East Oregonian : E.O. (Pendleton, OR) 1888-current, March 03, 1903, DAILY EVENING EDITION, Image 5

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It Pars to Trade at The Peonies Warnhnnan X 1
1 m k ' m. m m m
Oar Shoes have the STOCK, SHAPE
nA WRAP. our Immense line, ortces
"W . i i .
nrl nfffiacp nar of the latest serine
Corner Main and Alta Streets.
nn int? Ol ail Kiuuh iicaii uikiu ai nnuu in uiu aiuig,
S l IVIHlllllllI
IfenAY, MARCFI 3, 1903.
ck4 County court.
cKS', G, 7 Horace K. Turner art
j Knigbts of Pythias tils-
jution, ia uranue.
:. 13 District Christian In
vention. Milton.
12. 13 Shootinc tournu-
udrlck. Idaho.
:U TTmtitllln nmmtv Wnnl.
.JiAsHoclation. Pendleton, in
rclnl Association's rooms.
tig 14 Executive committee
ooiRrowers Association, l'en-
miles. The strike is stilt on among
the mechanics of a portion ot the road
and an engine will not last but a short
distance before it has to be replaced
by a newer and stronger one. With
strike and storm combatting the rail
ways, hope for prompt service has to
be-abandoned for the time. Herald.
ilfi. Dedication now Clirlst-
$21 Umatilla County Sports-
ociation, Pendleton.
Ijgl.7-Two townships in Wallo
uaty to be opened to settle-
-Modern Woodmen county
). O. F. hall, Pendleton.
B, 17, 18 Inland Empire
Association, Walla Walla.
-State supreme court at Pen-
iB-Circult court.
'-Eastern Oregon 0. A. It. en-
teat, Union
J i!-10 Forty-second annual
(National Educational Asso
,'Doston, Mass.
wt 17 National a. A. R. en
lint, Bau Francisco.
lis RUN
and Storms Have ttie Railways
P Blocked.
gSlins been no improvement to
in the train service of the
of the Union Pacific. Trains
Halter at almost any hour,
comes along some time. For
s there were scarcely any
all. One traveler reaching
said that In the run from
knew of 30 engines being
the train before going 300
i.coffee habit Is quickly over-
Bby those who let Gralu-O
ts place. If properly made
es like the best of coffee. No
icoffee compares with it in
for healthfuluess.
Itry it to-day.
everywhere; J6c. and wc pr package.
Appoplexy Causes Sudden Death of
Aged Lady Last Night.
Mrs. Yetta Strauss, aged 59 years
iind two months, died at the home of
her son In Pendleton, at 323 Main
street last' night. at 12 o'clock. Mrs.
Strauss retired earlier ..than her son
and his wife, and in a separate room.
She was apparently in her usual
health and did not complain of feel
ing badly in any respect. At 12
o'clock the other members of the fam
ily were awakened by some unusual
noise In their mother's room, and im
mediately .repaired thither. Appar
ently Mrs. Strauss had passed away
when they reached the room.
Dr. Cole was called who pronounc
ed the cause . of death to be appo
plexy. Her death was practically In
staontaneous. Mrs.. Strauss came here
from San Francisco about 10 months
ago with her son, Leon Strauss, who
Is foreman in the scouring mill. She
will be buried beside her husband,
in ,San Francisco, in a Jewish ceme
tery. Her son Reaves for San Fran
cisco today with the remains.
Ready for La Grande.
A number of Sumpter Knights of
Pythias are planning for an excursion
to La Grande, March 7, when there
will be a. .general district convention,
In Which the winning teams in the
local district conventions will meet
in battle royal. Sumpter has been
asked ro furnish a portiou of the
team that will represent this county.
Colonel Miller and Captain Herlocker
also expect to take down a good por
tion of the Sumpter uniform rank
company. Blue Mountain American.
Demand. .for Indian Lands.
