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All our broken lines of Shoes for Ladies, Men
Youths, Misses, Boys and Children
We are offering great cut prices in these broken
lines, Come in.
Diiiclinge, Wslson &, Co.,
could be done to relieve the suffering
oi prevent death. Nothing could be
learned of the origin of the tronlilo.
and the real cause of death is a mys
tery to several doctors who attended
the case.
Bad Man Causes Trouble at the State
Walla "Walla, Jan. S. "Bud" Cox.
' sentenced to 20 rears in the state
EFFECTS OF A BEE STING, j penitentiary from -Whatcom a few
1 months ago, for burglary, Tuesday
Joint Installation of Odd Fellows made a bold attempt to escape. He
Police Officer Terrian Dead Sold- dropped out of line as the convicts
iers 'Fined 590 for Shooting Win- were marched to breakfast and hid
do behind the stcue steps jast outside of
the dining room, where be remained
Walla "Walla, Jan. S. A joint In-, tor 10 minutes before he wa3 found,
stallation of officers was held last I Captain of the Guard J. F. McAndrew
night by the three lodges of Odd j noticed that he had left his place in
Fellows in this city, and some splen-1 ';ne and immediately began a search
did work was done by the officers in ' for him.
charge of the work. Elaborate pre- Cox is a had man, as is shown
parations had been made to entertain ' v. hen he arose in' the court room in
a large attendance at Odd Fellows' ' which he was sentenced the last
Hall, and one of the largest prthT- time and swore vengeance against
nigs of Odd Fellows held in many those who had convicted him. It is
moons, resulted. ! thought he had planned the escape.
Police Officer Joseph Terrian, who j as he had supplied himself with two
has served regiiarlj- for two yars.j pairs of underclothes, two pairs of
died vesterdav afternoon at a. local t socks and had sewed a niece nf liinn-
hospital from progressive muscular ket on the inside of his convict coat " ?c b J!?,11
raralysis. Mr. Terrian took to his 'He Is serving his third term in the !he city attorney, the council ordered
thro n-,. i,t -! ! stat nrlsnn. an ordinance drawn covering the sit-
K. Albee. of Pilot Rock, is in town
on business.
William Tompkins, it Athena, is a
wt visitor today.
CITY ATTORNEY FILES ' , .. .. c. Beroulst
It Is Found That No Contract Now
Exists Between the City of Pendle
ton and the W. & C R. Railway,
Regarding Webb Street Old Con
tract Void.
The city council last night:
Ordered an ordinance drawn
giving the city power to en
force Improvement of Webb
street by the W, & C. R.
Accepted report of committee
appointed to locate street
At the meeting of the city council
last night, the matter or requiring the
W. & C. R. railway to plank the
tracks and grade Webb street, was
thoroughly discussed.
City Attorney Charles Carter filed
fa written opinion on the matter
which set forth that the contract
signed by the old O. & W. T. company
in which that company agreed to keep
the track planked, and the street in
good condition, would not bind the
W. & C. R. cohmpany, which now
owns and operates the road.
Mr. Carter placed the legal status
of the case before the council in the
most lucid manner He said the only
means by wmcn tne council cotiiu
now compel the present owners of
this road to plank Its track and '
rvMirki rtplts. the Pilot Rock stock
man, is in the city today on business.
James B. Welch returned last night
from a visit to Umatilla and Arling
ton. John Dorn and J. H. Koontz. of
Echo, departed for home on the de
layed train this nfteraoon.
Oustave Vollmer. of Wnltsburg.
Wash.. Is in the city as a witness In
a road cas- lefore the county court.
Elder A. W. Cole, of Hyde Park
Presbyterian church. Chicago, will
conduct services at the Temple on
Sunday, at 11 a. m.
O. D. Tee, one of the most en
thusiastlc jrrigationists of Umatilla
county, is in Pendleton today from
his home near Echo.
Alex Sprice, or Dayton, Wash., one
of the largest wheat growers of Co
lumbia county, is the guest or Hotel
Pendleton for a few days.
R, B. Cummins, of Kamela, who
has been correspondent for the
Spokesman-Review at that place, is
in Pendleton for a short time. He
prisoners Try to Saw Out of the
County Jail With a Knife.
