East Oregonian : E.O. (Pendleton, OR) 1888-current, January 08, 1903, DAILY EVENING EDITION, Image 4

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The test rules to form a young
man are, to talk little, to hear
much, to reflect alone upon what
has passed In company, to dis
trust one's own opinion and
value others that deserve it.
Sir William Temple.
President Roosevelt, so far, has
proved the wisdom of his adventur
ous moves. His mistakes are few.
in comparison with his many hold
acts. His Impetuous rushes into un
trodden diplomatic fields have thus
far ended happily.
He asked Jlooker T Washington to
dine in the White House, and yet re
tained the firm support of Southern
He dared to njmove Southern fed
eral office-holders, in the face of the
Tins and machines, and won their
respect by his honesty.
He has ordered a Mississippi post
office closed because the proud
whites, democrats and republicans.
disliked to ask a negro woman fo
their mail, and worried her with fool
isb threats until she resigned.
Can Mr. Roosevelt force the South
to bend to the negro? Can he ride
Tough shod over all the social sent!
roent that has rooted iniperishably
Into Southern life, or will he fall
in this venture?
He may gain the negro vote, but
he will certainly not hold the white
vote by this policy. The people o
that section -may be reasoned with
but they cannot be forced.
as long as taere are white men
It: the South, they will demard ihat
they remain in authority. They may
be taught by the gradual process of
fraternity to love all human beings.
but they will never learn to serve a
negro master.
not. The drama, In some form or
other. Is part of any true national
So It seems Idle for us to say we do
not care for the theater, or that we
believe It Is moral or ar Immoral
Influence. The drama would exist If
all organized society were arrayed
against It. nnd the laws made It a
If all presentation!: of plays on the
ntace wore forbidden by law, the!
drama would still exist In written and
printed plays, and they would prob
ably In more widely read than any
ether form of literature. The plays
or Shakespare are read and studied
by millions, who effect to consider
the actini drama demoralizing.
A living drama Is always the resul'
ot a clos-j partnership oetween the
people of any country and the actors
the profusion of the stage This
P-ads tt tin- production of the pupti
lur play, net always literary
The literary play always follows af
ter &tiutriuiuu& ui me uuicu uruuut. i
Just as It takes generations of horses,
irameu ior me race irarK 10 pronuce
the fine, high-bred roadster, which is!
enjoyed nnd appreciated by people j
who never patronize the race track. I
A community that has a good play-,
house, where the drama of Its own
country and the best plays of all coun
tries are produced is to be congrat-j
ulated on such a possession. In time
the community will produce a play 1
It must first produce the professional j
actor. Play writing will follow Sa-! I
lem Journal
and hi mn who is listening for bad
i.ews at once Imagines the darkest
! ossllillltlej hot one word be whis
pered among besom friends and it
swells like the threatening fury of a
gathering storm.
Don't listen for bad news
Don't repeat the dark side of any
Don't encourage the peddler of
I'ofsip to linger at jour ear.
Shut the door.
Say to the vonder ot slander and
bad news that life is too short and
friends too scare to warrant the loss
cf a moment in vicious thoughts.
Do you know why wickedness, self-
isnness. suicide and sorrow are grow-! : ... .. 4 , tt , i
T How lotig will tt take the mau to fill
ine In the world, as fast nr faster! the sack if he does not stop the leak?
than happ'nes and jovful agencies? ; To attempt to nourish thebody when the
It is because nu listen to bad news ,"?a,. ls
and repeat it. 1 jne to fiii tue
You har some vile slander on the , sack with the
hntacter of a iiwrl voting tnnu r r. i. 5
the stomach and
woman. ! other digestive
You whisper it to the next neigh-' and nutritive or-
l.or. gns are dia-
i. t,, . , I eased, there is a
It spreads like a contagion, and I constant loss of
finally It fastens itself upon the ol-t nutrition.
