East Oregonian : E.O. (Pendleton, OR) 1888-current, February 16, 1903, DAILY EVENING EDITION, Image 2

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    mm AND BOYS'
Vici Kid, Calf, Kangaroo and Cor da van.
Boys' Shoes, $1.25 to $2.25.
Men's Shoes, $iAO to $4.50.
Oor Shoes are worthy of your inspection be
cause they are money savers.
Bae & Daley
).ie-Pric Oi.ahif rs. Haters and Furnishers
Cattle are dying from culd ami
starvation in Wyoming.
Old Fort Grant, in Arizona, Is to
be abandoned because It has not a
proper water supply.
The jury investigating the wreck
in New Jeiaey. declares that the en
gineer was responsible because of his
failure to observe the signals display
ed. -
President Roosevelt signed the!
army stiff bill Saturday and It is now
a law. It will take effect after the
retirement of General Miles. August
J 5 next.
Morphim anil ngarettes are saii
-to have caused the condition of Wil
liam Hooper Young. Physlrians de
clare that iie was medically insane,
but legally sane.
The Alaskan boundary commission,
consrstinr of three Americans and
three Englishmen, will proceed at ,
once to decide as to whether Dyea '
and Skagway are on American soil, j
Bryan, it. an interview Satuiday
said: "I am a plain work-.." in thej
democratic ranks and am content toi
iemain as such. He declared that
lie would not asnin be a candidate for
Andrew Carnegie, upon hearing of
Germany's extortionate denv.nds of
Venezuela, offered to let Minister
Bowen have 5360.000 for a loan to
Venezuela. The offer wasliot ac
cepted, because Castro has money
sufficient to meet the demands.
Hotel Pendleton.
George F Roberts. Portland
A. Sinsheimer, Portland.
E E Planch Spokane.
M. A. Hntlel'. Portland
G S Youngman. Portland.
Bert McDenison. Portland.
J. v Morrell. St. l.ouls.
George W. Broadheud. St. Louis-.
V It. Jenkins, city.
A. K Gmnt. Portland.
G Richardson. Portland
Hanv Ogden. Portland.
T. M. Wood. Portland.
H. W. Tomllnsoit, Portland.
Clyde Evans. Portland.
Edwin Burke. Harper.
George Harris. Portland.
Andj Xylnnder. Portland.
H. B. Trow, Portland.
J. H. Ackumn. Ponhnd.
B. O. Kllliu, Spokane.
W. Xelson, San Francisco.
C. D. Rinker. Spokane.
J. G. Camp. Boise,
E. H. Burke, Portland
F. E. I)aw. Portland
W. E. McCawn, Portland.
C F. Tuxbury. city.
J. .7. Bu'ns. Portland.
E. Detrick. Jr.. Portland.
F. A. Kinney. San Francisco
F. W. Paine. Walla Walla.
B. F. Marlin and wife. Meacham.
H. W Harris. San Francisco.
J. A. Fenzer. San Francisco
I. . H. Duniagan. Chicago.
W. L. I-aughstone and wife, Port
land. George E. Hale. Portland.
H. W. Lovelnnd. Portland.
G. R. Bird, Portland.
W. H. Holley. city.
Jacob Camp, city.
W. B. Jenkins. Bath.
X. A Miller. Athena.
Chas. Cunningham Begins to Shear
Sheep Roads Getting in Good
Shape Stock Doing Fine Hay
Getting Scarce.
Ridge. Feb 13 P. B. Fletohei
nuule a buslnei trip to Pendleton
this week
James 1. Hall, ot G'lrdane, passed
up ibis v-H-k with his cattle, which
he has been wintering at Joe Hans
onis In South Cold Springs
R. B Chaluey. of Warren, was In
Athena on business last week
Miss Mtucarot Turner, who has
en in th, vicinity of Uklah for the
most ol the winter, returned home
Clmrle-i PKirnffe. of Butter Creek,
was in this vicinity last week, trans
acting business. He reports stock in
that localltj as doing line, but hay r
getting scarce with some.
