East Oregonian : E.O. (Pendleton, OR) 1888-current, January 16, 1903, DAILY EVENING EDITION, Image 2

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Our Annual Cloarnnco Salq is in full swing
Three Great Specials
Black Clay Wotsted Suits at $8.15
Auhutn Meltons at $9.60
Bine Serge at $9.60
Bargains in Overcoats, Shoes, 'Flats and Furnish-
Bae & Daley
Oue-Prioo Olothiers, Hatters and Furnishers
Detroit' aiul Chicago have begun
, the sale or free tllstrlbutlon of coal.
The charge that Midshipman Pear'
Fon was hnzed at the xVnnapolis naval
. rcauemy la found to be baseless.
The presidential election In Salvn
dor Is over, and Pedro Escaton Is be
lle.ved to have defeated Dr. Reyes.
' The Kansas legislature proposes to
indorse Senator Harris for his stand
on the Isthmian canal commission.
Evidence of conspiracy among coal
dealers has been found in Chicago,
Milwaukee, Detroit and Columbus, O.
Only five members, all republicans,
, voted against the free coal bill in the
house, and it passed the senate unani
mously. Tuesday night men entered the
county jail at Angleton, Texas, and
i shot 3ead two negroes charged with
vIn sover.il Eastern towns men ar-
. r -tnnlIH 1 . .11-
luaitu LUi iuu u.vf iic;ii uin-
charged, and robbing of coal cars on
railroads is common.
The governor of Ohio l"as begun pro
ceedings to forfeit the charters of six
(.conspiring coal companies. Thirty
dealers have been Indicted.
A baby weighing two and one-quar
ter pounds was born to Mrs. Vincent
McNally, in New York Tuesday. It
will be raided In an incubator.
A defective furnace flue In the
Christian Orphans' home at St. Louis,
caused a Are Wednesday that imper
iled the lives of the 100 little inmates,
Official information from Mazatlan j
"Mexico, is to the effect that there were
six deaths In the eltv
last and eight Sunday. The number
of patients ic steadily Increasing. Tho!
, lotal number in the hospital is SS with
mx additional uatients under observa
tion, i
. Funeral arrangements have
been ,
made for the burial of the late Thorn
ss H. Tongue, Sunday morning at
The greater part of the Josephine
liop crop has been disposed of by the
several growers of tho county. Tho
total output of tho several yards of
the county for the past season was
55,000 pounds. ( j
Rpnntni Mlfnhnl! Thtircilov 'nnuant.
ed a bill for the cession of a portion
of the Klamath Indian reservation, as
an amendment to the Indian appropri
ation bill. Ho will make a strong ef
fort to have t made a part of that
measure, thus Insuring Its becoming
a law at this session.
There Is a war on in Josephine
county between the miners and the
so-called "timber grabbers." A num
ber of locations made In the Grave
Creek, one of tho richest mining dis
tricts ln Southern Oregon, have been
protested by mining men on the plea
that they were taken up mainly for
the purpose of locators getting tho'bol,s nn ie'ns; removes corns and
minerals the lands contained
Chester Keady and Harrj Lyons,
two Corvallls boys, were sentenced to
40 days In Jail Tuesday for an assault
on George Fiske, whose ankle was
broken In a fall sustained when he
.was knocked fiom tho sidewalk by his
assailants. That night friends of the
prisoners passed a crowbar in to them
nnd they dug out of tho city bastilel
and effected their escape, driving tot
Twenty tercenr, increase Jn wages
1& wanted from the Oregon Railroad
mp. r I ..I . .... j .rt, ..!
-k iiiiviHuuua iuuiruny ny iriim :ihmi ;
to 1500 employes In the operating de-
liartment. There are represented In
tho demand which was laid before tho
head officials of the company Thurs
day afternoon, engineers, firemen. con
due tors,, brakemen and other employe1)
idpntlfled with the Brotherhood
rtailwny Trainmen.
Hotel Pendleton.
R. V. Ualkin, Athena.
R. W. Henderson. San Francisco.
I. D. Cole, Portland. ,
M. B. Strnns, Chicago.
A, Herdesper, Portland
J. A. Lukel, Portland.
Mts. O. E. Stewart, Portland.
