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Eastern Oregon Weather
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Tonight nnd Tuesday fair;
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NO. 4 008.
L to Appear That the
islature Will Wait Until
.Last Moment.
ah Delegation Again Stands
Maor Williams Senator
U' Road Brand Bill Is Killed
, Feb. 16. There is no change
oote for Konator. It is cxpect-
Ijk the election will not occupl
Lth last hours of the session,
l Mils Friday night. Fulton's
arc considered good. The.
llcr senator today is as follows:
nng i
a! - 90
Ore., Feb. 13. (Special
ndence.) The heavy repub-
ajorlty was today lined up to
ter a knock-out blow to the
it aroused the Oregonlan and
isalB as has no other measure
in this legislature. Every
8 since Senator Pierce intrc-
iis Associated Press bill, the
aper' has devoted a leading
of about a column and ft.haU'
Ion of this bill. The re-
caucussed last night and
to give the measuro decent
Senator Pierce called up his
report today and made an
nlea for Its adoption, but It
& talking against a stone wall.
McGinn, the neavy-woigui
of the Oregonlan on the
i tie senate, with uplifted arms
ktte&ive mien, declaimed in
sola Vines against the attempt
fettvi.i'om the Oregonlan the
cr&ii rfvllege of Associated
Tmtm in Portland, a condition
flAJaStt in no other large cuy in
etwirr, Pres. Brownell went on
far snd took occasion to put
n'fht with the man in tho
lit diicusslon lasted 45 minutes
tie division was strictly on par
tm. This makes Pierce's thirci
ij report from the judiciary
it has caried his point twice.
Road Brand Bill.
ator c. J. Smith's road-brand
nery meritorious measure, was
s or the house ommit'ee o.i
rttare. which is composed of
Western Oregon republicans
B. 36, another one of Senator
i mpasures, -which empowors
ioard of medical examiners to is-
Ewnses to physicians holding
cites from the boards of other
i that gram this state tho same
on, passed the house with
in its favor.
bill 73, relating to licensing
warehousemen passed the sen-
The bill as amended re-
any one desiring to engage ill
warehouse business to file n
trying in amount from $1000 to
with the county court. The
must now concur In the amend
before the bill becomes a law,
J. N. S.
They Grow Angry at Attempt to Pass
Phlllnnlnr Tariff mil I
- ---r-r---- -..
Washington, Feb. 16. The beet
sugar Interests shojved thel- teeth
Saturday during an attempt to pass
the Philippine tariff bill. Senator
Lodge frankly announced that the
Philippine bill could not pass unless
tho tariff of 60 per cent of the pres
ent Dlngley rates was retained on
suger and tobacco. Senator Foraker
objected to this statement very
strongly and indicated a desire to
make the tariff 25 per cent, ns in tho
house bill.
Then it was that Patteri-on and Tel
ler, of Colorado, democrats, announc
ed their unalterable opposition to a
Mil which would take any protection
off of sugar or give the Philippine
Islanders access to the United States
n'arkets. Patterson declared that the
Philippine Islands would supply tho
1,'nlted States with sugar If free trade
was granted to them, and this, h3
said, would destroy the Louisiana and
the beet sugar interests of the West.
Teller seconded him, and It became
evident that any proposition other
than that dictated by the sugar trust
could not go through.
It is apparent that if the bill passes
pny effort to amend It beyond what
the beet sugar interests agreed upon
will prove fatal to It, and the rates
will remain as now 75 per cent on
all articles.
Bill Passed to Make Railroads Use
Automatic Brakes on All Cars.
Washington, Feb. 16. The house
passed a bill making more drastic the
rules compelling the railways to
place automatic brakes on all cars.
I ittletield arose and made reply to
Sulzer'e Saturday speech, In which he
had attacked him.
All Commandants of the Tork-
ish Army Ordered to Pre
pare for a Campaign.
All Communication With the
Outside World Has Been
Practically Cut Off.
Quotations Furnished., by the Coe
Commission Company D. C. Sulli
van, Manager, Room 4, Association
Chicago, Feb. 16.
