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I Men's Furnisnings
Men' Cotton Ribbed Underwear, heavy weight in natural,
salmon and blue, each 50 cents-
Men's Sox. black and tan, at 10 cents and 15 cents.
Men's fancy Half Hose, new patterns, 15 sents and 25 cents.
Shirts, stiff bosoms, reduced in price, 50 cents and 75 cents.
Golf Shirts, sood patterns and special prices, 50 cents, 75
cents and $1 00.
N;w stock of Gloves, 25 cents to $1.58.
Black s.Kecn Shirts, 50 cents and 75 cents.
Snsp-nders. 25 cents, 50 cents and 75 cents.
Rcdct:-".s in Men's and Boys' Sweaters.
(Total Appropriations of Congress
Amount of Each Bill.
Washington, March 6. The appro-
,.-, 1K, i relations made during the session of
I JASPER GRIFFITH IN congress which closed today aKgre
JAIL AT ONTARIO, sated $753,4S4,019. as against $800.-
C24.6 for the last session. The to-
.(Had Trouble With John Ralston Overui for the entire congress thus toot-
. . - ... . a . . i . . llf1'.a nnmM hltli.
a Matter ot wanes iniurea man i en un ai.osi.ius.aii. ur i-uuit
"1 May Die.
The ottal for that congress
I more than J100.006.000 In excess ot
I .1. - ., nn,n.,r.lnti. In- h KfiHl
Ontario. Ore.. March C. A shooting; '"I."".' '""," I "
Baef & Daley
. ).it-Pn(. lolhi4rs. Hatter? an! Furnishers
i' 'l' V 4' 'J J 'I' 'I "J
. t I 1 i 'j I 1 J .
! affray occurred at Nyssa. nine miles
from this place, late this afternoon.
Jasper Griffllth, a well known Idaho
sheepman, shot and fatally injured his
camptender. John Jtonlston, about
money matters. From what can be
learned about the shooting from par
ties who were at Xyssa at the time. It
seems that Roulston came to town
from Griffith's camp and met his em
ployer and was called to account for
coming to Nyssa with a hay rack to
receive corn to teed Grlffllth's flock,
some seven thousand head.
Roulston told Griffith that the time
had come to make n settlement, as he
did not longer wish to be In his em
ploy. Both left a saloon to repair lo
Emison's store o settle their wage vn-.--.
difficulty, and before they reached the I pensions
'aiiL'm. vs .muji. .
Fire Thursday damaged the Dormer
building in Buffalo. X. T., to the ex
tent of $75,000.
Mrs. Tatta, a French woman at
Bombay. India, has been converted
from Christianity to Zoroastrianisrn.
James Beaham. convicted of alter
ing the records of the board of health
at Manila, has fled to Shanghai,
The Mississippi River continues to
rise and special warnings have been
issued by the government weather
Cecil Stieve. a boy of 10. was shot
and killed Wednesday night at Bridge
port, Conn., by another kid 17 years
ot age.
A bill providing for the resubmis
sion of the prohibition law was re-j
Golden Rule,
F M Churchill. Chicago.
H. Arbogast Weston.
J. S- Arbogast. Weston.
D. C. Brown, Adams.
Mrs. C. Cate Heppcer.
D. D. Kelly, Tekoa.
W E. Millard, Spokan-
AV F. Carson, Portland.
W. W. Wolf, Seattle.
J. E. Moak, Tekoa.
G. W. Dickenson, Tekoa.
P. M English. Weston.
E. M. Stevens, Wallula.
M. Stevens, Wallula.
L. G. Mills. Wallula.
J. Morris, city.
D. Belts. Pilot Ito-k.
Joe Connelly, city.
It. McMann, Helix.
Miss Moraster. Helbc.
Miss L. McCullora. Echo
E. L. Burke. Culdesac.
was ll.440.489.4SS.
These figures were embodied In a
statement presented to the senate to
day by Allison, chairman of the com
mittee on appropriations. The state
ment also contained an Itemized
statement showing the expenditures
for the imst session by bills as fol
lows: Agriculture 5.97S.1C0
Army 78,138.757
Diplomatic and consular.. 1.968,250
District of Columbia S,C47,497
Fortifications 7.188,140
Indian 8,512.950
Legislative, executive and
judicial 27.5S5.953
Military academy C53.24S1
Eclipsing all Previ
ous Selling Efforts
We've planned broadly, vigor
ously and thoroughly to make ftf$
Spring the busiest season in the history
of our store. For this season we offer
a splendid gathering of
Postoffices 153.401.45- !
