East Oregonian : E.O. (Pendleton, OR) 1888-current, January 28, 1903, DAILY EVENING EDITION, Image 5

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Concerning our Muslin Underwear.
Our Sale continues one week longer. Don't fail to see the
. ninalTW: wp are offerim
great iAutt",w "
."jmbnc Gowns, yoke, tucked in clusters, neck and sleeves
jdged w'i'th sleeves and ruffles. Worth three times the money.
SalePrice, 25c.
We are also offering muslin drawers and skirts,
Sale Price, 25c
The ti oo kind we are showing in three different stvles of
liirts, gowns and drawers.
Sale Price, 49c.
U'e are also showing' better made garments and. of finer
lixiure at great bargains
I or their inability to par before be
coming delinquent.
The section is as follows:
Sec. 3106 Taxes legally levied and I
cnargea in any year may be paid on
J or before the first Monday of April
following and not co paid they shall
become delinquent; provided, how
over, that if one-half of the taxes
against any particular piece of real
porperty. or the taxes on personal
property charge against any lndividu
J. A. Howard, farm loans.
Oyster cocktails at GraU's.
FrjMh Bsh dally at Castle's.
Clothing cleaned by Joerger.
Oil portraits free at Martin's Gro
Everything smokers want at Neu
A gentleman's smoke. The Pendle
ton favorite.
Monopole canned goods nt the
Standard Grocery.
Fine celluloid hair combs. 10c to
25c, different colors. Nolf's,
Imported llmburger and Swiss
cheese sandwiches at Gratz's.
No Chinese cooking at Phillips' res
taurant Everything tastes good.
For SAle 100 tons of alfalfa hay.
R. J. Boddy, butcher. Athena. Or.
For Rent Four-rooms house, near
academy. Inquire at K. O. office.
For Rent Ttvo furnished front
ooms. Address Mrs. H. S. Dorman.
Roes' cigar store for smoking art!
lea of all kinds. Patton's old stand,
Kemler & Son will supply you with
tnc cnolce Monopole canned goods.
Lot for sale, great bargain: Raley's
addition. Inquire at 403 Alta street
The Oregon Dally Journal can be
found on sale at Frazler's book store.
Hays' cigar store, Haley's eld
itand, headquarters for smokers' sup-
A suprlse, when you see that cozy
home I can sell you for $1000. E. T.
Mrs. Ho3well will demonstrate the
remainder of this week at Kemler's
Monoople stands for the highest
quality in canned goods. Kemler &
Son for the Monopjole line.
The finest fruits and table vegeta-
; law Is Published for the
of Inquirers Taxes Be-
Delinquent First Monday In
-Three Per Cent Rebate for
sij Payment,
; inquiries are being received
isfice In regard to the present
Iritis to the payment of taxes.
ttte benefit of these and others
, that section of the code re-
S to this .subject, is published.
: Waiter M. IPerce has in-
i t bill in tne legisiatre.
t tie time for the payment of
i ton March 1. to the fall of the
Immediately alter harvest, when
imonR all classes or tax-pay-
wi mora plentiful.
her WU has ueen miroaucea.
BTOMsed to remove the three
cent rebate on taxes paid before
th 15. The argument of the adve
nt this bl Is that taxes are
tthe count; in toll, and that this
te Is a total loss to the govern
I, which mt be made up in
wsi, tsd socs not nenent a
at majority of taxpayers who are
ppeiied (o jay penalty on account
l'.u,.t..ij muic .fociijrL all Ilium U' I . -,
al, be paid on or before the first Mon - 1bJ?',p"t in ,.c,an8 re "np?,,e- Kem
day In April, then the time for the
rayment of the remainder of such
tax may be extended to and including
the first Monday of October, next fol
lowing, but if the remaining one-half
of such tax be not paid on op before
ler & Son have the entire line.
" Beautiful 5-room cottage, two lots,
shade and fruit trees, nicely located.
