East Oregonian : E.O. (Pendleton, OR) 1888-current, December 23, 1902, DAILY EVENING EDITION, Image 4

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    Yoffll Have
11 V) U.WLIJ
nay nrlvlllgw through tho country to relieve Mm In Lis uelplew condl
and tho Improvement of new sections i tlon. V
ot the West Is retarded by the
sencc of rival companies.
Oregon lias tnllllonR ot acres
E, Morris, who was mis
taken for Tracy ami shot by n posse.
near Vancouver, will present a hill
f !..,.. ,.iir n.vnrltin 5400 ' intllril
If you expect to make your selection of
Xmas Presents from our -Stock, as they are
going 'like "lot Cakes," and at the present
rate will soon be soli
We are offering Special Inducements on a!!
remaining stock. Call and see what we offer.
land that would be available Us homes
with a touch of Irrigation nnd better
I transportation.
The productiveness ot Central Or-
eiion could be lucrensed four fold by
the construction of three hundred
miles ot road from Portland, or The
Dalles Inland toward Idaho and Ne
vada That vast section lies practl
c:ill dormant today, for no other rea
son than that the fear of competition
Is dispelled by the knowledge thnt
western railroads are all one.
The bluster occasioned by the Idle
Both tnnn
expenses and loss of time.
nie erlpiiled for life.
The sewer question Is settled.
Three to one was a handsome vote
,m- health. Now when the pipes are
overed and the cesspools drained.
I'iMidletoii should lay a pavement on
Main street, at least, to seal a Rood
Brock k McCoiaas Co.
When, In the course of some years,
oi Incredible toll, the tenant has at
l.iut Ii-iii-ii1 n urn v n level snncp as bin
talk of Portland and tho Sound, about j ,,s l0 00r or n smalI landing
the new terminus of nu Imaginary Chicago when he has literally taken
, toad at the mouth of the Columbia, away the spongy surface or the swamp
has nu moie charm for Hasten. Ore- . ilrloil and burned It-lie starts
, upon the task of making his pitiful
1 Kn- little Hold ready for tillage
Transportation Is needed lor uou
1 tral Oregon and nothing short of It
will bring the lull fruition to thnt
, splendid region.
; Portland knows this. She has the
, capital with which to bring perfection
to an empire that belongs to her, but
. she dallies with fate.
Some day the hand of enterprise
j will reach out from the south, and
, pour the stores of her tributary zone
j into tho lap of San Francisco,
j The merged powers cannot long de-
lay inexorable progress.
Ilehlnd him lay tho gray Azores,
liolilnd the gntes of Hercules;'
Ilofore him not tho ghost of shores
Hefore him only shoreless sens.'
The good mate snltl: "Now must
wo pray,
"For lo! the very stars are gone,
llrave Admiral, speak; what shall I
Why say 'Snll onl sail on! sail
on!' "
They art ' -
averages ZuL
detail, u2TIj2'
the nflw ..... is"
the new
'.My men grow mutinous day by day,
.My men grow ghnstly, wnn and
The stout mate thought ot home, a
at. I'll 1
Of salt wave washed his swarthy I F W SCHM1DT,
checck. J ' ft,
'What shall 1 say, brave Adm'rl, say
If we sight naught but seaB at
"Why you shall sny at break of day
"Sail on sail on! sail on! sail on'"
Me must dig a ditch all around It.
else It will bo' constantly under water.
and at best the surface It IPtle better
They sailed and sailed, ns winds1
might blow, I
Until nt lust tho blanched mate)
"Why now, not even Ood would know i
Should 1 and all my men fall
than mud. Then he must got gravel, These very winds forgot their way
clay and sandy earth fiom some place wny,
and spread It out In a thin layer over ror uou worn inese dread seaB
The upward tendency oi the hoi. so
market Is a promise for Eastern Or
egon. How many of the old horsemen
of the balmy days of stage coaches
Is gone,
speak, brave
and say "
snld: "Sail on!
Adm'rl; speak
sail on
y 'lled. '
Then ,
-" mm i mrtj -nu mum
All men seek happiness, then
is no other goal or Intent in life,
whether men seek It through
license or asceticism, through
selfishness or sacrifice, it is toe
one eternal quest.! The Phili
tie in the invigorating breezes
hei sea coast and Sierras. A few
hours more of sunshine seemed added
to the lot of the dying m the whis
pering zephyrs that spread theii heal
ing wings across that favored state.
The feeble have Hocked to the cities
and hamlets of California until she is
( sick man's home, lluslness is ear
1 1 ried on almost' exclusively in many
with $200 mares. It was not uncom-
Heaven bless the tanners ot Uma
tilla county and oi the world; they
bear the burden, pay the bills and
till the coffers of civilization.
