East Oregonian : E.O. (Pendleton, OR) 1888-current, December 29, 1902, DAILY EVENING EDITION, Image 4

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('omnuMH'ing on Xmas day and continuing
through (hi1 Holiday Week we will ho 1 the woll known
brand of
At the Following prices:
$-4 Pound Boxes Chocolate Creams
J. 2 " " ' "
J . i tt u
$ .to
Never before have these goods been sold al these
prices, and will only ho during the time stated
slaii ilntes. The new crop always
commands about oito cent more on
the pound, because they are a little
lreslier and probably better. We sell
a great many pounds or dates dur
ing the holiday season."
The dales of commerce are pe
culiar fruits, Rrown on the palm trees
or Northern Africa. The fruits prow
In clusters or bunches. An average
tree bears eight to 10 clusters, writh
ing from 12 to 20 pounds each. Old
tieos generally yield about 200 pounds
of the dates 'every year. The fruits
are sold green or dried and packi.il In
boxes and shipped over the world.
There are several varieties of dates
rovn for market. Those packed and
shinned to the United States are
i chiefly of the light brown color, hav
ing long slenuer seeus, aim gruwm&
much in the shape or plums or prunes
or American origin.
Palm trees are of different varieties.
Some bear fruit and others only
leaves. The large Hat leaves aie of
inn napii for faiiK and In decorating
I stores and halls. In Africa the palm
Jleaves are brought Into the rellglousj
! festivals during the celebration of
Talm Sunday and nt the feast of the
I Passover The palm tiees are much
! the same as ' willows. They demand j
! much water. The Arabians say "the i
' nnlni must have Its head in the fire I
land its toots In the water to grow;
i of the stock Industry throughout the, fruits." The trees giow wild along j
i countrv. and this convention should the rivers and creek bottoms. .Marshy i
.1)0 attended hv all stockmen, w nether i - " V ".. . """ M
If a man does not make new
acquaintances aa he advances
through life, he will soon llnd .
himself left alone. A man should
keep his friendship In constant
repair. Samuel Johnson.
delegates or not, as Its sessions are
educational. In a high degree. Tho
livestock Industry is a science, and
i 'men must ftmly to become pioficlent
in It.
An exchange calls Monday a "blue
day." Complains about a scarcity of
news, dullness of brain, uncertainty
about a starting point, and weak
pulse. Says there's nothing doing.
Groaks about the lack of activity in
business. Says people are not stir
ring. Hints at some ghost of finan
clal reaction, some dim spectre of
panic he fancies Is hovering over the
Its a disease that attacks newspa
pers. Its symptoms are a falling
nerve, a tired feeling In every column,
& lack of lustte. a wheedling, whining,
complaining tone that is out of tune
with the symphony of the world.
There is no "blue day" in a live
jtown. There Is no scarcity of news
In a newsy office with a willing man
at a capacious pencil.
It's nerve, not news, that Is scarce.
It's the man, and not the day, nor the
'.profession, that is "blue."
There's no -use calling the profes
slon names. It has enough to bear
-now. No use croaking at your town.
,It will grow and forget you In spite
of your walling.
It's your place in society to paint
3Ionday and your town another color.
Blue. Is a good color in the right
place. Nothing is more invigorating
to a gloomy brain than a heaven-sent
.streak of blue sky. Nothing fills
space so admirably as the blue smoke
of action. The electric blue of ener
getlc business friction, which warms
a community with life, is sacred to
the gods of industry.
But heaven forbid the "blue" man.
In the category of hues he is the
hoodoo, tho hindrance, the "scare
crow" of the race. One blue man
"discolors" a town. The color is
catching. It goes In streaks through
society. It changes hopeful smiles
into graveyard moans.
If you feel the symptoms approach
ing, go outside the door, into the brac
ing morning air. Walk down tho
main street with your head up, even
if you do owe everybody In town.
Repeat this program dally. It will
be to you like hanging an old coat
on the clothes line is to it. it will
"air" yon.
The "blue" man is out of gear. All
the wheels In a good town turn for
ward. He is trying to force them
backward. This process lu not easy
nor pleasant. It Is Just like pulling
a cat backwards across the carpet.
