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    MONDAY, FEBRUARY 16, 1903.
j mounted, they having come from
Manila a row monttis ago. it Is ex
acted that regular cavalry drills will
Lcgln within a row months.
1 Dentist of Waltiburg Being Tried for
Attemptlno to Kill His Wife Fri
day. Walla Walla, Feb. IS. Dr. J. W.
McLean, a dentist of "VValtsburp. Is
being tried In the superior court to-
, day for Insanity, the matter being
Jw. H. Huffman, of Union County, j
Pastes Away Sunday came to ur
egon In the Early Sixties.
J. F. Stticnkel, ot Spain Gulch, was j W H Huffman, one of tho pioneers
In town the other day. en route home
from Portland.
Chris Peterson, of Spain Gulch, was
in town S. turday. He has lately re
turned from a trip to Portland.
o' union county, nieti oi orupsv m
l.is home In Pyle's Canyon, near
t nlon, Sunday. February 15 nRd 65
Mr. Huffman came to Union coun
Josle, th. ll-yeaiHrid son of Elmer """,? "a -VSnunna rrsli
lience has teen in Union county over
since. He was marTied In 1867, In
Snyder, who lives six miles north of
itroueht on hv an nttpmnt on tho nanf10"' 18 tr e,ch w" ",e
of the doctor to kill his wife Friday! wigmser .Mcumnon anu conauciori tniou county, to Catherine Stanley,
night. Mr. McLean was tried a I ew , Corkendahl brought down the special' wnon, ne survived six years. The
'weeks ago and released, the tempor- j yesterday with the Yallroad officials. runeral nnd Interment will take place
nrv spell seeming to have passed. A; Charles J. Ferguson, has recovered at Union this afternoon,
o r u a r- a c i ,ew das ng0 tne trouble returned from a slight Illness and was at his I Among those attending are Pert
Un Udds ana L-nas. bpec- and resulted In the ntterap; upon his office at the Woolen Mills again to-! Huffman, his son, and editor of the
ial Ibargains. See prices j wife's life. The demented man was day. . j East Oregonlan. Mr. Huffman was
in north window, I brought to this city, and a number oft George B. Gillette arrived from Los, called to the bedside of his father
witnesses weio caned to testily as'ngojes Saturday last and is now op- Saturday last ana was wun mm ni
Dtedinger, Wilson & Co.
Good Shoes Cheap
to his actions for five or six yearsierator In the uptown Western Union
pasi. it seems uiai nervous trouoie telegraph office.
?!T,tedJ,he mMd ,thK d0CtOK'1 T. E. Woodside. who lives five
the effects being noticeable by neigh- north of to dl
Ik,s for several years. ml a e of wheat and thot )g
I ir. good conuiuon.
Mrs. Collin Mcintosh left for Eu-
! Whitman College Celebrates the 93d i ?ene ,nis moraine. She has been
a couple of weeks.
One of the Greatest
Anniversary of the Birth of
Walla Walla, Fob. 16. Today is be
ing celebrated "Founders' Day" at
, Whitman College, the day being the
Gatherings of S3d ar.niveraarr nf tho birth nf Unr.
wau wal,a M IW. and Its first instructor. At ! """nr,; " V""
John Blom and wife, who live near
Griggson, are both severely 111 with
the gTip and have been confined to
the house for some time
F. Wells, of Middle Cold SprJn.cs,
his death. Five children, four Bons
nnd one daughter, survive him
Pendleton people who have been
acquainted with Mr. Huffman fo;
many years, say of him that he was
a man of n very equlabln temper,
generous. ii:Bt and In every respect a
practical, honest American. Also that
he was and had always been an ex
ceedlngly well-Informed nnd progres
slve man.
Walla Walla, Feb. 16. Tho local chapel this morning Allen It. Rey
present intention of leaving the
country, but Instead, will buy another
camp of Woodmen of.the World is.nolds. who was intimately acquaint- f f V. lu ,mtr
arranging for a monster loe-roUinc in'ed with Rev. Ells, spoke of the life, i 1 .
this city May 1, when it is promised i work and character of the pioneer.; V uvingston and George E
that 349 candidates will be initiated A number of friends of th college. Ia,e- representing the Union Publish
into the order in one of the greatest 1 were presenL Rev. Ells wa3 born in
gatherings ever witnessed in the ' Blandford. Mass., Fobruary 16, 1S10,
state. General Organizer W. C. and established Whitman College in
Krum, of Denver. Col., is in tho city;l6S, In honor of .Marcus Whitman,
making arrangements for the event. ' Two grandchildren of the founder are
The "Woodmen have ordered a nina-i students at the college. Walter Ells,
ber of electric signs and advertising' of Twunc. Wnsh., and Miss May Ells,
matter Is being prepared which will j of Tacoma
be scattered all over Eastern Wash-,
ington. Prixes of $75 have been hungi TOUR OF ALASKA.
up for the member presenting the
most names of applicants acceptable' Department Commander of the G. A.,
to the camp, and other forms of rival-' R. to Visit the Posts.
ry oc lnirotmceo. rne initiation Walla Walla. Feb. 16. Denartnient
Ing Company, are in town. The firm
they represent lately published a dl
rectory of Walla Walla.