The sheriff's office has been keeping
sn attempted jatl break which was
made seve ral days ago, on the quiet
There arc now eight Inmates of the
county Jail, some of them desperate
characters. Several days ago the at
taches of the sheriff's office discov
ered that a move was on foot to make
a break for liberty.
During the day the Inmates of the
jail are left out in tbo main corridors
or the Jail. The windows arc protect
ed with large bars ot Iron running
across to make them safe.
The Inmates of the Jail had secur
ed an old broken case knifo, made a
saw blade, and begun to saw oil one
or the bars. '
The plot was discovered soon after
the work or sawing began, but no at
tempt to stop them was made. It was
discovered that there was little likc
lyhood or the Inmates making the
break successful as their saw was
soft and the work all had to be done
during the daytime. To shield them-
DON'T. Kit
Yourself K A-i . .
"nosing SOffit
Sf S 1 ercatest cUia
Mother's h
It is
not a
but gives moM?
round dr. th, SS3
Owl Tea He
17 lbs Sngat t,.0
selves, tbo men would keep up a con
tinuous noise while at work. 13.000 acre tract bm to,!
Under, the vounc man held on the 800 aores. 8 miw Cr?J
charze or securinc a saddle and ! good water and Sffl SzI
horse at the City Livery Stables and , centfl" mMketprinS!
.llcnnolnr- nf if nt V.rhn lc thought ' 720 acre S tock ranch i-'J
will assist on the local staff of the,, , ,v. .... inriin i,. th ' 4,500.
morning paper. I attempted break for llbertv. He is ' .3?9.ACtrat 100 tonsofhi,!
V . l,nwn U.. nMn.1 i... r I 14,UUU. 1
rls. the safe blower from Helix. SSP""""!!
. iromi-enaieton.f8.om
mo t m Tii nil r rno snnrirr a nmrA id aaa .
w acres on the rim
Ii..ir4ttn.. fl AAA 1
Attention Knights.
Damon Lodge No. 4, Knights of
Fythias. wi: lhold a special session in
Music Hall Friday evening. January
iSih. There will be work in the third
ank. Also Saturday. January 10th,
grade this street. Is by the passage of "mmenclnR at 2:30 p m.. the third
,n nrHin,n K-ir, ,L oi, .-o, . ! onnual district convention of K. of
uuSHa,V J '" - i
P of Umatilla county, will be held
L. W. HELD. C. C.
It W. FLETCHER, K. of R. & S.
The old contract with the Oregon I l"c .
& Washington Territory road tas,' ,u
been considered by many people in
terested in this matter, to be in force
yet, and the opinion of the city at-l A.n--
torney places the situation in a diff- """" "
V.Clli. 1 1 11 k IUC JIUUlll. j ' . u S) i - - - . -. . " .
izer oi me ooumen oi tne worm. ! guilty, ana wnat no could hope to gain ;
departed for Arlington on the delay-! by "standing pat" could not be guess
There is absolutely no contract in
existence between the city and the
present owners of the road, regarding
came from, but the sheriff's office Is
certain that no help came from the Pendleton t"300
outside, ivone of the men in Jail 160 acres wheat land 4 ,
country. f4,000. 11
It is now thought that this attempt 140 acres on the river 15
io escnpe num pnsun wus wuai .nor- rcuuiciou, n,tju.
ris had in view when he refused to This is a narti&l lht nf
plead guilty to the charge of larceny. ' d wheat farms which I hi
His palls in the crime ot breaking Cttv Pronrv a
into the Richardson merchandise 1 iuitiiy a ,
store at Helix, have both been Ben- . hvre loilS Ut tf
tcucru uiiu ure Dt'rviug a term jni
prison. Morris refused to plead
lots, residences,
I do not list properrl
pnee ngnt
ed train this afternoon. Mr. Rogers. rd until the attempt to liberate hlm-
the maintenance of Webb street, the j WM be present nt a log-rolling of the I self from the hands of the officers i
planking of the track for the safety or1 Woodmen to be held in that city to-)fame to light.
the public, or any other of the provis
ions of the old contract.
