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Make Em Happy
Grandma, grandpa, mamma, papa, sisters, S
brother, daughter, son, the baby, aunt, uncle, cousin g
or dear friend, will enjoy something that will add to g
the comforts of life. That something is easy to de- g
cide on.
Get them a Pair of Slippers
Or Perfect Fitting Shoes
We make it our special aim to supply Child- 3
ren's Slippers and Shoes, and have a select line for
you to make choice from.
The celebrated Aiireci uoige jxomeos ana juii
ets are handled by us.
T G W Tapp passed through
town Thursdnv evening on his way
from his homo at Hot Lake to Port
land. Charles Cahoon has returned from
Hot I-nke where he spent n icw
RESULTS OF THE DRUNKEN weeks rlddlnp himself of nn attack of
BRAWL AND GUN PLAY, rheumatism.
via. Rniiitt Hnnnor who has been
Williams is Fined $20 and Cost visiting with relatives hero for the
nerlv Will Also be Arraigned. R of j
The participants in the drunken GvlDn oftns ctv, returned Thurs-
hmwl nml cun ular in the bnsemeni , trn-in,i nmi nftnr nnpinllnc
hall, beneath the W. & C- IL ticket 01 h- ()av htr(? ,eft ,a8l evenng for his
fice yesterday afternoon were Mnome jn Rolse.
Judge Fit Gerald this morning. . rni,ierheud general passenger
After the fray vesterday afternoon , " Lamenieuti gentrui iaBib.
, -!Lk i-iiimmi nronrietor of the and freight ncent for the W. & C. R.
m i, ! L? lew a cun Tnd Present I railway, and G. W. Snell, a prominent
creating thv disturbance, went before , nigm.
District" ttornev Hailey and had com-: Roy Alexander, son of Mr. and Mrs.
plaint filed aga'inst Williams for as-lit. Alexander, returned this morning
sault with a dangerous weapon. This from Portland, where he has been at
forenoon Williams was taken before j tending the Hill Military Academy.
Judge Fitx Gerald for trial. District He will spend the holidays with his
Attorney Hailey prosecuted the case I parents and then return to college.
and S. A. Newberry defended Wil-,
The first witness called wns D. V.i
Goodlm. one of the men on whom Wil- Joseph Allen In Jail at Walla Walla
Hams was accused of drawing the (0r the Crime,
pirn and who was helping to create! Joscph Ai,cn ,ormcriy of Walla
the disturbance. His testimony, it : WnlIa COUnty, but now a resident of
. l. lnnlnr an till ....
seems, was uvi su iUUi.Ut..ub " Harrison. Idaho, s In Jail In walla
statement to the district attorney the
day before. His memory seemed to
be bad and he had forgotten that he
tni.i the district attorney that Wil-
Walla charged with forgery.
Allen is quite well known here. He
spent several weeks here recently.
He claimed to be n timber cruiser.
Diactinge, Wilson & Co.,
The Only Exclusive Shoe House in Pendleton
il -
Women of Woodcraft Institute Circle
No. 527, and Elect Officers.
Thursday afternoon, at Hendricks i
hall, Special Organizer Ella M. Por-j
ter, on behalf of the Grand Circle,
"Women of Woodcraft, instituted Pen-1
dleton Circle No. 527. The following
officers wil preside over the destinies
of the new circle for the ensuing
Past, guardian, Lila Krause; guard
ian neighbor, Minnie Stillman; advis
er, Mary Johnson; magician, Minnie
Renn; attendant, Augusta Kimball; .
clerk. Elva Fletcher; banker, Kittle,
Ferguson; captain of guards, Lee
Drake; inner sentinel. Martha Hays; ,
outer sentinel, J. E. Krause; music-'
ian, Mrs. Mary Krebs; managers, A.
D. Stillman, Louisa Lent, Ada C.i
The new circle starts out with an i
enthusiastic determination to win one '
of the big prizes in the sixth adver
sary campaign. j
this morning he deemed that as they
had already served one day and their
offenses were nothing more than plain
drunks and disorderly that two addi
tional days was enough.
