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In comparing Grain-0 nnd coffee
remember tliat whilo tho taste is
the same Grnin-O given health and
strength while coffee Shatters the
nervous system nnd breeds disease
of the digestive organs. Thinking
people prefer Grain-O and its ben
efits. TRY IT TO-DAY.
I Methodist Church, South Sunday
j services ah follows: Sunday school at
,10 o'clock, I. E. Earl, superintendent
i Prcachlnc at 11 a. m.. hv Mr. liltrliv.
IJunior League at 3:30, Senior Ep-
Wnrrh Titnmin nf fi.fjfl anftlnMt r..
...... ... v.vw, "lUJl.k, " 1'
worth Loaders In Training for
Church Work." lender, Mrs. E. B.
.Jones. Preaching nt 7:30 by Itev.
t-oppio. Prayer meeting on Thursday
night. All arc welcome. E. J, Jones,
First Baptist Church Tho revival
services which have been cnrrlprl nn
i during this week with such eood riv
4groci Ttrjwbtre; is. andssc. per package. ! suits, will lie continued during next
week in tho audienco room, of tho
, chilrch. In the morning at 11 o'clock,
uev. a. j. miguelet will preach and in
; tho evening the pastor will preach and
hold evangelistic service. There are
number who are ready to come into
I tho church nnd these will be given the
opportunity tomorrow mornlnc with
any others who may wish to come. All
who will come to theso services will!
recolvo a hearty welcome. It. TV.
King, pastor.
Is Sure to
Ely's Cream Balm
Sires rellcfat ones
It clesnaet, .o3tbea
aad heala the dUeased
membrane, it sum
Catarrh and rtrtrea
sbaorbed. lieali and protecta the membrane.
Keatorea tne aenao of lute and amell. Full die
c at drareltti or by mall: trial ilte 10c by
wall. KLY BROTOKR8, 66 Warren tweet,
Hew Tort.
bed. Ileal! and protecta tbe membrane.
Pendleton Fish and
Poultry Market
310 Court Street
Everything he best. Prices
Tight. We handle
Fresh Pish, which we receive
Lobsters, Shrimps, Crabs, Oys
ters and all salt water foods.
.Ranch and Creamery Butter,
Fresh Eggs, Game in season,
Produce of ail kinds.
Goods delivered to all parts of
the city.
We pay cash for country pro
duce. A trial order is solicited.
Connregational Church Services
Sunday ns follows: Sunday school at
10 a. m., Dr. Robinson, superintend
ent. Morning worship nnd preachind
m jti o ciock. uev. c. F. Clapp will
yrencn morning and evening.
Christian Church Services In the
lecture room of the new church, cor
ner 01 jonnson ana water streets, at
-iu a. m. uiuie scnooi, j. h. Garrett,
superintendent, 11 n. m. Sermon,
overcoming Temptation." 7:30 p,
m sermon, "Crowns." It will bo
quite comfortable in the leetnrn rnnm
which has been clothed and japaned
thi3 week. J. B, Lister, pastor pro-
Methodist Episcopal Church Sun
day school, 10 a. m., A. J. Owen, su
perintendent. Preachinsr. 11 a. m
Class meeting, 12:15 p. m., G. W. Jlig-
ut, leaner, upworth League, 6:30 p.
ni. Evangelistic services, 7:30 p. m.
All are cordially invited. Robert War
ner, pastor.
Church of the Redeemer Rev. W.
E. Potwine, rector. Divine service
tomorrow at hours as follows: Early
celebration of tho holy communion, at
S a. m. Sunday school session at 10
a. m. Morning prayer and litany and
sermon nt 11 a. m. Evening prayer,
uuuim, wun uuuress at 7:au.
1 msam ma je&HKiswd&ifim
LVl I Vman Prnn ! Mrst Presbyterian Church 10 a.
III. lYlllall, riup. jm.. Sunday school; 11 a. m., sermon.
Phone Bed 591
All kinc'r frr all purposes.
Creation": 3 d. m.. Junior Endeavor;
6;45 p. m., Senior Endeavor; 7:30 p.
, ni., sermon. The morning sermon in
, tLe flrst in a series of discourses,
land it is hoped that all our people
j will follow the series carefully.
Strangers are especially invited. Rob
ert J. Dlven, pastor.
West End Chapel Sunday school at
I '.111 I'rniohlnf. 1 xi n
day school.
There was a hurry call for tho ambulance of the City Hospital. In the course of a few moments a
very sick woman was brought in on a stretcher she was pale as death and evidently suffering keen agony.
There -was a hasty examination and consultation, and in less than a quarter of an hour the poor creature was
on tho operating table to undergo an operation for ovaritis.
