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    I'ffl Willi mmm At
DAY JANUARY it, J 903.
Try JEIjL-O, prepared according to
tue roiiowing recipe:
Peel lire Urjzo bananas, rub imooth with Are
Ublespoonluli ol suer : add ono cap ol tweet
. cmm beaten to a itls (roth, then one pickage
ol lemon Jell-0 dloWed in one and a halt
cup boiling witter. Pour In molda or cupi,
andtrhen eold, garnish with candled chenlei
.aoatcrre wun tnin crtam.
-.V A nice dessert for any meal at any
time. Four llavors Lemon, Orniige,
.Raspberry ami Strawborry.
At grocers, 10 cents.
leal lessons In cheese making occu
pied tho afternoon. Trie sessions win
contlnuq through tomorrow and Fri
day. 8enatoral Contest In Missouri.
Jefferson City. Mo., Jan. 7. With
fttrrt that a mom with as firm, mat
V bav done tor retina" peopU ta (Sm
past yn can do bott better tbeja
before, because oi unproved
Our school la always spoken of as Bnt
elaaa In all respects. Superior mnfhofts,
thorough work, has siren It this htgh
standing. Opra aQ the rear; at adepts
admitted at any time: catalogue tit.
CONTESTS ARE COSTLY. rtho aBsembllntr of tho state legisla
. , turo today tho contest for U. 8.
Evidence Must Now Be Given Before senator to succeed Senator Vest Is
the Register and Receiver Settlers on In full force. Tho political lleuten-
,. " ... , .,. .,, ,.,.,. lants of .William J. Stone declare tlioy
Wlll Hesitate to Incur the Expense. j h(m enough mXm p,e(lRed t(J nom,.
No moro land contests over claims trmto tho 0x-governor on first ballot.
In tho Walla Walla land offlco district but the 0,,03ng faction asserts with
will bo heard before United States ;cquai vgor ti,nt the Stonltca have
land commissioners, a new ruling maAe a. 8Br0us error In their count
having gone Into effect which pro-1 jng of noseg nml thnt whon tno tub
vldos for hearing all cases before tho j lotIng ls begUn u wI11 bo found thnt
land office receiver and register In i th0rc aro oti,cr ontrIes and strong
Walja Walla. This regulation Is far'enos too m tno race for the toga.
reaching and Important In effect. iwith several congressmen and others
The land department nt Washing-1 of more or less strength and populnri
ton has experienced moro or less ty In the democratic ranks known to
trouble, it Is claimed, with contest ibe receptive If not active candidates,
cases heard before land commission- It ls believed that Stone must win
ors. Testimony presented to the reg- quickly If he Is to win at all, for his
1 Isters and receivers of the Walla . position is not one of such strength
i Walla district was In written form j as to stand a long siege.
j and frequently full of contradictory
statements from witnesses. As a re- Connecticut Legislature.
KllLlJiHA 1 19111
suit the officials, not being able to i Hartford, Conn., Jan. 7. The posl
cxamlno witnesses personally or to't.llltv thnt Kenntnr Hawlnv whnso
determine which was telling the truth health ls very poor, may be Induced
were unumo to aeicrmine accurately
tho merits of cases without much
irouuio nuu uui.iy, says uie nuiira- cessor thereby 'rendered necessary. """ . --, ,.
man. , causes nlore than usual Interest to at-! inflammation, swelling and Pa,9.
The new regulation will mean con- tach to tho session of tho Connecticut, which last as long ns the bloou remains
slderablo money out of the pockets j lcalslature which beiran todav. Amonir. in this sour nnd ncid state.
of tho land commissioners, who have1 ho names now frequently mentioned To cure Rheumatism permanently
health is very poor, may be Induced i Jriir. ,1(5 nerves of corrosive poisons
t(- resign his sent In the United States i J0,"ts ."a 0,1 It ft these
senate, and the selection of hU mo- "? AtfSS
irritating auwwuv." ."". 1 j
minniiin Some people have been suffering
.n, nam lone since forgotten the joys of a painleBB
ARTICULAR AND Stencc. TSeyareattteinenqrof
fill I Jn w.nd nnd their mJscry la aggravated
criSes is recruited. Their bodies arc worn out by the tnccssant paina and
the joints becoweso stiffened ana oeni
that they are at last compelled to give
up or hobble about on crutches.
Nobody ever outlived Rheumatism;
the disease never loosens it3 grip or
leaves of its own ..ccord, but must be
driven out by intelligent nnd persist
ent treatment through the blood, for
Rheumatism of every variety and form
is caused by an over acid condition of
the blood, nnd uie deposit m
The Best Hotel to ?X
. gooa k, Bnyt
Bowltnir Qroen, Kr (
aenUemon-Ahont a yar ano X
was attaoked by aouto IthoumatUm t
lnmyshouldera, nrroi and lesra below
the knoo. I oould not ralaa ay uxm
to comb my hair. Dootora preBorlbafl, '
for mo for over two montba without
slvlncr mo any rellof. I iW B. S. S.
advertlaed and decided to try It.
