East Oregonian : E.O. (Pendleton, OR) 1888-current, January 24, 1903, DAILY EVENING EDITION, Image 4

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White Pine Cough Syrup
Cores Coughs, Colds, Hoarseness and all' Bronchial
Troubles. It will give quick relief if you
have a cold. TRY IT.
I-lfe Js man's best expression.
It Is a movement outward, an
unfolding, a development. To
be tied down, pinned to a task,
and to have the shrill voice of
necessity whistling eternally In
your ear, "Do this, or starve,"
is to starve, mentally. Art Is
the expression of man's joy in
his work; If nobody loved their
work, and put their soul Into It,
there would be no art. Elbert
Jlost of the:lnmates of the Umatilla
county jail arc youne men and a ma
jorlty of them are charged with try
ing to obtain money through some
other channel than hard work.
Unfortunate, in the extreme, is this
condition of affairs. Unfortunate for
the young men and for society.
If the opportunity to earn an hon
est living did not lie in every path
and every road In Umatilla county,
voik. Tlnjio will be no saving, and
besides it is better to have the re
corder "lected than appointed. It is
also better to keep the officers as
near the people as possible, by letting
the people choose them. ( The county
lecorder's office is a necessity in
Union county and should not be merg
ed with that of the county clerk
The long, tedious road cases tried
In the courts at great expense and
often with most unpleasant conse
quences In the neighborhood, remind
all travelers of wagon roads, that the
laws covering the location, construc
tion and maintenance of roads are in
sufficient for a growing country.
As th-j county Is mqre densely pop
ulated, the avenues of communication
highways, telephones; mail routes
and telegraph lines must Increase In
number and efficiency.
Where Individual rights stand In
the iay of development, 'It places the
county at Ihe mercy of personal in
Every man wants the full value of
his property, when he sells It, and Is
entitled to this same value when the
property Is taken for the public good
Hut It. Is an indisputable fact that
lndoisemeut of tho unfair nnd unjust
method i pursued by this corporation
The members of the legislature
who believe that Oregbn will thrlvo
In proportion to the ability of tho
nresa to nlve the news nnd serve
tho interests of the state, cannot
vote against It.
there might be grounds for excuse.
ifor young men being driven astray, !a land-owner will ask a higher price
Mmt n- i .v.iiw laiio tor the construction or a
cuse -sufficient to warrant even mild road than whcn sellInS 11 Private
rrimn i sale. It seems to bo a universal be-
. . .. . , Hef that county funds are plentiful
But opportunity for earning money , ., .... , ...
4 , i, , x, x . and that the bounty should pay more
Js so plentiful that at certain seasons . . . ,. , ' , ' ,
.. . . , i for what it buys than an individual,
of the year a worklngman cannot es-1 , , ,
, i ll i u , , i As long as this spirit preva Is, as
cape a job, no matter how he dodges. , , , '
Wages are as good as in any other! "g aS men cIalm more aama8es for
Western community of like surround 'movements that are made in the
Ings. It does not cost more to live
litre than in other localities, and the
Epectacle of a half dozen mere boys
In the county jail accused of criminal
m&ney getting, must appeal to every
thoughtful young man, In a thrilling
Why arc boys driven to seek
money in a criminal manner? What
Jeasons exist for forgery, theft and
It Is the craze to possess money
.With which to be a "good fellow." It
is the feeling of loneliness which pos
sesses a "broke" man, In the society!
Of today. It is the desire to go withj
the crowds, end spend money lavish-1
3y: to have it said, "He's a prince."
Not one man in ten who forges a
email check, buys a suit of clothes or
b pair of shoes with , the, money. He'
"blows It," as the common expression
goes, and receives no benefit what
ever from its use. This demand for
money to spend In being a good fel
low comes from the Inclination to be
sociable; It is. encouraged by the
false Idea that hilarity is enjoyment;
j public -interest than the same proper-
Ity would bilng at private sale, conn
try development will be retarded.
Among senatorial rarities is tho
certain re-election of Senator Perkins
of California, although ho Is at Wash
ington. Indeed, in nearly 10 years'
service ho has been absent from his
post on private business only two
Another senatorial rarity la Harris
of Kansas. Elected by the populists
and therefore without the forco of a
powerful party behind him, Senator
Harr'3 has nevertheless been unusu
ally influential. It is. said that he Is
equally a favorite among his republi
can and democratic colleagues.