Reduced to J1B00. E. T. Wade.
When you get Monopole canned
goods you get the best. Complete
ommy is Wealth
SaTCjioney on your fuel and
wt your home or place of busi-
s always comfortable by ustng
ayflton Famous
jesuine Boynton Furnaces
pmost successful, oldest and
anomical heating devices
wrket Manufactured by
ft and largest heater man-
fs in the United States.
I "gu'e with you and show
f much we can save you.
the first Monday of October, then i line at the Standaid Grocery.
such remaining half shall be delln
quent and, besides the penalty, In
terest thereon shall be charged and
collected at the rate of 12 per cent
per annum from the first Monday In
April preceding: and upon all delin
quent taxes that shall be collected
fiom the taxpayer of such taxes, for
the benefit of the county 10 per cen
tum as a penalty and for' the benefit
cf the courty or other public corpor
ation -which shall nave an Interest In
nnv portion, of sncn taxes, interest at
John Kepplenger is having repairs
and alterations nu-.de in thu inferior
of his restaurant fit 652 Main street.
S. II. Walker, of McKay, 12 miles
out, reports wheat as being In good
condition, while the barley all looks
Always buy Hobach's baking. It's
rfellcious clean and wholesome. Store
on Johnsoc street, rear of Standard
For the next three days we will
I make sweeping reductions on the
following lines
Dress Goods
Lace Curtains
Tailor-Made Suits
A Pretty Line of White Wool Waisting.
The Dally East Oregonian Is on sale
the rate of 12 per centum per annum In Portland at the Rich news stand
on such taxes from the day from
which they became delinquent until
(heir payn.ent. Provided further
that there shall be sn nllowance of
three per cnt rebate on any tax paid
any separate parcel of real property
or upon the personal property charge
ud to any individual as aforesaid on
or before the 15th day of March, next
prior to the date when such tax be
come delinquent if not paid,
In Police Court.
Last night a slight scrimmage took
place in Hick's saloon, on Main street,
between William Hickey and Theo.
Howard. Practically no damage was
done, but this morning Mr. Hickey
was tried In the police court on the
charge of assault and battery and
fined $10 and costs.
Elks Notice.
There will be a meeting of the Elks
Thursday evening, Jan. 29. All mem
bers 'are urgently requested to be
Exalted Ruler.
Stall-fed Steers.
C. PlaUoeder yesterday bought 35
head of stall-fed steers from the John
Day country, for which he paid 4
cents. Beef animals are several
notches cheaper In the John Day than
! Entire line of the celebrated Mon
i opole canned goods, positively the
finest goods on the market. Is on sale
i a, our store, lr you want Eomeining
d . ... ithe best, It is possible to produce.
"a street, between Alta w . u at-A.A r.
, i ti, . , Ktft lUUlluuuie utuuuoiu Ulir
u cuo -ureets, eery.
AU0N PINKS Are arriving again daily. Good variety!
"u moderate prices.
n"ays have on hand a cood selection of Forshaw's Palms;.!
Wor TT. .. . . . . . .. V
v.ua, cac., etc, Lome in and look them over, lou
Isf ttn t have to buv.
EOT SODA is delicious and only 5 cents.
From Mala St., Toward the Court House
ir Hotel Perkins, and at the Hotel
For Sale Brick building with
oasement, 60x90, on Main street. Good
property at a bargain. Easy terms.
s. t. wade.
It was officially reported to the city
health department today that Earl
Holmes, who lives on Jane street, has
the smallpox.
See W. B. Jenkins for door name
plate, signs, numbers, etc. Newest
novelties. Prices low. Office, Commer
cial Association.
Magnificent oil portraits enlarged
from any photo furnished, given free
to customers at Martin's Family Gro
eery and Bakery.
There Is no queetlon about Mono
pole canned goods being the finest
on the market Get them at the
Standard Grocery.
