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    Our Annual Clearance Sale is in full swing
Three Great Specials
Black Clay Worsted Suits at $8.15
Auburn Meltons at $9.60
Blue Serge at $9.60
Bargains in Overcoats, Shoes, Hats and Furnishings.
Bae? & Daley
One-Price Clothiers, Hatters and Furnishers
FRIDAY. J ANT ART 9. 1903.
The senate bill for the redemption
o' the silver coinage of the Hawaiian
Islands and Its rccoinase into United
States coin, was passed after an
hour's debate Wednesday.
The senate committee on the Phil
ippines Thursday took favorable ac
tion on the amendment to the sundry
civil appropriation bill suggested by
Senator Lwige, appropriating 32,500,
tiflO for the purchase of draught ani
mals lor the Filipinos.
The coal situation In Toledo. O..
has reached the point where a physi
cian's certificate Is required by deal
ers before they will 3eli even a ton
ol coal. The certificate must show
that there is illness in the home of
the uould-be purchaser, and that coal
is necessary as a safeguard Tor the
The Clark corporation has agreed
to buy from Harriman 300 miles of
road, part of the Oregon Short Line,
limning- southwest from Salt Lake to
a point ic Southeastern Nevada.
This deal is to be closed in New York
within a few days. By means of it
eSnator Clrrk gets rid of a parallel
line which Harrimarr was nrranging
to build.
Lieutenant Robert Peary, the Arctic
prnlorpr rtprlar! at f h nnnnlMfltrm
of his lecture upon his last journey!
to the far north, delivered before the
Philadelphia Geographical Society,
tuat, provided anyone would place
$150,000 at his disposal, he would be
willing to undertake another expedi
tion next summer in a final endeavor
to reach the pole.
In New York the price of coal has
been advanced to ?9.50 as a minimum
and some anthracite has been sold
as high as J12.50. A number of large
dealers have consulted over the situ
ation and it Is probable that a meet !
ing will be held today to promulgate
a schedule of retail prices. The inde
pendent operators met in this city
and agreed not to sell coal at less;
men irr a ton to we dealers. The
coal roads, it was said br some of
Hotel Pendleton.
T. B. Mack. Walla Walla.
W. B. Mack. Spokane.
Miss E. Wheeler, Denver.
C. J. Frum. Spokane.
Bessie Grey. Boise City.
George II. Allen, Portland.
Mrs. W. L. Goodpasture. Eugene.
Edwin Means. Portland.
A. Mett, Portland.
M. P. Mendelshon, San Francisco.
A. Slnshcimer, Portland.
L. Alledoff. Portland.
E. H. Clarke, city.
T. P. Marnaple, Heppner.
A. G. Ogilvie Portland.
O. A. Smith, Huntington.
L. O. Lerkln. Portland.
J. Jesse Cohen. Victoria,, B. C.
George K. Burton, San Francisco.
A. W. Tukur. Spokane.
S. S. Gill. Spokane.
R. A. Seeds, Spokane.
E. H. Burke. Portland.
J. J. Burns, Portland.
Gcotge W Terrlck, San Francisco.
The Golden Rule.
3. E. Clark, Ukiah.
L. Pierce, Ukiah.
J. A. Kelson, city.
Bud Nelson, city.
Doug Belts, Pilot Rock.
W. H. Dougherty. Portland.
J. F. Rupert. Colfax.
F. Frendlg, Freewalcr.
C. L. Frendlg. Freewater.
E. C. Frendig. Freewater.
J. A. Ayres, Freewater.
W. R. McRoberts, Spokane.
William Johnson. Freewater.
J. B. Young. Freewater.
V. Goodman, Freewater.
R. Turner. Stage Gulch.
J. F. Hill, Helix.
J. E. Taylor. Huntington.
T. Koba, city.
Charles Hamel.. city.
J. S. Walker. Athena.
F. F. Burken. Athena.
Frank Saranten, Helix.
W. D. Keller. Cul de Sac.
J. P. Hayden, Portland.
Mrs. J. P. Hayden, Portland.
Miss Noland. Portland.
William Dieting, Portland.
George C Flanders, Portland.
C W Warren. Spokane.
iitiiA.1 Akin IILIA-II f A Tft
Settlers at the Summit of the Moun
tains Desire Fixed Line Voters;
and Taxpayers Should Be Canvass
ed Before Law Is Passed.
The bill to be Introduced by Sena
tor Pierce. Cxlas the boundary lin?
lelween Union and . Umatilla conn- j
tics will form no small iart of Umn-
tllla count legislation, a' the coming
In the pioneer day. when a stag
load and rack trail wereUhe only in
dications of eivlllratloa bit the sum
mit or the mountains. It did not mat
ter where the li:ic was. nor whether
a tree was blaied or not. for It did
uoi enter into the question of county,
But since the summit of the moun-!
tains has been settled up and the)
aucstlons of citizenship, taxation and
legal residence have entered Into the!