A special train yesterday arrived i lmlniwn'
Irnm thr. PnM hnHnr TV IT a i UHll'U.
Thome, who is President Harrlman's
chief assistant; Superintendent J. P
O'Brien, and W. H. Kennedy, chief en
gineer of the O. R. & N. The party
went north to Spokane after a few
moments delay at this point to
Eight Persons Killed In an Explosion
at Fostoria, Ohio Charred to a
Fostoria, O.. Feb. 16. Eight ier
sons were killed In an explosion at
the Fox Magazine Cane Company
this afternoon. Six have been Identi
fied, all charred to a crisp. Three
men escaped, but had their clothing
burned off. All were seriously injur
ed. The cause of the explosion wa
Four of the dead are
Gay Parliamentary Season.
London, Feb. 16, Society is return
ing from the Riviera and other re
sortB where the winter months have
been passed and the west end Is llv-
;nlnp up in anticipation of the open
i ing of parliament tomorrow. The
season Is expected to be a very gay
tne. The list of receptions, political
and otherwise, which are in antlcl-
R r. Tim Pit nr. " ,u : ,l l ... i r J..
-II ,w 1 I..., ! m . " r . T". - I nnlr- nf n ronrcconlnl re r.f tho Pact , l"u". '"'5' "".
w, f"uiM ouior companied oy ilrs. uedeu, left tfte ; ' . 5tanhoie Ladv Wlmborne Iidv Te-
compeUUon lor prizes, and ether ac- cUy tat nIght or a tour of this statej Oregonian he said "les, 1 an; .shear-Sonde "dy f?
tractions will be offered the public , and Alaska in which Mr. Bo.tr.li win . lc .aireaay I nave been shearing
ann a prnnn or trip uniinrm ranir nr in ...... . .1
the order Is being perfected among a banquet was tendered the departing ou tno tnlth- 1 I,ke the ninchlne
the same men. As an inducement for , officer and his wife by the members work mucn bM- 1 nave merely
enthaalasm to present itself quickly. ' of the local lodges of the Grand ' , c:lec,ei1 getting the sheep shearing
Poor little Venexuela and
destroyed her gunboats.
So it goes through life.
It is always a survival of
the fittest. Our
Coffee has survived It
has stood every test and
stands like the Rock of
Gibralter. Test it against
any other coffee you are
using, and then you, like
our other patrons will
say, "It's the best 25c
Coffee on Earth!"
Owl Tea House
17 lbs. Sugar $1.00
Land For Sale
Washington &
Columbia Rive
Take this:
route for
I Chicago, 8L Paul, 8U
I All Points East an4
PortUad and 1
on the Sound
I Trttt CARD,
ArriYB Pendleton Uond&T
Leave Walla Walla dally tIr
I ArrtTS Walla Wiu dalff St 1
ZBodatloni, rail oo or adlna
Walla Vaiul w.
Is Shearing Sheep.
Charles Cnnninchnm. the voiprsn
. ana nana, reD. 10. ijepanmem . r . A r
has been scheduled for Mav 1. and.rn., r r. 1 t sheep breeder, was in town toaay buy.
will continue three days. Bands from ' lnsrtnn nnri Ainai.-!. w r Tiioii o.: lDS wool sacks. In answer to the In-
a-1. 1 T 1 I AlUUllllUU. IUC AJ UV.UCSO VII At I tXk J II u 1 -
penoim xne minatory vrorK a official r visit thi 40 nr more nosts nf lur lue i"101 aB-vs- 1 "ac H"ear- onA t ...n.
degree team Is being organh- the Grand Armv located in diffeTent : about, L30O bucks so far. While 1 t""' "i-'
In this city. cnnsisOng of 45 men, paru of the denartment. The trio cav.e . trled machine shearing. I ami .," .-""J-"?"", "
t oiiii ataiiii-; uy iiann. inmiirrx in itfii i . ..." .
a special gathering of the lodge hast Army. Sons of Veterans and Rllef ' raachlnes- 'l s not generally known
been called for this week, when an; Corps at the hall on Alder street Sat-! whai a larpe volum' f business U
oyster supper will be served to all unlav !im conducted in the sale of pure hred
members. I " ! stock by the Eastern Oregon sheep
Contract Let for 300 Horses to Be
Used by the Ninth Cavalry.