Immediately I commenced Ite use I
felt better, and romarked to xny
mother that I was fclad I had at Urt
found lomo rollef. I oontlnned 1U
ase nnd am entirely well. I will
always feel deoply Interested In the
aucceaa of S. B. S. alnce It did ma 10
mnoh good. Toura truly,
nil Twelfth Street.
VXnnAfl-nnntn-nt. f m .
uuumiuuious tsampie Roobi,
Rates $2 & $2d
Special rates by week or moon.
Prompt Dlnltigroom Senfc
Every Modern Comeska
The Same Mistake Is Made by the
Majority of People,
jjlt's a common error
To nlaster Uie nciiinK back.
" JTo rub with liniments, rheumatic
,N f,Wlien the trouble comes from the
jiDoan's Kidney Pills cure all kid
ney. Ills.
"jHcre is positive proof.
A. Ammann,. shoemaker, of 1024
Santa Fo avenue, Denvor, Colo., suys;.
"When Dban's Kidney Pills -stopped
fan aggravated case of kidnoy com
plaint In tl.e summer of 1S99, I made
that fact known to tiie residents of
Denver so that others who had kid
ney trouble in 'any of its various
forms might know what course to
pursue to get relief. Tho opinion 1
then expressed is the 3aine today,
as' it was when Doan's Kidney Pills
were first brought to my notice. I
have hail no occasion to use any med
icine for my kidneys since. When
'Doan's Kidnoy Pills affected a cure
in my case that cure was permanent."
S"or sale by all dealers. Price Eft
cents. Foster-Milburn Co., Buffalo.
N; Y., sole agents for the United
States, i
"Remember the name DOAN'S .
nnd take no substitute.
blood must ue punucu mm juvjS-
testing era began. It will also in-; that of George P. McLean, who hai orated, and no other remedy does this so i vfcn or so Tr".T"
volve additional expense to contest- just retired from the offlce of gover ' refreshes and restores to the thin acid blood its nourishing ana neaunsno-
iors. who will now have to bring their, nor. Governor Chamberlain, the upw taininn-nrnnerties. And when strong, ncn Dioou is again uiuuaw..t, -"".- D j,i.mi. , , I
array of witnesses to Walla Walla, chief executive of tho state, delivered ' MtwSvtheTacid noisons and irritating matternre washed outoi uie muscica uai nuu miuu u I oom m C0DBt'J
causing heavy expense, as Walla I j.ls Inaugural message to the assembly i and joints, nnd the pains.ni once cease .,
waua is uisuuu xw mum irum nuiuy tonay. th paper was brief but vlg sEta a! ana Kueumuusui ia -"'"6 ijlllV 1 hree It nc ;c frnm r..
tinlntK In tho illatrlpls. This trims, r,. 1 i.i. ... 1 JT TS t o o c i n mirel rvetretnble ""V- "'' "lunva IfUiTl Utt
iiurutuuii uuuiiy wu avuiucu lurmei- gam to tno question or constitutional
ly In many cases by having hearings ieform was of a generally satlsfac
before nearby commissioners. tory character.
It Is expected to hnve the added er-i .
V m
. fieU
of i!
4." !
Pendleton Fish and
Poultry Market
310 Court Street
Everything the best. Prices
right. We handle
Fresli Fish, which we receive
X,ohsters, Shrimps, Crabs, Oys
ters and all salt water foods.
Ranch and Cteamery Butter,
Fresh Eggs, Game in season,
Produce of all kinds.
Goods delivered to all parts of
.the city.
We pay cash for country pro
duce. A trial order is solicited.
L. M. Lyman, Prop.
Phone Red 591
feet of frightening many would-be
contestors. who .will hesitate at un
dertaking several hundred dollars ex
pense on the chance of winning 160
H ar n ai n f 'J
Litigation for the Year About as it
Was In 1901.
Salom, Jan. 7. The -aggregate fees
collected by Hon. J. J. .Murphy, as
clerk "of the Orogon supreme court,
for-the' year ending December 31st,
was $3751.20, as against ?3714.45. for
the preceding year. As indicated by
these statistics the amount of litiga
tion was practically the same for two
The supreme Court has failed to
make a calendar of cases for the week
beginning Monday, January 12th. For
this reason thero is but ono case or.
docket In which appeal iias boon par-
lected. Only one order was made ves
lerday, and that was tho case of thf.
state of Oregon, respondent, vs Man
tle Howard, appellant On stipula
tion it Is ordered that the appellant
havo until February 20lh to serve
and file his brief.