Admired by all are the beautiful
cil portraits we are giving free to
customers. See samples in our win
dow. Marten's Family Grocery and
Mrs. McGregor has laid the founda
tion for a new residence at 900 Alta
street. It wil lbe a five-room struo
ture. Charles Calhoun is the con
The C. C. Hendricks residence, on
West Court street, will be ready for
occupancy by February IE. It cost
about $2500. M. R. TateB was the
The Modern Woodmen of America
entertained last evenlug with games,
music, recitations and a lunch. The
feature of the evening was a piano
solo by Miss Marston.
James Crawford, the leading har
ness maker, having an overstock of
collars, buggy whips, buggy cushions.
wool chaps, bits, spurs, etc., and de
siring to reduce his stock, will give
special bargains foi the next thirty
Mr. Reagan, who lives on McKay
Creek, accompanied by his son.
Louis, starts tomorrow for Nebraska
and Kansas, expecting to be absent
about two months', They will bring
back with them several carloads of
fine stock.
Louis Anderson, who lives In the
eastern part of the city, is having a
wind mill erected over the well Han
Ion & Groeschen recently dug for
him. The well is 20 feet deep and
contains now eight feet of water. Mr.
Anderson Is also building a barn.
Mr. Willard, tho contractor who is
building tho railroad bridge at WaW
Iowa, was in town yesterday. He will
have the superlntendency of the An
inblng of the railroad bridge In the
eastern part of town, work upon
which will begin in a very short time
Rubber heels. Teutsch's.
Try Gratz's clam chowder.
Sea food fresh at Castle's.
Smoke the Pendleton Favorite,
Don't forget shoe repairing at
Board by the day or week; Mrs.
W. B. Mays, 312 East Webb street
Wood and coal by car lots a spec
ialty. P. P. Collier & Co.. 'phone
Vfaln 1121.
Most select stock only enters Into
Monopole canned goods. Kemler &
Son have them.
George Case, who lives 14 miles
northwest of Pendleton, has rented a
residence on Johnson street, and is
moving therein.
Rev. Potwlne's attack of the g Ip
prevented his occupying his mil jit
last Sunday. He is convalescing ti-wi
but fears were entertained that lie
might take a relapse.
The wheat market Is badly off to
day so much so that no quotuti- as
are made at all. The local buyers re
not in the market at all today, act ng
upon advices from the general c ;n
At the McDaniels' sale yestcri ly,
six miles east of town, a Jersey caw
sold lor $63.60, and the animal is ud
to have been a grade. Two thor
oughbred Barred Plymouth Rock roos
ters sold" for $11, while several other
roosters of the same breed sold for
from $2.60 to $5 each. Hens of the
same variety sold for from $8 to $10
per dozen.
If you need a tablet, magazine,
lamp chimney, new book. Any
thing you may wish that we sell,
phone to us and our man "Fri
day" will deliver it promptly.
The Nolf Store!
The Delicacies
of the season are always
found at our restaurant.
At present we have
Finest Oysters Frog
Legs f Clams f Crabs
f and f Lobsters
and other salt and fresh
water foods
The French
Japanese Napkins
Big Line Pocket Knives
Fancy Stationery in Boxes
Feather Dusters and Mop
Telephono M11I11 4 a
For New Buildings
We carry the finest line of
hardware to be found in any
store. Architects, builders
and contractors will find our
line of goods the newest" in
design, the most adaptable
and improved, and of tho
highest standard of merit in
quality and durability.
1 tW
For Ladies Have Arrived
Boston Store; how do you
Wo have bought of tho Allen Brothers, their intoreat In tk
Wood bnsjne88, and now we aro ready to furnish the bebt
dry wood on short notice. Office 038 Main Street.
Phone t t2i. P. P. COLLIER & CO.
Where Whole Families are sW&TnX's T SseS ADVERTISE?
expect people to know what
you have to pell If you don't
.ISL, ': h -
rt . in in imi "".'. ' "