East Oregonian : E.O. (Pendleton, OR) 1888-current, January 07, 1903, DAILY EVENING EDITION, Image 5

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    Lee Tertsdh
....11 rinse out everything in
regardless oi uosi. ..
ladies' and children's
Pat $5.00, Cot Price, $3.0
4.50, Cat Prfce, 2.60
3.50, Cot Price, 2.45
3.00, Ctit Price, 2.30
Mo. 300, Ladies'
302; Ladles'
No. 3Jf Lad es;
1TM -il . LcLUll
nui r j
Misses and Children's reduced 30 to 50 per cent
MS believing Don't fail to see before you buy.
a T O B
Lee 11 emiiisCT
1 Howard, farm loans
TOQ 11 311
nfin'i clam chowdor
flsh daily at Castle's.
. . .1. 1- nmnbnra ti'fi ri r nf
frrTeaUch for shoe repairing.
ttse'rtpalrlnt;; we do the best. ,
fees' t!g?r store for smouing arti-1
p( til K1UUB. l-uituii O U1U DbUU.
fti Orecon Dally Journal can te '
1 site at rTaziors uook store.
ft;!' cigar store, Maioys oici
fear new unfurnished housokeep-
Mrs Htrnhnn. 813 Thonin-
. 1. t 1 11 Tl 1 I. v. n.T.M HnnH In
fUlUOilU H. Ull.
Pcrttlns, and at tno wotoi on-
Half soles at Teutsch's.
Rubber heels at Teutsch's.
Oyster cocktails at Oratz's.
Have your clothing cleaned af N.
Wanted to Rent A Btable. Call at
this office.
We make candy fresh every day.
The Delta.
You save money by buying gro
ceries at tlio Standard.
House for rent. H. J. Stillman,
' 1001 East Railroad street.
I Finest line of canned goods and
; preserves at the Standard.
Imported llmburger and Swiss
cheese sandwiches at Gratz's.
I Mrs. Campbell is closing' out her
stock of winter millinery at cost.
No Chinese cooking at Phillips' res
taurant. Everything tastes good.
To-llet spans, fancy baskets, new
cicpe paper, fines tatlouery. The
Nolf store.
Perry Houser is now prepared to
supply you with meat at his new shop
on East Alta street.
Perry Houser's meat market on
East Alta street Is now open. Best
meat promptly served.
Hobach's bakery Is the cleanest
and best. New shop on Johnson
street near Court is nlow open.
When you want a first-class cab,
day or night, call for Irvin 'Baker's.
Odd Etiquette of an Intereatttiir Jap.
ftneae Funcilva.
, If yon ever receive an invitation to a
Japanese lncenso party, accept It
promptly and thankfully. It has no
counterpart in our own social system
and Is an merry and pleasant an affair
as can be imagined. The people of the
mikado's land have trained the .nos
trils for generations the same as wo
havo trained the eye and car, and they
display a skill which at times Is star
tling to a westerner. There Is nn odd
etiquette to bo followed in these social
affairs. For the twenty-four hours
preceding the party each guest must
avoid the use of anything which can
produce -any odor whatever. Scented
soaps, perfumes, odorous foods and
even spices must bo avoided. These
prevent the user from smelling accu
rately and also interfere with the other
members of the party.
Whenron dress, be careful to put on
110 garment that has been kept lu the
neighborhood of camphor wood, tobac
co, bouquets, dried blossoms or scented
powder. When you reach the bouse of
your host, enter It ns softly as you can
and ns slowly ns possible. This Is to
prevent umlilng a draft fy the move
ment of your own body. Re equally
leisurely in opening and closing doors,
ns a quick movement Induces a sud
den rush of air. in the drawing room
the hostess I urns n scries of Incenses,
usually four or live In number. Each
guest is allowed to take three sniffs of
each Incense and must then Jot down
Its mime and number upon a' curd.
Each of the four or five Incenses Is
burned two or throe times, so that the
number of cards will vary from eight
to lifted). At the end the cards are
laid out on the tabic, and the hostess
reads the iiaiucs of the incenses em
ployed, which are checked off upon
the cards. The guest who has guessed
the largest number receives a pretty
prize, which Is sometimes a silver or
bronze Incense burner, statuette or
carving. Among the Japanese the aver,
age woman guesses correctly about six
times in ten, while with the American
women the ratio is three in ten. New
York 1'ost.
fftrthA A frrtnit nnnlr tn fifiok for
. m ws s'.'h ner monin.