Mi-is Alpha Cnte. ot Gurdune, pased
down to Pendleton on the stage this'
N". E Sturdevnnt. who drives the!
stage between Nye and Pendleton, j
was a visitor in Ukiub from Saturday i
evening to Monday morning
Miss Mary Smith is reported na 111
with the measles, yet getting along'
M. E. Sturdevaut gave out the news
at Ridge that any drugs sent upon his
stage by Brock k McComas. of Pen-;
dleton, came free of charge.
Clins. Cunningham. Umatilla coun
ty's sheep l.lng. is shearing hi- buc):
at present.
C. L. Howard, of Alba, was out in
tliU part on business this week.
S. C. Kilgore. of Athena, spent this
week on business in this part. He re
ports good roads 'from Pendleton to
jf"E. Smith's on Bear Creek.
Fine Beef Cattle.
Albert E. Rust, who is working for
his brothers. J. H. and J. A. Rust, in
the Hudson Bay vicinity, spent a few
days in this vicinity and started the'
first of the week with his brother.-'
beef cattle, for the Hudson Bay lo
cality. There was reported to hae
been something over 130 head and all
were looking flue. There is yet be
tween -10 and 50 beef cattle beltm
fed in this locality of which H W
Whlttaker has about 40 and Cam
eron the remainder.
Snow Disappearing.
We are having about the saint
weather as usual, our Chinook took
a lay-off and the thermometer has
ranged from 10 to 34 above zero It
has been quite chilly and cold, with
different cool winds. There was two
feat of snow on the mountains before
the chinook, and I suppose there must
be at least a foot now. It is snowing
some this evening, but does not seem
to amount to much.
eggs Is pormltted on all days of Lout
r.t the evening collation, and the prlti
tho3o days on which the
use if Hesh meat Is forbidden. '
"3 In the morning n small piece of j
bre.u. is allowed with n cup of coffee, i
tea chocolate or some similar drluk.
4 When the principal meal cannot
bp taken before noon, tho order may1
be inverted and the collation taken In j
the morning and the dinner In the
5 Uird and grease may be used;
in preparing the lawful victuals
i; Thoso of the faith who are ex-,
empt fifcm the obligations of fasting
enn on the days when the use of flesh
meat is permitted to all the faithful,
be- allowed to use it several times a
dro as on the Sundays of Lent when
the obligation Is not binding The us
oi both flesh meat and fish together at
the same meal Is strlctb forbidden
during the whole of Lent
"The following persons are exempt
from fasting: All those who have not
attained their 21st yenv or who have,
passed their COth year, those whose
weak health oi condition otherwise i
n a demand the full amount of nour
ishment, and all thoe whose c cvtpa
Hons are ot a laborious and exhaust
ing nature.
Those who are excused from fas
lug on account of age oi linrd labiv
mav use flesh meat more than on"c on
the davs on w'hleh It Is allowed
Bv an ludult of Our Holy Father.
Pius IX, the soldiers and seamen In
the United States service have only
six days ot abstinence during the year
namely- Ash Wednesday the Inst'
three days of the Holy Week, the vigil
of the Assumption of the Blesed Virgin
Mary, the vigil of Christmas This,
dispensation does not exempt from the
law of fasting.
"By another tndult of the lnth of
March. 1S95. the Holy See has given
foi 10 years to the bishops of the
United States the faculty of dispens
ing in favor of the working people
com the law of abstinence on certain
"By virtue of thib tndult and ills
i eusatlon of Lent, working people- are
permitted to use flesh niea once a
nay on all fast and abstinence days of,
tht year, except Fridays. Ash Wednes
day, Wednesday and Saturdaj In Holy
Vek and the vigil of Christmas.
