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Tonight and Sunday, probably
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Coal Companies
Their Side of the
Judge Hepburn of Osburn, Nominated
on the First Ballot In Second Day's
Boise, Idoha, Jan. 10. Judge W. P.
Hepburn, ot Osburn, Idaho, -was nom
inated In the republican caucus last
evening for United States senator, re
ceiving 28 votes to 22 cast for W. E.
The story Is a brief one. During
the afternoon a combination was
formed under which the forces of
Stanrod and Shoup were to go to
Hepburn, and It was given out at the
latter's headquarters as the caucus
was assembling that .he would oe
The caucus was In session only a
short time, the matter being settled
on the first ballot. The result was
received with great jubilation by the
northern men. The defeated cannt
date came forth smiling from the
wreck, but his supporters felt In any'
thing but a joyous mood. "While the
ballots were tnken In secret, It Is
known just about how the vote was
cast The 2S votes for Judge Hep
burn were the five from Shoshone,
foiir, from Kootenai (all but Yost),
the four from Nez Perce, the ' four
from Latah. Eckert from Idaho., Dila
tush from Lincoln, the three from
Bannock, the two from Bear Lake, the
......a Min Workers' Or-
purmti' .'
, vf Creating Distatlsfac-
Jan. 10. The non-
jrt dosed their side of the
L. tie anthracite commls-
I. al companies opened
Fj tit Delaware & Hudson,
lining address
I (jit ne wouiu uu i"
I I. nni that It
- nun orumarur neaiuuui.
,n him no complaints have two from Lenhi, Pike from rremont
gj4f to die company aireciiuu ivencr uuui omBuam.
wz-ichlnn fivstem. He Mr. Hepburn received the 6olid vote
jsnteers' unions of creating' fiom North Idaho, with the exception
jno mat it is not me
Mfialt thai so few hours
The miners themselves
sable, bt- said, and he would
&j tie organization had no
ns Ike oen or u so, I'res-
IBieD declined to use it
dent on the Rack.
;john Mitchell, in cross-
r tie witn?sses, gave fau-
1 Rose, of the Delaware -
tiM half hour.
Isieiin admit that there were
ftf conditions created ny vne
j ilick demoralised the men.
Roosevelt Will Not Inter-
.... w 1 1J
HittUtah Politics even II ne
Think K a Mistake to "Elect
. r Drnaldntlt
Mini! Jan. X". ucoiuvm
dt tni'fl cpvpral friends today
U. s considerably surprised
it read the Teports ot ms mier-
In TJtah politics.
fissured them he would not lu
re, directly or Indirectly in me
nn of a senator, as ne Deneves
the prorince of a president
1 1 band m state elections.
i personally In private eon-
. It tald he believed the
lofe apostle of the Mormon
i titor would be a piece
I policy, if not a mistake.
I Km for a moment Intended the
to ever be made public
W to conrey the Impression that
M me his influence to affect
Ifc&it of any candidate selected
ijeopte of Utah.
Eitablished Between the
! States and England Janu-
Jan. 10. Direct wlre-
ssnication between Great
! the United States will be
. . u. igoiucui
this morning promised a
l?resenaure hat he would
:st mcsstue which will be
o the king of England.
of Tost of KootenaL
Struck Fairly on His F.eet and the
Body Was Telescoped Treasurer
.of Coffee Company Left $3,000,000.
New York, Jan. 10. Thomas Odon-
ohue, the treasurer of the Odonohue
Coffee Company, and a nephew of the
late millionaire coffee king, while de-
lirous with typhoid fever, jumped this
morning from the seventh floor of
the Ormandle apartment house where
he had aiiartments'. The body struck
the walk three feet in front of the
elevator boy, who was thrown from
his feet by the concussion. He
struck squarely on his feet and tele
scoped. Two nurses were in ron-
stant attendance. One left the room
on an errand and the patient jumped
from "the bed, tore off his night robe
and spran gtbrough the window
choutlng. He was 30 years old and
left $3,000,000.
Rock Island and Santa Fe Now, Form
a Combination.
New York, Jan. 10. It Is the belief
in banking and railroad circles that
an important deal is pending betwoon
the Itock Island and Santa Fe roads
whereby the former secures a strong
interest in the latter and secures a
direct outlet to the Pacific Coast.
Reported That the Allies Will Leave
the Settlement of Venezuela matter
With the United States Minister.
Rome. Jan. 10. In official circles
today it Is said that piobably the
three allies will end the Venezuelan
troubles by practically entrusting fie
entire settlement with Minister Bow
en in whore fairness all have com
plete confidence. .