Wisconsin Cheese Makers,
Milwaukee, Wis., Jan. 7. Practical
cheese makers from 'all parts of Wis
consin aro rounded up In Milwaukee
today to exchange opinions on all
matters pertaining to tho manufac
ture and sale of cheese Swiss, Amer
ican, Hmburger, brick and every
other known variety. Tho occasion
is the eleventh annual convention
of the Wisconsin Cheese Makers As
sedation and the attendance Is larger
than in any previous year; The dele
gates assembled at tho Republisan
House at 10 o'clock this morning anr
listened to addresses of welcome and
responses, followed by an annual re
view of tho cheese Industry of the
state presented by President W. C.
Dickson of tho association. Practl-
New York Legislature.
Albany, N. Y., Jan. ".The Nev
lork state legislature assembled
nnnnil o i-vf o r- . f n,lm. mi i
Hon iS'JS8!?
Recording to tho plans of the iroty)
leaders and the messago of Governor i
Cdell was read. Tho message dealt
at longth with the canal question. tlu
police system of Now York City, tac
tion and other matters of presslrc
importance. '
medicine nnd does not derange the
stomach like the strong mineral
remedies, but builds tp the general
health, increases the appetite and
tones up the digestion.
Tlirniiirh our Medical Department
ir i the pain-racked, despondent Rheumatic sufferer will receive helpful adV.ce
a: ' from rhvsiciansof cspcriencennd skill without charge. Write its fully about
Maine Legislature Meets.
Augusta. Mo., Jan. 7. The seventy
first session of the Maine legislature
was commenced to day. The state
uui ui.uuMt. it seiJHiur una yearj
and tho prospective laws to receive
attention are ot little Interest out
side the borders of the commonwealth
! Trca
, f I LI Si
i Li yj
! ( blea
I lrm-
Ccrnrr Court and Joliiuro Biti
I'emUeton Or gon.
M. F. Kelly, Proprietor,
surer of the Brooklyn East E.nd Art Club.
Milwaukee Poultry Show.
Milwaukee, Wis., Jan. 7. Several
slates are represented among the
elaborate exhibits embraced In the
fourth annual show of tho Wisconsin
Feathered Stock Association. The ex
hibition was opened in the Broadway
armory today and will continue
through tho remainder of the week.
Both in the number and high-class of
tho exhibits the show is pronounced
by expert fanciers to be ono of tho
best ever seen, in this part of the
Poultry Show at Waxahachle.
Waxahachle, Texas, Jan. 7. Furred
and feathered stock of prize-winning
qualities aro on exhibition In greater
numbers and larger variety at the
seventh annual poultry and pet stock
show opening today than at any of
the previous exhibitions held hero.
The show continues through tho re
mainder of tho week. Two handsome
sllvor loving cups nnd numerous other
premiums of value will bo awarded.
Swift's Premium
at the Standard.
hams and bacon
i;:-TIU'AL irrrpi-
luntiiM arr ivuer
.iliy the bumming
ii woman's trou-
Y.'ith the vitality at n
Mih. the blood wetik-
cn?d. the digestion dior-
deml, she (,'ooa ai'out paie
faceil, hollow-eyed andliap
trard, a pitwtw contrast to
the bloom ins health of
her t'nrmer self. But over
1 lYSO lh ill .vnnipii have found
health a(T.i.n by taking Wine of Canlni.
As n regulator o the menstrual periods
Wine of t i-lui has never been known
to fail. It has seldomiailed to restore
perfwt health, even in tho most persis
tenf' and awravatnl case of weiikness.
Miss Ida M. Snvdcr, of No. 5C5 Uer
gen Strret. Urooklyn, N. Y lias used
Wine of Cirdui and she says it helped
her into a new life. Health to Miss
Snyder is worth a great deal. She is
an attractive young woman with intel
lectual attainments and she occupies
the pp-'ttion of Treasurer of the Urook
lyn Eat End Art Club. This position
marks her a-j a icrson of intellect cul
ture ai-d n:inenientand itspeak3 hichly
of tho re-nect and trust her fellow
women have in her. She writes:
"If women would pxy more attention
MUaliaM. Snydtr.
In their lirjith we WOll'd
have more happy wives,
mothers and dauahtcM, and
If they would use more intel
ligence in the matter of medi
cines, obarvlng results, they
would find that the doctors'
prescriptions do not perform
the man y cures they a rc given
credit f ir.
"fn cons-tiling wltn ray
drughl he advised McEIree's
Wine of Cardui and Thed-
ford's Black-Draught, and so I took it
and have every reason to thank film for
a new life opened up to ms with restored
health, and it only took three months to
cure me."
You may secure tho same relief aa
Miss Snyder, if you take Wiuo of Cardui
ai she took it. Thedford's Black
Draught is the companion medicine of
Wino of Cardui nnd it is a liver and
bowel regulator which assists greatly
in effecting a cure. If you take these
medicines according to directions, tho
relief and cure is simple. Some cases
aro cured quickly and others take longer
because the disease has run longer.