"The above dispensation is granted
not only to worklngmon and women,
but also to their entire families " A
Christie. Archbishop for Oregon
For Rent The storeroom on Main
street now occupied by A Rohde In
quire of Chris Ranley
rm L UN tsnANU
iti tf riiVi 14 i Si if I
Is 'V &. $ ii lS I II
s i? i j sis
V I ! s i ! i4kl
i Ii i ii h ? i? lirtF
1 IM I i if il 1 f
llilh! 11 111
Early a-r.vaSof jj..
' p Ulllll I
In newest d,.. .
miliums mat ,
$.25 J Values of oar Best Lines of fl?f
$J.50 Shirts left after fall business ) 4
A most successful winter carnival
has just closed at Rossland, B. C
Nel?on won the hockey championship
In a bitterly contested match with Mie
Victorias, of Rossland
John Collins, a member of the Hon
olulu fire department, became insane
Saturday from drink and ran amuck.
Before bf could be controlled he In-1
jtird seveial iiereons with a hatchet. !
A ma38 meeting of Yakima citizens
wag held Saturday night and resolu-
tions were adopted iuatmctlng their I
representatives to vote against the
reservoir -uorage bill to be presented
at nivmnia navt a.nal I
A mammoth meteor struck the
earth In the vicinity of Bingham.
Utah. Saturday morning, with such
foreo as to jar the earth for miles
about that town. People thought that
it was an earthquake.
Thfe two men who held up the
Burlington express at Butte, Mont.,
wero arretted In that city h'l'.turdav
One was George Howard, who had
lately been released from prison, hav
ing served 12 jeare for highway rob-hery-
Fireman Hines was almost instant
ly killed in a wreck on the Great
Northern near Ephrata. Waah.. Satur
day nigbt. The train was Just pulling
Into the yards whin the pony truck
ol the engine gave way. The engine
fell Into a ditch and caught the tire
man under the wreck
Golden Rule.
Mrv A. WlWon. Milton.
C. L. Wilson. Milton.
C. L. Downer, Spokane.
C. E. Masson, Portland.
G. W Williams. Spokane.
W. .1. Moore. Spokane.
A. J. Hall. Spokane.
W. D. .Marks. Spokane.
A .E. Porur, Valley.
James Harris, Athena.
J. M. Xowport, Athena.
W. H Upton. Jr., Walla Walla.
I.ee Cnnfleld. Ashland.
John Linders. Yakima
Mrs. J. .Mails. San Jose
H. C. .Molls, San Joso.
G. n.-Gnlley. Portland
E. H. Thompson, Portland.
W. H. Upton. Jr.. Walla Walla.
F. H. Sloan, Pullman.
Sam McGee, Pullman.
Annie Arnot. Mo3eow.
A F. Blrnnrd. Portland.
Jessie Carwell. Walla Walla.
J. F. Hajden, St. Louis.
C. F. Chapman, Spokane.
A. E. McBreen. Portland.
Mrs. L. Perdue, Cayuee.
Mrs. R. Jones, Echo.
A. J. Bursh, city.
F. Harsen. city.
G. W. Bradloy, Athena.
Henry Haynes, Haynesvllli
J. A. Baxter. Wclia Walla.
A .Good. Walla Walla.
B. P. Spofford. Pilot Rock
C ,M. Spafford Pilot Rock.
W. B. Shorley, Oregon City.
L. Cunningham. Portland.
E H. Wilson. Valley.
.Messis. tiy uros.: l nave neen a
great sufferer from catarrh and hay
fever and tried many things hut
found no permanent relief until I
found it in Ely's Cream Balm about
eight years ago, and we have been
fast friends ever since (Rev i R. M.
Bent ley.
Messr3. Ely Bros.: Find enclosou
50 cents fot which please send me
your Cream Balm. I lind your reme
dy the quickest and most permanent
cure for cold in the head, catarrh,
ect. Yours truly, Dell M. Potter
General .Manager Arizona Gold Min
ing Co.
Archblshp Christie Issues Regulations
for the Diocese of Oregon.
