from one of the Pn-
Tutuilla, March T. William Cou- ciflc livestock Company's ranches
ley came down from Texas Ferry, several days ago for examination as
Wash., where he has a plowing con- ;tD his mental condition. The board
tract, this week. .pronounced him Insane and he was
John Crow sold a pair of horses to taken to the asylum at Salem.
Seattle horse buyers this week, for Dykenian is the man who killed
5450. John Cross, a vacquero well known
William Yohnka. the silver-tongued here In Starr Valley. Malheur county
auctioneer conducted today for M. H. auA Idaho, three years ago The
Glllett. a verv successful auction killing was the result of a feud of
snip nf linn?ts wncnns. harness and sevenu years siaiiumg uvmren w.v ,
men. uyKeman was acqnnieu wneu
tried, but the affair is said to have
affected his mind and caused him to
go Insane. Winnemuccn Standard.
farm implements.
Al Vogal sold today to Charles
Chapman, one pair of work horse
for $3iK.
' Ed Morohenri. the well driller, has
T .,,,,,, ..1 ...1.. , VMma
;..;..I..;-;....I..l..I..;..t..;..f"I"H"l""i"i- j ay. Wash, where he owns some land
j under the Sunnyslde irrigating ditch.
rr ' which he was fortunate enough to
11 n.s
n m a m. m ik h n Aw m m m w m m
117 ? I J I 1 i
1 xa wm j c-a u m m w-m 1 v m ivr
w. mm s j- 9- n rv r- n v h - t
11 hit" w I I irM rnr iiiiw WMtiwun wm cr
v" " - " - v T T W Iffll
a splendid gathering of
u. mi .i m.i 1 mi 1 1 iii. . mhw iiiiii r
MONDAY. MAKCH 9, 1903.
The new cruiser Chattanooga, was
launched at Elizabeth, X. J., Satur
day. A window glass machine trust has
been Incorporated at Trenton. N. J..
with a capital stock of $20,000,000.
The Wabash employes have issued
a statement of grievances wherein
they charge that road with gToss vio
lation of old agreements.
The Kansas supreme court has
dealt a blow to prohibition by declar
ing that injunction proceedings can
not be entered against the joints.
Wall street is much excited over
the last bank statement, which shows
that the surplus reserves of the
banks are reduced to below a million
Four thousand men have been
thrown out of employn ent in Indiana
by the closing down oi 10 of the fac
tories of the American Window Glass
Contract has been let by the gov
ernment to a New York firm to furn
ish about 1.100 miles of submarine
cable to be laid between Puget Sound
and Alaska.
Testimony before the grand jury
shows that regular traffic exists in SL
Louis in girls for immoral purposes.
One hundred dollars is the price paid
for good-looking girls.
The Pvock Island system has gained
control of the Santa Fe system, which
with the Trisco line, lately acquired,
makes the Rock Island one of the
greatest systems In the United States.
Walter Green, a negro, 15 years of
age, fired into a crowd of white boys
at St Joseph, Mo., with a shotgun.
Saturday The gun was loaded with
buck shot and four of the boys were
seriously wounded. The boys were ,
Jeering the negro.
The union boilermakers and iron
shipbuilders threaten a general strike i
in the yards In New York. Brooklyn
and Jersey Cnty unless the demands
of the men who left the yards of
Townsend & Dawney at " Shooter '
Island, are complied with.
Hotel Pendleton.
J B Crossfield, Portland.
Mrs Elmer E. Cleaver, Baker City.
Alma Dratz. Boise.
E. H. Clarke, city. .
William Moher, city.
C. M. Smith, city.
J. Renay, Wallace.
T. M. Kettenlack, Lewiston.
G. MIsh. New York.
C E. Wllhelm. New York.
E. J. Burke, city.
C. T. Flynn. Baker City.
J. Hennan. Chicago.
William Neubane, Portland.
M. J. Monteith. Portland.
C. W. Foster .San Francisco.
Dr M. Dittenbrandt. Milton.
A. T. I.ukner. Spokane.
Sisters' School for Heppner.
Arrangements are now under way
for tho nstnlilislimnnf nf n Sisters
school in this city. Funds are being i
I purchase two years ago at sju per wou,d bfi d locatIon fo a scnoo, I
I ac,ere; di,tch c,omp'?n-v, si of this kind.' There would be enough '
ra.& - " i" patronage to maintain n good school!
jper acre and find ready purchasers. .h,ch W0H,d be R h0, ,0 the
Joseph Connelly, who is up from munlty. Heppner Gazette,
his sheep ranges this week, reports '
Golden Rule.
W. B Jenkins, city.
Dr D. C. McNabb. Spokane.
G D. Galley. Portland.
A. L. Parker. Wilmon.
C. L. Parker. Wilmon.
Perry Stewart, Wilmon.
F. E. Flint. Athena.
F. J. Berg. Walla Walla.
W. B. McCarty. Walla Walla.
Mrs. M. Burns. Walla Walla.
F. J. Burns. Walla Walla.
Henry Beckins. Walla Walla.
J W. Duncan. Umatilla.