Issue. It Is now very necessary to)
know where that Hue Is.
At Kamcla and Meacham there arr
rorhaps 20 voters who reside In the:
timber near the summit, and who
take their choice in voting at either'
place. '
Assessors find great difficulty ic
locating property in the right couuty
and she movement to fix a perma
nent line on the mountain meels with j
beany approval from everybody con-,
cerned. '
The summit of the mountain Is so,
uneven that It Is difficult to follow!
the high ridge of the range. Deepi
canyons run high up from either side
ccusln? the true summit to zigzacj
back and forth a great deal, and alto
gether it Is a very antiquated meth-
od of describing tlie boundary of a1
county. j
The settlers near the summit are
deeply interested in locating the line.,
as it makes a great deal of difference
to many of them residing near the
line, where they are placed in the;
final establishment of the boundary. '
Many of them transact business lnj
Pendleton and clalrA residence in ,
Umatilla county. They market their
wood In Uiis city and are desirous
of conUnulng In this county. A line,
drawn straight through the mountain
setUemcnts, without regard to the!
local situations there would work a
hardship on those settlers who may ,
have a choice in selecting the county !
In which to live. J
A most thorough canvass of the.
situation should be made before a bill i
Is drawn. In order to deal justly with
the old settlers of that mountain dls-.
trlct. j
It would be a great injustice to set-i
tiers, or any small number of them!
tc place them in Union county, while!
their only market and nearest trad-j
ing point is Pendleton. Section lines
chould be correctly located, and every I
Individual owning property along the
proposed line should be given n hear-!
ing before the matter Is permaneutlv
setUed. 1
tsabelle Taylor Accuses Her Husband
of Mistreating Her.
Isabelle Taylor has filed papers
with County Clerk W. D -Chamberlain,
asking that she be granted a
divorce. from Moses Taylor. Mr. and
I m T-.. 1 r.i , . i .
j .i.o. lujiuj are ie2lueul Ol II1C
I Athena neighborhood, where they
Catarrh Cannot be C red
Itmir ofiicfels will continue to sell at ' ... iLK'Tl?2 " "SFMave lived for years. The suit cites
?Saton. Srtba! m TTr coTutlSdiS;,?s lch he should.
, 'and In ortter to cure It yon must take !n-t',ave a divorce that Moses Taylor has,'
i terrnu renmuea. Malta caatrrh Cure la jepeatedly mistreated her and accus
SSSf JSSJ"..?" JS8 ed her of being Insane. ;
tath Care la not jl nnack medicine. It' Th treatment she resents as be-
c, , . , , , , , , tath Care la not -a quack medicine. It' 1 "", treatment she resents as be-
SL Lawrence Island has been made w pc,, by 0 of thCM Ang untrue and unjust. She says that
a reindeer preserve for Alaska. gjp f,r. LeaBK,u they were married In Ontario In 1875. j
Oregon was. the lowest bidder orjS.ST years ago. and eight children were!
the care of the Alaska insane. beat blood purifier, acting directly on Uw'born to them. Defendant, according'
A new hospital costing- J6O.00O Is j Se ,tw?mtai?haTS?oalS ' to the com,,a,nL wo,"1 accuse plain-;
to be erected at Vancouver barracks. I such wonderful results In enrtnr (Sumtt ! tin r Dei"E Insaue and tell her that
There is reported to be an epldem-1 d "r""ur- , l,,e .wou,d l,ave ner committed to the,
ji t i .i. . t-ii; l t-.-.CHEsy CO- Propa- Toledo, O. '. asylum.
Haifa Family Pltls are. the beat.
a bcdpoJt and lnnictlng bruises upon
bCThem'tlti6n states that defendant
i worth $74,000 ami asks the court
to give hor title to one-third of this
Propcttv beside as her dow-
ci. Balleray c iucuoun iv
for laintlff.
Freaks of Jersey Justice.
M.S 1-mtra Biscfr. Dr. C C. Ken
.ricK and Samuel Stanton were all
tried at the sonic time on the same
charge or eonsplrney to gain jiosses
sum' of the Bennett estate. A mar
riage certificate alleged to be frnudn
hnt and a certificate or the birth of
p child to 1-nurn Bigger, although it
was alleged none had lieen unnu
nrei in 'he charges. Miss uigcer gu
liw. both men are convicted
Justice Gunimwe. at Trenton, set
aside a ?WO0 verdict for the Killing
of a 5-year-old boy. saying that n
child's life was worth only Si
The same sum $1 was awarded
to Lulgi SaufrannI by Judge John 1.
Blair, of Jersey City, for the killing of
a cat.
a Vownrk Inn- assessed Policeman
Thomas J. Docker- six cents for kiss
ing Miss Theresa Heavy.