Tho above is an accurate account of an incident which occured in Kew York recently; the young
woman in question had warnings enough of her dangerous condition in the terriblo pains and burning
sensation low down in her loft side. She had no one to odviso her, and she suffered torture until it
was too late for anything to save her life.
Women should remember that if they do not care to tell a doctor their
troubles, they should be willing; to tell them to a woman, who stands ever
ready to advise and help them. Again we state that Mrs. Pinkham's advice is
freely and confidentially given to every one who asks for it. Address, Lynn, floss.
The following letters prove beyond question that Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound has the power to cure, and does cure thousands of cases
of inflammation of the ovaries, womb, and all other derangements of the
female organism.
ants, ottoson saved from a surgical- operation.
"Dear Mrs. Pckham: I cannot thank you enough for what your Vegetable
Compound has dono for mc If it had not been for your medicine, I think I would
have died.
"I will tell you how I suffered. I could hardly walk, was enable to sleep or cat.
Menstruation was Irregular. At last I had to stay in my bed, and flowed. so badly that
they sent for a doctor, who said I had inflammation of tho ovaries, and must go
through an operation, as no medicine could help me, but I could not do that.
" I received a little book of vours. and after readlnir it I concluded to trv Ivdln, E.
Plnkhnm's Vegetable Compound, and I am now a well woman. I shall praise
Sash, DoorS and Blinds.
Planing of all descriptions done
to otder.
Don't place your order (01
Building Material until you havt
consulted us.
rajuieiuii ridii
Loraber Yard.
ROBERT fORSTER, Proprietor
Dally East Oregonlan
only 15 cents a week.
Socialists and Radicals Elect Over
Half of the Senators.
fans, Jan. 17. Franco held an
election for 98 senators on Sunday.
January 4. being one-third of that
! body. At this election the socialists
elected 34, and the radicals (similar
to our populists or radical democrats)
elected 18. If this represents the
changed condition of public sentiment
it means that the socialists will have
' more than one-third of the members
, as the terms expire, whereas they
, ! have heretofore had only about one-
eigutn. The radical element vote
; with the socialists on many measures
nnd these two will have a majority as
soon as the terms of hold-overs ex-
. piro and new elections are held. This
la mi HTmrrilfnti1 cmtn Tr nmmmt
by carrier, to almost a revolution In public at-
, fnirs. It means that the French so-
Sick Headache, Constipation,
Wind and Pains in Stomach, Impaired Digestion,
Disordered Liver and Female Ailments.
Sakt msw mxmoaOm SIX MfLHOtt Bmxem me Annum
Pnfani ealy by the Proprietor. THOMAS BBCCIIAM, Si. Keteai, EaflaML
Sold Everywhere, in Boxes, IOc and 25c.
U. B. A. Dtpot, MSCaaalStrMt, Hw Yaric.
your medicine as long as I lire, nnd also recommend the same to any one Buffering as I
was.- iins. .minnie uttoson, otuo, iowa. iJune u, ivui.)
Follow the record of this medicine, and remember that these thousands of
cures 01 women wnose letters are constantly printed in tins paper were
not brought about by "something else," but by Lydia E. Pinkham'ti
"Vegetable Compound, the great "Woman's Remedy for "Woman's Ills.
Those women who refuse to accept anything else are rewarded a
hundred thouaand times, for thev cct what tnev want a cure. Moral
1- i 1 - it i t s Tl i lir. i i - r Si . l r . . '
ubiuti Lg vuu uieuicine inac you jsjiuw is juesu vrito to mis. l'lnnnam ior auvice.
"Deaii Mrs. Pijikiiam: I wish to express my gratitude for the restored health and happiness Lydia E.
Plnkhnm's Vcprctalilo Compound has brought into my life.
" I had suffered for three years with terrible pains at the time of menstruation, and did not know what the
trouble was until the doctor nrononneed it inflammation of the ovaries, and nronoscd nn one ration.
" I felt so weak and sick that I felt sure I could not survive the ordeal, and so I told him that I would not
The following week I read an advertisement in the paper of your Vegetable Compound in such an
rjreney, ana so 1 decided to 1
no I kept takintr it for ten weeks, nnd at the ena
Great was my joy to find .that I actually improved after taking two bottles,
nndergo It.
tmenrener. and so I decided to trv it.
po I kent takintr it for ten weeks, and at the end of that time I was cured. I had trained eighteen pounds
ana was in excellent health, and am now.