F. H. Parr, who lives. on the reser
vation, and acts as Interpreter, re
ports an uncommon demand for the
Indian, lands on the part of renters'
and the rental value Js larger this
year somewhat than ever before. The
average rent paid is $2.50 pei acre
per year. Since the abolition of the
office of government interpreter last
year, Mr. Parr has done most of the
Interpreting that has been necessary
in the taking of testimony among
the Indians, besides nearly all the un
official interpreting.
Has Mining Interests.
E. P. Marshall, of Pendleton, spent
last night in Antelope, and left this
morning for Asliwqod, where he has
important mining Interests. Antelope
A Good Tooth Brush
bmething everybody should have. A tooth brush that is
te of poor bristles is but little better than none at all.
iiade to our order in France. It is a four-row bleached
lie, put together in a workmanlike manner, guaranteed to
k your teeth 271 times without losing a bristle.'- In other
Is, it is guaranteed three months, which allows, .you to use
lee times a day use it after each meal, no' matter how
you eat.
Twentv-ftve Cents
be best brush we ever saw for that price. It's a 35 cent
inu ouying in large lots ana direct allows us to sell it at
jts. Look at it even if you don't"want to buy now.
5 Steps From Main St., Toward the Court Hoe
Choice meats at Houaer's.
Try Graft's clam chowder.
Oyster cocktails at Grati's.
Fresh fish daily at Castle's.
Clothing cleaned by Joerger.
Sea food fresh at Castle's.
Best .hoo work at Teutnch's.
Smoke the Pendleton Favorite.
Smokers' supplies at Neuman's.
Hohbach's hrend is good bread.
Rollback's cakes are fine. Try 'em.
Have your shoes repaired at
A gentleman's smoke, The Pendle
ton Favorite.
You are never disappointed in Hoh
bach's baking.
Itader has the best furniture polish
on the market
Hays' cigar store, headquarters for
smokers.' supplies.
Have you had your shoes repaired
at Toutsch? Try him.
H. C. Means has leased his hotel at
Umatilla to Mrs. O'Connell.
Imported llmburger and Swiss
cheese sandwiches at Gratz's.
"El Sidelo," the best cigar made, at
Rees' cigar store. Court street
For Rent Two furnished front
rooms. Address Mrs. H. S. Dorman.
The Oregon Dally Journal can be
found on sale at Frazler's book store.
Lot for sale; great bargain; Raley's
addition. Inquire at 403 Alta street.
You always get choice meat at Hou
ser's. Alta street, opposite Savings
Wood and coal by car lots a spec
ialty. P. P. Collier & Co., 'phone
Main 1121.
All of our men's and boys' sweat
ers will be sold at reduced prices.
Baer & Daley.
A chance of a lifetime to get a
sewing machine for less than cost, at
Jesse Failing's.
Wanted Barn, centrally located,
large enough to keep four horses.
Apply at this office.
Cut this out, take It to Rader's
furniture store and get a bottle of
furniture polish free.
For Sale Residence with one, two
or three lots, located at 617 Jane
street. Call at house.
The Golf Club ball, which has been
on the tapis for some weeks, has been
postponed until after Lent.
For Rent Two furnished house
keeping rooms. Inquire at 520, cor
ner Market and Webb streets.
Beautiful 5-room cottage, two lots,
shade and fruit trees, nicely located.
Reduced to $1,600. E. T. Wade.
For Sale Brick building with
basement, 60x90, on Main street. Good
property at a bargain. Easy terms.
E. T. Wade.
Four hundred and eighty acres good
level land, good house, all fenced,
plenty of water, 200 acres in barley,
?3,500. E. T. Wade.
The new warehouse built for the
Umatilla Implement Company, has
been completed, and the machinery
to be stored there is being moved In.
A. J. Black went to skirmish for
beef steers among the farmers and
succeeded In picking up 35 head of
very fine animals lor Perry Houser.
.Harmony Assembly of the Artisans,
initiated three new members at the
last meeting of the lodge. The next
social session will be Thursduy even
ing next.