One other case, that of John Scoor.
for peddling without a license, came
up for hearing. He was fined $2 and
compelled to take out a license.
liams had drawn a gun. He swore i . iocatlng men on timber lands
litively that he did not see a gun. Jn Eastern 0regon, The Btory of his
but Williams put his hand In his j trmlbIe In WaUa Wala lg ns follows'
pocket and he ran. He also swore He wrQte two checks on bani.s of
under cross questions by the defense Waa Waa ono i0T $5 and tne other
that he had dared Williams to draw fof ?22.60. They were cashed by local
his gun a few minutes before, but saloon nicn mlt wncn presented it
when he thought he was going to do i wag fmmd that no moncj. was ln tne
it the evidence showed that he was bank t0 Ailen.g credlt. He is also ae.
uot so brave and made tracks for tne clIseU o wrltlnt; a check or a man
outside. n Waitsburc for $46. which was not
D. B. Waffle was the next witness. nonore(j
He saw the gun in Williams' hand,;
6o Successful at Walla Walla That it
Was Given Twice.
Walla Walla, Dec. 19. The event
of the week In social circles was the
presentation of "The Military Girl,:
an operatic extravaganza, presented !
prettily and successfully by the ladles
of St- Paul's school. The first en
gagement was Wednesday evening,
and so successful was it that a repe
tition was demanded, and last night
the show was repeated with most
hearty Indorsement.
Columbia Valley Irrigation Company
Sued for S50O0 bailed to Furnish
Elvira Teel has filed suit against
the Columbia Valley Irrigation Com
pany, a corporation, to recover $5000
damages. I
The complaint alleges that in 1S91
defendant agreed for a certain consld-1
oration to deliver perpetually and con-,
tinuousiy two Inches of water to ;
plaintiff through a pipe from the com
pany's ditch, above what is known as
the drop in its canal. It further
agreed to furnish 144 Inches of water1
for Irrigation purposes each year dur
ing the time between March 1 and
June 15. j
She says that the company failed
ad neglected to do this during the
years 1897, 189S, 1899 and 1900.
For falling to furnish water
through the pipe plaintiff alleges that
she was damaged in the sum of $1000
and for the failure to deliver the 144
inches of water for Irrigation purposes
each year she' was damaged In the
sum of $4000. Therefore, she prays
for a Judgment against the Columbia
Valley Irrigation Company in the to
tal of $5000.
The company has a ditch or canal
near Echo, which It has had in use for
several years, and through which it
agreed to furnish water for irrigation
purposes to several people in the
neighborhood. The ditch passes near
Mrs. Teel's place and she purchased
water for irrigation and domestic pur
poses. Carter & Raley are attorneys
for plaintiff.
but did not see him point it at any
one. The next witness was a man
named Borsch. He saw the whole af
fair and testified that the crowd of
drunks were using profane language
to Williams and had dared him to
shoot. One of them called him to the
door and after a minutes' heated con
versation Williams backed off. pulled
a revolver from his hip pocket, pre-
New Helper Engine.
Engine No. 3, belonging to the Co
lumbia Southern railway, passed
through Pendleton yesterday even
ing on an east-bound freight. This Is
a monster locomotive weighing about
95 tons. It is larger and more pow
erful than the present freight engines
i of the O. R. & N., and will be used
Last Saturday was a great success'n
"une off.,
S a. ..I ...
the hearts of many children this Xm .
to do still better next Saturday.
and learn how
Sntnrrlov 1 Inn OH ,it. -
..v,. u a 0Uar ,
more of crockery or glassware wo will "i
novelty worth 50c PUigW
They consist of card trays, suga f
bons, jellit-8, etc., and are lacquered on ti,.?llB"-
not tarnish in the open air. 1
FURTHER With a BO. ,
glassware we will present a gold-plated pirw iN
worm zoc. ooui presents will make tT?
themselves, and cost you absolutely nothing
Uome early, as our supply is limited.
Young man, if you want
to touch a woman's heart,
buy her a piece of china.
Buy your wife
ner set you pros
Josh Billings said,
"Court the girl's mother
half the time. The girl
won't object and the moth
er likes it."
Josh was right. Buy
the old lady a dainty piece
of china and the old lady
will do the rest.