Coal Laid Down at a Cost ot $1,50 Sold to the Poor of Chi-
' cago for $10 a Ton.
Forty Operators, Wholesale Dealers and Agents Face the Grand Jury at
Chicago A'Dozen of the Rich Law-Breakers Fled During the Night
Polloe Wagons Distributing Coal to the Destitute.
Wheat Opened.
May "6Vi
July "3 4
July 42'
May 34
May 1020
Minneapolis, Jan. 10.
Wheat Opened.
May 75
July i..... "5
New York. Jan. 10.
Wheat Opened.
May S05
July 78
Chicago, Jan. 10. The alleged coal
conspirators faced the grand jury
thi6 morning. Forty owners and op
erators of mines, wholesale dealers
and agents of Pennsylvania compa
nies were subpoenaed during the
Most of the witnesses are million
aires who are prominent in business,
social and church life. Many are
prominent philanthropists noted in
the charitable world as well as for
combining to raise the price of coal.
The attorney-general of the state
and United States Attorney Deneen
are assisting in the investigation.
The former is said to have positive
evidence that the bituminous coal
cow filling the yards ot the city cost
lt'Jd dewn enly fl.50 a ton, while the
anthracite coal cost J3 per ton.
The charges made the public are
$10 and $20 per ton respectively.
A dozen millionaires and mine own
ers fled during the night.
Two deaths from freezing, due to
the rapacity of the coal barons Is
reported this morning. One was a 70-year-old
woman, the other an Infant.
Police patrol uagons and ash wag-
one are delivering small lots of coal
to the destitute today.
May Lose Charters.
Springfield, 111., Jau. 10. An entire
ly new inethd of receiving coal by
the combine has been discovered,
which may result in the dissolution
of the charters of the Wabash, Burl
ington and Northwestern roads for
coal mining or conducting coal bus!
ness. They can mine coal for their
own use only. The attorney-general's
oflice today is holding an investiga
tion. Scores Knox.
Chicago, Jan. 10. A special com
mittee appointed by Detroit to get the
coal convention met here today and
developed two sensational speeches
One was by Senator Mason, who
said Attorney-General Knox was to
blame for not enforcing the anti-trust
lews and needs waking up. The
other speech was by Detroit City At
torney Tarnsey, which scored Roose
velt, Root and Knox for what he calls
"their inaction. .
He says Knox is a trust attorney
and Roosevelt has depended on him
because he knows nothing of the law
Quotations Furnished by the Coe
Commission Company I, C. Major
Local Manager, Room 4, Associa
tion Block. .
Chicago, Jan. 10.
73 H
New York Bank Statement.
Reserves on all deposits, Increase,
On nil deposits otiier than u. s.
increase, $1,620,450..
Uians, decrease, $3,710,000.
Specie, Increase, $1,550,300.
Legals, Increase, $3,189,800.
Deposits, increase, $394,600.
Circulation, decrease, $66,100.
Wheat In Chicago.
Chicago, Jan. 10. Wheat
's cents per bushel.
-7614 r
Umatilla County's Share of
State Tax Reduced $7,000
Since Last Year.
Coming Session Will Undoubtedly Be the Most Important
and Interesting in Its History.
wnd of Saxony Offered I
'to Renounce His Rights. I
J Austria ,lai 1ft. Thi. m.
'-tiilr rfl.lirl thai Ihn t.
. - - ".. ......
Ferdinand who accom-
lister U crown urlnresH
f h her flight have offered
t) On mnriltln. . 1. .. . I.
" toberitanre and rights.
'mor for Solriiora' Unn.
. Jan. 10 Bv rllrpftlnn
jwldent, Brigadler-General
. klns ret'red, today
near this city. Gen-
."""toih xiriKnaier-
IFe D. Rugglcs. retired.
"Ensllsh Contralto.
"J 10.-MI8S Ada Cross
JUh contralto, sailed today
"tfih ,i 1 lue Principal
1 Hle Missouri river. v
Grand Jury,
r"' Jin. if) vi,. ...
C III. .."ri?" """I
tie Pr
1 afternoon.
tfT ,Vbel nwder, was
Pernicious Employment Agents.
Denver, Jan. 10. Another squad of
railroad laborers complained to Chief
Armstrong this morning, statelng that
they had been induced to come to
Denver by misrepresentations of the
Ogden Railway Employment agency.
This agency has been sending men
here in groups of 10, making a profit
of $30 on each party. The chief has
wired the chief at Ogden to stop the
Cuba to Accept the Treaty.