Walla Walla, Feb. 16. The Ninth
cavalry, located at Fort Walla Walla.;
Arrive In Two Special Cars One of
the Best Minstrel Show on the
The Harry Ward .Minstrel Company
A pretty and quie wedding took
place last evening at the home of
Mrs. Chas. Finch, at 621 Maple street.
ne contracting parties were C. M
is to be furnished with 300 horses wh wl WVf the opera house 1 1 anQ Mn. OHve Lark botfc 1 of
within 60 days with which to inotrnt' f.ved n town this momlng , reri,0hn; T "? 5 fi
the four trnnns nt thn TCPll.fcT.rmrn r-nl. 1 ' 'w special cars
ored regiment. The contract for the The Parade given at noon by the
purchase of the stock had been ! company was 0I5e of tfae finest over
nwarded to Herman Metsr nf Pnrt.: wn a roaaieion. mere were 31)
limd, and the price is fised at ?U7 per m8' lwo Dsnds ana a Quanet or meg
head. Tr. r.rtire t- t iI aphone singers in the parade, the
closed up within 60 davs, and it ls!Quartet "adering 6 medley of popu
espected that most of the horses wili;iar sonSs 1 the street concert,
jirrive iiere within a month. In the Thia scasoa Mr- guarantees
competition a pumtwr of horsemen ' h.Is ,ahow l be one of the best min
madfbids, most ot the men interested; fg" ,l .tJ? nf,1 J'
in Eastern Oregon and Waahinstoa i Ffinf ' caIW 1A.Nlfht to ld n"
making figures considerable higher' na- Js TerJ". elaborate ana was de
than those of the successful bidder. 1 stsned especiallr for the Ward shov.
Since the arrival of the Ninth at'uftor Mr: Ward 8 own, Ne,w
this post the men have been un- BonSnQ new Jokes will be heard in
1 the first part. The olio Is a strong
cne, being made cp of seven pleasing
In our prescription department i vaudeville acts. Including Harry
we use Parke. Davis & Co.'s fluid i11'! original monologue, Hershel's
tu Lei, .,i 1 exclusive electrical bag punching act
extracts They are absolutely . n(j Mnrjvrn's riecullar "Lone Hotten-
Etrthymol Tooth
formed by Rev. G. W. Rlgby. in the
presence of a small party of relatives
and neighbors and a few other invlt?d
guests. Afterward' all sat down to a
'men, two bands and a quartet or meg- wedding supper. Mi. and Mrs. Froome
during the 20 years or so that both
Is a scientific preparation which
whitens the teeth, hardens the
gums and destroys all germs, thus
preventing the teeth from decay
ing. TALLMAN & C2:
tott" acL
For thoEc who "appreciate good mu
sic, clean comedy and excellent vau
deville the Harry Ward show will be
an attraction not to be missed.
The minstrels spent an open date
in Pendleton several weeks ago and
were entertained by the local lodu
of Elks.
Daughter He says my eyes are like
limpid pools, pa. Father Who does?
Daughter That young man who was
In the front room with me last night,
pa. Father Well, you tell him if
he stays so late again, I'll raid the
poolrooms. Judge.
have resided either In or ne&r Pen
dleton. Their mutual confidence and
respect are shared In a ery wide
circle .of people. Mr. and Mrs. Froome
pre at noire at 503 Garden street
may urewe win open their now
house with a big party. Lord Rose
berry and I.ady Colebrooke will en
tertain for the liberal league, and Sir
Henry Campbell-Bannerman will do
some entertaining for his party.
Chapin to Wrestle Hugee.
Fond du Lac. Wis., Feb. 16. Adel
bert Chapin of this city and W. Hugee
of Stevens Point, are to be tho prin
cipals in a wrestling match to be
pulled off here" tonight. According to
the articles of agreement the men)
will weigh in at 126 pounds, and the
match will be at catch-as-catch-can ,
style. Considerable interest is maul-'
fested In ti e contest. I
220 acres, 90 in bottom, 40 Bet to al
falfa; fine big orchard. 2 is nJlee from
railroad station, $6,000.
80 Oacres and 600 sheep. A fine
stock ranch; plenty of water, 93,700.
Three quarter sections wheat and
alfalfa two miles out, $13,500.
720 acres a stock ranch with fine
summer range adjoining; running
water, $4,600.
200 acres 10 In river bottom; six
miles west, $2,600.
140 acres on the Umatilla river, IS
miles oat, $1,500.
SOO acres of wheat land, 12 miles
from Pendleton, $6,000.
360 acres a Camas Prairie stock
ranch, $2,200.
320 acres. 100 tons hay m barn,
This Is a partial list; I have many
other stock and wheat farms for sale.
I have a long list of desirable lots.
residences and business houses in lo
calities to cult the buyer.
Real Estate Dealer.