Remember how Miss Snyder took Wine
of Cardui nnd lias health. The same
medicines are offered you to-day.
1 fiSisae!-?
1 1 mmt&m
9 aWfrsnf -&rj
A million suffering women
have found relief in
Wine of Cardui.
I ml
West i
Th, a
irco l
3ast. S
'tera: S '
We can supply you with
Building Material of all
descriptions and save
you money.
BJu i Idin g pa,per, lime,
cement, btick and sand.
Wood gutters for barns
and dwellings a specialty.
Oregon Lumber Yard
Alta St., Opp.Coort House
New Jersey Horticulturists.
Trenton, N. J Jan. 7. Delegates
um tnrniois' ' itihs. grares, hprtif-ut-rural
clubs and other orcanlzatlons
in all quarters of tho state filled the as well as the real stone, while
senate cnamner
nf tho alntn Mitt.l
'"") me toiu uiiiiiiui meeting oi
tno jnow jersey state Horticultural
Society. Iteports of oflicers and com
mittees occupied tho forenoon and
this atternorm the convention listened
to addresses on horticultural topics
by 'Prof. John B. 'Smith, state entomol
ogist, and Dr. Francis Newton Thorn
of Mt. Holly.
DonU.Baytawonll JMound a piece of coal.dat'a only.been burned twic.I"
He Came to Fish.
Tho Rev. B. A. Horton was onn nf
Uie Kiiests nt the recent diner given
by the ' Wollaston Unitarian club.
When called tinon for a
address ho prefaced his remarks with
me-siory or a reilow divine, who went
fishing last summer. Not being fa
miliar with rod and reel tho
gentleman became excited when a big
fish took his bait, and In his efforts
to land It fell into the stream. Ho
was pulled out by a farmer who
chnned to bp passing.
"How did you conic rb fall In?"
asked the farmer, while tho reverend
gentleman was trying to wring some
of tho water from his clothes .
".f didn't come to fall in at all." was'
the ;rop!y, "i came to fish." Boston
covery of Schongaard of CoponhaKen
Is reported to successfully reproduce
tho soft transitions of color of tln
best variegated marble, and to lasi
cost is about one-tenth as creat, A
slab half an inch in thickness can bo
mndo nt 14 cents a square foot. Col
umns, capitals and moldings can be
manufactured as easily as flat slabs
Artificial Marble.
A successful Imitation marble has
efn Invented In Denmark. The best
Imitations havo hitherto como from
Sweden, but the artificial stono would
not -keep-Its shape, and the veins are
said (to ihavo been stiff and angular.
Tho now product, which is tho dia-
The Secret of Long Life.
Consists In keeping all tho main or
gans of tho body In healthy, regular
action, and In quickly destroying
deadly disease conns. Electric Bit
ters regulate stomach, liver and kid
neys, purity the blood and give a
splendid appetite. They work won
ders In curing kidney troubles, fe
malo complaints, nervous diseases,
constipation, dyspepsia and malaria.
Vigorous health and strength alwnyq
follow their use. Only BOc, guaian.
teed by Tallraan & Co,, druggists.
One Woman Voter.
The district attorney's offlce at
Buffalo will Investigate the case of
Harry Norman, the woman who pass
ed as a man for 20 years and whoso
sex was not discovered until, sho
broke hor leg. At tho hospital the
woman boasted that she had voted In
the third ward for sevon years and
had been a hustler nt tho polls for
Alderman Butler. Now York Sun.
The Good of Lawyers.
If It wore not for tho lawyers to
call men vile names and show up
their rascality In court onco In a
while this .old world would bo too
nnmby;parriby'iand goody-goody ito live
In. Now York Press. -
American I'tmi, rn e$l !" loi'i
nor ilav.
Jvuropenii JMmi fiOe. 75c, $1.(H).
lcqiiu.riti"8 iy wecu oriiinmii,
Free 'bus meets all trains
.Commercial trade solicited
Flue sample food
Special Attention Given Country IraJ
Elee-antlv Furnished
Steam Heal
Sample room in connection !
RfinTvT RATE - 50c, 75c, $1
e!er.S Spccli.1 .au. made 1 p9
Mntlemeu. The management, w
r. ... in etiniv rooms "u e'.T .t.,M
.VT?, mw. Prop
Stale leave. Pendleton dal 1r wtMP " J
at 7 a. m.. tor Ukiah. no TirSbcK
Ratea: To Pilot Boca, 7.. t.'".nd retar
torn, II.IOI To Nre. Il.a. M n n ,2 b
,To Bluae.ll TSI o8W. oosTot
w-, to ukiab -':"'. peodk
nm in nriMeii Rule Hoteiircu