" You surely deserve great Buccess, and yon have my very best wishes." Miss Alice Baxlet, 80 North
Boulevard. Atlanta, Qa., Treasurer St Francis Benevolent Association.
j CAV FORFEIT 1' " cannot forthwith produe tha original Utters nnd jIirBalores of abore teitlmonlaU, whloa Trill pror
QvluviwU' their HlMul-itegenulnenesa. I.jriHu K. I'lnkliam Medicine Co., Jjftm, Xiiaa.
clnllats have passed their German
comrades in gain and discounted thorn
in number of memberp of the national
The Most Marvelous Discovery of the
Age to Be Demonstrated Here.
Every person has read and marvel
ed at the paradoxical and, startling
things dono by liquid air. Most peo
ple want to sec and know more of
this wonderful fluid, and Monday eve
ning, January 26, at the Opera House
all will have a chance to do so. Himd
reds have already spoken for tickets
and all going should sccuro scats
The liquid air for the many experi
ments will he shipped from the fac
tory In such quantity that an abund
ant supply will be on hand, despite
tho constant evaporation. Theso dem
onstratlons in other cities have drawn
great numbers of people, who have
lalrly reveled In the marvelous cxnor
iments of this unlquo and wonderful
power that gives promise of Immense
Industrial changes through its aeency,
It Is not a sensational lecture, hut tho
evening is a series of sensations from
Start to finish, because of the new
wonders revealed. We feel assured
that this miracle-worker will be greet
ed with a tun house.
Tho lecture and experiments will be
given here under the auspices of thu
Pendleton Academy and the nroceeds
derived therefrom will be used to buy
seats for the now chapel.
Tho timtfin hill nllntulnr ntta I.
Alaska to take 320 acres was ordered
mvuruuiy rupurieu oy uio senate com
mltteo on public lands Friday.
Mrs. Laura S. WeBb,
Vice-President of Women's Democratic Quia of Nc.thern Ohio.
sickly women bo
tween the ages of
15 and 65, but there are
very few invalids over 55
and CO years of age. The
change of life coming to
a woman near her forty
fourth year, either makes
her an Invalid or gives
her a now leaso on life. Thoso who
meet this chango in ill health sel
dom livo ten years afterward, whllo
a woman who lays asido tho nctivo
dnties of womanhood in health sel
dom fails to live on in happiness,
years after she has passed 60. This
U truly a critical time.
Mrs. Laura S. Wobb, of Toledo,
Ohio, recognizes tho chango of lifo
as a dangerous period and she' also
has faith In Wine of Cardul. 8ho
"A I had alwayi oeen troubled more
or leas at the menstrual period, I dreaded
Uru Laura S.-Wtlb.
the change of life which was
fast approaching. While vis
iting with a friend 'I noticed
that she was taking -your
"Wine oi Cardul, and she was
so enthusiastic about it that I
decided to try a bottle. I ex
perienced some relief the first
month, so I kept on taking it
for three months and now I
menstruate with no pain and
I shall take it off and on now
until I have passed the climax. I do not
dread it now, as I am sure that your
Wine cf Cardul will be of great benefit
at this time."
Wine of Cardul is the remedy to
re-inf orco a woman against tho shock
that comes with tho chango of .life.
It re-establishes healthy functions
after years of suffering. In doing
this it has saved thousands of uf
ferers just in time. Do not wait
until suffering is upon you. Thor
ough preparations should be made
in advance. Begin the Wine of
Cardul treatment today.
The Best Hotel
s any.
Headcmarters fnr Tr,..i.- ,
Commodious Sample.
Rates $2 & $2
Special rates by week or month
Excellent Cuisine.
Prompt DlnlngroomSenli
. every Modern Convert
Bar and billiard roominconii
Only Three Blocks from Dei
Corner Court and Johnson itxnu.
Pendleton Oregon.
M. F. Kelly, Proprietor,
American J'lun, rnttl as to JiJ
Etironenn 1'litn. nop. 7Ri. si r
8iuvlal rntcb by wek or month,
Free 'bus meets all trains)
commercial traae solicited
Fine sampler
Special Attention Given Country Iii
A million suffering women
have found relief fa
Wine of Cardui.
Itdasignatnrei on every box ot the aeunln
aiiu RAA.n..!.! . .. . .
tT-l'iu ra&Md that eaa-M a M la ae .Oay.
EIegantl Furnished
OlOCK anu n "-"J
Sample room In conntft'1
50c, 75q
tmp PfiRTLAS
ir.V.,.rtrr for tuunt na vv" ,
elera SBialrale nuieW"" t
iitlemcii. The nuS'"" i
modern jm.-.. B0fliM.m
. " . i." e..i t) r "3 "if 1 III" :-
moi WOklab " return... -rwi.
in flolden Rule Hotel.'
I ne
nd tha people PPre,6,ant'
It.By wieir iipi r ,
advertising medium of hl