Smile and say you want to live. Go
with the crowd. There is no reverse,
lever on progress. You can't go
The fruit-bearing palms have been,
grown successfully In countries where
tho temperature reached 115 degrees.
In sliluUiel ulid diupped to us low us !
10 degrees below freezing during the
winter. Arizona Is the best date-
It looks more like business in East- growing district of the United States.!
em Oregon right now, than ever be- Several orchards have been planted (
in,.,, r ,m ,, anil lire ueiiiing (.-iiuii-u wuus nu;
lore. The citizens of the arid conn-1 The ne propagltei, easl.
ties are organizing irrigation assnci-1 iv hv slmnlv mittinc out suckers from
ntious. with definite objects in view, j original limbs. They grow thickly andj
Baker, Morrow. Umatilla and Malheur I often attain a height of 40 feet. When
are earnestly studying the subject of ' ''lom'etithey '
reclamation. They remember the fa-1 use glycerine to give tin fruits tin.
ble of the farmer and the lark, andj rich glossy mn oarauc' , haracterls
nro ilnim? rnnintiilitr fur iliomsolvps. ' tic of the boxed dates Tacoma
Our Big Clearance Sale has
begun and will continue until
all Seasonable Goods are
closed out.
Special reductions in all
The Place to Save Money
B Tl
i Mid-Winter
CIIITC mn....
WA,STs, Jacob
s FURS at Cli
B The Eastern ru
osin ana waist j
I Ed Ebenj
e 8 ssi
The best feature about - these local
organizations is that they are compos
ed of the strong, .vigorous business
men of the different communities.
They have a; deeper Interest in the
country than can be measured by
figures. It is their home.
Judge Fitz Gerald told the tax-pay-ers
of this city and county some
plain, unvuinished truth, in a short
interview in last Satuiday's East Or
egouiau. In speaking of the alarm
ing increase of drunkenness among!
Indians, he said some severe peual-
ties should be meted out to those1
-who openly violate the laws against i
selling ilnuor to these people. It Is
a direct burden on the people to sup
port the Indians that are sent to jail
for drunkenness. They have no
money with which to pay fines. The
laws of the land are -violated and the
tax-payer as usual, pays the bill. The
other fellow gets the profit.
Have Your Water Pipes Examined and Repaired at Once
Delay will lead to serious breaks.
First-class w.ork guaranteed by
BECK, the Reliable Plumber.
Court street, opposite the Golden Rule Hotel
The death of Miss Ensminger, of
Haines, who was shot by a jealous
lover on Christmas eve. brings tho
Christmas tragedy close to home.
People read of the fiendish deeds
which are committed In distant states
and do not stop to give them a seri
ous thought. But when the victim Is
plucked from our own threshold, we
feel tho sting of a common, kindred
srlef and halt to wonder where nfxt
the blow will fall.
Dandruff and -Falling
Hair vanish
before the magic touch of
ejjNewuros rierpiciae, tlie
a lateiit scientific discovery.
R It kills the dandruff germs.
Destroy the cause, you re
move the effect. Kill the
dandruff germ, and your
hair will grow abundantly.
Sr. A.irnosT, Idaho, Dec. 3, 'M.
He rpicida doc all Um joa claim lor U. 11
ha t-leanoil in jr bea.1 f roui dandruff, anil leu
ui;balrnnanJtolt. OEiios JI.L'kosbsk,
For Sale at all Firit-Claij Drug Stores.
Despam & Clark
Wholesale Com
mission Merchants
Will pay cash for poultry. The
Market price always. Bring it in
every day and all day. Chickens,
Geese, Ducks and Turkeys.
Office in Savings Bank Building
Come, Get Our Quotations
The fight for the presidency of the
state senate .promises to be the most
spirited spectacle at the opening of
the legislature. Dr. Andrew C. Smith,
or Portland, and George C. Brownell.
of Clackamas county, arc now leading
the two forces, for the place. Brown
ell Is such a pliable tool of the poli
ticians and corporations, that in the
Interests or the state at large, he
should not be elevated to that honor
by his party.