The ?1,000 cottage is sold, but I
have others. If you are from Mis
souri, I can show you some fine
far.ms and stock ranches. Come and
see me. E. T. Wade.
Fred Stickler sold a team of very
fine draft horses a few days ago to
a buyer from the Sound. It is said
to have been one of the very finest
teams of heavy horses in the county.
The afternoon Lenten services to
day and tomorrow will be In the Meth
odist church, south, Thursday and
Friday In the Presbyterian church.
The afternoon meetings are all at
2:30 o'clock.
The evening union gospel meetings
at the Baptist church are being large
ly attended, and the interest is in
creasing greatly. The number of
seekers after spiritual light also in
creases with every meeting.
The present snow will be an un
mixed blessing to the wlntar wheat,
and for that matter to all crops. The
fields have been for two or three
weeks past showing the effects of a
lack of sufficient moisture.
H. Hessell, of Weston, whose sa
loon was burned some time ago, was
in town yesterday buying furniture,
etc., for his new saloon, which was
opened a few days ago. Mr. Hessell
reopened in an entirely new building.
The front of the room for so long
used as the shoe department of the
Peoples Warehouse, Is being built
flush with the sidewalk, and the street
entrance closed. It is being remod
eled to be used for the cloak depart
ment, in charge of Mrs. Clark.
Norborne Berkley has sold to E. D.
Boyd for $1,200, lots 3 to 7, Inclusive,
and lot 10, of block 113, In the reser
vation addition. The last described
lot. lies on the east side of Thompson
street, between Bluff and the railroad;
the first described lie on the west side
of, Colloga, street, and extend from
filuS street 'north to thV'rallroad.
Special Meeting Called to Meet at An
telope. Antelope, March 3. The govern
ment having set the number ot sheep
to be allowed to graze on the Cascade
forest range at 97,000, has, through
its supervisor, M. P. Isenberg, sent
blank applications for sheep grazing
privileges on this reserve for the
coming year, to H. C. Rooper, ot this
city, secretary of the Woolgrowers'
That theia may bo no differences
between members of this association
and people who are interested in
sheep who are not members of the
association, the secretary has called
a meeting to be held here on Satur
day, March 7, at 10 a. m., inviting
everyone Interested to be at the meet
ing, so that neighbors may agree as
to metes and bounds ot contiguous
ranges, and overlapping and conflict
ing be as much as possible eliminated.
High Class Vaudeville Performance
to Be Given Two Nights This
The Weston & Herbert Vaudeville
Company, will appear at the Frazer
Opera House next Friday and Satur
day, March 0, 7. The company is
headed by Weston and Herbert, the
comedy musical artists, who are
known to be premiers in their respec
tive line. Hugh J. Emmett Is also a
stellar feature with the show. The
three Rosebuds are a pleasing feat
ure, Little Carrie, is a versatile juve
nile, and the dainty little miss intro
duces difficult violin solos, also buck
dancing and Indian club swinging.
Miss May Myers, the soprano, sings
new and beautifully Illustrated songs,
and the rest of the bill includes Cole
and Allen, Harry Morgan and Edi
son's latest Improved bioscope, which
shows new and interesting moving
Full Corps Elected by Local Post in
This City..
The following are the recently
elected corps of officers for the local
post of the G. A. R.: Commander, G.
W. Rigby senior vice-commander,
William Huston; junior vice-commander.
Henry Shockey; adjutant, P. P.
Collier; sergeant major, J. B. Mum
ford; quartermaster. T. J. Million;
quartermaster's sergeant anil outer
guard, A. Stephens; chaplain, Luther
Ellis; surgeon, William Fitz Gerald;
orderly, B. F. Renn. The regular
times of meeting are the second and
fourth Saturday nights of each
month, at Hendricks' hall.
Quarterly Meeting.
