East Oregonian : E.O. (Pendleton, OR) 1888-current, January 07, 1903, DAILY EVENING EDITION, Image 4

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Get land! Get lamt: TImt is
the cry of the century, "the shib
boleth of the world! That Is
why Venezuela Is invaded, Si
beria conquered, and China par
celed to the kings! Tho day Is
coming when thoso who hae no
homes will stand in awe and
gaze upon the princely holdings
-of the combines that own mil
lions of acres entire counties,
province; and political divisions
rhtch they cauuot occupy nor
use. Di II. 1C. IVvtrsoms
Tho people of Pendleton and Uma
tilla county are pioud ol tho Com
mercial Association of this city, and
without any intention of throwing
lwquets, or passing empty compli
ments, they give this body of ener
getic business men the plain, unas-
Bunting assurance that public senti
ment and individual good will is
with it. first, last and all the time.
A taxpayer of this county who lis
tened to'-the earnest discussion by
the Commercial Association, at its
meeting last night, of the most vital
Interests of the people, said after the
"The future of Umatilla county Is
Amen to that sentiment. Secure,
Composed of the men who have
mado tho city ami-county what they
are, the association lias the expert-'
ence, judgment and broad busines3
sagacity to malse tho future better.
Mo niai-hir.es for the gratification of
the few. It should be repealed.
T!"'re is no room on statute books
for licenses to perpetrate fraud,
How will the repeal of the stone
nid timbci land law effect Oregon
and other Western states?
"It will take two of the three remain
ing land privileges away from the ris
ing generation, it will narrow down
the opportunities of tho young man
who llnds 1-lmself in need of a home,
to the Military homestead law. It
will mean that tho great and tracts.
Mtho timbered mountain land and the
stony pasture land of the public do
n-aln can only be urqulted by the!
c.xerrlse of the homestead right and
that, under more rigid restrictions
(ban have formerly prevailed, if the
1 ona fide residence clause is enforced
and the lenient nnd highly important
leave of absence permit Is revoked.
as has been insinuated by the interi
or department.
If these acts have been abused by
timber and land sharks, congress
should strengthen the laws, to pro
tect honest settlors and punish thoso
guilty of crooked transactions,
The right of the people should not
be swept away from them In a sort
of retaliation for the acts of a few un
principled men.
Tho future should be considered,
end the rights of innocent settlers
whose only means of acquiring homes
is through the exercise of laud privil
eges, should outweigh tho desire of
congress to puulshe the authors of is
olated cases of fraud by taking away
the very birthright of the masses.
No section of. the country deplores
the land frauds as deeply as the
West. No section of the country is
as desirous of seeing the guilty pun
ished as the West and congrea.-j
should study the situation well be
tore making such a sweeping stroke
pi eat Injur No section of the conn
try Is free fiom Its .vexatious con
fllcta. Tho greatest need ot the Wes
tcday Is a better understanding and
n moro thorough respect for the
lights of others, nmong tho captains
of the great Industries, There Is
room for'aU and tliera must he regu-
lillon and justice for all,
It Is the motive of Germany and
Ih'iglnud to crush out every semhlani
rf iKintil.11 government in South
America. Freedom Is gaining too
much ground "to suit .the Interests ot
imperlnllam For litis reason the
Boors weie crushed to death; for
this reaaon Itussla crushes the Fins
end for this reason the allied poweis
omp into the door yard of America'
to seize and destroy the Venezuelan
Government, under pretense of col
lectlng debts. It's a blow nt govern
ment by the people.
' Eastern Oregon has no kick com
lug. t'ortlnnd and the Sound are
clamoring for her fat steers: China
Is eating bread made from her match
Jess flour; Omaha and Chicago are
liylug iter mutton chops; Texas is
1-akln? her spuds and the world Is
pj-endlng money made from her gold.
What does sho want with a United
Slates senator? Let thoee enjoy this
little luxury who nro not so bounti
fully blessed.
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tZl A Ki A. a
w WgVg
The questions of taxation and good
roads whiclk occupied the attention ofat tho very basis of settlement and
the meeting last night, stand in tho
lead of public questions, before the
people. The community is interested
in these issues. They lie at the very
heart of the business interests of
TJmatllla county.
When the people see the Commer
cial Association take a matter In
hand, they know that sume practical
results will ensue. They know that
wort: will be done; that roads will
be Improved and that the e,vlls of tax
ation, will be remedied If possible,
and its burdens distributed upon all
There Is a just cause for pride In
all the public-spirited work that has
been done by this body of men. The
community owes It a debt of gratl-'.
tude, and moro than- that, the com
munity owes it constant enthusiastic,
willing support, aud encouragement.