. l.. 11.11 1 'i'nonn Main 7sn
. r. Ar ft- ... . r , 1 ,
T. Wade. housekeeping rooms or rooms nnd
. .mi ffimfiv mi- rninnrni nn ian.il rht BiHPinrv. Ann v nr i: 11 ninno
piano mner, niemuer or aouie uros
,1tAta, receptions, dinners nnd so-;pano Co.. of Portland is in the city
- - . - ----- l,tlllk 1JIUI.UU DUIVlUi
drug store.
UtW January 10 Henkor will glvo
air or glasses (lenses) to eye auf-
iiree. Charge will he made for
f row eyes bother you. call on
r. He ..111 nr vnup ovno wfMi n
wjiasses (lenses) free. Charge
at irame oulv. 120 Court
IstOJl- 10. 1S03. to ovenr nor-
. i i . - -. .
and bClontlficallv irrnitnrH
"Blv Office nt 120 nnurf
Mark F. Jones' piano car will re
main in the city only a few days
longer, during which time special inducements-
will be given prospective
Jiuyors. Agents for Weber, Cable,
Kimball and other pianos, also the
Tom Thumb Glckering Grand, the
greatest little plnno ever mado. Call
and see us.
On Lodge Business.
C. A. Maskrey left this morning tor
Spokane on business connocted with
the lodge of tho Ordor of Washing
ton, From Spokane Mr. Maskrey will
go to Wallace, Idaho; Missoula, Hell
rrrnlni?iena. Uutte and Anaconda. Mont., after
couatiea. Good hiillrilnen i and Colorado. He expects to be gone
fill feed 16.000 tn in nnn I about six months..
u miner renc hni torn m.. -
flnty of vnter. Also be- Te" Dollars Reward.
11,000 and 12,000 head of I Lost Last May, one bay horse;
W bead Of Pnttln rtd Imroo ln,.t lOAn i.n.i,,,tu l.rnno,l
"Olng supplies. Address last spring. Will pay above reward
ViPendleton. . for return of same to Purl Bowman.
The rinicuy Tl.inu llml All Her Dear
rut Seert-tM lleeitraed 1'utt.
"Diary!" fairly ohrleked the pretty
young lady. 'with Hushing eyes, as she
walked down the avenue with a com
panion. "Diary! Don't you nay diary
to me again. What do you know
about it, Kate?"
"Nothing, only thut you told me that
you had commenced keeping n diary,
as usual, and I supposed you had drop
ped It ut the end of a month, as usual.
I didn't mean to throw you Into hys
"Kate, dou'r you ever breathe a word
i of it, but I've lost thut diary; dropped
It somewhere ou the street. And th
I plaguy thing has all my dearest secrets
! in it. I wrote Just what I thought too.
It just bends me crazy. There It Is In
black and white thut Lillian looks like
a fright, that Uattie Is turning green
from Jealousy, that Charley is Just too
sweet to live and that Fred hasn'l
sense enough to talk more than three
mlmites unless he rehearses in ad
vance." "Why don't you advertise and offei
a reward?"
"Indeed, I wou't. 1 never want to
see the thing again. If any one returns
it, I shall declare that It's a forgery
from beginning to end. I'll never own
up the longest day I live."
"What did you suy about, me, Edith?"
"Oh, I don't Just rememoer, but some
thing nice. Vou can depend-on that, for
you're my very dearest rrlrnd."
"I can help your memory. You wrote
that I was the most Inquisitive little
minx In the city and that I thought It
my special business to look after other
people's business. Here's your diary.
You left it at our house, aud Tommy
spelled out your estimate of me before
I knew what he was doing. Good after
noon." Thou they looked at each other, both
began to cry, fell Into each other's anut
ant in live ui.luutes were criticising a
mutual friend. - Kansas City Independ
I Dress Goods
I ' Notable Clearance Specials in Choice Materials, in Black and
$ Colors. Goods that olfer everything desirable, both in Quality
I . and Style:
Black Dress Goods
50c 38-Inch all wool sorgo ,now..42c.
7Bc, 44-inch all wool sorge, now ..60c.
$1.10, 50-inch, all wool serge, now 89c.
$1.00, 54-inch Kersey suiting, now 70c.
$1.25, 42-Inch Melrose, now ....$1.05.
85c, 42-lnch all wool Henrietta,
now 67c
$1.25, 44-lnch all wool HenrioUa,
now $1.05.
S9c. 38-lnch black and white nov
elties, now ......... 69c.
Colored Dress Goods
Some of the very choicest we bave
shown this season, in shades from
dainty soft pearl to dark street col
ors, all woven of choice selected
wool. Take particular notice of tho
prices quoted below:
65c, 38-inch Basket Etamlno, now 47c.
$1.'00, EC-inch' Basket Etnmtno, now
50c, 38-Inch all wool Henrietta,
now 35c.
$1.00, BG-inch, Camel's Hair, now 69c.
