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Rough Weather Shoes i
,y" ought. Ptdom M
fail what
Concerning the People of Pendleton and Vicinity Notes
Personal and Otherwise By Our Regular Correspondent
The kind that are attractive in appearance, comfortable
to wear yet have the lasting qualities.
We have just what you require Ifor wintry weather.
Ladies and gentlemen, conio to us when you need rub
bers. Largest line in Pendleton.
Dindinge, Wilson & Co.,
Zoeth Ilouscr Is in town.
George Hewett, of Helix, Is in town
Ben "Wells Is In town from Athena.
S. L. Morse Is In town from Pilot
A. Miller Is in the city from Pilot
John Eggers has gone to Union to
"visit relatives.
H. Dalley and J. J. Flnley are In
town rrom Adams .
' J. P. Thresher and L. P. Gamble aro
In town from Helix.
John Crow, the prominent reserva
tlon fanner Is In town.
C. A. Barrett was down from Athe
na again Friday evening.
Charles Berkley left this morning
for Heppner on buslnesss.
George Peebles Is In town from his
winter homo north of town.
R. M. Alcorn, of McKay, transacted
business today In Pendleton.
I. L. Ray, formerly of Pendleton,
but recently of Seattle, Is In town
James Morrison, L. C. Meredith and
F. M. Monrce are In tqwn from Uklah
Doug Belts, president of the Eastern
Oregon Woolgrowere Association, Is
in town irom mot hock.
Dick Nye, who has been laid up
with a strain from lifting, is much
better tnan for several days.
T. .J Berg and W. C. Smith, of
Walla Walla, were guests of the Gol
den Rule hotel last night.
W. B. Miller, who has been visit
tag at the Fletcher home In this city,
has returned to Walla Walla.
Roy Conklln, of the Pendleton pub-
This celebrated line of
Perfumes, Toilet Water and
Toilet Soaps are now han
dled by us. If you want
something exquisitely nice,
ask for Colgates.
He schools, spent Uio holidays at his
homo In Union. Union Republican.
Thomns Gahagan will leave this
evening for Salt Lake, where he goes
on mining business.
Dr. Laura Allen Boone, a graduate
osteopath, has located In Pendleton.
See her advertisement In this issue.
W. P. Card, of McKay Creek, was
in tho city today on business. Ho
reports stock doing woll and feed
A marriage license was Issued this
afternoon by tho county clerk to Hen
ry E. Lowls nnd Millie Lavadore, both
or umnuna county.
Mr. and Mrs. Wes Matlock have re
turned from Athena, where they spent
mo nonaays. Their little chllff is now
down with measles.
W. H. Fowler will leave Sunday for
Lyle, Wash., where he Is engaged as
conductor of a construction train on
tho Lyle-uoldendalo branch.
1 Hon. Henry Blacknian. of Hennner,
is in Pendleton looking after business
interests and renewing old acquaint
nnces. up is registered at Hi icl Pen
Thomas G. Halloy, district attorney
for the sixth Judicial district, .and
mayor of Pendleton, spent Friday in
Athena on legal business. He return
ed in the evening.
M. Friedly, a prosperous farmer re
siding -near Helix, was In town today
He reports tho wagon roads in very
uau shape In the vicinity of Helix
owing to tho recent heavy rains.
Mrs. Mlnnlo Springer, J. C; William
Halm and C. S. Stover, r. u.; aihuo
Vested Choir Banquet
The second annua banaue in non- " , M Jnrvla( wnr.
or of tho mem tiers oi mo vrxieu tiiuu ,
of tho Church of tho Redeemer, was,"""-
held Thursday night at tho pnrisu
bouse. In addition to the 2b momoers
of the choir a small party of guests
ware present. Addresses were deliv
ered by Mayor T. O. Halley, Colonel
13. d. Hoyd and .1. F. Robinson. Those
were responded to by Fred Hartman,
of the choir. Prizes of $5, ?3, $2 and
$1 were given to the boys for best at
tendance and devotion to their work
In the choir. George Wllklns was
awarded first prize, John Johnson sec
ond, Clayton Sharp third and Ralph
Bollernian lourth. Tho prizes were
awarded by tho rector. Rev. W. E,
Potwlne. Colonel E. D. Boyd and
T. Lamberth. The affair was one of
tho most pleasant events of tho sea
son and all present wero highly pleas
ed. The banquet board was laden
with tho choicest variety of eatables
pud tho occasion was one long to bo
Jolly Club Dance.
Thnradnv nlcht the Jolly Club gnve
itu tnst ilnnen for the season. Tho
danco was well attended, but tho hall
was not crowded enough to make It
nnnlp.osnnt for any. Klrkman's or
chestra furnished excellent music,
whlrii wns danced to until after 1
o'clock in tho morning. Even thon
all regrotted to break up and leavo tho
High School Team Present a Token
of Their Esteem.