Under Secretary of Foreign Affair
in Italy Declares That the Policy
of That Country Will Be to Prevent
Any Modification of the Status Quo.
Constantinople, Feb. 16. Military
activity continues. For fear of a
Balken uprising all commandants,
have been ordered to prepare for a
six months' campaign,
London, Feb. 16. Musurus Pasha,
the Turkish ambassador to England,
Is negotiating with Lansdowne to se
cure the friendly action on the part
of Great Britain in the event of
trouble In Macedonia.
Rome, Feb. 16. The under secreta
ry of foreign affairs In. the chamber
today said the policy of Italy in the
Balkins vould be to prevent any mod
ification of the status quo to the ben
efit of any power. It Indicates that
Italy will protest against, any distri
bution of favcrs.
Worry Over Shortage of the Compa
ny's Accounts Said to Have Been
the Cause.
Astoria. Feb. 16. Bmil Schimpff,
of Scranton. Pa., the manager of the
North Pacific Brewing Company, of
this city, committed suicide this
morning. He had been about the of
flee as usual and walked into the
barn and fired two bullets Into his
brain. Three other cartridges were
snapped, but failed to explode. Wor
ry over shortage in the company's
accounts through crookedness of the
cashier, is said to be the cause. He
j was 34 years of age and unmarried
U Taking Steps to Determine
1 to Status of the Island.
"ilngton, Feb. 16. Tho com-
on Cuban affairs favorably re
I the senate substitute for the
k resolution. It requests the
If not lncomnatable with
interest, to inform congress ab
status of the iBle of Pines;
' P'Vernment exnrclKfta nnthnrltv
Jt protection is being given
interests there, etc.
Men Ind orse Socialism.
5"ati. Feb. 1fi Thn nrnu-nrv
' convention Saturday unan-
" Indorse a Kcnlnllnn fonnp.
"dallnm. The cnnvnntlnn nriv
ftfter KclfWInc Trwll
Place for holding the next con-
' 13UJ.
1 Horse T v.or. i . j... u..
, . tv m cm urj- unj .
. wroie that i i iu
Chicago Dally News.
Young Vanderbllt Has an Attach
ment Served for Him in Case of
Canfield Gambling House.
New York, Feb. 16. The case of
Bucklln, the manager of Canfleld's
gambling house, was called this morn
:ng In the criminal court. A further
adjournment was taken until Monday.
A number of witnesses including Reg'
insld Vanderbllt, failed to respond to
their names when called off. Attach
ments were Issued for them.
Anthracite Commission Will Have to
Review the Testimony of 570 Wit
nesses. Washington, Feb. 10. Carroll I),
Wright returned to the anthracitf
eommlssion. They moot here Thurs
day, when they commence their final
York. They have to review the tes
timony of 570 witnesses covering 10.
uflO pages of typewritten paper.
Perry May Not be Tried,
Cambridge, Mass., Feb. 16. The
case of George L. O. Perry, the young
i.egro chaigd with the mur1er of
Miss Clara O. Morton, in Waverly
last November, was on the court cal
endar for hearing today, b'lt Is re
garded as unlikely that the trial will
take place In the near future, If at
oil. Since his Imprisonment last fall
I he young negro has been seriously
HI. and at times his life has been
despaired of. His condition Is still
legardod an critical. In his rational
moments he has insisted thut he is
innncenr or the- charce against him
tnd declare-o that the watche? which
ho pawned, and which were Identified
ae the property of the several young
wnmon assaulted and robbed In Wnv-
oily were given to him by an unknown
party to dispose or. Tne ainnoriuca
Kallm-o thnt Perry if he was guilty
ot oil was not thn nrinctnal In the
crime'and should ho die there would
he small lope of bringing tne reai
culprit to Justice. 1
Philippine Coinage- Bill Passed With
an Amendment.
Washington, Feb. 16. The sonata
today passed with amendment the
Philippine coinage bill, which has al-
The amendment offered by Patter
eon, of Colorado, was to authorize the
president to Invite the gold and sliver
standard governments to appoint a
commission which shall devise ana
suggest a plan by which a fixed com
mercial exchange might be establish
ed. Dubois, of Idaho, offered a free
silver substitute which was rejected
without dhislon.