The quarterly meeting of the Meth-c-Mpf
Church. South, was largely at
tended. In the morning Presiding
Elder Shangle, of Milton, preached a
very Interesting sermon. It it? highly
complimented. Mr. Shangle, who Is
a new man In this district, is very
highly regarded by the church here.
Sunday last there was one new mem
ber admitted td the church, and one
baptism. The quarterly conference
showed the finances of the church to
be in excellent condition.
Hotchklss Resigns,
Robert Hotchklss Inst night ten
dered his resignation as secretary of
the Men's Resort, to the board of di
rectors. The resignation was accept
ed, but no action was taken toward
choosing a successor to him. Mr.
Hotchklss will go from here to The
Dalles, where he will enter the field
missionary work under the direction
of Presiding Elder Booth, of the M.
E. church. . Mr. Hotchklss will con
tinue to make .Pendleton his home.
Marriage License.
A marriage HcenBe was issued this
morning to Antoue A. IaBam and
Belle Phenia, both of Umatilla county.
WE ARE pleased to advise that
we have received a full new
stock of those celebrated
$2.50 Shoes
This is
the shoe
we had
last fall
out ev
ery pair
he f o r e
have arranged to keep them cons
tantly on hand, so you had better
try a pair.
DESCRIPTION Vici kid, Good
year welt, patent tip, smooth
insole, flexible and new spring
last, lase.
Boston Store
Wkare Whole Families Art piiod
Wednesday Morning, March 4th, Will Mark the
Of the Greatest
Lace Curtain Event
That Ever Took Place in Pendleton.
Pairs of Lace Curtains at a Big Reduction.
20 Pei Cent
Off on every pair of Curtains in the house. This means a
great deal when you consider that our regular price on
Curtains is lower, quality considered, than
any other concern in town. Odd
pairs will go at 33 per
cent off.
These prices will hold for one week. Wednesday, f
March 4, until Tuesday, evening, March JO.
Outfitters for Men and Women.
'k'tck'k'k'k'k'k'k'k'k'k'k'k'k'&rk'k'k AAA AAA
It Is Time to Plant
Your Garden Seeds
Now, but your ground must
be broken and made fit to re
ceive them. If you haven't
the proper implements, you
can select anything in this
line from our high grade
stock of spades, rakes, hoesj
reels, watering pots, rollers,
trowels, Etc. We also carry
a high grade stock of farm
and garden seeds.
W. J. CLARKE & CO., Court Street. J
, , , , , . , , t t
Toilet Soap
We certainly can save you
money. Fine German Mottled
and Olive Castile Soap at 2c a
bar. .Other, fine valuesr 5c, 8c
and ioc a bar.
A Ten Cent Counter
We show some fine values fori
10 cents. Children's chairs, bas
kets, tack hammers, large bottle
ammonia, soap dishes, towel'
rings, etc., all at 10 cents .apiece. ;
About 900 boxes line station-!
ery in boxes in new designs of en j
velppes and colors, 15c to 39c. It j
will pay you to see this line. j
The Delicacies
of the season arc always
found at our restaurant;
At present we havej
Finest Oysters Frog
Legs Clams Crabs.:
$ and f Lobsters
and other salt and fresh
water foods
The French
Complete lines at lowest
The Nolf Store
For School Books and School
Supplies, at Lowest Prices.
Toleiiliuuu Mulu 4
Our large 68-page illustrated seed catalogue. We handle' ' '
. t t 1 1
tue ceieorateu ,
Garden, Flower and Field Seeds. These seeds are grown in
the Pacific Nortnwest country and are right at home in this'
soil and climate. They are hardy and adapted to this section.
You take no chances in getting a good crop Irom these seeds.
Our large 68 page catalogue contains much valuable infor
mation and con be had by asking for it at our store or writing
us and we will mail you one.
Thompson Hardware Co.,
62 J Main Street ;
tttfBm ''l.. -jnr . M
1 niirrnin 1 I r mr r 1. rTnm , ,. ,