R. S. Bryson Is the possessor of i
watch charm which he Is verv nroud
of. It was presented to him by the
enaieton high school football team
In recognition of the esteem thov
hold for his untiring work In coach
ing them for the football season iust
It is a beautifully engraved cold
locket, with the picture of a player
mailing a tacKie on one side and the
letters "P. If. S. to R. S. B." On tho
otner side is .a beautiful engraving
una me ngures "1HU2."
Fish and Poultry Market Opened by
L, M. Lyman In This City.
ine I'enaieton Fish ana Poultry
AiarKei, at 3iu jsast Court street,
wnicn nas ueen opened by L. M. Ly
man, is prepared to supply the public
with fresh fish, lobsters, shrimps,
cruos, oysters, ranch ana creamtry
uuuer. country produce. Hvo nml
dressed poultry, eggs, salt and canned
flsh, gamo in season, etc.
Mr. Lyman is an experienced man
in tho produce and market" hnai
and will keep on hand at all times tho
cnoicest goods obtainable.
Real Estate Opportunities
120 acres of wheat land, 3 miles from Pendleton,
600 acres, 10 miles from station, plenty of water.
173 acres, 10 miles from Pendleton Sisoo
Good house on West Alta street $1100
320 acres on the river, good house and harn, 25
acres alrlafa, balance wheat land S4000
5 room house on West Alta street $ 7So
Two five-room cottages on West Webb St.,' each $ 800
Dutch Henry Feed Yard
Good .property in olty and country too numerous to mention, any
location that one may desire.
Card Party.
On Now Year's ove, at the homo of
Mr. and Mrs. T. T. Nelson, on Court
street, was given a pleasant card
rarty. Tho evening was passed
playing cards by thoso wishing to In
dulge In this harmless pastime, while
others passed the time In social con
versatlon. Luncheon was served near
1? o'clock and then tho guests de
parted to their respective homes, each
wishing their host and hostess
happy Now Year, after they had
watched out the old year and tho now
one In. Thoso present wero: Mr. and
Mrs. Charles Greullch, Mr. and Mrs,
Frank Greullch, Mr. and Mrs. John
Greullch, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Lteht,
Mr. and Mrs. I.eo Teutsch, Mr. and
Mrs. J. L. Beam, Mr. and. Mrs. Henry
Schwarz Mr. and Mis. Barrons,
Peter Young and N. Brink.
Rev. Warren Will Return.
.Rev. W. E. Potwlno has received a
letter irom Rev. John Warren, who Is
now In Oxford, England, stating that
he would return hero within tho next
few weeks. Rev. Warren Is quite
well known here. He was assistant
pastor of the Church of the Redeemer
for some time nnd he sent his kind
rat regards to his many Pendleton
friends. He said he was anxious to
return to Pendleton.
New Year's Greetinas.
Tho parsonage of the Baptist pas
tor, Row R W. King, was the scene of
a happy gathering and exchance of
New Year's greetings Thursday even
Rov. and Mrs. King were taken by
surprise. They were sitting in the'r
nemo wnen a number of the mem
ners of the congregation presented
themselves at tho door and knocked
for admission, men the door was
opened tho surprlsers did not wait for
an invitation to "walk in," but began
to pour Into tho narsonaee until tho
parior was soon filled. Each one was
laden with some gift either for thn
minister or his estimable wife. These
were deposited on the floor or in some
convenient place and the cuests then
mado themselves at homo for snvorni
hours and enjoyed a social tlmo. Tho
monioers or Rov. King's church tnnk
this means of showing their appreci
ation of tho work he and Mrs. Tlnn
imvu uuub aiuce coming to rendleton.
Many beautiful and useful gifts were
presented Air. and Mrs. Kinc. who
proven tnemseives equal to tho occa
sion and mado their frlenrin fool t
uome wane tney remained.
Many New Year's Callera.
Thero was a large turnout
tlemen New Year's night, making the
rounds calling on the ladles who Umit
uiiuii iiuuao. it certainly was tho gen-
iiunien s nignt,. ana they lost no op
portunities tO kiss the fair mnMona
when they caught them standing un
der tho mistletoe. Next year, being
leap year, it will bo tho ladles' turn
to call on the gentlemen, and some of
mom say iney hope the gentlemen
will have (he celling completely cov
ered with mistletoe, then they would
be sure no one would bo missed.
no fx ATI A mTTTT
uumurAiai i: cummon sense. j.t win fiear investigation. It
,0 ,u .m,.,uny wan nature's laws, seldom fails and never does harm,
It is not Faith Cure Christian Science, Magnetic nor Electric Heal'
. mg. It is based upon a correct knowlege of anatomy and physiolo
igyu j pe cent of so,calletl incurable cases are healed by this
UDiethod. The following especially are treated: Eye, ear and throat
heart and lungs, liver and kidneys, bladder and urethal diseases, all
stomach and intestinal troubles, all dislocations and deformities, ncr
vous.diseases, general diseases. Diseases of Women a Specialty.
Mrs. C. B. Wade to Entertain.