A. R. Grant, Portland.
S. Harris, Portland.
A. P. Bradbury, Portland.
E. H. Burke, Portland.
J. J. Bums, Portland.
A. Sinsheimer, Portland.
George S. Roberta, Portland.
J. H. Hubbard, Portland.
R. B .May, Portland.
H. B. Cotton, Portland.
A. A. Hadley, Portland.
George Shepherd, Seattle.
V. W. McCreary, Spokane.
H. M. Ogden, New York.
G. F. Seal, Philadelphia.
Thomas Duncan, San Francisco.
H. A. Gerdes, Spokane,
R. H. Caston, Spokane.
J. W. Spears and wife! Portland.
W. J. Kennedy and wife, Portland.
The Colden Rule,
C. M. Wright and wife, Pilot Rock.
L. C. Lamser, Sleepy Eye.
F. C. Adkins, Hcppner.
W. M. Shuhy and wife, Harison.
W. H. Way, New York.
W. H. Spencer, New York.
E. E. Taylor, Elgin. '
R. Connell, Portland. "
A. T. Holmes, Harrington.
H. W. Cannon, Srokane.
F. L. Blomqulst, Tokoa.
G. W. Williams, Spokane.
Alice Jenkins, Westcn.
A. E. McBreen, Spokane.
C. D. Rlnker, Spokane.
A. J. Hall, Spokane.
G. W. Hewitt, Helix.
W. S. Brown, city.
Frank Smith.
Mrs. S. A. nice.
Robert Eakin and wife, Union.
Mrs. A. Brown, San Francisco.
Mrs. J. J. Hennesy.
Catarrh Cannot Be Cured
With local applications, aa they cannot
I reach the seat of the dlaeaae. Catarrh la
! a blood or constlutlonal dlaeaae, and In
i order to cum It you must take Internal
, remedies. Hall's Catarrh Care la taken In
, ternallr. nml nrtn fiIrw-Mv nn tua m.nn
surfaces. Hall's Catarrh Cure Is not a
quacK meuiciue. it was nrparrllwl hv
ono of the best physicians In tbls country
for years and is a regular prescription.
It Is composed of the best tonics known,
i-uuiuiuu:i wuu me Desi Diooa purifiers,
fctlntr directly on the murmin nnrfnM
Tho perfect combination of the two Ingre-
uifum in wuai produces sucu wonderful
results In curing catarrh. Send for tea
tlmonlals free.
r. J. cniJNEY & CO., I'rcps Toledo, O.
Sold by druggists, price 75c.
Halt's Family Pills are the beat.
Cheap Rates Westbound.
From February 15 to Anrll 30. 1903
inclusive, the O. R. & N. Co. will
have on sale tickets from Missouri
River points to Pendleton ior J22.50;
from St. Paul, 52.50; from SL Louis,
527.50. Call on the O. R. & N. ticket
agent for full particulars.
New Century Comfort
Millions are dally finding a world
of comfort In Bucklen's Arnica Salve.
It kills pains from burns, scalds, cuts,
bruises; conquers ulcers and fever
sores: cures emotions, salt rlmnm
warts. Best pile cure on earth. Only
sac at ran man & Coa drug store.
Ten Dollars Reward.
Lost Last May. ono bay horso:
weight about 1200 pounds, branded
65 .on left shoulder, mane reached
last spring. Will pay above reward
ror return of samo to Purl Bowman.
It Will Surprise You Try It.
It Is the medicine above all others
for catarrh and Is worth Its weleht
m gold. Ely's Cream Balm does all
that Is claimed for It. B. W. Sperry.
- .... .
uuruuru, uonn.
My son was afflicted with catarrh
He used Ely's Cream Balm and the
disagreeable catarrh all left him. J.
C. Olmstead, Areola, 111.
The Balm does not Irritate or cause
sneezing. Bold by druggists at 60 cts.
or mailed by Ely Brothers, 56 Warren
St., New York.