Berthing of Battleships.
Washington, Feb. 16. A resolution
offered by Hale, was passed directing
the secretary of the navy to notify
the senate what Improvement would
be necessary for the Brooklyn water
front at the navy yard for the proper
t;rthing of battleships and fleets.
Ne wBrigadiar-General.
Washington, Feb. 16. The presi
dent sent ihe nomination to the sen
ate of Colonel Wallace Randolph,
now chler of artillery, to be made
Heaviest Storm In Many- Years is
Sweeping Kentucky Much Suffer
ing and Loss of Property Appre
hendedHeavy Snow In Indiana.
Columbus, Feb. 16. All communi
cation with the outside world has been
practically cut off by sleet breaking
the wires. Trains are running slow
nnd many' are abandoned ns even the
lailway wires are down.
In Kentucky.
Bowling Green, Feb. 16. The heav
iest storm for years is sweeping Ken
tucky. Much suffering and loss is ap
prehended. In Indiana.
Alexandria, Feb. 16. The roof of
the Republic Iron and Steel mill col
lapsed early thlb morning under tho
weight of snow, u resulted In heavy
aamagc. Four hundred men are
thrown out of work.
Blizzard Continues.
New Yoik, Feb. 16. The blizzard
continues. Street traffic is blockaded
and all wlie communication is serl
ously interfered with. In some direc
tions it Is out off.
May ....
July ....
May ....
July ....
May ....
July ....
May ....
July . . . .
Minneapolis, Feb. 16.
Wheat Opened.
May 76
July 76-HH
"33 H
People ot St Louis Woro Done
in Approved Style by tho
Turf Companies.
WITH $5,000,000 IN CASH.
Favorable Report on Bill to Repeal
All the Side i.lnes.
Washington, Feb. 16. The senate
committee on public lands Snturday,
after an animated controversy, decid
ed to favorably report Senator Quar
tos' bill repealing tho desert land law,
the timber and stone entry law nnd
the commutation provision of tho
homestead law, leaving only the
straight five year residence home
stead law under which the public
lnnds may be taken up for homes.
Cuba Grants Coaling Stations to the
United States.
Havana, Fob. 16. At noon today
President Palma nnd Minister
Squires signed a trenty giving the
United States naval Btutlons at Quan-
tanamo and Bahla. Every request of
the American government Is granted
His Physicians Say He Gains Vigor
Each Year.
New York, Feb. 16. The Tageblatt
publishes a nio&t remarkable Inter
view which its Rome correspondent
lind with ihe pope's physician, Pr.-
lessor MB7zaioni, regarding his holi
ress" health, taye the Herald's Berlin
"What? The pope ill," laughed the
proressor. "He Is so well that Ave
might envy him. Except for a slight
hoarsenebs, which Is easily cured,
nothing has ailed Ieo XIII these last
two years.
"He is truly a phenomenon. He
prows older in years, but, paradoxical
cs it may seem, he appears to gain In
vigor each yeai. Mark my words,
the pope will live to be 100 years old,
prd longer, and even then he will
enjoy life cs he does today. Really,
cr.e can hardly believe that Leo XIII
bhould ever die."
Steamers and Gondolas Are Sticking
In the Mud People Are Amazed.
Venice, Feb. 16. For two days a
most remarkable occurrence in con
nection with the tides has' created
amazement and great Inconvenience
l.c-ie. The waters hae ebbed to sea
ward so rapidly and in such volume
that they left all the canals Including
the grand canal, almost dry. Steam
ers and gondolas stick In the mud
until the water returns Foundations
of palaces and houses are exposed.
1 Oregon Legislature Appropriates
$1,000 to Wives of Guards Killed by
i Tracy. .
Salem. Feb 16. The legislature
iassed a bill to give f 1.000 to each
of the widowb of Jones,, Tiffany and
I'errell, thu guards kllle-J by Tiacy
pnd Merrlll.on their escape from tho
state penitentiary.
