East Oregonian : E.O. (Pendleton, OR) 1888-current, January 09, 1903, DAILY EVENING EDITION, Image 4

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Opening a set of books ? Then see us for Ledgers,
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Those who have hunger lor a
strenuous life need not go to war
to obtain It Lot them enter the
railroad business as dispatcher,
conductor or englueer, and they
will get all the nervous thrill,
responsibility, and perpetual
game of tag with death, that
seise, battle and ambush can
possibly afford. San Francisco
' was better than that now before the
He called down the British
cnczueln so sharply that they
learned to revere this doctrine of the
i American people. He certainly must
be In agony after viewing Its present
abuse by the powers.
"Herbert Mundell, fifteen years old,
-who robbed the Alba postefflce on
Christmas night, is the central figure
In a tragedy. If you wish to call
such, that extends beyond the limits
of Umatilla county,
Alba Is an isolated spot on the map
of the world, and Mundell is only
speck in the world of crime, yet many
an eye has been turned toward him
within the past week.
Poor, penniless, without presents
on the only day in the year when a
child needs a kind word aud a gift.
an matter how small, to maVe It re
tain its faith In the goodness of the
.world; driven to desperation bv the
sight or happy faces - all about him
and stung by the bitter thought that
nc present were going into the .cheer
less home where his brother and sis
ters sat and waited and wondered
"Jie robbed the postofHce to huy p'cs-
ents with.
-AH about him and his brothers
- -were cheery windows sparkling with
glad eyes and faces; the prosperous
land has borne Us golden harvests.
fcapplness. plenty, excess of wealth.
an inrougn the nation no need of
rant or scarcity; no reason why
.eTsery child In the country should not
a full stocking; he surrendered
io the temptation and became a
criminal for the sake of his brothers
sisters who had no Christmas!
Only a simple story of a .siranlc iar than ever before.
oVluried boy. Oulr a Hash rj,at lichts ! M-v tne city council,
up the horizon for a moment, yet it''ou antl y"r posterity.
Is -a -storr that should cause the world j
c halt and -wonder. I
:In the press dispatches of ch same!
Th mud hole familiarly known "as
Webb street, will now be Improved.
Patience has ceased to be a virtue.
' Mud and filth' . has accumulated,
deep holes hare been worn in the
toad and the planking that once made
the condition of the street passable,
has been removed in repairing the
Now the council will force the
property owners to respect the peo-
trlotlsm hasnorer been excelled. The
cillwti's duty to the'.publlc might be
emphasised by many exnmples from
Roman sources.
From ancient down 'to" modern
tlnies.no public utility received more
attention than the mads, for they
were the only means of transporta
tion. The messages of the early pres
idents down to James Monroe always:
contained elaborate discussions of j
this matter. i
When the locomotive emitted Its
shrill whistle, the knell of public
roads us the chief means of tronspor-!
tation was sounded. .The post chaise i
mve way to the steam engine. A re-i
rction resulted In favor of the rail
road, from the force of vhlch wc are
just beginning to recover. "We an?
rgaln realizing the necessity of gool'
roads. Mobile is-waking up to .the
iii'e;d of well-paved city roads free
trom the dust. This convention, this
movement, brings home to us. and In
a practical way demonstrates, the
need nf stood roads in country and in
city. !
In this country I am afraid there Is
too much apathy on the part or clti
zeus toward public Improvements.
Europe Is far ahead of us In this re-'
spect. We 'have yet to acquire the!
art of beautifying our cities with the
proper style of architecture and laild-'
scape effects. We have yet to learn i
the duty of providing our rural nnd,
municipal districts with ordinary '
public Improvements, such as proper
roads, harbor .facilities, nnd with the ,
higher forms of public utilities, such
as advanced schools, public libraries.'
city parks, public statuary, museums,
of art and nature, and imposinc mu
nicipal structures.
Yet all these things will come lr. j
time. With our great resources wej
will yet vie with Europe In useful !
and beautiful improvements. Mere1
sentiment will not suffice. We must !
produce concrete results. A good,
Special Clearance Sale
For a short time wc will make some very low prices on
all seasonable goods. Our prices are always ao to 5 per cent
below our competitors, .but for a short time we will even outdo,
ourselves and make prices heretofore unknown on high-class
Men's and Boys' Suits and Overcoats reduced
to Eastern Wholesale Cost.
Ladies' and Misses Coats and Jackets 25 per cent off reg
ular price. ,
Ladies Wool and Silk Waists, spicial reduction accord
ing to quality. Good flannel waists, S5C.
Ladies' and Misses' Outing Flannel Gowns. 10 per, cent off
regular prices.
Calico, regular 5c grades, 10 yards to one person, 3c yd.
Bleached muslin, 5c grade, 10 yards to one person, 3c yd.
