East Oregonian : E.O. (Pendleton, OR) 1888-current, January 08, 1903, DAILY EVENING EDITION, Image 5

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.. -1-..0 mi evervthine in ladies' and children's
A Will CIU3- ' . 1
frdless of cost. Watch the price:
300 Ladies' Pat $5.00, Cat Price, $340
302 Ladies' Ctrt ftlas, 2.6U
3(2 Ladies' 3.5U, Cat irfce, 2.45
K17, Ladies' 3.0U, Ct Frtce, 2.3U
c and Children's reduced 30 to 50 per cent. See
5 U..I 1
.pevinR. Uon 1 law 10 sec uciuic juu uuy.
JANUARY 8, 1902
HsL form loans,
i'fcrt t Castle's.
Hi dim chowder
la iillr at Castle's.
feci (or :!oe repairing.
cittwar sale. St .Joe
Ljj nokers want at Neu-
' discount on clothing.
Liiu; we do the best.
tor for smoking arti-
pfais. Patton's old stand,
foes Dolly Journal can be
aiitmilers dook store.
kn? itare. Maloy's old
Afaten tot smokers' sup
si ualuraished houBekeep
l Mrs. Strahon. 813 Thomp-
SjEist Oregonlan Is on sale
Jit the Rich news stand In
ps, and at the Hotel forc-i
f-k good cook to cook lor
El wages za per monm.
ate at the TJmatllla Indian
ai Brick building with
i)x00, on Main street Good
t bargain. Easy terms.
i,re.ntas, dinners and so
li nulled with nuts
i ail candles and bon
tear W Henker will give
: puses (tenses) to eye suf-
Oirje will be made for
1M Cnrt street.
tits bother you. call on
Biffl lit your eyes with a
(lenses) free. Charge
ae only 120 Court
nje specialist, will give
r w, iso3, to every per-
fin, a pair of correct! v
1 icleatlflcally ground
I a cost Charges In any
t4e ts cover coat of
IMce at 120 Court
lections of Rraxln
lit In Umatilla and
Good buildings,
15,000 to 16.000
fence but two sec
III water. Also be-
12.000 head of
' of cattle, 30 horses.
i Plows, seeders and
tnnnllMi A AAmn
Half soles at Teutsch's.
Rubber heels at Teutsch's.
Oyster cocktails at Oratz's.
Business Is booming. St Joe Store.
Have your clothing cleaned at N.
Wanted to Rent A stable. Call at
this office.
We make candy fresh every day.
The Delta.
Swift's Premium hams and bacon
at the Standard.
We are selling shirts at half price
at the St Joe Store.
You save money by buying gro
ceries at the Standard.
Finest line of canned goods and
preserves at the Standard.
Imported limburger and Swiss
cheese sandwiches at Oratz's.
Mrs. Campbell is closing out her
stock of winter millinery at cost
We are making big cut prices in
all departments. St Joe Store.
No Chinese cooking at Phillips' res
taurant. Everything tastes good.
$10 reward for return to pwner.
Notice is hereby given public not to
caBh same.
Toilet soaps, fancy baskets, new
crepe paper, fines tatlonery. The
Nolf store.
When you want a first-class cab,
day or night, call for Irvln Baker's.
Phone Main 791.
Hobach's bakery is the cleanest
and best. New shop on Johnson
street near Court is nlow open.
Wanted By gentleman, wife and
one child, furnished house, furnished
housekeeping rooms or rooms and
board in private family. Permanent
if satisfactory. Apply at B. O. office.
Mr. Silas H. Soule, the popular
piano tuner, member of Soule Bros.
Piano Co., of Portland is In the city
having placed several fine. Instru
ments in Pendleton the past week.
Orders for tuning taken at Tallman's
drug store.
Lost Dec. 17 or 18, between Pen
dleton and Ellensburg, Wash., a bill
book bearing address of W. W. Har-
rah. Containing ten notes, favor of
W. W. Harrah; dated Dec. 10, 1902;
due Oct. 10, 1903. Also check for
$210 and other valuables.
Mark F. Jones' piano car will re
main In the city only a few days
loncer. during which time special in
ducements will be given prospective
buyers. Agents for Weber, Cable,
Kimball and other pianos, also the
Tom Thumb Glckering Grand, the
greatest little piano ever made. Call
r-.nd see us.
Mllo Palmer Here.
Mllo' Palmer who resided In this
city from 1876 to 1898, no wa resi
dent of Farmlngton. Wash., is in the
city today. Mr. Palmer has been In
attendance upon his father, A. B. Pal
mer, who died last Monday at his
home In McKay Creek,
Printed Programs Now Out Large
Attendance Expected Very Liberal
Prizes Given by Pendleton Business
The printed programs for the first
annual tournament of the Pendleton
Sportsmen's Association are now out
The tournament will be held on the
grounds in this city on January 25-6.