Speaks of Dunmulr and Redding In
the Land of Sunshine and Oranges
Reaches San Francisco After
Several Delays.
Dunsmulr, Cal., Jan 0. Dunsmulr
Is n little town ln the Siskiyou moun
tains. Just across tho California line
nnd 2300 feet above the sea, almost
in the shadow of Mt. Shasta, where
at present writing tho California ex
press Is standing, waiting for the
track to bo cleared of a wrecked
freight train a short distance ahead
of us.
After a delay of two hours we get
ftlarted and a llttlo later on a some
what shaky pleco of track, pass a box
car lying wrong side up In a creek.
"Webfoot rain and cloud has changed
to California sunshine and Bret
Harte's country, through which we
are passing la nt Its best. It was ln
some nook in these mountains he and
his comrades were onco sitting round
The roaring campfiro with rude hu
mor painted
The ruddy tints of health,
On haggard faco and form thnt droop
ed and fainted
In tho fierce race for wealth.
When one arose and lrom hrs pack's
scant treasure,
A hoarded volume drew,
And cards were dropped from hands
of listless leisure, i
To hear the tale anew.
And there while round them shadow?
gathered faster,
And while the firelight fell,
He read aloud the book wherein the!
Had writ of "Llttlo Nell."
The fir trees gathering closer in the
Listened every spray;
While the whole camp with "Nell" in
English meadows
Wandered and lost their way.
This is a mining country ,tlie Sacra
mento river, whose course the rail
way follows, is here a small stream
in a desp canyon, the hills on either
side are bored with holes and tunnels,
and wlro cables stretched across the
creek, convoy tho ore buckets from
one side to the other. Judging from
the number of holes In tho hillsides,
tho country has been pretty thorough
ly prospected and no doubt has con
trlbuted Its full share of joys and
sorrows to the raining profession.
Bret Harto, in one of his stories,
tells how ono poor devil with a peter
ed out claim and a fover-strlcken
family on his hands had to dig a well,
the water supply having also played
cut among his other misfortunes, but
at a depth of forty feet he struck a
vein-of gold that made him a million
Redding, where the train stonned
a few minutes, Is a town somewhat
smaller than Pendleton, in the north
ern end of Sacramento valley, lust
out of tho mountains. Tho Redding
people seem to have a very pleasant
location, with the snow-clad peaks of
me sierra and Coast range moun
tains in plain view and tho Sacra
mento valley gradually widening.
stretching away as far as tho eye
can reach to the southward.
South of Redding a few stubble-
fields and green wheat fields make
their appearance. Flocks of wild
geese are in the fields and mules.
which seem to be the favorlto woik!
stock here, are kicking up their heels '
in tho pastures. Palm trees flourish I
in tho yards, and tho newsboy at the
stations sings out, "Here's your or-i
anges; two for a nickel, five for a
dime?" somewhat to tho detriment
of his brother on tho train, who offers
four for a qnarfcr.
At Benlcia. which Is reached
time after dark, tho Sacramento river i
has changed somewhat from the little i
mountain stream, which this morning i
could almost be stepped across dry-i
shod, but here Is crossed on a mam-i
moth ferry hoat. Oakland la reached
assortment direct from the $
Carbon Paper Multi-kopy ft
Berkshire and Invincible, la
all colors. j5
Webster, Royal, Diamond B
and Gerber tvnRwritor riu. V
bons. B
. tj
Blank books of all kinds
at bed rock prices. g
See our combination ink
set, worth $2 50, our price
Book and Stationery Storo
at 10 o'clock at night and San Fran.
Cisco nnd the bay a panorama of bril
liant lights Coating nd stationary is
ln Sipht 0. E. M-I.EU.AN.
1 Finds Way to ulve Long.
, The startling announcement of a
; discovery that will surely lengthen
life, is made by wnuor u. n. uuwuu,
of Churubiisco, Ind. "I wish to stnte,
he writes, "that Dr. King's Now Dis
covery for Consumption Is the most
Infallible remedy that I have oyer
known ror coughs, colds nnd grip. It s
Invaluable to people with weak lungs.