Pullman Sleepk
Elegant Dioine
Tourist Sleeping j
and all points East anl
Ifiroorh ticket to Jap
Tacoma ana NnrUierG FclCcj
ana ADtrcn una.
Trains leare Pendleton ualli ;
at 7:00 p. n.
rat raztcer lnlaraation. tla
ana uueu. eau on or write
dleton. Oremn. or A. 1
Tnlrfl and Morrlwo su
carcets. on shelves, walla
Ping purposes. Old newsp
Durales or 100 each at 2.r.
ion, ureses.
Trust Legislation.
Congress Is grinding out trust leg
islation not of the metal from which
can be forged anything detrimental
to trust. As usual when public sen
timent begins to show signs of unrest,
the trusts, ever on the alert, exploit
some scheme in the form of law that
enables them to carry on business at
the old stand. Freewater Times.
Socialists Meet.
mere was a large turnout yester-
day to the Socialist Club meetlne In V
the Despain building, and 12 new
members were voted in. The subject '
MHill -H IlllltTlllllllll
discussed was "Why Should a Union. J f i 1 I
Man Become a Socialist?" The ad- !X ' -V- Vw'
dress by Ferry Houser on this sub
ject was partlcuulrly entertaining and
sound. The next session of the club
will be an onen meetine Mondnv
evening. February 23. It will be ad-r
dressed by Rev. Jonathan Edwards, j T
eratlon." 1
7-room houe with bath room, wood shed, cellar, good lawn with
shade tree, on Lincoln street, near Bluff. A snap for $1300.
Tom Bwearenger place on Wet Alia strett Two loU, (rood rwi
denoe. Only I2b00. '
Good 6-room bour. on West Alta, Comer lot. A bargain, $1000.
0 acres adjoining the city. Good 6-room house, good stable and other
buildings. OnlyJISSO.
320 acres, good house aud bam, srood orchard, 30 acres in alfalfa, on
river, 12 miles from cllr Jnt J4000.
160 acres 6 mile from town, small house, plenty water. A good
proposition to lake, $lcCC
BUSINESS CHANCES The Old Dutch Henry Feed. Yard,
a good invtHtnaent, 7tC0. Depot livery alable, only $700. Httyden's
confectionery store on Court street, at invoice price.
Broke Into Office.
Last Friday evening the deputy Ir.
the county assessor's office forgot to
turn off the electricity in the office. J
The incident was probably responsi-'Z
ble for some oi.e during the night,
u. wun.i.h III UWUI Ul ill? IJUJCt;.
The door was securely fastened and
the interloper, whoever he was. surg
ed against the door with sufficient
force to break the lock from its fast
enings. At what time in the night
this took place is not known, neither
can any object be surmised that af
fords a good explanation for the as
sault on the door. There was no evi
dence whatever that anything In the
room, either public or private prop
erly, had been In any way nioleated.
Marriage License.
A marriago license was issued Sat
urday to Mark E. Nowlln, of Adarar
county, and Miss Anna E. Johnson, of
Umatilla county.
In Police Court.
Til-e-quotej, and old offender, got
five days in the city jail for being
drunk and disorderly today.
London, Feb. 16. A gun cotton ex
plosion in Woolwich arsenal this
afternoon killed three and Injured
many. The king and queen were In
specting the Royal Herbert hospital,
a mile away, at the time.
Patent Colt, Monkey Tops,
$5 00 : :
Vici K d, Fine Dress Shoes,
$4 50 ::
; ; Velour Calf, Blucher Pattern ' '
$4.00 : :
; I Box CaH, Good Business 1
Shoe, . :
$3.50 : :
All made of the best stock ;;
and with the cood. old-fash-
I ioned x
Oak Tanned Soles Z
$3.00 and $2.50
: I In Box Calf, Velour and Vici ; '
; ; Kid. . -
j All kinds of Babies' Shoes !
:: i:
""""iiiif iimniiin
On Tuesday Next, February 1'
We will put on sale the nicest uo-to date lit
Ladies Muslin Underwear shown in Pendleton!
our center window for display.
lust received, direct from the mills, 100 dozen
TW0-IN-0NE WORKING SHIRTS. These shirts!
worth 75c: our sale price only 50c. 3
Remember we are acents for the Cosmopolitan P3
Patterns. Price 10c. None better.
The Lyons Mercantile CompJ
Kemember: The largent stock of goods In the city to ele
Yes, on the jZ RADEJ
like to C U B A Cm
e if
i jopular
lace 1 c
Ftiwiittife min and Wcbb
On Its Merit
Has the large demand for
Dyers' Best
Been built up. Only the choicest wheat that grows e
ro Hvfr Mpct ninnr it : ncneciion iu num.
W. S. Byers, Proprietof .
T T7r A T DT A KTVC Write the
l vAI 1 Jl XXi. n7 goolan lot
alogwe of them. A fall aufply always kept ia