Sundry civil S2,272.955i
Deficiency 21,561.572!
Permanent annual appro
priations 132.5S9.S20'
Miscellaneous 3,250,000 1
O. S. L. track Griffith shot Roulston
It the right side.
The injured man was brought to
'Ontario and attended by Dr. Pogue.
His family and father nnd mother ar
rived from Weiser this evening to b
at his bedside.
i Mr. Griffith came to this place and
' surrendered himself to Marsha! Carol t
i 3 l . -rt-111 Tl T -1 4 .1 r. .
,anu im& CUFUKi-u. l Ul Ik. lii-i, - .. w.,-.-,. That h. n nrtr,i
fend him. On the advice of his at-J J ,
torney, Mr. Griffith will not discuss, Germ De Eradicated,
the matter relating to the shooting. ! "Destroy the cause, you remove the
His preliminary examination wilt oc-j effect" Kill the germ that causes
dan a run, railing nair ana oaianess.
you will have no more dandruff and '
your hair must grow luxuriantly. Her-
picide not only contains the dandruff '
germ destroyer, but it Is also a de-.
lightful hair dressing for regular toi
let use. No other hair preparation Is '
on this scientific basis ot destroying
jected in the legislature of Maine
Guatemala and Salvador are .busy I mUt 'brilliant financial success as
i-v -.w iui nut. ttuiL-uuuicu
First Allotment of 1004500 Shares
Largely Oversubscribed.
Probably there never was a mining
company in Eastern Oregon witn
that which attended the flotation ot
the Highland. Of course, to Neil J.
cur tomorrow.
men of both countries are being press
ed into service as a soldier.
A child labor bill prohibiting the
employment of children under 12
years ot age, has been passed by the!
legislature ot North Carolina.
Ira D. Sankey. the world famous success which has crowned their ef-
evangelist, has been stricken blind at j forts. Naturally, the reputation which
his home in Brooklyn. The trouble the firm has won by square dealings
came from a cold which settled in 1 in the past was the predominating
Sorensen & Co is due tie credit tor , ui alone worth uUe
Best Vaudeville Ever Seen in Pendle
ton, at the Frarer Last NighL
Those who witnessed the perform
ance at the Frazer last night are lne dandruff germ, and none others
unanimous in their praise of It- Vau- cAim to be, for the simple reason
deville Is practically new in this city tnat lt jB onjy recently that a destroy
aud many people, accustomed to the er 0f tae germ has been discovered
old style performances, expected to Newbro's Herpiclde the only hair
witness a series of coarse Jokes and preparation that actually kills dan
songs, druff. Sold by F. W. Schmidt fc Co.
In this they were most happily dis gend 10c In stamps for sample to The
appointed. It was a clean, keen, Herplcide Co Detroit Mich,
wholesome, ably acted performance .
in every detail. There was not a sin
gle lapse of the strictest moral tone. ,
The singing, dancing, jokes and spec
ialties were all good and clean.
The ventriloquism was the best
that nas ever appeared on the Pacific
Coast and the Edison projectoscope
views were excellent. The musical
Fine Shirt Waist Suits from $2.50 to $6.00.
Fine Skirts from $J .50 to $ J 0.00.
Fine Shirt Waists from 50c to S4.C0.
Fine Silk Shirt Waists at $3.50.
Fine Woolen Satts for Spring from $XO to $35.00,
Fine Wool Challfcs, all shades, 40c
Every Lady in the City should swj
the many new things in ourvariosj
Get a Ticket on the Carrj
this. The head of the firm which
bears his name. Otto Herlocker and
Frank Shelton have all worked Intelll-
I gently and unitedly and deserve the
his eyes.
J. W.
of the
reason for such a pronounced success,
Neil J. Sorensen & Co. have sold min
ing stock to hundreds of people
throughout the country, sold it on the
merits of the property without false
the price of admission, as it is very
seldom that such able and high class
performance in this line, is seen here.
A matinee will lie held at 2:30 this
afternoon at the Frarer. and the reg
ular performance will be given again
tonight, with additions to and changes
in the program.
in the machinery Friday and is fatal
ly injured.
. 11 I. Ill i'"IJ V Ul VII L ..1 , , ,
Portland Lumber Mills, was crushed' 'c'',rr:u."'"uu-. anu ""Lr ?
are. therefore still their customers.
