East Oregonian : E.O. (Pendleton, OR) 1888-current, December 19, 1902, DAILY EVENING EDITION, Image 5

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Lee TennttS(2lhi
Our Great
Christmas Sale
r, Cloaks,
Waists, Stirts,
flat Reduced Prices until Christmas
DAY, DECEMBER 19, 1902.
Howard, farm loans.
Orstr's clam chowder
Hern oysters at Castle's.
fenan's (or cigars and tobacco.
Bh made candy dally at The
ire your clotmng cleaned at n.
handkerchiefs, mufflers, at
ise shoes Have them repaired
Lft's Premium hams and bacon
avc money by buying gro
at the Standard.
line of canned goods and
ves at the Standard.
sh candles In beautiful pack'
our specialty. The Delta.
' cigar store for smoking artl
all kinds. Patton's old stand.
Sale Bood bus'ress on Court
See Earnhart, the reaj estate
St cigar store. Maloy a oia
headquarters for smokers' sup-
bber dolls, rubber balls. Iron
fancv celluloid novelties and
The Nolf Store.
riotic Pendleton People Prefer
Beton'a Popular Proauct, pur
Dg Indian Robes lor Presents.
Tiotlc Pendleton People Prefer
n'B Popular Proauct, Pur
ng lnaian KODes iur rreseais.
Bt Between Dutch Henry's feed
land Maple street, a small buck'
purse containing three gold nug-
land three rings. Finder please
to this office and receive re-
bgaln in land; 480 acres of wheat
raises 25 to 30 bushels per acre;
wes In winter barley, will har-
bushels per acre. All fenced.
i bause. $2500, easy terms. Own-
health. E. T. Wade.
Whitaker, the dentist.
Read the St. Joe Store ad.
Olympla oysters at Castle's.
Oyster cocktails at Gratz's.
Christmas ties at Teutsch's.
Don't fall to read St. Joe Store
Big rush of buyers at Rader's furni
ture store.
Wanted to Rent A stable. Call at many
A Review of the Games Played by
Pendleton Teams During Thsl Sea
son Tables Showing Game Won
and Lost by elghborlng Towns.
The football season being over. It Is
well to give the standing and relative
strength of the different teams that
have played In Eastern Oregon.
Pendleton high school stands as the
undisputed champion of this section
of the state, with four victories and
no defeats. The team was scored up
on but once, and that by the weakest
team It played l.a Grande.
The team was composed of some of
the best players in Eastern Oregon.
The better style of fllay was too much
for the opposing teams. The offense
being fast and concentrated and the
defense solid and strong. The for
wards were the superiors of any
whom they went against. They were
able to break through and stop many
plays before the opponents were fair
ly started. The back field was the
fastest and best that was ever
brought together In scholastic football
In this section. The success of this
team was largely due to the untiring
efforts of Coach Bryson.
Baker City stands next on the list
with two victories and a defeat. This
team was hardly up to its standing of
last year. The defense was very
weak at times, and the offense was
slow ana loose, particularly the back
field. Pendleton's men choked up sev
eral plays before the Baker backs
could get Into operation. Baker City
is given second place by beating Weston.
The team which represents the
State Normal school was one of the
surprises of the season. Although it
was not always faiicoessful. it caused
of the other teams to heave a
but I
tW acre tract Is hoIiI
w tract and 12,000 sheep.
'Sttraut mid 2.500 Hheen.
a line stock' rannh.
Pteiand 75 hpnd of nnttln.
?Weaaud 100 ton of lifiv nnlv4ftOO
'fes, 2.200.
wheat lund, $6,000.
a. j. ou lue river, 0 miles irom
wileton 2ano.
vterpat u 1 i,i - ii r
tik.jr, " ",B 'er i- nines uuui
this office.
Tables loaded with holiday goods.
St. Joe Store.
New assortment of fancy boxes just
received at Ward's.
If you need a carpet it will pay you
to read Jesse Failing's ad.