Solicitor Field and Minister Bowen
to Get Up Protocol Between United
States and Venezuela.
Washington, Feb. J G. Minister
Bowen, representing Venezuela, will
this afternoon formally meet the so
licitor (pf the state department, Fielc",
to arrXngc terms of a protocol be
tween the United States and Vene
niela. They will provide for the ap
pointments of a commission to ad
just the claims of American citizen
in Venezuela.
Wisconsin Bowling Championship.
Milwaukee, Wis., Feb. 16. Ar
rangements are completo for the an
nual bowling tournament of tbe Wis
consin Tenpln league, which opens
tonight and continues until Saturday.
The tournnment this year promises
to eclipse any of tho prevlouf .ones
held here. The plan of giving more
prizes has met with favor among tho
bowlers, and more entries have been
received as a result. The cities that
have sent teams Include LaCrosse.
Osbkosh. Racine. Waukesha, White
water, Jar.csvllle, Bclolt, Greon Bay,
Appleton. Fond du Lac, Kenosna,
Marshfield, Manitowoc, Sheboygan,
Madison and Columbus.
ExtSenator Brown, of Utah, Brings
Sensational Charges Against His
Salt Lake, Feb. 16. Another chap
ter occurred In the domestic troubles
of former Senator Arthur Brown, re
cently arrested by his wife on tho
chage of adultery. Mrs, Annie Braa
ley Is today filing a divorce by Brown
against his wife. There are many
sensational allegations, among others
that she tried to poison him.
nomination will probably be fent t'
Employes of the North German Lloyd
Company Go Out Because a Com
rade Wat Discharged.
Bremen, Feb, 16. Fifteen hundred
dock laborers of the North Oerman
Moyd Company struck today becauso
a comrade was dismissed.
After Governor Ames.
Manchester, Feb. 16. Sheriff Del
ger arrived with requisition papers
for ex-Mayor Ames, of Minneapolis,
this afternoon. Ames has been under
surveillance for some time. His hear
ing will be before Governor Batcbel
dor at Concord tomorrow Ames will
fight the extradition.
Mr, Bacon When all Ihe fools are
dead, I won't want to be alive. Mrs.
Bacon Well, don't worry, you won i
be. Yonkcrs Statesman.
Dan Hanna and Winder Deny Having
Any Knowledge of the Attack Say
They Were In Their Private Car.
Cleveland, Fob. 1G. Dan Manna
nnd his companion, WIdnor, both do
ny having any knowledge of tho Cold
well attack They sny that they wcro
i.ot out of their private car at that
time. They know thnt the attack
was made Saturday morning. A dis
patch from Charleston, W. Va., sayt
that Caldwell la still confined to his
ted, but says the matter won't bo
diopped. He reiterates that tbo men
gave their names ns Hanna and Winder.
Telegram Received at St, Lout From
Parsons, Kan., Saying That tho
President Had Passed Through
That Town.
St. Louis. Feb. 16. Tho grand
Jury's Investigation Into tho turf In
vestment companies was resumed
today. Neither E. J. Arnold nor hit
mnnngcr, I. A. Gill, havo yet boon
lound for eorvlco by hto sheriff.
From the correspondence and lit
erature of tho firm seized as ovldence
by tho grand Jury, It dovolops that
Postolllco Inspector Georgo A. DIco
recommended a fraud ordor against
the concern after his Investigation.
Instoad of tho ordor, it is stated, Ar
nold & Co. received a letter from an
Influential postal official which thoy
used as nn advertisement. Tho writ
ing of this letter and tho reasons for
cverrullng tho rccommondiitlon of
Inspector DIco will bo mado tho sub
ject of a (.weeping investigation.
Arnold & Co, omployed the best le
gal talent In soveral cIUch to look
after their business and watch for
such developments. Letters aro said
to havo been found from at loast one
member of tho Missouri legislature
pertaining to tho Interests of the com
pany at Jefferson City.
Later Escaped to Mexico.