Very few people's noses are set
properly on their faces. Ninety-nine J I
out of every 100 turn to the right
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e si eeeel
.Enough is eaten1
but the body
loses fleth.-plaiu
proof that the
food eaten is
Governor-elect Chamberlain is
quoted as saying when, the matter of
nn inaugural ball was mentioned to
"While I appreciate the good will
of those persons who would honor me
In this manner. I do not care for a
ball. I. prefer, after my Inauguration,
to go at once into the executive, of
fice and enter upon my duties. It Is
my wish that all ceremonies be as
simple as possible. No red tape or
fringe on them, if you please. No, I
don't wish to go to a ball. I wish to
go to work."
That's the kind of governor that the
people of Oregon want. An executive
that comprehends the responsibilities
of his office and Is not too lazy to get
down to work. Pyrotechnics are alt
right In their place, but Oregon's governor-elect
wants no ostentatious dis
play in his. He is a plain man of the
people. Baker Democrat.
ject of Its curse. Sensitive, proud,
high strung, the victim cringes under
the fire. It stings to the quick.
Friends hear it, and wonder. The old
smile of friendship you have always J because it is not
shown the accused, is changed to an ' digested and as
Ironical, quizzical, skeptical illsl.e-! ""'"k
lieving stare that turns the wine 01 1 Golden Medical
trlendshlp Into gall. Discovery cures
Association ceases Friendship ! diseases f
Ht stomach and
melts away. j oUler 0aus of
A cynic, a dodging, self-accused. I digestion and
unspeakable nothing, in human shape.
! nutrition. It
take the place of the once trusting bv which nutri-
The next step Is suicide or crime.
Don't hunt for bad news.
Stay in the sunshine nnd let others
do likewise.
When the gossip drives up to -the
front door of your heart and starts
to unload her venomous rubbage go
In. and shut the door In her face.
Words were not created to send
men to damnation with.
Have Your Water Pipes Examined and Repaired at Once
Delay will lead to serious breaks.
Fitst-class work guaranteed by
BECK, the Reliable Plumber.
Court street, opposite the Golden Rule Hotel
Despain & Clark
Wholesale Com
mission Merchants
By the Fire Insurance Com
panies we represent. - Our
companies stand first in the
"Jackson Day" is being celebrated
in every large city In the country-
Lovers of American liberty remem-j
ber the battle of New Orleans and!
Join with pride In commemorating thej
event. The century Just closed con-;
falned no more pivotal day than that!
on which the riflemen of America;
maae secure the doctrine of the
rights of man.
i tion U lost, and
enaoies uic
building up of the body by the nutri.
tion derived from food. The gain in
weight proves the cure,
"Ttirte year ago I was taken sick with what
the doctor called nervousness and indigestion,"
write Sin. Warren E. Parker, of Orange Street,
Nantucket. Mau -lie saw me medicine for
the trouble btft I could not eat even a little toast
or oatmeal without Millcnng severely. In a few
months X bejran to have distressing pains right
in the pit ofmy stomach, t called the doctor
again and ae said I had catarrh of stomach,
rive me medicine but it did not do any good
Lost 23 pounds in three months. X then com
menced taking X)r Pierce's medicine and soon
began to feel better I hare taken m bottle ol
Golden Medical Discovery ' two of ' KaTorite
Prescription and six rials of Dr. Pierce' Pel.
lets. I hare gained ten pounds Can eat every
thing." Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets cure constipation.
Will pay cash for poultry. The
( Market price always. Bring it in
1 every day and all day. Chickens,
Geese, Ducks and Turkevs.
Office in Savings Bank Building
Come, Get Our Quotations
Hartford Fire Insurance Co.J!l2,259,07G
Alliance AbMurauue Co . . IS ,039 ,003
London & Lancashire Fire
Insurance Co 2,644,033
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Co 19,695,974
Royal Iusurance Co 22,897,153
Bargains in
There is
la 1 tu uere
Kljr's Cream Eaiir r
cleanses, eootbeg an d iie&fe
the diMAKu mmi.
THE PUBLIC. a, ,, OJ&Sk.
, ........... .. ... . u . -
I away a cooi i u. r".