$1.00, 3S-lnch Satin Prunella, now 72c.
fl.Co, EC-Inch Kersey suiting now $1.32
$2.25, 50-inch Basket Etamlne,
now $1.79.
$2.75, 5t5-inch, Cloaking, now ....$2.10
$1.25, 48-lnck Novolty suiting, now S9c
You can pick from tho foregoing
fancy dresses, tailor-mado suits or
walking BUlts.
Herg nro silk opportunities; Royal
qualities In plain nnd fancy ntrlpes,
checks nnd plaids, both plain and
fancy weaves, all this summor'a goods ,
at prices that will enable you to have '
that coveted silk petticoat; tho now
bright coat lining; the fancy waist, or
a whole suit In dark or evening
$1.85 Black Peail do Solo, now $1.50.
$2.25 Black Peau do Solo, now $1.85.
S5c Black Taffeta, now 0)c.
$1.10 Guaranteed Black Taffeta,-
now . 89c.
$1.00 Satin Duchess, now 79c.
$1.'G0 Satin Duchess, now $1,19.
$1.00 Foulard, now 69c.
80c Foulard, now 50c.
$1.50 Fancy Plaids, nowest, now $1.27.
85c Flannel Taffeta or Waist Taf
feta 69c.
Extra specls-1.
They say If you look ovvr yocr left
shoulder at tho moon, Ifjs .1 ulmi of
Genuine Boynton
Furnaces and
Having located in Pendleton on,
Cottonwood street, between Alta i
and Webb, I am prepared to put
in the celebrated Boyton warm (
air, hot water and steam heater '
The Boynton'are the oldest and
best heating devices on the mar i
ket, and time has proven they arc
the most economical.
I should be pleased to ficurei
with owners of residences and '
business houses. ,
Geo. Phillips
Cottonwood Street, between Alta
and Webb Streets.
The Delicacies
of the season are always
found at our restaurant.
At present we have
Finest Oysters Frog
Legs f Clams f Crabs
f and J Lobsters f
and other salt and fresh
water foods. ....
The French
cood luck.
KAtlON PINKS Are arriving acain
Jnd moderate prices.
daily. Good variety
--ra nave on Hand a good selection of Foreshaw's, Palms
. "ns, liic, Etc. Come in and look them over, Yon
- don't - i
ui huda is delicious and only 5 cents.
aOF.PPI? KT'C rTrYTr ctad r?
Stew PVnrw 1UTJ Ol If 4 if.. - i- TT
Sulphur unil Sliver.
A sailor in the custom house the oth
er day took out of his pocket some nil
ver eoius that had u strango yellow
hue, and a clerk said to- him, "What
makes your money such u funuy color.
Jack?" "Well." replied the milliner,
"we just got in with a cargo of fuel
oil. It's the oil thut turned my money
yellow. Fuel oil has thai 'effect on ev
ery kind of inclul. Vou ought to be ou
a fuel oil steamer some time. It would
surprise you to" see the cabin silver
ware, the kitchen tins and every blust
cd bit of metul on board all having the
Jaundiced look. There Is sulphur in
fuel' oil, and It's this sulphur that does
the yellowing. Nitric acid will biiug
bifck the original color again." Phila
delphia Record.
Outwurd and VUlble Slirim.
Ambitious Young Woman -Tell nie
honestly, do you thluk I ever will make
a great actress?
Ejperience Manager Not uuless
you can subdue that bright aud cheer
ful smllo. Htivcn'.t you learned by ob
serving the pictures of great actresses
that they, all wear a look of tragic and
profound gloom? Chicago Tribune.
Drop in at the
Boston Store
Purchase a pair of
Douglas Shoes
For Men .....
Or a pair of
Gloria Shoes
Farmers Custom Mill
Fred Wallers, Proprietor
Capacity 150 barrels a day
Flour exchanged for wheat ,
Flour, JIlll Feed, Chopped Feed, etc
always on hand. i
Telopliouu Mulii -1
, For Women.
Walk away and unless you look
down you do not know new shoes
are on your feet.
are a blessing to humanity. The
best, and best selling in the mar
ket, genuine oak tanned soles,
dressy, durable and a perfect fit,
combining ease and elegance, We
sell warranted goods.
We thank a customer after the
purchase and they thank us.
Nowhere in Umatilla County
can you get anything in the
hardware line cheaper or better
than we can supply you, All
our goods arc the work of the
leading manufacturers, and the
prices have been subjected to
a test of comparison which
shows that cur claimu in the
foregoing are fully warranted.
Price $1.00
per bav at the
Rist in the
Woricl Sn Bars
BostonStore HOW do YOU
expect people to know what
you Have to sell If you donM
Whore Whole- families are Shod. I kownWnniss 7 adVeHlses ADVERTISE?