The program consists of 20 regu
lar events, with the addition of one
consolation event arranged and added
by a parly of Pendleton business
The entrance money amounts to
$35 und as the tournament is being
well advertised and the local sports
men are using every effort to make
the meeting thoroughly successful) a
Urge attendance Is assured.
The entrence money of $35 multl
plied by 50 entries would mean over
$2000 regular money to be distributed
to the contestants. The number of
participant is now almost assured
jiom advices received fiom different
parts of th" Nortnwesi.
To this regular prize money, the
business men of this city have added
$385 In special prizes to be dlstlbut
cd among I he 20 events of the pro
gram. This makes the prizes espe
cially enticing and the public spirited
action or tue business men in highly
appreciated by the association.
The added prizes offered by Pen
Cleton are as follows:
Event No 1. T. C. Taylor. $10.
Event Noi 2. Thompson Hardware
Co., $10.
Event No 3. Hoch Bios., $15.
Event No. 4. Columbia Lodging
House, $20.
Event No. 5 Hotel Pendleton, $20.
Event No. 6. Geo. R. Demott. $25.
Event No. 7. W. J. Sewall, $10.
Event No. S. W. J. Clark & Co.,
Event No. 9. Golden Rule Hotel,
Event No. 10. Leon Cohen, $25.
Monday, January 26.
Event No. 11. State Saloon, $10.
Event No. 12. Hermitage Saloon,
Event No. 13. Pendleton Woolen
Mills, $10.
Event No. 14. H. J. Stlllman, $15.
Event No. 15. Tallman & Co., $15.
Event No. 16. M. A. Rader, $15.
Event No. 17. R, Alexander, $20.
Event No. 18. C. E. Roosevelt, $20.
Event No. 19. Pendleton Sports
men's Association, $25.
Event No. 20. Hotel St. George,
Consolation event, arranged by the
following: Brock & McComas, Anton
Nolte, Union Saloon, Conrad Platzoe
der, Gus La Fontaine, Lee Teutsch,
Koeppen Bros., E. J. Murphy, G. A.
Hartman, Sr., $45.
A special prize of $10 has been do
nated for ttte person making the
lowest average through the entire
program. Only those shooting through
the entire program and making less
than 75 per. cent average will be eli
gible to the consolation event
Arrangements have been made with
the railroads entering the city for
one and one-third fares. Persons buy
ing tickets to Pendleton wilLpay full
fare, arid take a receipt, which re
cent being signed by the secretary
of the association, entitles the hold
er to one-third fare returning.
The officers of the association are
as follows:
F. F. Wamsley, president.
F. W. Walte, vice-president.
Lee Teutsch, treasurer.
H. J. Stlllman, secretary.
1 Dress Goods
Notable Clearance Specials in Choice Materials, in Black and
Colors. Goods that offer everything desirable, both in Qoaliiy
and Style :
Black Dress Goods
50c 3S-lnch all wool serge ,now..42c
75c, 44-lnch all wool serge, now ..50c.
$1.10, 50-Inch, all wool sorgo, now 89c.
$1.00, 64-lnch Kersey suiting, now 79c.
$1.25, 42-lnch Melrose, now .,..$1.05.
S5c, 42-inch all wool Henrietta,
now 67c.
$1.25, 44-lnch all wool Henrietta,
now $1.05.
89c, 38-lnch black and white nov
elties, now 69c.
Colored Dress Goods
Some of the very choicest we have
shown this season, in shades from
c".alnty soft pearl to dark street col
ors, all woven of choice selected
wool. Take particular notice of the
prices quoted below:
65c, 38-lnch Basket Etamlne, now 47c.
$1.00, 5G-lnch Basket Etamlne, now
50c, 38-inch all wool Henrietta,
now 35c
$1.00, 56-inch, Camel's Hair, now 69c.
$1.00, 38-lnch Satin Prunella, now 72c.
$1.65, 56-lnch Kersey suiting now $1.32
$2.25, 50-inch Basket Etamlne.
now $1.79.
$2.75. 56-inch, Cloaking, now ....$2.10
$1.25, 48-lnch Novelty suiting, now 89c
You can pick from tho foregoing
fancy dresses, tailor-made suits or
walking suits.
Here are silk opportunities; Royal
qualities In plain and fancy stripes,
checks aud plaids, both plain and
fancy weaves, all this sunimor's goods
at prices that will enable you to have
that coveted silk petticoat; the new
bright coat lining; the fancy waist, or
a whole suit In dark or evening
$1.85 Black Pean do Sole, now $1.50.
$2.25 Black Peau do Solo, now $1.86.
S5c Black Taffeta, now 69c.
$1.10 Guaranteed Black Taffeta,
now S9c.
$1.00 Satin Duchess, now 79c.
' $1.50 Satin Duchess, now $1.19.
$1.00 Foulard, now 69c.
80c Foulard, now 50c.
$1.50 Fancy Plaids, newest, now $1.27.
