East Oregonian : E.O. (Pendleton, OR) 1888-current, December 23, 1902, DAILY EVENING EDITION, Image 6

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A Christmas Gift
That means much toward tho futurn of young
ladies and young gentlemen
Give them a Scholarship in the
Pendleton Business College
Could anything be more sensible than a thor
ough business course-?
The Pendleton Business College has strictly
practical Commercial, Shorthand and Type
writing Departments.
The Shorthand and Typewriting Department
Is undor the principalship of Miss Mary Wood,
one of the most rapid stenographers in the
United States, and the classes have been in
creasing so rapidly that the Pendleton Business
College has been compelled to engage au as
sistant instructor, and Miss Delia Privett, one
of the pupils of Miss Wood, has been installed.
The Typewriting Department has grown to
euch an extent that additional typewriting ma
chines have become necessary.
Put a Scholarship in the
Pendleton Business College
In the hands of the young ladies and young S
gentlemen for Xmas
Call on or. address
H. N. Robinson, LLD., Principal
Corner Court and Johnson Streets
An abundance of the Purest, Most
Delicious and Most Wholesome Candy
and Finest Line of Bon Bons await you
at our store.
We will save you
Christmas Sweets.
mone' on your
I Beautiful Bon Bon Boxes
Christmas Tree Trimmings or Orna
ments. See us and save money.
Fechter's Confectionery Store
221 Court St.
All kinds for all purpose
Sash, Doors and Blinds.
Five Survivor of Orerjon's Constitu
tional Convention Present Nln
Delegates Out of 60 to That Hlstorl
Meeting 'et Alive.
Youth ntii! age tllitinKiiiuhed thr an
nual meeting of tho Oroson Historlefil
Society Saturday. It wan a notable
gathering Many well-known eiti
zens were present, name ol tliem
rounders ui Oregon, men and women
who have been active all their I:vps
in the uroaresg of the statu. Thttl
fnrnK lieameu beneath tho Silver of
many winters, on the yoiiURor gunum
tion that was coming .Into its inhori
tnnce. The addresses stlneil a Otmti.
of foelinir sometimes hnnpy, some
times sad.
"The men ami women of Orogon':
formative period were stnlil and prac
tical and serios minded," remarked
tiimeuodv after tho meeting, "hut they
were not without tender sentiment,'
says the Sunday OreKonian.
Discussion clustered around the-
Constitutional Convention of 185". The
framers of that instrument were eulo
siseil as men in whose veins flowed
firm purpose, liighminderineuh and en
during sagacity.
"Tliere were giants in thiwe days,
the salt of all the earth, " one parson
The best brains of Oregon wore
contained in the convention. Nine
delegates out of 00 survive. live of
whom were present. Stirring scenes
of early days passed in review before
the audience. Patriotic zeal and hope
ano purpose were enlivened. Five
witnesses were there to ttjtity to
past grown dreamy. Strange and mys
tical it seemed, enlivening and flesh
in contrast with the d y and pi osy
record of the pen.
Memories of Past fievived.
The men who had come down from
a former generation spoke entertain
ingly. The memories of Dead-. Fred
AVaymire, Dclazon Smith, Tom Dryer,
Shattucli. OIney, Reed. Logan Kolaay,
Farrar were revived. John 11. XI c
Ilride. Tt. V. Short, W. A. Stark
weather. H. 1'. Iloise and George H
Williams were there In person. I.. V.
G-over. James K. Kelly and William
H. Fackwood sent regrets for inablli
ty to attend H. B. Nichols, tho ninth
surviving delegate, did not come
down from his home ,in Benton coun
Among other well known persons in
the audience were: Governor Geor, of
Salem; Judge W. D. Hare, of Hills
boro; Judge George IT. llurnett. of
Salem: G. L. Rowland, of NoTth Yam
hill; William Merchant, or Carlton:
F. O. Potter, of Eugene; itev. W. G.
Eliot, of Salem: Mrs. Eva Emery I)e.
of Oregon City; Professor H. L. Hates,
of Forest Grove; J. R. Robertson, of
Portland; George T. Prather, of Hood
River: John M. Leezer, of Pendleton;
ox-Governor Z. F. Moody, of The
Dalles: F. G. Young, of Eugene, and
many Portland people.
New Officers Elected.
Now officers of the society wero
elected as follows:
President C. li. Bellinger, of Port
land. Vice-President W. D. Fentou of
Secretary F. G. Young ,of Eugene.
Treasurer Charles R. Ladd. of
Directors to serve four years. .las.
U. Robertson, J. R. Wilson.
The board of directors now 'consists
of: The governor or Oregon, tho sup
erintendent of Public Instruction, Mrs
Harriet K. JIcArthur. Mrs. Maria L
Jlyrick. W. D. Fenton, J. R. Robert
son and J. R. Wilson.