. Imported llmburgcr and Swiss
'heese sandwiches at Gratz's.
Sneclal sale of Xmas furniture at
Rader's today and tomorrow.
Our store Is crowded with suitable
holiday presents. St. Joe Store.
A nice line of stuffed prunes, figs
and dates Just received nt Wards'.
Thirty day clearance sale on all
winter millinery at Mrs. Campbell's,
Largest variety of holiday goods In
the city and prices lowest. St. Joe
sigh of relief when the game terml
nated. When Coach Rupert ,of Alba
ny, took charge, not a man on the
team had any former experience, but
with the rnw material at hand, he
created a team of which Weston
might well be proud. Great things are,
expected of Weston next year. Al
lier defeats this year weie by very
small scores and she Is entitled to
third place by defeating the Indian
The Indians are put in fourth place,
both Weston and Pendleton having
defeated them, The Indian team Is
romposed mostly of old players from
The prominent Indian schools In the
United States. With more practice,
the Indians would make a formldablo
team. The other teams In Eastern
Oiegon can be classed together, with
probably the Pendleton Academy as
I i aci
A Concern In the Middle West went
wrong. A shipment intended for them was
STOPPED by use of the TELEGRAPH. A
representative of the maker sold them to .us at
a SACRIFICE. Were intended for $25.00
Suits. We bought them at a price that en
ables us to offer them at
There are four patterns, the material is
the stylelis RIGHT.
tht best of thlR class: La Grande and
bpeciai low prices on candies and Union In sppnnrl nml third and Milton
nuts to uunsiinas nee ana social collesrp In thp last nlace
committees, ai me vena.
Perry Houser is now prepared to
supply you with meat at his new shop
on East Allta street.
Planoa for rent. First-class In
struments at reasonable prices. Ad'
dress "C. W." care this office.
F,or Rent Cheap 440 acres, good
5-room house and good barn. See
Earnhart, the real estate man.
It was unfortunate that Pendleton
high school could not get a game with
the local academy team. After Issu
ing a challenge to play the winners of
the Thanksgiving game, the managers
refused to play or retract when he re
alized sure defeat to his- team if it
played the strong high school aggre
The Tribune printed several artl
Peoples Warehouse
Back From Manila.
A ship comes sailing from Orient
Those islands that miille In the
tronic sea:
And her cargo; what Is It the good ,
ship bears
As she glides o'er the ocean, to you ,
and me, i
Cles declaring that thn hldi aphnnl
patriotic penaieton People Prefer was afra d to nlav with hi urmlemv
renaieions popular roauci, rur- if the author of those articles had
chasing Indian Robes for Presents, known the true situation he would
The Dally East Oregonlan Is on sale never have written them as they
In Portland at the Rich news stand In were. The high school made several
attempts to arrange a game but to
this the academy would not consent,
neither would those in charge retract
tne challenge. Such tactics put the
high school in a wrong light. Many
inougnt the academy wanted to "lay
whon In -.anltt.. tl, n . , .... ...
uuu0, iaic dcio, uiamviiiu Bete, jiad nn fntPnHnn nf livW nn
treerye;"fB5,SClnat0r8' issued by the captain of the
Hotel Perkins, and at the Hotel Port
Say! if your eyes trouble you in
any way. consult Henker . the eye
specialist. No charges for examlna
tlon; 120 Court street.
furs, sweaters. St. Joe Store.
A necktie social will be given Fri
day evening at Hendricks' hall by the
Lodge of Fendo, Admission 50 cents
for gentleman and each lady is to
bring a duplicate necxtle In an en
velope. Dance and supper as usual
Everybody Invited.
Otto Hobach will open his bakery
on Johnson street, between Court and
Alta streets, in the rear of the Stand
ard Grocery, Thursday morning. He
has secured a first-class baker of
cake and bread and will have on
band at all times a full line of the
finest cakes and pastry. Special at
tention will be given to holiday orders.