The people adjacent to the Eastern
Oregon forest reserve are bo widely
diviaea in their opinion on the re
serve, that it Is doubtful if Mr. 'Wil
liamson got much Information on the
subject, that would aid him in reach
ing a decision, on hla recent visit to
Grant county. There are many good
men, strong arguments, plausible rea
sons and much "scrapping" ability on
each side.
Marconi celebrated his victory Just
in time to dampen the ardor of the
ttlhtlna nVAP ta Invlnv rf tit a T3a stiffs
Oregon, the greatest livestock state Lnhio Th irrmnr nr t, wirai....
of the West, Is particularly Interested ntrrn tl V, mill atf at ttiA fdoat imltttrft nA
.u. mo vuuveuuun oi me National
Livestock Association, which meets
in Kansas City, January 13-16. This
association i,n, , "mese rersian aaies are worm
"f ,? sreater '"fl"ence on 7 cenU a pound," remarked one of the
. .i.,uto euecung tne live- leading growers, as he exhibited a
.stock Interests than any other agency, pretty Ilttlo box of sugared fruits.
;;nas a strong Influence in flxlm? in. lney como ,n pouna packages and in
These Persian dates are worth
Interstate railroad rates on livestock
;,' Jih'.pment8' 11 ,s tho T,Bllont guardian sla and arc therefore sold for Per-
CO-pound boxes. The fruits are sup-
BrigtiU Disease and Diabetes
Positively Cnrable,
They are curing Bright's Disease
and Diabetes In Cafornla. The per-
contcgo of efficiency (recoveries) in
theso hitherto Incurable diseases
averages as high as 87 per cent The
details of the Investigation and dem
onstration of the new compounds are
so conclusive that we at once sent
for a bundle of the reports and for
the new treatment for urgent cases
In this city. Call or send for one of
tho reports.
F. V. SCHMIDT & CO.. Pendleton
mm i
Let Murphy Frame those
Pictures for Christmas
Don't put off having the
work dene. If Murphy
does the work it will be
good work and you will be
highly pleased, Best stock
of framing material.
E. J. Murphy's
Best work at lowest prices.
Gray's Harbor
Commercial Co.
The Aristocrat among
the Whiskies of the
Old School, Without
a peer.
KorSale bjr
We Don't Keep Everything
Hut we do keep a good big
stock of nice dry Fioorlug,
Celling, Rustic and Finish,
in all grades Aluo all kinds
of Dimension Lumber, In
cluding Lath and Shingles.
Our stock of Doors, "Win
dows, Moulding, Building
and Tar Paper and Apple
Boxes U complete, and auy
one hi need of Lumber will
not be wrong In plaolng
their order with the : : :
Gray's Harbor Com. Co.
Opp. W; & C. R. Depot
A half section of fine wheat
land, all in summer-fallow,
north of Pendleton.
Good improvements.. . .
Almost -a section of land in
one body, a short dis
tance north of town.
I have bargained with a
competent Timber Cruiser
to locate
On the line o. a railroad
now under construction.
This means a big ohance
for flrst-oomers. See
Have some good farms for
Is always received when you
place your order with us.
Fir, Tamarack and
Why buy poor coal when you
can get the best for the' same
iaatz Bros.
Telephone Main 5i
a) C
e tin
' CCrfKO'T
The man who rectlra tlij
kiss is the natltetln the i
things being equal-tin t
11 .. . ., , . .
attend to the laanderingd
shlrfs, collars aud cuffs h
fashion as to wId encomtasi
mo' t particular. Let m I
laundry work.
Court and Thompsoa i
It's a Good Rt
for anyone to make oJ
more (rood carriages are i
from bad to worse throng
misuse when a little ftp
rlirht kind at the right t
them perfectly eenice'
resolve to nave your
after by Neagle Br,
wnrtr rlcht.
(ftnu lor idto.
Sash, Doors and
Planing ol an uo-r
to older.
Lion I r"". .',;! rtl
Materia t)""1 1
consulted us.
Pendleton Pla
LlllllUU "-
rncUf. ttW
Farmers Custom
en Walter.
nnnoillv 1BU lWVii '
f "" Vimi vm. iwr
riour, ""-:-
alwaya on nana.