During the wintei months, while
the ceaseless grind of labor, relaxes
Itn grasp upon the country districts,
the time should be spent in improv
ing the conditions that surround the
Farmers' institutes cannot he held
late in the spring, after the waiting
swept inland by the winds of the
near-by ocean. Hours of bright, warn,
sunshine are few anil I'm between.
Waltd Wellmnn.
Alnnv nC tum -irrt lmrnfiml wlntnr
or and freight trains would rojolce to a8 wof, aK Rllnmlor. They are In rags.
see mo ranges once more siociteu Tiiett liouies are lll-uourisueil. Tile
winds blow sharp and cold across tho
dreary moor. The rain falls nearly
In. If fl,.i tit.,.. f. n... ....... ltrlt, nlil.t.lu
... , , . , l .....i L.t.i- ...'III nu.V .'u... .-..Jlt.in.
wuu pocKeis so mil oi u pieces
I that they were stooped over witti the
weight. No land on earth is better
adapted to thrifty, strong, ileut-tootcd
horses than this. Its record as ft
horse country will never be beaten.
small towns by people who are just L. T. Hauis. a representative trou, " Ami X hcimei on the wall: '
simply hanging on to the edge or lire, l.ane county, is gathering strength as ' Willie's playthings won't lie needed
hoping for the climate to Keep blood n candidate Tor speaker of the next I rl'i" ,nt oarl' lla's ot fall
in their veins nnd hrnnth in fhoii- iim,.u n . ..... I Put away the canvass Jacket.
lull-., nnotlior v nr , .o , u6 u, . wuh ,tg , b Qf
luugi. another ear. ubk. loyal and worthy oi the support , Willie's made himself a hero
The salaried positions are filled ! of his party. ! Put his siilurge this vear is o'er
with cheap men who are willing to: ' j
work for a bare living in order to be I " 1 ""' " weir esca-j
able to temain in that state. The la-! 1paUM- ln,L,y aml Morrl11 w"' 1)0thi
boring man finds an invalid readv to I .T lelesentatlves before the next
try to hold his job, at a decreased the guard who,
t-no oliif In- M.. 111 it... .i r . .
The state is thronged with : , lm UI u,u
ghastly men and ' 6iiC'""-' wl" uaU for " "I'l'roprlatlon '
his ptospectlve held. The skinned
bog Is only n foundation a black, Now
reeking platform upon whlrb to build
a rami!
Having no horse or wagon, he must
i arry flip new earth and gravel upon
his back and put It there. The wo
men and children help. You may
see them tolling to and tro. their wil
low hampers full of dirt upon their
bent, tiled backs, after traveling u He curls his lit, ho lies In wait,
mile or two with each tiny contrlbu- With lifted teeth, as lr to bite'
tlon to the soil of a farm from which Urnvo Adm'rl. say but ono good
What shall be done when hope is
Tlie words lept as a leaping sword:
'Sail on! sail on! snll on! Ball on!'"
They sailed. They
spake the mate.
"This mad sou shows his teeth to
they hope to gain n livelihood.
Thou pale nnd worn he paced his
And peered through darkness.
Ah. that night
Of all dark nights! and then a
A light! A light! A light! A light!
It grew, a star-lit Hag unfurled!
It grow to be Time's burst of
He gained a world: he gave that
Its grandest lesson. "On' sail on'"
The AitstocnliJ
the WhlsfeUj d
Old SchooUs
a peer.
Senoi Escaudon has been re-elected
, mayor of Mexico City.
ll ..) fti (.", th. t.v V!
Kly's Cream Bah
rleau-es, (!. jr.
iMllY A CU.J ID tap I. i.l
intilhtoinJiirareu'kijri UliUt;
nut I'rodocoicrtcn;. .-nla.lK
gists orbjrnull; TrjISiitlltaahM
KLY UltQTnm.MWim;lj
Its condition is so serious that an
effort is to be made to restrict the
TNfil M.W ?f toughest stl
entrance of consumptives into that' b). consUnt U4U ntOIjmve anew
stilte- ! eilge if it is to do eixx uorl; rnat,.i
A committee from the state senate .or'c dul1? a '"an us it does an ax, makci 1
has been appointed to
t.j. i ... , , . ,
Investigate OI ,uJr "ml ' mind
ill i i 1 1 i . ti
i.em oegn.s to ueciion ine loner 10 ( present health conditions, and this eomethiu; tliat ill
his task. This is the only season of j committee emphatically opposes the' restore the keennts
the year at which leisure time for i wholesale admission of consumptives """d and activity
farmers' meetings can be found. tl that state. It has been proposed to Lr Pierce's Go! 1 n
Ever- day should be improved. The j establish a home ror such invalids at Medical DiscovVrv
education or the practical farmer in I SOme isolated place, where elaborate 1 Puta new ife into
the arts of adapting crops to soil, se- arrangements could be mnde for their I '!fw rT1"0"'' ""i
lecting seed rorr the propogatlon of care. This plan is also opposed by women. ItstreiTgth.