A labor union of Oregon City hasmoney on the judgment and Intel!!
passed resolutions condemning Sena-;gellce and nonestv of the firm,
tor George C. Brownell tor defeating! ThIs vU1 ,eav; a Jew thousand
the eight-hour law. .shares left alter filling aU orders re-
l De postotnee employes at Poruand , ceived to date and those who wish to
presented retiring Postmaster doss
man with an elegant desk, in token
of their esteem tor him.
Tuesday night burglars entered the will be advanced. Sumpter Miner.
office of the Lewiston Milling Compa-1
ny. Just east of town, and blew open Notice.
uie nrepruui saie. securing a smaii
amount of money.
Resolutions of Indignation.
The following resolution was sent
by Idaho Labor Unions to Represen
tative Owens, who ojKJped all labor
"bills in the legislature and whose re
marks have been widely quoted:
-Whereas. The people of Idaho
voted for an eight-hour law. and the
republican legislature refused to enact'
the wishes of the people into law as
expressed by the people, and
"Whereas. William Owens, represen-
hnv will have to art nrnmntlv fnr this tative from Bingham county, added
second allotment will surely soon be (Insult to injury by stating that the
exhausted and then Highland stock Ubs nours lauonng men wornea ine
more time tney wouiu spena in aissi
jpation, therefore be it
' Ptnlr TTio lflaltn nllc uninn
No. 330, recognizes In the republican
party an enemy to organized labor;
and further.
We, the undersigned, will be In
.i r.T l B7' i e PurPse f Purchasing three hund-l -Resolved. That we consider William
7CZ7- ic ic , J;,1J,:' ".red (300) more or less head of horses,! Owens a lickspittle of plutocracy,
?flvgfnr SVriffin Z TnZ ! toT Unlted Sutes caTall7- ""ere- and demand that he resign and retire
day before Judge Griffin, at Tacoma.fo, wmiM intr..rt nwrpr. n .hia i. f
lor uui uibiKJaiuoii. ivieinitv to nnt thnr hnntoe In nrrmor'
Eddie Simme. a 10-year-old boy of shape to conform to the following re-!
Wilson Creek Wash., has confessed ( quirementa:
to stealing f 35 from a general merch-; Geldings Hoans. light and dark
andise store at that place. He will sorrel, and other hardy colors. They'
be sent to the reform school. .must he sound, gentle under the Bad-:
Articles have been filed by J. H. ' -'e wltn ree prompt action at,
Shoemaker. James P. Shaw and W. V. , we waiK, trot and gallop; trtthout de
Johnson lncoriorating the Rural Tel-:fect or blemish; of kind disposition,
ephone Company with a capital stock !tu weigh not less than 950 pounds,
of $10,000. The purpose of the com-inor more than 1150 pounds, from 15
pany Is to erect and operate lines ; hands 1 inch to 16 hands high; trom
throughout Hood River valley 'lour (4) to eight (8) years of age;
: suitable for the United States cav
Just ' This
Received you
A Know
Supply is
of the
Sas Season
Safras t0
Bark , Drink
n Sasafras
From w.
Young Schmidt
& Co.
$ Garden Tools
and Seei
I have just received a full line of Garden Cultivatosi
and Seeders. The above tools are the combine j
seeder, hoe, rake and plow
I have also a full line of Choice Garden Seeds a
bulk, Grass Seed, Alfalfa, Timothy, Broom Grasi,
Orchard Grass, Etc. Call and Get prices.
74 Main Street
GUS CARLSON, Secretary.
Idaho Falls. Ida., March 2, 1S03.
(It is the Cream
thai make the eoftee eopetiiie. Poor
cream bas tpoikd manr a brsakUat.
Tus eeuuina
Economy I
Brand I
Evaporated 1 1
bears tha abot cao Ubel Ask j
your crocfcr lor tha rigtit kind.
I kind. Hater tours, guaranteed bH
niolittflifpura coir's rnjut, most
nutriuom ux itont. Tit
n m JWV EWWO R ljH- vt HKfMKf
The Wrong Helen.