This senator unknown ,ln connefc
lion with the strifes of the great par
ties has been a man of power at
His .force came from being simply a
level-headed, agreeable and square
man. representing his state without
rolltlcal warpaint on hs senatorial
Of course, Harris will not be re
elected;, '
In Missouri' Stone succeeds Vest af
ter a campaign before the people. He
fought Champ Clurk on the hustings
to a finish and beat him. It was vir
tually the banie thing as an election
by the people.
Way down in Arkansaw our old
ftiend. Senator Jones, Is out after a
battle, In which tho selection of legls
Iators was on the Issue of turning
down Jone3.
The comedian senators are now ex
tinct -with "Hilly" Mason of Illinois
r.o more senatorlally.
By the way, tho only old senator
who let- go gracefully was "Vest of
Missouri, who retired vbluntarilv In
the fullne33 of age and honor. Den
ver Post.
President Roosevelt's Joke.
An anecdote from the white houso
Is going the rounds of the senate and
house. It was told by President
Roosevelt in the presence of somo
members of the house, while an ap
plicant for office was making an
earnest plea for appointment.
"I have the united support of Sen
ators Hanna and Foraker of Ohio."
said the applicant vigorously.
"Good, good," replied the presi
dent, ",Now go and get Senators Fairbanks-
and Beveridge to agree on
something and I will give ,you tho
white house." Washington Post.
Brick kilns are now fired with pe
troleum, 100 pounds of oil being suf
ficient to burn a ton of brick.
Senator Pierce has introduced a bill
to compel the Associated Press, a cor
poration, to serve to ai newspapers
applying for It, the news service of
that corporation.
The franchise controlling the news
service In Oregon has been owned by
the Portland newspaper combination
for years.
A rival paper could not secure tho
service, although the people have
' urgently demanded that the news bo
furnished to all publications desiring
It. A trust of the most obnoxious
j form has been maintained and fatten
ed In Oregon. Tho rights of the peo
ple have been ruthlessly trampled
"Where the Associated Press was
! the only medium of telegraphic news
In the Northwest, the service was
controlled by the Oregonlan, and
Portland has suffered from the "one
m tin" nmva Thflrn hnva )idan rananK
It Is fed by the wrong belief that the', Q
spend the moro
more money you
friends you have. It Is the duty of
Boclety to correct these beliefs.'
To the young man Just entering the
Loot n&vtt.l Wta. I r.An,ln
v w.w vi ... ...CUUo ",oly was triumphant
nate bo.o should bo a warning.
'tain newspapers in that city, but tho
I franchise en the news was owned,
, and the papers languished for Jack of
telegraphic service and the monop-
Of late years many rival news as
sociations have sprung up, Tho
Shrlpps-McRea, the Hearst special
service and other energetic and well-
The Union Republican, comment- directed press associations have serv
ing upon the. bill to abolish the office ed to relieve tho situation and have
of county recorder of Union county, enabled papers to live and enjoy a
says: The work In the county re- magnificent. patronage. Independent of
corder's office keeps two persons con- the old .octupus of news,
stantly at work and Is more .'than Senator Pierce's bill seeks to Ira-self-supporting.
More money Is pose a penalty upon any. corporation
taken In than. Is required to pay the handling a telegraphic news service
salaries of the officers, and yet a bill in Oregon, when such corporation re
has been Introduced In the legislature fuses to furnish .Its-Service to all le
to abolish the office and let the work .gltimato newspapers apply for It.
1 done by tho county clerk, The ' The legislature cannot afford to
county clerk's office Is already over- vote down such measure. It would
crowded with work, and-1f the change ..place .it -on record .against ,falr and
is mado two deputies would have to Impartial treatment for the legitimate
be appointed by the r-lcrk to do the Industries of Oregon, it would he an
By some sudden sound she drops the
vase upon the floor. She is nervous and
nuj; be told that nervousness is a luxury
wii.i; ii oniy a
rich woman can i V",
allord to indulge
in. Nervousness
has coct many a
woman her po
sition. Some
times when wom
en run machin
ery the price of
nervousness is
mutilation, a
finger lost or per
haps the whole
hand crushed.
Nervousness in
women is com
monly but a
symptom of
womanly disease.
It is useless in
such cases to
it doctor "for the
nerves alone.
Cure the diseases
which attack the
delicate, woman
ly organism and
nervousness will
be cured also.