A Jim t Allentown. N. J.. gave
Mrs Isabella M Utelle J2nm. uam
ages for being pin off an Erie road
A jury gave J. Edward Hunter of
Pompton $KH because an Erie nil
road conductor oveu-harced him three
From the moment a child
is born the question of nour
ishment becomes of great
importance. A right start
avoids a lot of trouble later
on ; it's so easy to begin right,
too. Many women cannot or
will not chiefly will not
nurse their children. It's a
sad commentary on modern
social conditions that this
latter tendency shquld be so
general. The best thing
to do under the circumstances
is to help the bottle babies all
we can they're at a big dis
advantage at best. We lcnow
positively that nothing will
do them more good than
Scott's Emulsion a few
drops in the bottle. It seems
to furnish just the right quan
tity and right kind of nour
ishment needed by babies and
growing children.
The women who are will
ing but unable to properly
nurse their children will find
Scott's Emulsion a great help
a two-fold help in fact It has
a direct and immediate effect,
not only feeding and sustain
ing the mother, but insuring
also a flow of rich, nourishing
milk for the baby. Thus
Scott's Emulsion strengthens
the mother and goes natur
ally through the milk and
strengthens the child.
These claims are not made off-hand.
We know from neatly thirty vear contact
with such cases that Scott's l.nuilsion will
do just what we say it will do. e I11 b
glad lo send you a 'ample free so that you
can judge foryour-elf
409 Pearl St., New York.
I have a full line of Fire
Arms,. Hunting Coats,
Knives and all kinds of
See display in window.
74 J Main Street
Is reached in BYERS BEST. Better flnnr r.-..
The cream of the wheat crop enters in Byers' Be
riour, wmcn is ngnt lor Dread and
Fancy Baking.
W. S. Byers, Proprietor.
Start the New
Year Right
In order to do this von should have a
organ, and before getting one yon should
BnltuB. We are agents for twenty-nine rUffa
ent mates, ranging in price from $135 up.
a look at them and hear our easy payment pk
315 East Court Street.
Special After Christinas
Bargains in Furnifj
The Big Furniture Store, Next to Fostofl
hi of smallpox in . the vicinity of
Thurston, 10 miles east of Eugene, j
Fred A. Bancroft bas been named;
by President Roosevelt to succeed A-j
B. Croasman as postmaster of Port--
Owing, to tbe uuu3ual Eastern Im
migration in Linn county, tbe fccboois
of Lebanon are over-crowded and an
other teacher has been added.
Governor Isabel, of the State of
Cheap Rates Westbound.
From February 15 to April 30, 1S03,
Inclusive, the O. R. & N. Co. will
have an sale tickets tram Missouri
River points to Pendleton for J22.E0:
from St. Paul. $2.50; from Sr Loots,
J27.50. Call on the O. H- & N. ticket
agent for full particulars.
Ten Dollars Reward.
Hermoslllo, Mexico, bas established
take heroic measures to exterminate! Jii-1, ne T . hT;.
the plague. !;e,sht ,al?ut 2?? pounde- nded
' , , , , , t : 65 on left shoulder, mane roached
The wreck of the Norwegian bark, jaat 8prinr. will pay above reward
Prince Arthur is now on the beach (for of same to Purl Bowman,
at Osetta. Wash. Six bodies have,
tutu - . Wnr Bale O ..11. c
and farming lands In Umatilla and
Morrow counties. Oood buildings.
Ranch will feed 15.000 to 16.000
t one time she says defendant,
abusd her by throwing her against!
W. T. Bunney. the county treasurer
of Inyo county. California, has not
been beard from since December 26.
Tbe vault cannot be opened and the
sondttlon ol tbe treasury is
sheep. All under fence but two sec
tions. Plenty of water. Also be-
not, tween 11.000 and 12,000 head of
iBhep, 130 head of cattle. 30 horses.
The irrigation company Interests tatrons, harness, plows, seeders and
which now dominate the Portland other farming supplies. Address
Board of Trade, have resumed their Joseph Vey, Pendleton.
war against Moore and now declare
that the acounts of the ox-secretary' The vt-ry earliest example of a ua
are short 'titmnl alliance Is 'ontalned It. vhut
jib the oldest historical document yet
A white rust Is an unexplained, known, inscribed on a bowl found
"disease" of English and German gal-' at Suncir, In Chnldea the Shinar of
vanlzed iron that has developed with- the Bible and dating from about
In a year or two. ' 7000 B. C
Our stock is the largest k
-j, and most complete ever
shown in Pendleton. : S
ft g
s All sizes and any num- S
uer ol pages desired. R
We make a specialty of
furnishing office supplies
If there is anything you
need in this line see us
and get our prices.
U Book and Stationery Store
Going out of
All sewing machines
in stock to be dis
posed of . at cost.
Come early and
select a bargain
a 1 1 couirr sthket
The Distinguished A tress
Directed by Belasco & Thall in
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Gallery 50c
Seat sale opens Tharaday morning at Fraziers
l-or Health, Strength and fl
PleaiirP HrinL- II
Murphy & Langever, Proprs
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W M. M f-