East Oregonian : E.O. (Pendleton, OR) 1888-current, February 21, 1903, DAILY EVENING EDITION, Image 2

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    Men's Trousers
5 00
Bae & Daley
One-PriuH Clothiers, Hatters and Furnishers
Oil of good clear quality has been
discovered at Dublin. Ireland.
Former Lieutenant-Governor Till
man, who murdered Editor Ooiuales.
was refused ball Thursday.
Miss Roosevelt and Admiral Schley
arc attracting much attention at thu
New Orleans Mardi Gras festivities.
A physician of New York declares
that he has discovered a serum which
will destroy the germs of scarlet fe
ver. The transport Ivilpatrlek will sail
next week for the Island of Samar,
with the Fourteenth Infantry regi
ment. Trains In New Foundland are block
aded by snow which has been falling
seven days. In places the drifts are
30 feet deep.
The New York chamber of com
merce has adopted a resolution for
a state building and exhibit at the
St. Louis exposition.
Pope Leo celebrated the silver ju
bilee of his pontificate Friday and de
clared that it was the happiest day of
his life. He will be 93 years of age
in March.
A small jug of Fulham ware, strap
ped with silver bands, was sold at
auction for $7600 in London recently.
It was found In a cupboard of an arch
at West Alalliii, Kent.
The employes of the Chicago City
Railway Company presented an ulti
matum to the manager Thursday,
that unless the company ceases dis
crimination against the union they
will strike.
The British government has not!-!
fled Turkey that If the latter man!-;
festa the slightest intention of send
ing troops to Arabia, all the ports in
the Red Sea will be occupied by Eng-i
lish troops. j
Golden Rule,
H. McCoj. Portland.
M Young, Portland.
A. C. Haley, city.
V. C. Fuller. Hariison.
Joe Oirard. Harrison.
William Sheehy, Harrison.
II. L. McQuarry. Kirksvllle.
C. Neidenthal. Spokane.'
Nick Warner. Spokane.
W. C. Jenkins, city.
C. Tiffa and wife, Denver.
N. O. Smith. Detroit.
R. J. Spragella and wife. San Fran
cisco. A. Newberg, San Francisco.
C. L .Downer Spokane.
H. E ..McHean Spokane.
I. Isby, Spokane.
C. E. Nuibelln, New York.
W. D. Marks. Spokane.
C. D. Rinker, Spokane.
C. H .Darnell. Freewater.
W. H. Weber. Walla Walla.
E. W. Temple, city.
A. C. Friendly, city.
A. E. Hunt. Leon.
S. J. Hunt, Leon.
Miss C. J. Hunt, Pomeroy.
T2. Smearles, Portland.
Most Hair Preparations Are Merely
Scalp Irritants of No Value.
Most hair preparations are merely
scalp irltants, miscalled hair tonics.
When hair is brittle, lustreless and
begins to fall out, the dandruff germ
is getting in Its deadly work at the
root, sapping the vitality. Since sci
ence discovered that dandruff is a
germ disease there has been only one
preparation put on the market that
will actually destroy the dandruff
germ, and that is Newbro's Herplcido.
It allays itching Instantly, destroy,
tho germ; and the falling hair stops,
and hair grows luxuriantly. Ask your,
druggist for Herpicide. It allays Itch
ing instantly and makes hair grow
Sold Iiy F. W. Schmidt & Co Send
10c in stamps for sample to Tho Her
picide Co.. Detroit. Mich.
Nathan Klnnlson Suffers With Blood
Poisoning Mrs. Whlttaker Quite
III Little Snow at Uklah Grand
Ball at Alba.
Ridge. Feb 19. Charles Sherman
of Dakota has purchased Robert
Watts' butcher shop at Athenn. md
Mr. Watt is going to return to his
old neighborhood of Alba.
Nathan Klnnlson, of Mt. Home, who
came near losing his right hand Horn
blood poisoning, caused by being bad
ly lacerated by a barbed wire. In get
ting along nicely now. but has not
tho use of his hand as yet.
Mrs. H. W. Whlttaker is reported
to bo unite ill at her homo, also her
son. James, is said to have measles.
Dr Snap, of Uklah. was called to at
tend them last week.
A N. I.edgerwood. of Uklah. was
n visitor In this part last week.
Mr and Mrs Adlan Sloane. of .Mc
Kay Cieok. were transacting busi
ness in Pilot Rock Friday. .Mr.
Sloane is an extensive land and rat
tle owner in the John Day country.
J. A Horseman, of Ourdane. was
transacting business In Pendleton
last week.
It Is icported that the squirrels are
between Pilot Rock and Pendleton,
also between Adams and Pendleton.
Your reporter made a business trip
to Pilot Rock last Saturday and found
It nice and warm in that locality,
with nice green grass about two
Inches high more or less, and also
found that city very jubilant because
of a grand ball the night before.
Louis Mossie. of Ukiah, made a bus
iness trip to Pendleton last week. Mr.
Mossio reports very little snow in
his locality and stock are doing fairly
The chlldien of Mr. and .Mrs. Frank
are getting along nicely after bavins
the measles.