In accordance with the advice of
tion did not become serious until ai Cox, in company with St. John Dix. i l?r Jy:
few days ago. As a policeman, Mr. I a detauitlng bank president, made a
Terrian made a splendid record and I desperate attempt to break Jail at
his death will be regretted by a large i Whatcom.
number of friends.
Sentenced to Five Days In Jail for
Disorderly Conduct
Neil McDevitt, who was fined $10
The men who shot out two heavy
plate glass windows in Main street,
New Year's night, have been detected,
found guilty and fined ISO each 'or
the trick. Yesterday three .members
of Battery 30. of Fort Wnlla Walla.
wer arraigned, charged with the jn tne poiiee court Monday, for being
deed, tried and found guilty. Justice I drunk and disorderly was again
Glasstord imposed a fine of JSO and i brought before Judge Fitz Gerald
costs each, and gave a free lecture! this morning on the same charge,
upon carrying weapons on the streets it wni be remembered that McDev
of the city. The batterymen werc.iu barricaded himself in his room
Lewis Borphy. John Corlee and John! last Sunday night and threatened to
Adolph, all young men. They went i shoot whoever entered to molest him.
to Jail and when they shall have sorv-! Himself and wife were in the habit
ed a proper time they will still have
to face a charge at the fort and
stand court-martial.
Paul, the 4-year-old son of Rev. and
Mrs. H. Relke, died yesterday from
the effects of a sting over the left
eye. Rev. Relke is pastor or the
German Lutheran church. Friday the
boy complained or being stung by an
unknown insect, and a small pimple
appeared above the eye. Medical as
sistance was called, but nothing
oi unnKing neaviiy ana wnen on a
spree made life miserable for those
living near them. McDevitt was bIbo
ahuslvq and threw his wife and child
cut of the house on different occa
sions. His reprimand and fine for the for
mer offense did not seem to deter
him In his determination to be bad
and he again became noisy and
threatening last night He was so
drunk when the officers arrived to
take him in custodr. that he was un
able to walk, and a hack was called
by the police.
He was sentenced to five days in
jail this morning.
This ordinance
will be presented at the next meeting
and the council hopes by this means
to reach the vexed question which
has been so long under discussion.
The committee .appointed by the
council to estabiish street grades
north or the river reported through
its chairman, Frank B. Clopton.
The report was an elaborate docu
ment, which covered all the minor
details of the matter fully. The com
mittee reported that in most cases the
grade had been established to corres
pond to the contour of the ground, in
order to render the construction of
the grade as cheap as possible to the
taxpayers and property owners, but
in some few instances, where ravines
were encountered, the committee lo
cated the grade in the manner best
suited to the situation.
ine report ot tne committee was I Elmcted
accented and the citv attornev order-1
ed to draw np a resolution embodying I
"t iviuiucu Mitu lilt'
Land and a large party of visiting,
members from the Weston demon-'
stration yesterday and is highly!
pleased with the success of thej
meeting. I
E. T. Wi
Real Estate
Mrs. Knox Dead.
George Knox, who is employed by
Laatz Bros., in their wood yard ir
this city, received the sad news of
the death of his mother, Mrs. George
Knox. Sr.. which occurred at Kamela
this morning. Mr. Knox will go to
Kamela on the evening train. Fune
ral arrangements have .not yet been
O. R. & N. Official Here. j
Ahlo S. Watt, tax and land agent i
of the O. R. & N. railway system, ar
rived today from a visit to points!
east, on the line. Mr. Watts is a
familiar personage in Pendleton. Hei
has been connected with the O. R. &
N. in the right of way, land and tax
departments since the line was con-i
through Eastern Oregon. I
We are making Big Cuf Prices in All Departments
Store, and will continue to do this until February it,
Our Special Muslin Underw
Will Occur in February. We will show all the new, up tJ
gooas tresh lrom the looms. A nicer line was never on
bition m this city. Wait for this sale.
-Remember: The lutott ntotk of goods in the city to eeltct f
Governor Garvin, the first democrat
This celebrated line of
Perfumes, Toilet Water and
Toilet Soaps are now han
dled fcv cs. If you want
Something exquisitely nice, ; weather does not set In, nnd there
ask lor irrigates.