St. Louis, Feb. 16. Arnold und Cllll
thu turf Investment men were Indict
ed by tho grand Jury. A score of
detectlvcB f-earched tho city, but fail
ed to find cither. I-ntor a telegram
was received from Parsons, Kan., that
they passed through thcro Saturday
night en routo to Mexico. It Is re
ported that Arnold has $5,000,000 with
him In curroncy of high denomina
tions, which ho had heon gathering
in antidilution of n crash
Stormy Trip of the Germanic Across
the Atlantic.
New York, Feb. 16. The steamship
Germanic anived Saturday after
what her commander. Captain Smith,
said was not only tho roughest trip
since the vessel went Into commis
sion, but tbe stormiest voyugo of his
career as a seaman. Great waves
b-oko over tho port side and rolled
the big steamer until sleep was Im
possible for the passengeis. The
liner made only five knots nn hour.
The crew were called frequently to
allay the alarm of tho panicky pussen
ecrs. There were 29 persons in tho
firBt cbln, twlco as many In the sec
ond, and one of the largest steerage
lists on record. The Immigrants wero
panic-stricken. OH was thrown over
the side of tho ship. The crew had to
move about tho deck with ropes fatt
ened to their waists.
Cortelyou Nominated for Position by
President James Garfield, Jr., Will
Be Commissioner of Corporations,
Wuuhliigton, Feb. 1C. President
Itoosovclt sent to Iho sennt-t tlilt
morning the nomination ot George
H. Cortelyou to bo secretary of tho
now department of commorco, and la
bor. It Is announced on high author
ity that James Garfield, son of tho
martyred president, tho now slvll
korvlco commissioner, Is to bo ap
pointed commissioner of corporations
under tho now department
The news of the uppolntmont wan
confirmed at tho White House. Tho
lound for service by tho Hhorlff.
tho senate tomorrow.
Postal Authorities Undertake to Drive
the Turf Investment Companies.
Chicago, Feb. 16. Three mora turf
Investment companies wcro raided
tlfis afternoon by tho postal authorities.
Was Proprietor of a "Get Rich Quick"
Concern In St, Louis,
St. Louis, Fob. 16. Ryan, the pro
prietor of ono of tho largest "get
rich quick' concerns, wns arrested
this afternoon.
Arkwrlrjht Club Dinner.
Now York. Feb, 16, Tho annual
dinner of the Arkwrlght Club, to bo
given tonight, promises to be the
most brilliant given In the history of
tho organization. The guests of hon
or include Governor Odell, Rear Ad
miral 8chley, Martin I. Knapp, chali
man of tho Interstate rommerce com
mission, and James L. Barbour ,of
Dispatch Received at Navy Depart
ment 8aying That the Alexander
Was Crippled.
Washington, Feb. It!. Thn navy
department today pxelvod a iltapa'ch
form tho Delaware liienkwnter collier
that tho Alexanders shaft wa'j brokon
February 10, 100 miles east of tho Ba
hamas. It whs signed by A i! am son,
tho firut officer who was on board the
Htiamshlp with Admiral Schley. The
Aloxnnder was JubI completing a
trip u rou nc the Hoin from tho Paci
fic roast.
Illinois Retail Merchants.
Alton, III., Fob, 16, Tho Advanio
gard of delogutc-a Is arriving for
thu annual con volition of thj Illinois
Itotall Merchants' Association, which
begins In this city tomorrow nnd con
tinues thrto days. Indications point
to a largo htlondauco and thin, com
bined with tho Importance of .hi sub
jects to ho dlHCUHHcd, glvofl promlMi
of tho molt iiotnhlo meeting In the
history of ihe association,
' Veteran Fireman Dead.
Chicago, Feb. 16, Donlu Wenle,
Chicago's veteran fireman, tiled this
morning of kidney disease. He was
In the department 02 years, y.2 years
as chief. Ho retired In- 1001.
Sailors Remanded.
Liverpool, Feb, 16. Tho four sail
ors of tho barque Veronica, who woro
charged with pliacy, havo nguln heon
remanded loday for elaht day.