There was a grand ball at Alba Fri
dny night. It was largely attended
from Ukiah and some from here.
Mrs. IJmstead and her son. .Mai.
and daughter, Cassie. of Ourdane
were transacting business in Pendle
ton and visiting on McKay, last week
William Futter and his sons. Amos
and Charles, removed their cattle,
consisting of about 120 head from the
Mum farm north of Pendleton, to
their stock ranch here for spring pas
turage. Charles Rieman. of Pendleton, is
spending the winter in this locality.
Mr. and Mrs. R. Harpool. who have
been on a visit and busines trip in
Pendleton, returned to their home in
Ukiah last week.
The Helmicks and Rlackburus, who
arc wintering their cattle north of
Pendleton, are said to bo preparing to
remove them to the Columbia river
for early spring range.
Homer I. Watt, of Athena, a student J
in the University of Oregon, has been i
selected as class day orator.
The Northern Pacific has purchased !
laud In Vancouver on which to build j
a depot and terminal offices.
James Dignan, a Spokane contrac-l
tor, fell from a third story window i
while In a trance, and was instantly
William McKay, a well-known trap-!
per of Southern Oregon, perished inj
tho mountains of Trinity county, Cal-I
ifornia, Friday. j
The house Friday passed tho bill for
a summer normal school at Newport,
over tho governor's veto. It carries ,
an appropriation of $5,000. j
What will be the most northern
railway in the world is to bo built
from Salmon City to Blue Stone. In
the Nome district, this spring.
Tho Oregon legislature adjourned
at midnight Friday, electing C. W.
Fulton United States senator on tho
18th ballot taken at the evening session.
The firemen of Jacksonville wllli
give a grand ball for the benefit of,
tho public school, In the near future.
The funds raised will be used in the
purchase of school books. i
A gigantic stock and land deal la.
reported to have been made In Har
ney county, Portland parties are
said to have bought out the Pacific
Livestock Company, for $2,000,000.
Two Danish girls are being forci
bly detained as servants by lumber
men of Cathlemet, who claim that
they advanced money for tickets from
Copenhagen to Oregon. Tho authori
ties aro Investigating tho case.
Tho Cascade Lumber Company will
soon begin tho construction of a stor
age reservoir to be supplied from
Klchelo's Lake, tho head of tho Yaki
ma River, Tho company has filed an
application for 2,000 feet of water
from tho lake.
Executrix Sale.
The property of the late William
Searcy will be disposed of at public
sale, Wednesday, February 25, at the
Searcey farm, 10 miles northwest of
Pendleton. The property consists of
horses, harness, wagons, header beds,
header and all kinds of farming Im
plements. Free lunch will be serv
ed. J. M. Bentloy, auctioneer.
How's This?
We offer One Hundred Dollars Iteuard
for any caxo of catarrh that cannot t
cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure.
V. J. CHENI'.Y & CO., l'rops., Toledo, O.
Wo, the undersigned, have known K. J.
Cheney for the last 1! years, and believe
him perfectly honorable In all business
transactions and financially able to carry
out any obligations made by their firm.
WKST & TltUAX, Wholesale Druggists,
Toledo, O
sale Druggists, Toledo, O.
Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken Internally,
acting directly upon the blood and mu
cous surfaces of the system, l'rlce 75c per
bottle. Sold by all druggists. Testimonials
Hall's Family IMlls are tbe best.
Cheap Rates Westbound.
From February 15 to April 30, 1903,
Inclusive, ihe O. R. & N. Co. will
have on sale tickets from Missouri
River points to Pendleton for $22.50;
from St. Paul, $25.00; from St. Louis,
$27.50. Call on the O. R. & N. ticket
agent for oil particulars.
Mysterious Circumstance.
Ono was palo and sallow and the
other frosh and rosy. Whence the
difference? Slio who Is blushing with
health uses Dr. King's New Llfo Pills
to maintain It. By gently arousing
tho. lazy organs thoy compel good di
gestion and head ofT constipation. Try
them. Only 25c at Tallman & Co.'s
For Sale.
$3,750, two houses and 76x100 feet
on Garden street- Rents for $33 per
month. Address J. M. Leezer, 269
Clay street, Portland, Or.
Havo your shoes repaired at
J. D. Casey, of Hilgard, to Eract a
30,000 Capacity Plant in This
J. D. Casey, the prominent sawmill
and wood dealer of Hilgard, also pro
prietor of the general merchandise
store, hotel and other business inter
ests or that thriving little town, was
in the city yesterday on business.
Mr. Casey will begin the erection
of a sawmill in the near future, at a
point two miles west of Meacham
station, on a tributary of Meacham
Creek, near the O. R. & N. line.
The mill Is to be 30,000 feet per day
capacity, of latest improved design,
and will employ In all departments
from 35 to 40 men.