Sam Lee, Spokane.
W. Lawson, Spokane.
J. G. Helfrich, Spokane.
C. S. Haynes, College Place.
C. P. Tewenture, Pocatello.
Joe Connelly, city.
U. G. Hom, Pilot Rock.
T. P. Greiner. Portland.
J. C. Abernathy. "Wadsworth.
W. R. Wilson. Baker City.
Mrs. W. R. Wilson. Baker City.
Lela McCullough, Echo.
C. F. Weiss. Freewater.
F. E. Klise, Portland.
C. L. Downer, Spokane.
G. W. Williams. Spokane.
W. D. Marks, Spokane.
L. Cunningham, Portland.
W. T. Moore. Spokane.
Mrs. E. Tausick, Walla Walla.
C. Rinker. Spokane.
W. S. Maxon, city
W. T. Woodstock. Nolin.
Jack Clapp, Nolin.
Mrs. J. Clapp .Nolin.
E. M. Stelzell, Mertchford.
T. E. Stelzell, Mertchford.
T. H. Burgess, Croswel!.
R. M. Work. Harrison.
Bert Garrett. Woodburn.
W .C. Cunningham, Portland.
lambing already commenced. 400 of
. th wooly strangers having arrived in
! his band in the midst of the snow
j storm of this week.
T. D. Mathews, is up from Butter
creek looking for men to help his lamb
j harvest, which is expected to com
j mence next week.
Thomas Jacques has purchased a
I threshing machine for work in the Tu
I tuilla neighborhood this harvest
I The snow has once more disappear
ed except on the hills and seeding
operations which were broken short
of last Wednesday bid fair to rerom
! mence on Monday,
i G. O Miller purchased a pal' of
! horses at todav's auction sale for$175
j John Muir has secured a plowing
. contract of several hundred acres
i northwest of Pendleton.
; James Roach, of the firm of Roanh
i Bros., is down from Cabbage hill
where his band of 200 head of cattle
j has wintered in good shape.
Lon Brown is seriously ill and had
to go to Pendleton for medical treat
ment this week
Mrs. George Case is out from Pen
dleton visiting Mrs. Joseph Holmes
John Duncan a pioneer of the
i Stage Gulch country, who helped har
' vest the first crops of Irish Dividends
. raised on Prospect farm. Is up from
that country today. Mr. Duncan re
J ports that one of his neighbors' a
' battle-scarred veteran of the Ancient
j Order of Bachelors, is about to be
, come a Benedict.
Henry O. R. Seifert, superintendent
of the Milwaukee. Wis. public'
schools want all teachers of his city
to know and be able to speak the Ger
man language.
Samuel Booher Bitten by a Savage
Dog Another Snowfall Sunday.
Athena. March S Samuel Booher
i was bitten a few days ago by an ugly
dog owned by John Froome. proprle-
, tor of the St. Nicholas hotel. As a
result. Mr. Booker has a very painful
wound, which has not a very pros
pective tendency. He had the pleas-
1 ure of shooting the savage brute.
' T. J. Kirk is said to be improving,
yet not able to be around.
B. F. Ogle Is improving rapidly now
and Is able to be around again".
ine sno wof Tuesday had dlsap-
Gathered I
Fine Shirt Waist Suits from $2.50 to $6.00.
Fine Skirts from $.50 to $J0.00.
Fine Shirt Waists from 50c to $4.00.
Fine Silk Shirt Waists at $3.50.
T?( XTr f C..U- I O i t ftW i" , .
rine wooien ouus mr opnng irom au to ."fcss
Fine Wool Challies, all shades, 40c.
Tn m u n if n r rninirc in r
W U ' IUU.
F. W.
& Co.
Re uble Dnigguli
Garden Tools
and See
I have just received a full line of Garden Cultivators
and Seeders. The above tools are the combined
seeder, hoe, rake and plow.
I have aiso a full line of Choice Garden beeds m
bulk, Grass Seed, Alfalfa, Timothy, Broom Grass,
Orchard Grass, Etc. Call and Get prices.
Attention now. ladles, al! bppj-and gay'
jumnjuij iiMuatri iini iwo hits w pay 4
Fnm hiant1llll nhnrn full ahlnr .l.a
nnnrorl nH ) .l-t- il .t. ror a DeailIUl pnoto. lull eablne
JMr.n .j.ub uivcij au me , That would make your best fellow Jint open
A large stockmen's convention was
held in Medford on Saturday and Sunday.
farmers could soon have gone to
work, but it gave us another inch of
the white mantle Sunday, with a blus-
tery day.
Fred Rosenwieg, the retired
chant and his son. Harry, have gone
county farm
in improving
bis eye.
Juil elat the E O. at Dancer's old itand.
You will te our exhibit to beautiful and
I We will there try to ple-je you, the U-at we
mer- . know how.