IniinHU"'' ol till"-
S;im KianciKi-o
snw mill '
T.i llu-llll'i il"
wondc tin! ilinli' r. n
111-.,, i. T1IH1 iMfM-lltll'
MMtl. Point and will noon . "i.mienc.
,,,, . Tin- llvm Is im.Mi-K
per mi K'i in-vf" ""'"l"';' 1,11 '"
which If- iis-'d l"f v. neer rk
Another illustration of the value of
some oi our timber resources comes
from tin city or RnteM. r,,rI
;,R,1,. , being sold by the wagon
load at for fuel purrees when
n nmttor of toil, thr same w"
converted info lumber, wl 1 readll
sell In tl ctt of Grand Rapbls. Mich..
Jor at leas. $380 to $ per 100 eet.
TM- null maple. Mr. n lyue
states li.it- no equal In the world tor
heouti in fln'sh He has made a studv
of thi different wood or the entire
world and unhesitatingly say rha
Oregon leads, lioth in titmntlty and
dliallh having to Ills personal nimwr
edge over
I On Furniture f n,.. .
1 nolidaJ
AO dlatittct species oi niei
woods growing within Its
ucu.c i.ui given to tootinn.V
$ horn nnlp;; vp hara c?,,,!- 6 TBS
I to toot about
I We have somethi riff cnai:.i
ami n is uu. w. ui uaiC VY CCS OnFiiml
to ,
WtJther Clear and Cold Mr. Shipp
Moves to Ukinb Mr. StocUer Takes
His Horses to Juniper.
Alba, Dee. 23. The weather is clear
and cold. Sleighing is good with
about 10 incnes of snow.
Will McLaughlin is hauling logs to
the sawmill under contract irom vie
broch & Smldth.
The stage company haB built a de-
uot nt Carney unmn, wnere ph-
songers arc exchanged from tno coach
to the sleigh.
Hiss .Man- Whitaker is visiting
here, the guest of Miss Blanch Quant.
Harvey Taylor has purchased Jim
Shipp's feed ham and lias moved
that place. Mr. Shipp will move
Ukiah and go into lunsinesb there.
Walter Rlneheart and ills motlioiN
will move to Pendleton after the holi
days. They will reside there all win
J. H. Stocker drove Sf head ot
horses to the Juniper country lasd
week to winter quarters. His sou
Carl will attend to the animals during
the winter.
Earl Baumgiirtner Iiub returned
from a visit with his friends in Pen
Roy Council is tending 100 head
of stock and is a very uusy young
The school hero under the niamtgt
ment ol Professor Quant has a large
attendance and teacher and pupils are
getting aiong mceiy. i
ture. Our stock includes
the house furnishing line.
everything fj
Look at These
Hotel Pendleton.
J. A. lreton, Boise.
H. P. Brands, Portland.
V. 1!. domiciling, Portland.
A. D. Chase, Portland.
J. J. Burns, Portland.
E. II. Burke, Portland.
V. H. Chaston, Milton.
G. C. Oshorn, Athena.
.Miss Clark, Weston.
.Miss Campbell, Weston.
R. B. Coats, San Francisco. ,
E. Gonele, Spokane.
Kiting Spike, Echo.
W. D. CharHberlain, city.
r n n -f 4- ifiH - r n
vvc tan m yytut nunit;
thing required from ?h 1 kitchen to the
parlor, from the cellar to the garret
Bear in mind our Cut Pate Prices
continue only until New Years.
8 213 Court Street
A Waste of the Hlahest Priced Tim.
ber Goes Constantly On.
M. C. Van Tyne. who has one of
the finest collections of Oregon woods
in existence, has just received from
his home in Eugene, a number of sam
ples showing tho beautiful ilnish of
some of our most common woods, says
iii vsiona midget.
Among the pieces of particular in
terest Is curly maplo and tho Coos
Baj myrtle, the latter hoiiiE a vorv
fine wood for furniture manufacture.
and can bo found In Hi'cat abiindnnec
at Coos Bay.
The Golden Rule.
Miss .Morrison, Adams.
V. A. Cross, Fairfield.
Mrs. George Brewster, Kendrick.
E. Brewster, Kendrick.
C. H. Brewster, Kendrick.
Anson Woods and wife, Weston.
A. C .Connelly, Seattle.
C. I.. Downer, Spokane.
R. A. Farrens, lone.
C. S. Jayne. Condon.
R. M. Alters, lone.
A. F. Young, lone.
Mrs. O. C. MeFarland. Moscow.
Mrs. C. II. Spurbeck, Genossoe.
J. W. Mooro, Spokane.
W. I) .Marks, Spokane.
James A. Nelson, city.