Dr. Pierce's
Favorite Pre
scription makes weak women strong,
lick women well. It establishes regular
ity, drie weakening drains, heala inflam
mation and ulceration, and cures female
weakness. It tranquilixes the nerves and
induce refreshing sleep.
"In the fall of I&yr. I u tmnMrrl with nrr.
ouancas, headache, heart trouble aod female
wcnacis,- write Mill uiancn M, Bracer, ci
Sala. Oiwego Co.. N. V. "Latt ao tamer 1 wrote
you and you advlted me to try your 'Favorite
fri,"f riptlon and 'Golden Medical Discovery'
I did so and I began to Improve rapidly. Con,
tinued taking the medicine, half a down each of
'Favorite Prescription' and 'Golden Medical
Discovery ' for the apace of five montln, and In
leaa than a year had retrained my former health.!
Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets clear the
muddy complexion.
This week is to be one of Big Bargains at our store. Spring
goods are soon coming in and wc want room. Help tls bake
room and at the, same time supply your watdrobe with clothing
at little more than half price. : ' '
All Men's Suits and Overcoats at Special Redtfc-i
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20 per cent
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Maslln tO yds to one person, 3c per yd. Heavy
dress goods, 1.20 valaes at 85c.
Have Yoar Water Pipes Examined and Repaired at Once
Delay will lead to serious breaks.
Fust-class work guaranteed by
BECK, the Reliable Plumber.
Court street, opposite the Golden Rule Hotel
list Pcrtla's Flit Spicule
No caeo exiiti It will not cure
Thl Internal remedy cures all ills
eiseaol the dlgettivo organ. For
ale bv alldragtlats
Dr. r"i;Riil!f Midioal Co ,
Helena. Mont.
Intereittng pamphlet mailed free
by aiktng.
""v a
U. 8. Supreme Court
Ui S. Pateut OtHce
Trade Marki and Copjrlghti i
7 Ttu.rft, N. W Washington. D. C
Farmers Custom Mill
Fred Walters, proprietor
Capacity 160' barrela a day !
Flour cjchanged for wheat
Flour, Hill Feed, Chopped Feed, etc
always on hand,
The Fall Line of Monopole
Canned Goods
And there are none better put up
anywhere, are handled by us.
No matter what you desire in
canned goods come to us and get
Monopole Brand and then go
home and be! satisfied for you al
ways get satisfaction in this brand..
By the Fire Insurance Xom
panies we represent. Our
companies stand fust in Jhe
Hartford Fire Insurance Co.$12,259,07G
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Commercial Co.
We Don't Keep Everything
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stock of nice dry Flooring,
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In all grades. Also all kinds
of Dimension Lumber, In
cluding Lath and Shingles.
Our stock of Doors, Wnr
dows, Moulding, Building
and Tar Paper aud .Apple.' .,
mxa It complete, aUd ' any '
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Gray's Horbor Com. Co.
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Real Estate
I have a larger and 'better
list ot 1' arms, Stock 'Kanches
and Uity Property to sell
than ever before. Also a bie
lun ji iuiiu in me coming
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N. Berkeley
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i Bargain!
Dress Skirls
Rai"y Day Skin,,
?! Q8, J
Is always received when you
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Fir, Tapiarack and
..Pine.. ",:
Why buy poor coal when you
pap ,get the best ..foUe .same
Willi 11 lift nlna itHfta(.iLl-l
youd-slgn, you might u velll
ouuri. n you are convinced tlel
board speaks the truth. It doeafl
...w w mm in ilia
oi carriages, ouggies, hacka and i
ih'iu ue iouiiu uere. The bottc
this advertisement shall be; B
further for good thlngt on wheeh
T1T 1. it., rt
thn llPftt. mill bllnb-Mt rTnn
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11 V lilt mrHF TlrfV'MQ Otlrl (n-illan
111 nnv nll A oar at Wlnntio T
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Btorer Kaaollne endcei an thn
aiouH ror mexa.
Don't Forget
That we -will launder your lined
a manner that will'!doyoupw
not only one time, but ei
time: not one wee. P' CI
, . --- . '
week of the fifty two. 19
sure, thnnrh. trv US fOtafflOS
vou'll trv us the restofftel
. : j
We ask your jaunory n
cause we can.uo uirig"''
Court and Thompson Strj
car load of PoqUff 1
J? i. ;..liP: at the 'i
SIOUK au,'i'"
127 and 129 East AU Strl
Mmwai'APUnB TQ. -A'DT '3
n 1 n it
Telephone Main 5t
ton, Oro