When you stay
night, come to us tic (
thing in the mora:s
lect a nice present m
will square you mti ,
better seven-eighth, vj
tiling pleases a t
better than nicechiu
sented il toward th men. but his "per on Tiiocaset hill, east of La
hand was caucht.- The drunken men'uranae-
then left the place. ,
Tlio rfofonso n-ns thai Williams call- Deaf and Dumb.
ed for the police several times and . O. H. Fay, a deaf and dumb hoy,
asked them to clear his house of the I is in Pendleton on his way to Port
rowdies. This they failed to do and land. The boy is 19 years of age and
Williams went home, secured a- re-! says that he has been in Montana
volver. put it In his pocket and after I and is going to Portland to join his
returning to his place was only pro-, reiauves. He nas means witn which
tecting his own property in his own to pay his way and is not tramping it.
place of business. The court held j
that under the statute he had the1 A Painful Finger,
right to do this, and Williams was, James Bradsley Is suffering with
discharged on this complaint. ' some unaccountable effection of the
During the progress of the com- forefinger of the right hand. Several
plaint District Attorney Hailey niartyjdays ago the finger began to swell
out complaint against Williams for and since has continued to grow larg
carrying concealed weapons, and heer. It is very painful and no cause
was arraigned without leaving the has been assigned for the trouble
court room. His attorney entered a
plea of not guilty to this charge, but Indians Sick,
after a few minutes conversation with i n.h T A, . ,, ,
v-i it.. -i j ... i f' The acting Indian physician renort?.
uia t-iicui timufccu 1UB pica iu mui ui mnsi,!,,-!. B.r..noao ,u , ,
. -v. u.,ivu UUIUUf, UUiU '
tillflS. PCoriP nf It hnar.ror (e nt a '
Owl Tea How
Cheapest Place in Oregon
guilty as charged.
Attorney Newberry asked that his
client be discharged giving the plea
that he was guilty but under the cir
cumstances had a right to have the
revolver in his pocket.
Prosecuting Attorney Hailey pre-1
sented his side of the case stating
very serious nature, but mostly ma
Iaria or some similar unimportant
Three Indians Get Two Days Each j
Peddler Fined $2. '
Three Umatilla braves were sen
tenced to two days each in the city
Jail by Police Judge Fitz Gerald yes
terday. These men were arrested
Wednesday night and remained in
Jail all day Thursday as no court
could be held on this day because of
the city election making it a legal hol
iday. When taken beforo tho judge
I Eighteen of These Stately Animals
' Going .From Oregon to Nevada.
I A unlnue sleht will be witnessed
here in a few days. Two great droves
of cattle, amounting to some 1200
head, will arrive at Winnemucca
from Miller & Lux's ranches at Al
vord. Or., says a correspondent of tha
What will be more interesting will be
IS cattle with horns that double dis
count those of Texas steers.
In other words, the droves will in
clude 18 head of elk. There was that
f" T" number when they started, but some
xvcLre o elect irieccs are llable to be loat on tne road un-
I less the vaqueros' ponies are swift,
1 Indeed.
! These broad-horned monarchs of
the mountains are from the John De
vine Alvord ranch, which has been
leased by Miller & Lux. They will
be taken to that firm's private park.
near uuroy, Nev.
Rick Cut Glass
To Become Citizens.
Three subjects of the kintr of Den-
that Williams had admitted his guilt i mark' Lon Poulson. Nelsine C. An
and that there was no excuse of his j derson and Leslie Mark, applied to
having a revolver on his person. 1 the county clerk this forenoon for
Judge Fitz Gerald assessed a fine of naturalization papers.
$20 and costs on Williams, amounting
in all to $25.35. The fine was paid. Special Council Meeting.
Goodlln, one of the men causing the The city council will meet at the
disturbance, was then arraigned in po- city hall this evening at 5 o'clock to
lice court for raising a disturbance, canvass the tickets cast at the special
and after pleading guilty was fined election for sewerage, yesterday.
$15 for the part he took In the affair, j
Mayor Hailey then announced to the' Ethel On Edith's birthday I'm go
police that he wanted them to arrest ing to send her three copies of 'Crick
Ragan and WTilllam Connerly, the j et on the Hearth." Bertha Why
other two participants in the disturb-1 three? Ethel She's sentjne the book
ance. and have them arraigned on the for four Christmasses now, and it's
same charge of disorderly conduct high time to put a stop to It! Puck.