The tuture is secure. The Commer
.clal Association has it in charge. The
young men training with the veter
ans, are learning lessons in business
that will perpetuate the good work;
nnd Insure the fulfillment of designs
now being shaped by tho heads of
these master spirits of the commu
nity, j
Oregon has .learned a lesson. Her
sister states of the Northwest have
also gained In wisdom. Land inves
tigation Is earnestly desired.
She asks one moro chance for life.
Put the guilty grafters into the sweat
box, and make them feel the Iron
hand of justice, but allow the people
who are innocent to retain their priv
ileges, and enjoy their just rights.
It is safe to say that not more than
one woman out of BOO is able to
walk, stand, sit, breathe, or rest cor
lectly; by correctly I mean normally,
lor whatever act Is performed nor
mally Is always correct. What'ls nor
mal poise? Normal poise la natural
poise, a poise of strength and confi
dence; an erect, natural carriage of
tlie Jiouy over a strong base or center.
In standing this strong base or center
should be always on the balls of the
feet, of one or both feet as the case
may be.
Look at a child, a young child, be
fore it has been coddled, pampered
and squeezed out or its normal state.
Jt does not have a sunken chest, pro
truding abdomen and bent knee.
Look at the average woman; If
compelled to stand for five minutes
tiie knee bends and she shifts uncom
fortably from one foot to the other;
ll compelled to stand for half an hour
her face takes on a look almost of
lardness, caused by the weariness
filio is enduring. The logs become
tiembly and she wants to sink.
m m m
The law of gravity Is such that It
in natural for the heavier part to seek
the earth, but tho laws of nature are
also such that It is natural for tho
V'ltal part 01 tho center to furnish the
limbs of our body with sufflcient
strengtli to do our bidding without ex
cessive fatigue. A weak person, there
fore, cannot be well poised. Whence
comes our strength? from the air we
breathe, from the food and drink
taken Into the stomach, and from the
exercise that wo take to distribute
that nourishment.
The Place to Save Money
As strength Is possible only tlnough
the medium of 'the vital organs, It Is
Imperative that these organs be kept
always in a condition of normal ac
tivity. Jt is obvious that thoy must
not be squeezed out of place, neither
must they be allowed to sag, and
press one upon another. Pilgrim.
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Office, in Savings Bank Building
Come, Get Our Quotations
half section of fine wheat
land, all In summer-fallow,
north of Pendleton.
Good improvements.
Almost a section of land in
one body, a short dis
tance north of town.
TI13 government of the United
States fs like any other growing
business. As Its activity reaches out
It needs moro room, moro help, mora
system. Just as a' merchant would
hire an additional clerk to heir meet
increasing trade, the government!
must deslpn and equip new depart
ments. It Is Inevitable. Tho govern
ment that was suited to the manage
ment of fifty millions, is not adequate
to handle eighty millions. A secre
tary of commerce, a bureau of roads.
a tariff commission and other like ad
ditions, are necessary.
Congress, usually a cold-blooded
lody, grows sentimental, patriotic
and extremely solicitous for the peo
pie's welfare, over the coal question.
country will
freeze, however,
.while congress Is deciding whether
West are there is a tariff on anthracite coal
for the It takes an averago congressman as
I long to understand a .modern law.
The land frauds .of the
sure to result disastrously
bona fide settlers.
The flagrant misuse of the timber when -ho sees It printed In black -and
and stone act in tho forest regions of whlto, as It does any other common
the Northwest has been "seized upon, mortal. The shivering people would
by tho east as an .oxcuso for Its re- like moro simplicity, moro coal and
PeaI- Iw?s rascality and legal phrases In
Senator Qnarles. of Wlscousln. has laws.
introduced a bill for .the repeal or tho .
desert land act and also tho tluibei Stockmen in Deer Lodgo valley,
cud atono act, and liu probably ha.i Montana, Iiavo organized against tho
justlflahle grounds for his action, if smelters of that locality. Tho dansQ
a law permits of the abuse of com- sraoko from thaso institutions, it
mon rights and allows tho blessings Leema. setUas over the vnlloy In such
Intended for tho .people to bo turned volumes that crops and stock iiiffer
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ing this renowned old family
remedy .
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Real E
Report of the 'Condition of the
Pendleton Savings Bank
At the close of business
December 31, ujo:.
iiKsoimcKB. '
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Warrants 2 180 01
BnlUimidluganJ Furniture...'.' 30W00
IOC, 162.47
Oilier Kesi Estate
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4 T.W.W.UU
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list of Farms, Stock Kanohes
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