Everyone smiled when the senti
mental young guest said: "I think the
name Helen is the most attractive in
all the world." It was a family din
ner The pretty waitress began to
blush. "Not because all Helens- are
beautiful," continued the youth, "but
I believe I could love any woman If
C V. n V Q ... .if Vi lr n 1 1 rtt In. ,Vta , r.
rTT- .,, il m , l mi- n n 11 11 J J ilii.l Huinuuil k i.U 11 .11 1
ve will notify you later, the date Unmp hi h n ,h, ,
we want the horses brought in for was laughing and the waitress, cover
inspection. I i hlnnhln- Ml tmrttrA
HENRY OLDFNHTAnT 1 the door What 8 tne natter.- sam-
t- . .? f IETZGER. name is Helen, that's all." replied the
For further particulars, write to hostess.
Herman Meteger, Portland Ore. j
Attention, now, ladles, all nappy and gtjt
Jnstaeemr laitoSeri lint Two Bit to my
for a beantiml photo, iull cabinet aue. ' 1
Tnat wonld make roar best Jfcliow tnat open
niaerea. j
Jost eut the O. at TJanrjer'a Did land.
Ton wilt our exhibit o beanUlol and 1 1
Sana. .
there Uj to please you, the Wat wei
know how, j
With that same pleasant amlle and an artistic j
bow. 1
It matter but little how old you may be- I
Whether sweet sixteen or ago twenty-tort '
Be you handsome and UM, or as cnteas an elf, )
Ton will get a nice photo ot your sweet little
sell. il
Oor ork Is IKT Class and to fine you must
AliUW, , I
j nu mc jieupie snow jest wnero to po.
ThrouRb the whole month of March we will
lnc yoo this soot;.
Bo bring your beat fellow and come right along
Smith Barnes
Hard man
Bush & Certs
llalnes 4 Co
Wills rd
315 East Court Street.
j Highest grade Musi
cal Instruments. AU
homes should have a
piano or organ. Our
j easy payment plan
j makes it possible for all
'i to have a first class in
; strument.
) Two good second-,
hand organs and a good
' second hand piano for
Ann AnfS
i: . rr
Shed W
sale cheap.
How's This?
We offer One Unndred Dollars lteward
for any case of catarrh that cannot be
cored hy Hall's Catarrh Cure.
F. J. CUEXET & CO., l'rops., Toledo, O.
tVe, the ondcnilsned. have known K. J.
Cheney for the last 15 years, and bellere
him perfectly honorable In all business
transaction and financially able to carry
ont any obllcatlona made by their firm.
WEST & TKUAX, Wholesale DrngcUta,
Toledo. O
sale Drngglsu, Toledo, O.
Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken Internally,
acting directly upon the blood end mu
cous surfaces of the system. lVlce 75c per
bottle. Bold by all d racists. Testimonials
Hall's Family nils are the beat
Anniversary of Fall of The Alamo.
Brenham, Texas, Mach 6 Today,
the anniversary of the fall of the Ala-
,1110, was appropriately observed here
ine local cuapicr 01 tne Daughters or
the Hepublic Tlslted Prairie Lea and
Masonic cemeteries and decorated
with small Texan flags the graves of
tne veterans of the republic who
fought for Texas independence.
Private Ugh schools for girls are
more popular In Prussia than the nub-
He institutions. There are C4S of the
former, with 7J.0 pupils, and only
,213 of the latter, with S3.CSS students.
All the popuiar works
of fiction.
All the new books that
have pleased the public.
All the standard
Our circulating library
is growing in popularity
It costs only a small
sum to read any of the
new books,
Come and investigate.
USE. Webb St.
Gray's Harbor
Commercial Co.
Book asd SUtfcaery Store
We Doii't Keep ErerytMng
But we no Keep a good big
stock of nice dry Flooring,
Ceiling, KubUc and Finish.
In all grades. Also all kinds
of Dimension Lumber, in
cluding -Lath and Shingles.
Oar stock of Doom, Win
dows, Moulding, Building
fcnd Tar Pper and Apple
"Boxes k complete, and any
one in need of Lamber will
not be wrong In pketag
tb Mr order -with the : : :
Gray's Harbor Com. Ce.
Ow. W: at C. R. Dy
Fresh, Reliable Garden Seeds. The kind that'
ducttve. Don't take chances wasting your efforts. W
uesi variety.
Nice Sound Apples
Good Cabbage .
Fresh R
Martin's Family Grocery and
for'a firs
r Toil
We ktve feoigltt ef tfee 111m Bretiers, their pr
Wood buisoH, ui hi we are rmAj to f sr
irj wood oa eirt sottee. 0oe S38 Main SBteps I
1UtlMMillMklttKiiMMtaimmmttjsjMximdi- -''--uii-ii'"!'"'.' A bbbbbbbbbsbbbbbbb