strong species of crops and in so ar-tbe health committee, on the ground ens tlje wk stom
ranging and so cultivating his farm, j that such a resort would further en-i fi purifies the
thnt the most highly productive state j courage tho sickly to Mock thare.
may be attained, means the perfecting t where will the sick turn for relief?
of the great profession known to man. mini suffering host:
Irrigation will soon be a force in the j "To whom the goodly earth and air,
hands of every farmer in the West. Are barred and banned, forbidden.
He must know how to handle and dl-i fare."
Tect It intelligently. He must study wil1 hc compelled to turn elsewhere
to bring the greatest yield from the for health.
blood, and effect
ively stimulates the
liver. The whole
body is built up with
aoutid, solid flesh by
the use of "Golden
Medical Discovery."
"I was ounflned to my
bed for four months
from January in, liu,
and commenced tu take
7 oar medicine January
6th, i8o), writ Mrs.
1 GRESS. took eight bottles of Dr,
I Pierre1! HrMi tA-
ture and every Industry of the West, 1 . Discovery, four of
needs ventilation and discussion. I- llroad building In the West Is at KPriS
ProrlnctlvpnesH is h haula of hnnfc " ui"uul uecause me great lines PelleU.' an. one bottle
smallest area. Farmers' meetings
must be arranged for mutual good, i COMBINATION
Crops, livestock, dairying, fruit cul-
accounts. Intelligent direction of tho
great forces of nature, underlie productiveness,
v. . of Doctor Pierce Com
tuiiuuueu uy ine same siock- poond Kstract of Smart-
holders, and thev lire L'sttlne- nil thn ween, as
trade the country affords nlreadv
The sham romnetltlnn whlnl, t.S: fcif ' "PJ!!-16 t..do''i'uo''''"
cocurttpation, and harU.ninof the Hver was mv
trrvthlo T ni Ul a . i . '
Your niri1irin i-H m
CALIFORNIA TIRES OF INVALIDS, i Valled ln tha das d ahopJkhUI
j iiuuuing nas uisappeareu wttn the -"-
Since the balmy breezes ot Call-j merging of interests. Don't be fooled into trading a sub-
fornla first became known to Ameri- The rivalry bred of the hot scram- 5nce, for a. shadow. Any substitute
cane, she has been a mecca for the ' We for trade Is vanished. The conn- S,l wLCry" TULToU
Invalid. Her cities have been over- try can come to the roads that are medicine. There are cures behind ever
run with people who could not live in now in operation, or stay away, Just cJaun made fr the " Discovery," which
no "just as vood " medicine " can show
. - w..w. . ui "a ,,vuoa ,1, hid kiii. Duuicaiea IliliousnesrJ is cure 1 I tl f rw- I
was promised tho tottering conBump- hold most all the available right of Vierce's Pleasant Pellets!'
Christmas Good
1 Ins is the time to buy your Christmas presents (or your friends, and at no place rilf
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priLLs. sun waists, namlkerclnels; perfumes and toilet articles, iewelery and purses, furs it
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GENTLEMENS initial handkerchiefs, neckties, gloves, mufflers of all colors, jewrl
i..v.-, niii pen IIllVCb. CIC,
We will give a special discount of r nnr r.,, n i,-0 .-.. cnitt udovMs
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give satisfaction or refund your money.
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show yo, t,. ,t ,s best to tak,- your tune and ,vo,d the crowling that usually takes place during the last few days of the holiday season. We call your attention to a few of tl,e luainj
rt a rM I 1 1 -S-S-"
" viv t 'U L GLASS WATOHiQ -t-m , r.
I I I v.yiwv 1 I O
Mounted and unmounted
The largest collection of the
finest gems that has ever
been shown in one stock in
Under this head we are
showing so many pretty
tilings that it will be impos
sible for us to enumerate
Diamond Merchant, Jeweler and Optician.
The largest store of its kind in Pendleton.
The finest and best collect
ion to select from. All the
new designs. Rare beauties.
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Hawkes' world-renowned Cut
Glass. A guarantee in itself
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silver. Something to please
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I 1MV-I tlLUI K. Ml ll IL 111(1 1T1 r t-1 II I
Goods Held fo Re.cnnncffifo P-J.IW
jr u.a ixt
In ebony and solid silver.
To sec them is to make up
your mind what lo get for a
n TJ T? A.
it will PW0" Zd
our stock befo pui
Diamond Merchant, Jeweler and Optician
Main Street
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