LL muslin, any amount, worth 5c special, 5c yd.
Outing flannel, yc graJe, 5c yd; 10c and nc grades, 9c yd.
Cotton toweling, 10 yds to one person, 3c yd.
Ladies 10c hose, 3 prs 25c.
Children s joc hose, 3 prs 35c
The Place to Save Money ,
UI evervik; -
dunnr tk ,
I Dress
We make a
mak,nE dresses
scriptions, fr0m
gown to the
Party dres v
. ..
nisn the miterijlot
save I'mi
01 us.
; Ed Ebei,
ule's wishes and make the annear- . " . ' w " r r
- - i Tfim niirnmifiin irnnni diri'iifi I,
for poor people, and those who are:
first in line are usually at the doors!
several hours before the house Is
opened. j
CATARRH Despaia & Clarlc
ance of this street at least equal to j mioses.
that of other streets in the city.
Other Btreets in the citv might bci Some of the Parisian theaters give
improved.. Conditions are not
But the council, by careful pains
taking work and Uie expenditure of
over ?5000 during the year Just pass
ed, has made conditions much better
than they were a year ago. It re
quires work, money, talk, thought and!
muscle to make good streets.
These have been liberally employ
ed with flattering results. Pendleton
has more In stock and will use them
more liberally.
Main street should be paved, by all
means. The past two months of wet
weather and heavy traffic have prov
en that fact to the entire satisfaction
of ev-ary taxpayer who has had occa
sion to wade across.
But many excellent movements are
now on foot. The business men are
burdened with public tasks which
claim much of their time and means.
Delay will lead to serious breaks.
First-class work guaranteed by
BECK, the Reliable Plumber.
Court street, opposite the Golden Rule Hotel
Often begins with a cold in the head,
but it never stops there. The tendency ii '
always from bad to worse. The simple,
cold becomes a protracted, stubborn one,
while the discharge from the nose grows'
more profuse and offensive. The inflam- j
mation extends to the throat and bron
chial tubes, causing hoarseness, a tickling
sensation and an aggravating cough.;
The foul matter that is continually drop-'
fjuig met liuu me luruai unus us way
into the stomach, resulting in a distres-
Whoiesale Com
mission Merchants
from the general shskeup of the
grab-bag o prosperity, Pendleton
does not draw a pavement for Main
treet, she will be satisfied Wih the
club building, good roads, better tax
laws and the sewer system.
Whether the council made a reso
lution to that effect or not, on New' Theonly way to get rid of catarrh per-
ear's day. it is practicing the right I anenu7 13 10 l"al " ""?uSa "
1 llff,IUU IU UUUCr ICBllllb HMD
Will pay cash for poultry. The
sing- form of dyspepsia, nausea, and lots I Market price always. Bring it in
of ajjpetite- and ! every day and all day. Chickens,
ILSi4;' THE GATEWAY Geese, Ducks and Turkeys.
are absorbed into
the blood, and nil
the membranes CONSU MPTION. 0ffice
come infected, and what was supposed to j
stitutional, deep seated and chronic. I
Sprays, washes, powders, salves and,
other external remedies give only tem
porary relief, and the disappointed and
.disgusted patient finally gives up in
despair and declares catarrh incurable.
in Savings Bank Building
Come, Get Oar Quotations
By the Fire Insurance Com
panies we represent. Our
companies stand first in the
Hartford Fire Insurance Co.12,259,076
Alliance Assurance Co. . . 9,039,903
inaon & Lancashire Fire
Insurance Co 2,544,6SS
North British & Mercantile
Co 19,095,974
Royal Insurance Co 22,897,153
Bargains in
Thp ItflTTiftno V.'tft thrt irrtiftf .tl.
tidie ot nis crime. It was announced feanizars of antiquity. Without hold
that the income of J. Pierpont Mor- ingood roads conventions, they went
f,an for the past vear was $1" OftO 000 I lo work to-pave the Droad Ioraahis
,On rtnltn,. of ,hi tr ' ' I the" republic and the empire. They
tone do lar of that magnificent for- faw the absolute need of good roads
tune -would hnve saved this boy and as the media of political and econ
iiis parents the sorrow nnd disgrace' otaic unity.
of his act The Roman roads spread forth like
He is shuddering on the brink r.f fl 1 1.." -5 Vf", "l "?"em ..0I The Swin Saeclfio Co.. Atlanta. G.