A spur will be built by the O. R. &
N. at the point nearest the mill site,
and log roads will be built to reach
all the timber on the tract of land ad
jacent. Mr. Casey estimates that he
has 20,000,000 feet of timber on this
land, whicli will require at least three
seasons to clean up. He has offers
from a Salt Iako firm, which proposes
to take the entire output of the mill,
on board the cars at tho spur.
Work will be begun on the mill site
The pasttime that so in-
vigorates the system, brings
t the bloom of health to the
It cheeks and adds to the
pleasure of living.
U Golf clubs, golf balls, cad
is dy bags and all golf supplies
ft as well as a complete stock
of sporting goods of all de-
Book and Stationery Store
nnd grounds within a short time, but
tho mill will not begin operations be
fore Apt II 13 or later, on account of
tho heavy snow In the mountains.
Tho machinery has been selected
nnd arrangements have all been made
for the ground to bo cleared as early
as possible.
Tho Umber on this tract of laud is
neatly all yellow pine, growing on an
elevated "bench," and lb trllmtar to
one main canyon making Into Meach
am Cteek from tho west or south,
nbout one mile west of the tunnel
The country Is easy of ncccsa to
legging teams and It forms one of the
i.,ost desirable mill sites remaining
In this county.
E. Harrington, Who Has Just Pur
hcased 2,600 Sheep, Speaks of the
Excellent Mutton Raised in Tnis
B. Harrington, or San Fr.uiriseo.
has Just effected the purohaso ot 2 f.00
mutton sheep in this county Thoy
will be shipped as soon as suitable
cars are forthcoming, being all ready
All are excellent mutton animals,
and he may buy still moie boforo
leaving the county. Eighteen hundred
10-months-old lambs he bought of
Hngg Hros.. and S00, also 10-months
lambs, he bought of Louie Gault Tho
I urcnases ave made lor Tnafo C- Co..
of San Francisco. Mr. Harrington,
who has bought many thousands of
sheep in IJastern Oregon, declares
that the best mutton animal is either
tho product or Shropshire bred to full
blood Merino, or else grade Merinos.
That is, these are tho best mutton
animals for this country. Ho declares
however, that tho very finest mutton
in the world is the pure-blood Shrop
shire, but it is such a poor wool ai'i
mal In this country that It Is unsafe
to handle. '
Mr. Harrington claims to see the In
jurious effects of inbreeding in sonio
localities, but declares that he has
observed nothing of tho kind in Uma
tilla county. In one sheep county in
Eastern Oregon 25,000 sheep were
purchased a few months ago lor tho
California market that were not as
heavy as sheep a year younger aver
aged in Umatilla county Tho causo
of the wide difference is Inbreeding,
which is fatal to size and constitution.
Piles Upon Piles of the Newest and Best
Immense quantities of new and beautiful effects in tj
1UOSI Cliarming uuinusm. unu iuiui" wcavus,
The Season's Latest Novelties
And old time favorites, such as
French Canvas Cloth
Colored India Batiste
Mercerized Etamines , -
Polka Dot Canvas
Avern Zephyrs
Wool Challies in .
Beautiful Colorings
Piques and
Basket Weaves
Dimities, Silk Malls
Lawns and
Piles of other Weaves
Projectors of a new steel combine
with a capitalization of $3,000,000, to
ho located In South Baltimore, state
that four other independent concerns
will unite with the proposed combine.
See corner window
Our drug store seems to
be getting busier every day.
It must be, for sales are run
ning bigger, we have more
help and yet have to keep on
the go all the time.
There's something fas
cinating about a popular
store that makes it a pleas
ant place to trade. Come
and see how nice ours is.
Phone Main 851
Garden Tools
: and Seed;
I have just received a full line ot Garden Cultivators
and Seeders. The above tools are the combined
seeder, hoe, rake and plow.
I have also a full line of Choice Garden Seeds in
bulk, Grass Seed, Alfalfa, Timothy, Broom Grass,
Orchard Grass, Etc. Call and Get prices
74 Main Street
Our Banner Month
Four and a half lota with two large
pretty cottages, all well Improved.
fxow rentea ror ?au a montu, $1500.
A lodging house, 11 rooms and lot,
very centrally located, $2500.
A lot about three blocks from Main
street, $250
A house, 8 rooms and lot, live blocks
oirMnln street, $1100.
Other houses uud lots irom $500 Ito
Single lots from $125 to f300 accord
lug to location.
Kour lots together $600.
Six lota together, $850.
Fourteen lots together, whole block,
Will Bell for oath or on easy terms.
Will explain uud show property up
on application. Pendleton Is growing
rapidly and investments now will, in
my opinion, prove prolltable. To .tho
average man In the West, tho surest
way to profit Is In real estate Invest
ments, G. D. BOYD, 111 Court Street
We are trying to make this our
Banner Month and in order to do so
are offering rare inducements. You 11
make money by investigating.
316 East Court Street.
Have Your Water Pipes Examined and Repaired at Cl
Delay will lead to serious breaks.
First-class work guaranteed by
BECK, the Reliable Plumber.
Court street, opposite the Golden Rule Hotel
expect people to know
you have to sell If you
The new store can never be
known nnlesa It advertises