A. very pretty party In all its ap
pointments was given at the homo
of Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Wade in honor
ui tneir neico, Miss Jenkins. A well
known proverb was given to each
guest, who was asked to demonstrate
it in a drawing on the blackboard,
some of which were very good. Tho
mviieu guests wero: Misses Stella
Alexander, Ida and Harriet Thomp-
"vino uciicu, uimo jean Frazier,
Nora Lane. Elslo Folanm
mu iiuuocK, Roberts and McGee:
Messrs. Roy Ritner. Phnrl
George Hartman, Jr., Wynno Stewart'
Homer Carnenter. Murk r.i,
-. mwu, uuver Keisoy, Fred
7i Wi 1 WMne. Harry Thompson
uuanob oumpson.
Q .A, M. Dance.
The Quit at Midnight Club gave an
other delightful dancing party In Ar
mory hall Saturday night. A largo
crowd was present and dancing was
indulced In until midnight. A danco
is given ngaln tonight by the samo
East End Dance.
A small crowd attended the east
end dance in Hughes' hall Wednesday
night. Tho music was good and those
present enjoyed the ovenlng.
Order of Washington Dance.
The Order of Washington gave a
very pleasant social dance In Hen
dricks' hall Wednesdny evening. Most
of tho members were present and sov
oral hours were passed In dancing
and having a general social tlmo. Re
freshments wero served.
Married, on January 1, 1903, Tcvls
H. McBroom to Miss Mabello H. Cato,
both of Umatilla county, Rov. E. B.
Jones officiating. Tho wedding took
place at tho home of the brldo's fath
er, Charles B. Cate, who lives near
Gurdane, In tho Potts country, and
owns a stock farm of several thousand
acres. The occasion wns n very Joy
ous one, uniting two of Umatilla coun
ty's most promising young peoplo.
Tho groom Is a son of Philip G. Mc
Broom, now residing In Pendleton,
and well known in Umntllla county,
having been a resident of tho county
for a number of years, and known by
all as an honorable and upright citizen.
Quite a largo number of invited
guests were present, consisting main
ly or relatives of the contracting par
ties. , Tho wedding took place at high
noon. Tho groom was dressed In
black, while the bride was charming
ly arrayed in a dove-colored cash
mere, with white silk trimming, with
bridal veil nnd carried in ber hnnd a
bonnet of white carnations.
After the ceremonv thn cupstn worn
invited to the dining room, whom a
table loaded with tempting food of
great variety and abundance occupied
uio attention or tnoso nresonL After
a few hours spent in social converse,
the bridal party then stnrted for Pen
dleton, which is to be the fntiiro hnmo
of tho young couple. Quito a large
number of handsome presents wero
presented to tho newly married palri
by their many friends and relatives.
Friday the bridal party, together with
a number of invited guests partook of
a most sumptuous lnfair dinner at tho
home of tho groom's parents, Mr. and
Mrs. P. G. McBroom, of West Webb
street. Tho bride and ernnm -win ho.
(Concluded on page 6.)
Artisans' Dance,
Tho United Artlsarm (ns'tniio.i
era last Thursday ovenlng and wound
up tho evening's meeting win. o
and social time. Lun.h
Tho officers instilled wero: Josenh
Bailey, M. A.: Mrs. Man Knit
perlntendent: Mrs. L. v. T.mn
secretary; J, J. Zahnor. treasurer!'
mi 8 1 1 t'i inn hi 1
Bargain Shoes
At Our
J Which begins Saturday and
.uiumues until fen. 1st.
We Have
1 o save out customers a j
ey and will perform witi
fail what we resolve.
W$ thank the public
liberal patronage we re
1 A 4
ana eziena n ku.4. .
wt wc
of a Happy and Prosj
Owl Tea Hi
Cheapest Place in Orego
Underwear Sale One Wt
Wo will make very low prices on Ladles', Mtaa'
Underwear for One Week. Will save our Mtwm 1
purchase in this line. Bunnlv yourself while cricrairtd
We will sell OHILDltliN'B UNDERWEAR is I
menchiK at size 16, price will be 2c ner garment: riseSe.
will be 16, 2c; 18. 7c; 20, 12c, 22, 17o; 24, 22c: 26, Be; 8,
xuis is very oneap. we always nave some Migtmi w
It will pay you to trade with us.
Our holiday trade was very gratifying; had se
which we feel very grateful. We extend our thinMlowi
tomers and wish all a prosperous New Year.
Eemember: The largest stock of goods in therltjttd
From prices already low, we
shall make such discounts
as will close them out quick.
Will give you some idea of
the savings you will effect by
purchasing your shoes of us
during this sale.
A urnitvte
Rade, Reliable
Main and Webb Streets.
Special After Cliriatmaa
Bargains in Furn
The Big Furniture Storo, Next to!
Prompt Delivery
Arc our trade builders and it is M
10 inese principles . we 51
and continually growing bu5,D!,lv5Ye5i
and our go""0
patrons money
Martin's Family Grocer
MI I 1 II I 1 1 1 1 11 1 1 f ntnnf