Holiday Goods For All
Our shelves, Tables and counters are loaded with sett
desirable goods for the holiday season The largest ran
we have ever shown. We have a lovely line of handkercfc
muiilers, Mexican drawn work, belts, neckwear, gloves, no
albums, toilet sets, manicure sets, shaving sets, chatu
jewelry, wool scarfs, fascinators, sweaters, furs. Also I
loaded with presents suitable for children in fact, cut it!
ment you will find the greatest and our prices the Iot.
have marked prices down in order to make December lit ht
ner month this year, 1902
Come and see us and save money.
Remember: The Urgent stock of goods in the city to te!lf
Sparkles like Dia monds.
Most feeautiftil stock ever
shown in Pendleton. See
display in otr window.
Stock Doing Well,
Cattle and sheepmen say their stock
Ip doing better since the snow fall
than before. Since the ernnnri hns
been covered the animals feed bettor
on hay than they did during the rain
storm, and aro apparently thriving.
Most of the stockmen are well pro
vided with hay and can feed for three
months. Times Mountaineer.
I Real Estate Opportunities
120 acres of wheat land, 3 miles from Pendleton,
600 acres, 10 miles from station, plenty of water.
. . : ! l n ii.
j -", iu nines wuin .reiiuieiun 51500
Good house on West Aha street Jinoo
320 acres on the river, good house and barn, 25
acres alrlafa, balance wheat land
5 room house on West Alt street
Two five room cottages on West Webb St., each
Dutch nenry reed Yard
Good property in city and country too nnmorons to'nVention, any
location that one may desire,
$ 750
$ 800
Lon Knox Is In town from Pilot
Nick Taitingor is in town from
George Skelton Is in town from Pi
lot Rock.
Rov. R. w'. King has returned' from
La Grande.
L. H. Lunderbtirgor. of La Grande,
is at the Golden Rule.
W. C. Smith, a business man of
I Walla Walla. Is in town.
I H. F. Johnson is in town from Fair-
view farm, north of town.
Ira Henderson and G. W. Johnson,
of Weston, are in the city.
Rev. Andreas Hard left this morn
ing for his home in Walla Walla.
Herbert Boylan. a cattleman of the
Pilot Rock country. Is In town.
William Holdman and L. M. Wat
rus aie in Pendleton from Adams.
Postmaster Lot Llvermore and son
Robert, have returned from Heppner.
O. G. Chamberlain, Justice of the
peace for Athena, Is in town transact
ing business.
John Mumin and Mr. Struve, farm
ers, aro In town from their homes in
the Cold Springs country.
Colonel August Arp, of Adams, left
Thursday evening for his homo, after
spending the day in Pendleton.
Mrs. M. F. Kelly returned Tuesday
evening from Walla Walla where she
visited friends for a few days.
Thomas Maloy, wife and baby have
returned from Portland, where they
spent several days visiting.
A. Vinson, marble and granite deal-
er of Walla Walla. Is a guest of M, F.
nciiy. 01 1 ne women ituie notei.
M. F. Kelly and H. B. Mltchum left
this morning for the John Day to loot.
after things on their homesteads.
George Bannister, a nromlnont
farmer living near Athena. Is trans
acting business In town today
Fancy doll's shoes
Babies fancy shoes
25c to 50c
Child's shous, black or col'd
50a to $1.25
Child ren's felt slippers
85c to $1,15
Rubber boots, girls boys
$1.25 to $1.75
Children's jersey, leggins,
75o to 90o
Ladies' fancy kid slippers
$1.50 to $3.50
Ladii's' fancy velvet slippers
three colors
Ladies' felt slippeis, red,
black, green
$1.00 to $1.25
Ladies' warm house slippers
75o to $1.00
Men's slippers
$1.00 to $2.00
cash purchases made before Christmas, j
LAMPS Hanging Lamps. Stand Lamps, iA lB' " 'j
(jlobes, Largest line in Pendleton.
TJDTJTTTHTfl TVPPVO T7 I a: rlonllxmM,
GLASSWARE Very fancy Water Sets, Wineftft
TtF.ATTTTPnT. httptt. wmrPT.T'rK'ci Cnme Rare Speats!"i
STEINS Very ornamental, Large and Small, R' H
uerman Steins.
RficlPf'c Rio- Raroraifl H(
Buy Home Cofflfoi
For Xmas Presents
Affords many bargains for A
Dollar. You'll exercise gooP
jLu conomy - if yo toy bef
' , We'll ioim
Bay bow while stock is cooplete. "
Mate amd Wet Streets.
4 iiiiiimiiiii mX