A. J. Hall, Caracas.
John Puntenney, Moscow.
Mrs.- J .M. Angell, RlUevlllo.
Clara M. Angell, Rltzevllle
W, L. Alspach, Helix.
J. J. Whalen, Helix.
John Lang, Nye.
W. C. Kent, Nye.
H. J. Blddle.
W. C. Rider and wife. Eluin
h. bimpson. Baker Citv.
Christmas Giving is Not Complete
Unless it Contains a Box of Delicious
Candies. J f
J. C. McFadden and wire, Pocatello,
Mrs. R. R. Duffy, Ontario.
Miss Raley, city.
E. E. Alton and wife, Med ford.
O. E. Gaslin and wifo, Medford
O. M. .uictals and son, Wallace.
George McCauloy, California.
Harry Mcore, Spokane.
Planing of all descriptions done
to otder.
XJon't place your order (or
Building Material until you have
consulted us.
Pendleton Planing Mill
Lumber Fard,
K0QERT f OUSTER, Proprietor
Dally East Orenonlan by carrlar,
only li MMta warak.
A Christmas Dilemma
Santa Claus would find hinisulf in
if he had a breakdown on "the
night before Cluistinas " Others
would be just as disappointed if
their carriage or wagon should
break down on the road, unless
they had a fust class repairing
shop to bring it to, such as you
will find Neagle Bros, always to
be. We repair a vehicle and nut
it in first class order equal to new
at a reasonable price.
Blorer cuollue euiflnni r the . 'Wa
fanUfar lusm, '
'Whanthilr- ktnaVB "trucl mo u" '"" "'""Har In this world
"The man who ha m,-,n.. .n.. .
lit- wjuiu." ' lu puj- us no ko can get
all the credit
Lovvjiey's Candies in boxes from ioc up to JJe
Pam Candies in boxes from ikc to li.W. Fancj
uoxeb anu naskets tilled witli (nocoiates, duu
and Crystallized Fruits as ordered. We have them
from 25c to S5.00. And on the-quiet, we never law
a healthy girl who did not prefer a box 0 Bon Boas
to a verse of poetry. Our candies in fancy boxes are
guarantee. to create new friendship, or to brice up
old and weakening ones.
Perfumes . .
Anyone will appreciate a bottle of perfume, especial-
lv nf vlr.i nnnrl Tlmt ;c rVio Irind VOU filldt0DI
store. Several new imported odors have just tea
received. Beautiful P'-fume Atomizers andSprmis
lers from 35c up to ,57.50. These make elegant
Christmas nifts filial with nerfnme. Ask bet t
odor she would prefer she is sure to appreciate youtj
tlinnr'lif-fiilnt;c (
We have placed 011 u wiianttu table a lot of Holldsy
tlmt we think you would like to buy ut a saving w w
dollar. We M-unt to sell them-you will wonder .V
make a reduction -better look them over1, It la Just M BU
iiig money,
Safetv Razors
v 1 i, ... win BDteeW
1 mi euu uepeiui iiiou it Hint any gouiieiunu
a Safety ltazor. Any one cau use it. Even if he uw
..!... .... 1,1 ir 41 ..1 41 i.oun useasnei)
Knives, lirush and Comb Sots, Military Hair lrushw, BM
lug Sett Toilet Beta, Glove und Handkerchief bet),
Q TT M riTO I rVl 4nnrnn nnri Monrl nnHnUn
Our lino of CuiidleHtlek!) In the "Art Nouvean" Jl'fi,
plutecl and wrought iron, are excellent values for tne ia 1
Now designs.
WROUGHT IKON Mirrors and Tucrmoniotow at Btnall prlcrf'
FRUNt.rt STAO Mmilcur. sets, Military BruHhes and Cloth Brusa
The proper thing thla seaaan. , . for
BURNT LEATHER (illuruntl Cull'Doxes make elegant present
EJWINf WOOD Neoktie. Glove Boxes mid Toilet Sew; beautiful gift
for uontleiiiMii or ladles. , . ... aiffvi
POCKETBOOUS. We have a largo asuortment and we liae aJ
made a wppclaltv ut good pooketbooks. . i,itiful.
FOUNTAIN PENS make an ideal Christmas P'ese"t-ftJX
useful and lasting reniembrauee, $1.63 to 2.60, guaranw"
work satislaetorlly. , ,, . nice
POCKET KNIVEO, A pearl handled pooket knife will raeflneD
present for 11 lioy, clrl. man or wonmu. We have 1 a u ,
leotlon from iio cents up to Jii.50. JSxttinlue our dollar 1
handled knife made from the best steel.
Walk in and Look Around
You Don't fHSave to buy nvt
We are always glad to show our goods aud tall yoU
know about them.
ICoeppens Drug Store
,(W steps from Main Street toward Court House.