Having this wonderful medicine, no
one need dread pneumonia or con
sumption. Its relief is Instant and
cure certain." Tallman & Co. guar
anteo every 50c and ?1 bottle, and
give trial bottles free.
Still There's More to Come.
The sudden death of Congressman
Thomas H. Tongue has already devel
oped an army of candidates to All
tho vncauc. Among those prominent
ly mentioned by their friends arc;
Hon. Dinger Hermann, of Roseburg;
Gov. T. T. Geer, of Salem; Senator
Diownell. of Oregon City; Hon. Til.
Ford and Hon. Claude Gatch, of Sa
lem; Hon. E. V. Carter, of Ashland;
Judge H. L. Benson, of Klamath
Falls; Judge Fullerton nnd Judge
Sohlhrede, of Roseburg, besides a
host of olliers. It is now thought
a special election will be held ln
.March to fill tho vacancy. Roseburg
About the time children
begin to go to school they
are liable to be confronted
with one of two extremes
they may either grow too fast
or not grow fast enough. In
the former case nature makes
unusual demands upon bone
and blood; vital organs are
overtaxed and growth con
tinues out of proportion to
their age. Here is where
Scott's Emulsion finds scope
for its best workings.
It nrHirisriPK trip linnpc
the hypophosphites of lime
and soda do this ; it feeds and
enriches the blood this
through the pure cod liver
oil ; it strengthens the whole
system, providing firm,
healthy flesh and fortifying
the tissues so that they are
better able to stand the extra
strain upon them.
When a child is not grow
ing as it should undersize,
underweight, there will be
found in Scott's Emulsion
the very elements needed to
aid in proper development.
Bone food for the bones, blood
food for the blood, tissue food
for the tissues that is how
acotts Emulsion provides for
each demand of the body.
There is a uniform change for
the better wherever there is
need of new strength and
more and better nourishment.
These claims are not made off-hand. We
know from nearly thirty years contact with
such cases that Scott's Emubion will do
iust what we s.iv it- uill 1.. w.. ...tn i.
glad to send you a sample free so that you
can judge for yourself.
409 Pearl St., New York.
Going ottt of
All sewing machines
in stock to be dis
posed of at cost.
Come early and
select a bargain
For Health, Strength and
Pleasure Drink :::::::
Murphy & Langever, Proprs
I- have a full Hno 0f p;rft
Arms, Hunting Coats,
Knives al all kinds 0
See display in window.
74X Main Street
mi- ! 1:..-.. - --
vvi; ii iyl iiiai iCLCivcii a n rA nam
We would like tn nvp vrm nill .j ...
me mem ami aiso near our easy payment
miTniMrnr nmi nrmn
'I'M U U U Li I V LS rl III H MM III 111
i'i ii '. hi it. ii ri u Mil ill in
ii nil ii iiiiiii ill iniiir iiiiii
316 Eaat.Court Street.
We have the largest stock of carpets, outside ol
the state. This is an undisputable fact, We offer
gains than can be had in Eastern Oregon, another
is proven by the low prices we are offering.
Next door to Postofiice.
We announce that we have opened undertaking
connection with our furniture and carpet store and
calls day or night. Phone Black 273.
T T !( r.ll
OT - 0 j " " ,
f W m IM 1 I
racEr. aewinir mnrmnpe. Micrnres anu
Is reached in RV1SRH' RtfST letter flout cannol
JUf ! , 1 a
The cream of the wheat crop enters m )' j
Flour, which is right for Dreaa auu
Fancy Baking
W. S. Byets, Proprietor.
nenvp nt a mtiv : ti will bear ii
uutjiuiaiui la I.UMIII1UU aciiaw. - .
in harmony with Nature's laws, seldom fails and n
is not Faith Cure Christian Science, Magnetic nor
It is based unon n correct knowlegc of anaiumj
A large per cent of so-called incurable cases are
l method. The following especially are treated cyo -j
heart and lungs, liver anil kidneys, bladder and urejo
stomach and intestinal troubles, all.dislocationb
diseases, general diseases. Diseases 01 wuu"" -