,i. r .. . H-
country mat is entire- crcanj Balm
iy apart, irom tde moral nuestinn
whether we approve of the stage or
Real Estate
Pendleton Fish and
Poultry Market
n wd !a norl4, spreads .
orer the membrase aud Is absorbed. Belief Is Im-'
mediate and a enre follows. It la not dr5; does
cot produce sneering, targe Size, 50 eeata a Drug-f
Silts or by mail ; Trial Siae, 10 cents br malL f
ELY BEOTHERS.SS Warren Street. New York.
Yerington, Ner , Oct. "JO lft2
Mr. C A. 1'ernn lll.n. tlnnt
Dear Sir: X hAiv nurif ftfKA
the former bottle and am practically
well ilf cne was one mot physi
cians would hare pronoanccd In
cniable JlT appetite i eood, have
K"1" p'!uu in weignt ana reel
e a new lease of life was glren
me. One of the hnttiM t ..h f.
jt this time li for a triend and the
uincr lormjscu, a i ao not Intend
10 ue wiinoni it,
T B Harms.
I have a larger aud better
list of Farms, Stock Ranches
aud City Property to sell
; than ever before. Also a big
lot of land in the" coming
wheat section of Eastern
310 Court Street
If you are listening fcr had news
about your neighbor, jon can always
tear it. No matter how clean a man's
life ae, gossip or Insinuation at some
unguarded point, taints It.
The eyes of the envious are never
rlose-1. They see things with the
raken eye that could not ho found
by a Just man. with a Lick telestoopo.
Walls, distance, reputation, nothlne
Is proof asalnst tho searching!
glances. - I
Let one footstup of an heneat man;
be found outside of the path of virtue
Everything the
right. We handle
Fresh Fish, which we receive
Lobsters, Shrimps, Crabs, Oys
ters and all salt water foods.
Ranch and Cteamery Butter,
Fresh Eggs, Game in season,
Produce of all kinds.
Goods delivered to all parts of
the city.
We pay cash for country pro
duce. A trial order is splicited.
L. M. Lyman, Prop.
'Phone Red 591
Lumber, '
All kinds for all purposes.
Sash, Doors and Blinds-
Planing of all descriptions done
to otder.
Don't place your order foi
Building Material until you hav
consulted us.
N. Berkeley
Hear the
As it beats out in rvthmict
our saccess in carnaeejsft;
repairinc. Felloe or skH
or snrintr. seat or sidts-il
one to us. We put in tkt
materials with a A-boh-how-j
paint or varnish, and maid
vehicle spick and span eves
but as to expense.
unar.ll BROTHERS
8torer gasoUne engines are U 1
genu ior mem.
Gray's Harbor
Pendleton Planing u(
Lainber Yard.
ROBERT fORSTER, Propriotor
Commercial Co.
We Don't Keep Everything
But we do keep a good big
stock of nice dry Flooring,
Ceiling, Itu.itic and Finish,
in all grade? Agnail kinds
of Dimension Lumber, jn.
eluding Lath nnd Shingles.
Our stock of Doojv, Win
dows, Moulding, Building
and Tar Paper and Apple
Boxes Is complete, and any
one In need of Lumber will
not be wrong in placing
their order with the : : ;
Gray's Harbor Com. Co.
Opp. W: & C, R. Depot
Is always received when you
place your order with us.
Fir, Tamarack and
Why buy poor coal when you
can get the best for the same
Laatz Bros.
Telephone Main 51
Smiles of SatisiactlM
Always ornament thS
countenances of o;B(e!
patrons. Our LaunB
dry Work is theacmB,i:r
of perfection.
give it that BenteKjj
finish so greatly adWL,
Court and Thompson StH
lust received anothd
car load of Poultry ana
stock supplies at trie
127 and ItSRtst Ur s, r1
carpeu. on "' aMi la-
Ling porpoBea. li.?tt$ti a I
l.nnrtlM of 100 each t 2XL i
at the EAST OItEO"-'i'
too, Oregon.