Grain Looking Well.
H. M. and A. J. Brown, prominent
ranchers residing in the Touchot
hills, northwest or Wnlla Walla, were
iu the city yesterday. They report
more ralntan in the Touchet hills
this winter and fall than ever before
ana as a result tne fall grain is above
the ground and in a flourishing con-
aiuon, says tne union, if severe
Receipts and Expenditures of Pendle
ton for Past Year.
Following is the recorder's report
of receipts and expenditures of the
city of Pendleton for the year 1903:
Cash Received.
Fines In recorder's court. .$ 3.293.60
(Sale of cemetery lots 399.50
j Streets, liens and sidewalks 768.17
Licenses, saioon ana mlscel 14,456.21
j years, was inaugurated Tuesday.
7itnfi"Te Bromo Qnuilne Tableti. Tfalj
Taxes, Umatilla county. . .
Poll tax
Street sprinkler, etc
Impounded stock
Fire department sale of coal
is little likelihood of much cold,
coming crops will be very large.
Hearing Postponed.
The petition of Clay Oliver
Echo, for a liquor license, was set f Snecial election
for hearing befroe the county court (Fire department
tomorrow morning.
Total receipts $25,517.02
Cash Paid Out 1902.
Recorder j 60C.25
Police department 2.876.S0
Lights 3.543.00
j Health 512.12
Legal services 41K.00
. Interest on bonds 6,559.40
of (Rents 380.00
(Doc.).... 4S.0O
Bargain Shoes
At Our
Levee repairs 90.CO
1 Streets 5.12C.62
There is no proposition before the people that is as safe
and sure to double in value as Real Estate m Eastern Oregon h
You take no chance of losing, for Real Estate at the figure it b,
is selling for now, is as good as government bonds. We have H
the choicest farm land, grazing land, wheat land and city prop- g
erty that is on the market. We can make the terms to suit S
you, If interested just take time to call and look over what a
we hare and learn the prices. 8
BUSINESS CHANCES The Old Dutch Henry Feed Yard.
Depot .Livery tii&ble. A small buslnet making good pronto, on B
Court Street. ' fi
Total disbursements $22,972.24
Excess of receipts over expendi
tures for the year. $2,534.78
Grain In Fine Condition.
B. A. Morton, who farms the Wil
liam Temple place, 10 miles north
west of Pendleton, Is In the city today
on business. Mr. Morton says the
wheat crop was never in better con
dition In Umatilla county, than now.
He Is enthusiastic over the prospects
for good crops and good prices.
Visiting In Pendleton.
Mrs. Bamuel White, or Baker City,
is visiting nt the homo or Mrs. C. B.
Wnde ror a rew days. Mr. White
passed through today on the delayed
train on routo to Salem to be present
at the opening or tho legislative ses
Which begins Saturday and
continues until Feby. 1st.
From prices already low, we X
shall make such discounts t
as will ciose them out quick
Will cjve vou som ,Mo f
the savings you will effect bv t
r-v.,.n:),uB your snoes ol us
during this sale.
w" IHfmit4
-1. TTamine
Rader, Reliable Rel
Main and Webb Strrtfc.
Martin's Family Grocery andBs
In the "Diamond W" brand
Ton can find the test goods canned.
Peaches, pears and apricots,
Apples, grapes and I know not -what
Bnt it yon would go to Martin'B Groceiji
You for yourself could surely see.
Some like coffee,
Some like tea,
Bnt I like coffee
From Martin's Grocery.
The 25-cent kind, see!
OSTEOPATHY is common sense. H will bear mvel
is in harmony with Nature's laws, seldom fails and neve
It is not Faith furs Cnnrp MafnetlC nor -fc
ing. It is based upon a correct knowlege of ana,0B,yhfi3
CV. A larce ner wnt nf cn.mllori Inriirable cases are ne
method. The following especially are treated E'e,eVdj
heart and lungs, liver and kidneys, bladder and urepai
vous diseases, general diseases.' Diseases of Women a W
alogce of tnexn. A foil supply always kept to &