85c Flannel Taffeta or Waist Taf
feta 59c.
Extra special.
,niSIlmW3re33i13K.!HSW.iK 3WJXWH3WMSS1.V siw.muw.umM.wswmw)so
Policeman and Parson.
Policemen are, as other men, rather
sonsltivo of allusion to their failures.
Rlchmand has lately suffered at the
bands of burglars, and the burglars
are still at large. A well known min
ister met a policeman in the street
the other day at Richmond, and could
not avoid an allusion to the local
topic. "What a number of burglars
there are about,' he said; "why don't
jou constables arrest them?"- The
policeman regarded the minister sol
emnly. "Sir." he replied. "There are
thousands of people going to hell
every day. Why don't you ministers
stop them?"
PINKS Arearriving again daily. Good variety'
wste prices.
tktp 00 hand a 8od selection of Foreshaw's Pal
Etc Come in and look them over. V
" i miA i
-v u uuy.
'SODA is d
Jehcious and only 5 cents.
FmMain St., Toward the Court House
Ten Dollars Reward.
Lost Last May, one bay horse;
weight about 1200 pounds, branded
65 on left shoulder, mane roached
last spring. Will pay above reward
for return of same to Purl Bowman.
The average pupil attends school
98.8 days a year.
Australia Is now exporting agricul
tural machinery to Argentina.
Last year nearly 8.000,000 bushels
of potatoes were imported to the
United States.
A few years ago the balsam fir tree
was considered one of the most
worthless of forest trees, but since
the growth of the Christinas tree in
dustry, it has taken on an added
For Sale One good fresh cow. five
due to have calves soon. All goQd
milkers. Also a few good stock
cows. L. B. Smith. McKay, Ore.
Ten-Round Go to a Decision, Between!
L. Cheney and Frenchy, at Frazer's
ODera House. Monday Night
Articles of agreement were signed
liv T, Cheney and Frenchy today for
a 10-round contest to take place at
Frazer's onera house Monday even
ing. January 12. This mill was to
take place Saturday evening, but was
postponed until Monday.
Frenchy is the well' known hard
hitting local boxer.
James Lavlgne will give an exhi
bition of fancy and speedy bag punch
ing and several bouts between fast
local talent will be features. A satis
factory exhibition is guaranteed all.
The Year's Charity.
The list of bequests for charitable
and religious purposes In this country
in 1902 shows a considerable falling
off from last year's remarkable total
of $123,888,732. But $77,397,107 is
still an enormous sum, and one well
in advance of 1900 or any previous
year; and It is proabble that gifts of
less than $10,000, of which no record
Is ept, have been larger than ever
before .
"Papa, what Is rapid transit?"
"Rapid transit, my son, is a mod
ern metaphorical form of expression
analogous to, but more emphatic than
the ancient form of molasses in Janu
ary." Brooklyn Eagle.
Genuine Boynton
Furnaces and
Having located in Pendleton on
Cottonwood street, between Alta
and Webb, I am prepared to put
in the celebrated Boyton warm
air, hot water and steam heater.
The Boynton are the oldest and
best heating devices on the mar
ket, and time has proven they are
the most economical,
I should be pleased to figure
with owners of residences and
business houses.
Geo. Phillips
Cottonwood Street, between Alta ;
and Webb Streets. . 1
The Delicacies
of the season are always
found at our restaurant.
At present we have
Finest Oysters Frog
Legs f Clams Crabs
and Lobsters f
and other salt and fresh
water foods
The French
Drop in at the
Farmers Custom Mill
Fred Walters, Proprietor
Capacity 150 barrels a day
Flour exchanged for wheat
Flour, Mill Feed, Chopped Feed, etc
always on hand.
Toluplioiio Muln 4
Boston Store
Purchase a pair of
Douglas Shoes
.For Men.
Or a pair of
Gloria Shoes
For Women
Walk away and unless you look
down you dd not know new shoes
are on your feet.
are a blessing to humanity. Tlic
best, and best selling in the mar
ket, genuine oak tanned soles,
dressy, durable and a perfect fit,
combining ease and elegance. We
sell warranted goods.
We thank a customer after the
purchase and thf-y thank us.
For the Kitchen
Have you an adequate sup
ply of cooking utensils roast
ing pans, cake tins, pots, pans
and kettles generally, ready for
culinary operations incident to
feasting? Make an inventory
of your Ticcds in this line and
bring it to us. See what quan
tity and quality you'll get here
at small expense.
Bnst in iht
Worid in Bars
Babbit Metal
E. O. Office
Price $1.00
por bar at the
Wire screens are now placed In the
tramway cars at New Orleans to sep
arate negroes from white passeugers.
Boston Store, HOW DO YOU
. 1 liv w hii a w v v w
Where Whole Families are Shod, known nniess tl advertises
expect people to know what
you have to sell If you don't
Mttf uu.i