Havana, Jan. 10. It Is believed
here that the senate committee on
foreign affairs will report lnavor ot
accepting the reciprocity treaty with
the United States and that both the
senate and the house will accept Its
Orphanage Burned.
Ashevllle. N. C, Jan. 10. The Belle
Whalon orphanage was destroyed by
Are this morning. Thirty little child
ren were rescued with difficulty. The
loss Is $50,000.
Fire at Nashville.
Nashvillo, Tenn., Jan. 10. A fire
occurred In tho wholesale district
The Lyleback building was destroyed
at a loss of $250,000.
Washington, Jan., lO.-The Nation
al Board of Trade is an old organiza
tion and has held many conferences.
but the annual meeting to be held
here next week will undoubtedly be
the most important and- interesting in
its history. America's acquirement of
new possessions In the West Indies
and in the far East has given birth to
manv new questions affecting the
country's manufacturing and commer
clal Interests and all of these together
with questions or longer standing, but
none the less important, will come in
- . . - . . 1 . . B .1
lor attention at me nanus oi me emi
nent representatives ot the country's
Industries, who will gather In the na'
tional canital next Tuesday.
For instance, among the resolutions
to be discussed and acted upon Is
one recommending to congress "the
consideration ot such legislation as
will admit to the Philippine Islands
a number, not exceeding 200,000, male
adult Chinamen upon the payment of
an Imlgration fee of not over $50
each, these laborers being registered
and compelled to return to China at
the expiration of 10 years, or at the
discretion of the president at any time
after five years, such amount as may
accrue from the aboye proposition to
be devoted to such matters of Inter
nal development in the Philippine
Islands as may be aproved and
directed by .the congress of the Unit
ed States."
Carriers' Association.
Another resolution that will be
pressed, looks to the amendment of
the Interstate Commerce law, so that
It will permit the establishment and
maintenance of associations among
carriers so as to provide uniform, sta
ble and lawfully published rates, 'pro
vided that no such rates, rules and
regulations, and no methods adopted
for the maintenance of the same shall
become operative or legal until after
they have been filed with and ap
proved by the Interstate Commerce
A resolution with regard to the cur
rency system of the United States will
be brought before the convention. It
asks for such action as will dlscon
tlnue the coinage of standard silver
dollars; authorize the coinage of the
silver bullion In the treasury and the
recolnage of silver dollars with such
denominations of subsidiary silver
coins as the secretary of tho treasury
may deem necessary to meet the re
quirements; maintain at all times the
parity with gold of the legal tender
dollars remaining outstanding; repeal
the legislation which limits the re
tirement of national bank circulation:
amend the National Banking act, so
ttat national banks may bo author
ized to Issue notes which shall be as
adequately secured as the national
bank notes are under the law now In
force, and whose volume shall auto
matically expand with an Increased
demand for currency, and contract
when that demand shall cease.
Department of Commerce,
Additional resolutions will advocate
the creation of an executive depart
ment of commerce and Industry of
the government; reaffirm the demand
for one cent letter postage; favor the
payment by the treasury department
cf expressage on all old bank notes
sent to Washington to be destroyed
and on all national bank notes return
ed in exchange for the same; urge
that the waterways of tho Great
Lakes and the Mississippi River bo
speedily enlarged and connected by
continuous channels, reaching from
the Atlantic seaboard to the Gulf and
urges even more liberal provision by
congress for the earl Improvement
of seaport channels.
Inmates of Partially Wrecked House
of Correction Are Panlc-Strlcken.
Philadelphia, Jan. 10. A dynamlto
explosion at 6 this morning partly
wrecked the house ot correction at
Holmesburg. Tho Inmates were
panic-stricken. Some Italians were
blasting on a filtration plant adjoining
the prison, and caused the explosion
In some unknown way. Two Italians
were killed and many injured.
Later Thawing Dynamite.
It Is now thought to have been
caused by an attempt to thaw out GO
pounds of dynamite. The portion of
the penitentiary which was damaged
was occupied by women at breakfast
None of the inmates attempted to es
cape, although practically the wholo
wall was blown away.
Tennessee to Be Finished
Months, Washington In
Each 'to Cost $4,000,000.
Washington, Jan. 10. The naval
board pf construction this morning
recommended to the secretary of the
navy that the contract for tho build
ing of the armed cruisers Tennessee
and Washington bo awarded to
Cramps. One Is to he completed In
36 and the other In 39 months. Each
will cost $1,000,000. The secretary ot
the navy will undoubtedly approve
tho recommendation.
Anti-Trust Legislation.