, , -.BiaicB uuu cuiunies, iiansmiiung ine,
-ssortnless life, for one fatal step often llfcblood of the nation. They were
means anoiher. He Is turned against lh cbannels of commerce, and they p CJ-,1, 1
ihe world and Its ahama and incrinall-' ruaed, "ie "vere eleraenta of the em-1 rCnQlClOll 11511 3P0
i.t- and i,,, , . I,lre into an almost homogeneous.
t.es and t chances to ore, un'.-s. ' vbolc The roads of Rome made her D.U-,, Mll
1ne lov and strenzih of a good mnth- mistress of the world. The Jtoman' I OUltrY riflrKCl
-cr d iters Mm from it. will beeom !(,eal of yie duly nBa practical pa-,
urities removed from the blood, and this :
Stand solldh S. S. S. does promptly aud thorouehlT. It
Its efforts are for pel?rra the circulation everything of
mu iiruuiHig, poi&ouuus cuaiucicr, allow
ing tue innameu mem
branes to heal when
themucous discharges
cease, and the damage
done to the health is
soon repaired. S.S. S. -
keeps the blood in such a healthy, vigor
oas condition that cold, damp weather;
or sudden changes in the temperature are
not so apt to bring on catarrhal troubles. I
S. S. S. is a vegetable medicine unequaled ;
as a blood purifier, and the best of all
tonics just, the remedy needed to thor-
ouguiy ana enectuauy cure catarrh.
Yerlngton, Key .Oct.iOlSti
Mr C A rcrrin, Helena, Mont
Detr 8ir-I have nearly nnlthed
thf former bottle and am practically
well My case wa one mot physf.
clam woald bare pronounced In
cuiable. ily appetite l mx1, hae
rained lOpoundi In weight and feel
lileanew lease of life wai siren
m.. One of the bottlei I tend for
tbli time ii for a friend and tbe
other for myself, as I do not Intend
to tie without It.
T B Harris.
a hater of mankind, nnd the laws'
It at breed injustice and wrong. I
In the sara country wUb birr, 's
much iHxury. such a aurfcir oi
-wealth tha' the most disgusting ex
travagances are' resorted to In the ef
fort to spend some part of It. In a
manner In keeping with the age and
it demands.
It Is a Umatilla county story It Is
r.ot imagination nor exaggeration, i
The picture Is before you. As you
vreae your own boy to your heart to-'
T-Ight. proud of the future fhat beams
lforc him. think of It.
HarperB Weakly, one of tho strong
est Eastern Journals, has suggested
Grovor Cleveland as the possible
democratic candidate for !WU. At
.least Orover Cleveland's belief In
nnd execution of the Monroe doctrine
310 Court Street
: Everything 'ihe
right. We handle
Pi ices
which we receive
Mothers and Children
Rejoice, in the cleansing, purifying, and
beautifying propertits of Ccncuna Soap
and Ctmn Ointment, purest and
BWtrteat of einollimit akin cure. These
gentle yet effuctivo akin puriflcM and
beuutifi'.'rs have maje thousands of IiOiuuJ
happy by curing torturing, disfiguring
lmmora, rashes, and irritation of inf artey
nnd elilhllioo-l, and rvJieviug pamiw of
caia aiid anxiety.
Caat-l'i.tKiw,yi, r-aTAratUii-aaUa,-(n.
Fresh Fish,
Lobsters, Shrimps, Crabs, Oys
ters ana an salt water loods.
Ranch and Creamery Butter,
Fresh Eggs, Game in season,
Produce of all kinds.
Goods delivered to
the city.
all parts of
We pay cash for country pro
duce. A trial otder fs sqlicited.
L M. Lyman, Prop.
Phone Bed 591
Gray's Harbor
Commercial Co.
Wc Don't Keep Everything
llut we do keep a good big
stock of nice dry Flooring,
Ceiling, Hustle and Finish,
hi all grades. Also all kinds
of Dimension Lumber, in
eluding Lath and Blihigles.
Our stock of Doors, "Win
dows, Moulding, Building
and Tar Paper aud Apple
Boxes la complete, and auy
one iu need of Lumber will
not be wrong In placing
their order with the : : :
Gray's Harbor Com. Co.
Opp. W; & C. R. Depot
Real Estate
I have a larger and better
list of Farms, Stock Ranches
aiul City Property to sell
i than ever before. Also a big
lot of land in the coming
wueai s etion ot jJastern
tM Ton
I U9t '
- I r At ft llllhi
127 and 129 E81
Is always received when you
place your order with us.
Fir, Tamarack and
Why buy poor ,coal when you
can get the best for the same
Laatz Bros.
Telephone Main 51
wumya ui kjd
A 1
countenances c
patrons. Our
dry Workistbt
of perfection,
r. - t. ,
ruin ann i n nm nc
Clang! Clang! Hear
a ir tAA-trc nnr in rv
ntvt -rocc in rftfTlSfC
repairing Felloe as
one to us. We put 1
materials m'tJi a know
Damt or varnisn, anu
Jr-iw snick and span
1 . nnnC, i lid
11UI as LU CAk'"-1-
Blonr ctsouw mtiu"
tgenu rar lonu.
at tbe EAST
ton, urteoo,