Archbishop Christie has issued the
lollovvlng Lenten regulations for the
archdiocese of Oregon Lent begins '
February 25:
"1. The ute of flesh meat is allowed
at ever' meal on Sundays as well as
the principal meal on Mondays, Tues
days. Thursdays and Saturdays, Sat
urdays of the Embci days ami Holy
Week excepted.
"2. The use of fish milk butter an 1
Our drug store stems to
be getting busier every day.
It must be, for sales are run
ning biguer, we have more
help and yet have to keep on
the go all the time.
There's something fas
cinating about a puptuar
siore that makes it a pleas
ant place to trade. Come
and see how nice ours is.
Poultry Supplies
I have just received a shipment of Incubators,
Brooders and Green Bone Cutters. The nhia?
of poultry is a paying business, and a few dolhts
carefully invested will bring many in return.
I have a first-class line and it will pay you to ex
amine the same before buying elsewhere
i 74 J Main Street
How's This?
We offer Ob Hundred Dollars llard
fer any ease of catarrh that cannot tw
coral by Hall's Catarrh Cure.
F. J. CHUNKY A CO.. Props., Toledo. O.
We, the nnrterslsnl. hare known V. J.
Cbeser foe tbe last 55 years, and believe
him ixrfectly honorable In all btulnres
transactions and financially able to carry
out any oblliratloas mide bj their firm.
WBST k TltlTAX. Wholesale DruggUM,
Toledo, O
Id T f i , o.', 1 ta Tilln ft
Hall' Catarrh Cure I taken Internally,
acting directly upon the blood and mu
og surface! of tbe njstern. Price 75c per
bottle. Hold by all dru:n;UM, Testimonials
Hall's family I'llls are the best.
Cheap Rates Westbound.
From February 15 to April 30, 1903,
inclusive, ihe O. R? & N. Co. will
have on sale tickets from Missouri
River points to Pendleton for $22.60;
from St. Paul, J25.00; from St. Louis.
527.50. Call on tho O. R. & N. ticket
agent for all particulars.
For Sale.
$3,750, two houses and 75x100 ieo.
cn Garden street. Renta for $33 per
month. Address J, M. Leezer, 269
Clay street, Portland, Or.
Robert E Hell, of Denver, promoter
of tbe sanitarium for consumptive
actors and actresses, proposes to ar
range boneflta at theaters nil over
the country. Ho expects to raise
$150,000 in thls.way.
"Do you think that Shakespeare
wrote his own plays?" "Of course, 1
do," answered tho man who Is alwayH
positive, however Ill-informed he may
be. "If Shakespeare didn't write his
own plays, whose plays did ho write?"
Washington Star.
ft The pasttime that so in- g
S vigorates the system, brings
3 the bloom of health to the ti
5f cheeks and adds to the
5 pleasure of living,
Golf clubs, golf balls, cad-
dy bags and all goll supplies ft
s as well as a complete sto:k
sj of sporting goods of all de- h
w scriptions.
Phone Main 851
A lodging lioiire, 1 1 rooms and lot,
very centrally located, $2300.
A lot alxiut three 1)1 cks frou Main
street, $250
A house, 8 rooms and lot, live block
off Main street, $1100.
Other bouses and loU from $500 to
fciiuKle lou from $125 to 1300 accord
ing to location.
Four lots together 600.
Hlx lots tnether, $850.
Fourteen loU together, whole block,
1600. '
Will Hell for ca- b or on easy teniw,
Will explain and ahow property up
ou application. Pendletou is growing
rapidly and Investments now will, iu
my opinion, prove profitable. To the
average man In the West, the BureHt
way to protlt is in real estate luveat-menta.
Our Banner Month
We are trying to make this our
Banner Month and in order to do so
are offering rare inducements. You'll
make money by investigating.
315 East Court Streot.
a J S r n UMV,n ... I The new store can never be
!TSCCCW III Court Street known nnless II advertises
Have Yoar Water Pipes Examined and Repaired at
Delay will lead to serious breaks.
First-class work guaranteed by
BECK, the Reliable Plumber.
Court street, opposite the Golden Kuie "'CI
ADVcrl l ioc