With thauame pleatam ralle and an artiitic
We. the undersltmprt will he
Pendletnn within a fa-ur coxi-o for10 their Franklin county farm bv
The fJreat Northern lc TiniMlnv a .v, ... , 1 1 .1 ' j 1 team to nroffi1 in Imnrnrlm. thn , It matters but little how old van mar h.
new ctU-off from Great 'Falls to " " I S,
nlngs, Montana. f0T e united States cavalry there- Qrailley- who has been hav-1 You win eet a nice photo oi jour tweet little
The Pleasant Hill Creamery Asso- fore, would instruct owners 'in this ! ng qU,t.e a S'f se of thls week' i
elation of Lane county, has been or- vicinity, to get their horses in proner J! mProvinf ! our ork i Fib.,t olass and r o fine you mu.t
jranized with a ranltai nf smnnn trank Mansfield remains about the i -u- .Ci .. ..... .
Mrs Mary C. McKay a prominent quirements: s ue- . ! Through the whole month oi March we win!
wnnsuan acienuar. or waua waiia, ueiaings iioans. light and dark hp(,n a,uZ U." I" T ",' ' So brinBy6ur bet fellow and cone rleht alone ,
aied hunaay of a complication of dls-j sorrel, and other hardy colors. '" aa - ax rmc.
The passenger from Pendleton has
aing you thli tong.
eases. . must be sound, gentle under the sad-
The five pupils of the Oregon City , dle wltn ree and prompt action at
schools, who walked out Friday .have -' tnc walk, trot and gallop; without de
been reconciled and will return to!fect or blemish; of kind disposition,
school. 'to weigh not less than 950 pounds,
Pasco, after enlnvinr nn nnon rn m.
nor more than 1150 pounds, from 15
bling season of two months, is again t han(ls 1 Inch to 16 hands high; from)
closed at the request of the Ladles' four W 10 e'sht (S) years of age; i
Aia society. . "auie ior ine unuea states cav-
Chehalis will revoke all licenses of a,! ,
saloonmen hereafter found guilty of Ve wU1 notlfy you later, the date
breaking the Sunday closing law or 7e want the horees brought in for
the gambling law. , inspection.
The Snowbird Mining Company has uvt- mL, .
been organized at Baker City with a . .0LDEN8TADT.
capital stock of $100,000. The dlrent. . . HERMAN METZGER.
U8E.WcBb St.
Herman MeUger, Portland Ore.
How's This?
ore are George J. Bentlr. H G Pear. ; ror Iuriner particulars, write to
sons and LeRoy H. Tibbals.
W. H. Odell has Issued an 80-page '
namnhlet dnffnillnr. tha ant
Oregon State Land board, and con-1 J. e'l atZj2Dlt "H? R?'tar
domning the legislative committee 1 cSredy nSr.f caaSjfcSl1 CBDDt U
which investigated the office. ; f- J- CHENEY k CO.. Props., Toledo, o.
Xlfi?""?1 TK Damed, 0,1,6 Chy,roerD,nb'1ee7aJTt?i yUMier'e
Motley, liberated three general pris- him perfectly honorable in all busl"
oners at Fort Walla Walla, Sunday i tranaetlon and financially able to carrr
nignt, irom tt.e post garrison. The wprt vT-V'TZ XHZJ7 5De,Unrm-.
xoieao. o
four men fled and are still at large.
Peo-peo-tah-Hkt, who vlalted Wash
ington In company with Chief Jos
eph, has returned to his home at
Spaulding, Idaho. He now has the as
surance that he will succeed Joseph
as chief of the Nez Perce,'.
Wholesale DrnsslaU,
ale DrnnrUt. Tnli n
Haifa Catarrh Cure la taken Intrnfl1lv
aetlnK directly upon the blood and ma.
bottle. Sold by all drucgUU, TeatlmonUU
nalt'a Family P1IU are the beat
are derived from Golf
and out door games.
We have a complete
line of Golf goods, in
cluding balls, clubs,
caddy bags etc., also
sporting goods for all
Book and Stationery Store
Gray's Harbor
Commercial Co.!
74 Main Street
315 East Court Street.
Highest grade Musi
cal Instruments. AH
homes should have a
piano or organ. Our
easy payment plan
makes it possible for all
to have a first class in
strument. Two good second
hand organs and a good'
second hand piano for
sale cheap.
Smith A BarnM
Bush fc CerU
Hainea ic Co
Chicago CotU I
Maton Jiaaiiu
Ann Arbor
and Vlollw
Sheet Music
We Don't Keep Everything
But we do Keep a good big
stock of ulce dry Flooring,
Celling, .Rustic aud Finish,
in all grades. Also all kinds
of Dimension Lumber, In
cluding Lath and Shingles.
Our stock of .Doors, Win
dows, Moulding, Building
and Tar Paper and Apple
Boxes is complete, aud any
one in need of Lumber will
not be wrong in placing
their order with the : : :
Gray's Harbor Com. Co.
Opp. W: & C. R. Depot
Have Your Water Pipes Examined and Repaired ti
Delay will lead to serious breaks,
i First-class work guaranteed by
BECK, the Reliable Plumber.
Court street, opposite the Golden Rule Hotel
UlHI r AS WAl exoect Deoole to Kb
I IVVV L-W T UN , in ii if yn
i ae new store can never be
known nnless It advertises
fred at 09