Washington .Jan. 10. The senate
judiciary committee met this morn'
ing to discuss anti-trust legislation,
particularly tho Hoar bill and the at
torney-general's letter making rec
ommcndatlons. A course of proced
ure for presentation to the senate
will be mapped out.
Wife Would Control Estate.
Greenwich, Conn., Jan. 10. In the
court ot probate today arguments
were heard on the application of Gen
evieve Peats, who asks to be appoint
ed conservator of the propeity and
estate of ber husband, Alfred Pats,
tho well-known wall paper munufne
turer of New York and Chicago. Mrs.
Peats declares that her husband is
mentally unsound and unable to care
for his property. The wealth of Mr.
Peals Is estimated at several irllllon
Girls' Industrial School,
Denton, Texas, Jan. 10, With in
teresting ceremonies and in tho pres
ence of many spectators tho corner
stone of the Girls' Industrial School
was laid today. Regent John A- Hahn
officiated and tho other partWpanta
In the exercises Included several state
officials and representatives or the
State Federation of Women's Clubs,
Arrest Unemployed.
Vienna, Jan. 10. Twenty arrests
have been mado as a result of the
riots yesterday by the unemployed at
the municipal labor exchange.
Famous Horse Dead.
London, Jan. 10. Tho world fa
mous race horse, lien u. or oeroy
winner, dropped dead this morning,
Will Ask the City to Improve Roads
May Raise the School Levy to Six
Mills Considers the Library Tax.
Tho county court today drew up a
resolution to bo presented to the
rcndlcton Commercial Association at
Its next meeting Inviting It to work
In conjunction with tho county court
in asking the city to Improvo tho
In speaking of tho ninttor the court
nald today that more than $5000 was
spent lest year on the streets of Pen
dleton and roads In tho city limits
and thoro Is little to show for It. This
money, put Into a fund for proper
building of streets and loads and it
would only be a few years until there
would bo omplo money In tho fund
to mnko Pendleton's streets equal to
those of tho best graded Btrtots In tho
To Fix Tax Levy.
The mattor of fixing tho tax levy
for tho present year Is being discuss
ed. No definite figures have been
reached so far but tho court has no
Intention of lowering tho assessment
from what It was laBt year. This as
sessment was 28 mills and It will bo
28 or possibly 30 mills for this year,
ns the county court 1r seriously con
sidering a ralso of two mills.
Tho court Is feeling somewhat grat
ified over tho decrease slnco Inst year
In the amount of tax tho county has
to pay Into the stato fund. Last year
this tax was $45,080, against $37,240
for this year. Tills shows the coun
ty's sliaro of state tax to be $7840 less
than this year, than last. Umatilla
county pays Just 49-1000 of the entire
state tax.
May Raise School Levy.
The court Is also considering rais
ing tho school levy one mill. County
Superintendent J. P. Nowlln and City
Superintendent E, B. Conklln appear
ed before tho county court this after
noon to urge that a special levy be
mado for school purposes. Superin
tendent Nowlln stated that there wore
many schools In tho county where the
schools had to bo cut short on ac
count of funds. Ho nlso stated that
Incompetent teachers had to bo em
ployed lu many places simply because
the school fund was not large enough
to pay good teachers what they could
work for. Ho snld that mnny of the
Lest teachors ot the day were desert
ing their rnlllng and going Into the
stores as clerks and entering other
business fields because of the poor
pay of teachers.
Library Fund.
Tho main object of the conference
with tho court was to havo n spoclal
levy made for a llbroiy fund Slnco
the now school library law went Into
effect nny county may levy a tax" of
l ot less than 10 cents per capita on
school children for tho purposo of
maintaining libraries, Mr. -Nowlln
said ho had visited homes In tho In
terior districts where no rending mat
ter could bo found. Not a book or
newspaper was In tho homo nnd ho
stated that many of theso parents
were unable to got books or papors
fo rtholr children. Ho urged tho es
tablishment of libraries In order thnt
no child who attended school would
need go without good rending. This
library lav Is arranged so that the
money Is turned Into tho hnnds of tho
county superintendent nnd he can
not buy books other than thoso rec
ommended by tho stato board of ed
North Pole mine was offered for
sale three years ago for $600,000. It
has 5000 feet on the mother lodo.
It Is now worth twontv million dol
The South Pole mine adjoins, baa
Mil feet on the same lode, has tlx
tunnels, amounting to 2200 feel, aH
In ore. We expect within less than
three years' work to have a tnlna a
valuable as North Pole Is today.
south Pole stock Is seillne at II
rents until about January 1st.
uuy beroro the price raises,
See aahanan at Hartman Abstract
office, Pendleton, Or.
. J
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