Below Is a review of the games that
were piayea:
Pendleton vs. Weston, G to 0.
Pendleton vs. La Grande. 36 to 0.
Pendleton vs. Indians. C to 0.
Pendleton vs. Raker City, 11 to 0.
uaner uity vs. La Grande. 45 to 0,
Baker City vb. Weston, C to 0.
Daker City vs. Pendleton, to 11.
Weston vs. Walla Walla, 0 to 17.'
Weston vs. Pendleton, 0 to C.
Weston vs. Daker City, 0 to 6.
Weston vs. Indians. 6 to 0.
IndianB vs. Pendleton, C to 6.
Indians vs. Weston. 0 to B.
Indians vs. Adams, 0 to 5.
How Ingalls Stopped Van Wyck.
"Van Wyck, who was in the senate
We feel a pardonable pride in
nolntlne In Pendleton's nnnular nur-
rhnRinir niarf. whnr nonnlar !rirRMroin Nebraska, used to splutter and
II. .i .,11.. .. ' F r r I .,l.t..tn ...I. , , ... . .
ih.ir v prevail on pretty ponsnea nanori "uo a.icu, u
" leueiieg 1 tiave listed. I nlrl nnrt nloniilni nrlpo nrnflanm. a senator. "OllP day hp cot III) to
VPfnro.1 c? t-fx-. tlon nuts nlenty of these ueaches and "iakp a speocli. He stood immedl
i i i m in ream or nour neoniea dock, i -v n ,.-n o.-avui
be a lone list rf denlrahle : ets. Why nay higher nricea for I.URaUs waa t"";ing to Spooiier while
residences, and buinea poorer Xmas gifts purchased at other the leech wab going on. Van Wyck
' 00 Dot Hat nmnnrt. iml... fhr
is right. The Author
At Rader's, of course.
Jai Estate Dealer.
(after the first per-
Well, what do you think
of my play? Feminine Friend It was
Just lovely! Who designed the heav
enly dresses? Drooklyn Life,
Christmas Gifts
15 J
was nervous, and he snuttered and
spluttered more than usual.
"IugallH Haimed his hands loudlv.
Van Wyck stopped suddenly to see
what was the matter. A page ran
up. 'Boy, said Ingalls, loud enough
to lo heard In the galleries, 'bring
Senator Spooner an umbrella and
bring mo a rubber coat.'
"Van Wyck sat down abruptly and
never did finish his siteecli." New
York World.
Manicure Sets, Manicure Scissors, Brush and Comb
ets. Military Hair Brushes, Shaving Sets, Toilet
sets, Glove and Handkerchief Sets, Razors, Safety
aT?JS' Burnt Leather, Burnt Wood, Pocket Books,
Metal Mirrors and Candlesticks, Wrought Iron
iirrors and Thermometer "Japanese Cloisonne
ve' JaPaiese Moriagi Ware, Pearl Handled Pock
et Knives, Fountain Pens
65 Steps From Main Sh. Tnwai-rC the Court Hoose
Investigation Droves that foodMuffs
shipped to Honolulu from Japan and
China via San Francisco, are respon
sible for the cases of plague recent
ly appearing there. A number of
Japanese on nearby plantations were
taken with the plague and died In a
uospitai in Honolulu. An examina
tion of their effects was made, but no
trace or tno germ was discovered un
tIJ thorough testa bad been made of
some of the Japanese groceries found
In the house. These foods, under the
ralcroscopo. showed trace of the
plague germs, and further examlna
tlon made of Oriental stuffs showed
that the diagnosis was correct. It
was learned also that the foodstuffs
had been Imported at San Francisco
'and reshlpped to Honolulu.
During the past year the pack of
Alaska fish foots up 2,400,000 cases.
The ship coming home from that faf
off shore,
Of all that was precious and richest
and rare,
Brings but a mem'ry, a heart-breaking
To those who are waiting with sor
row and prayer.
The cold, white faces of sleeping sol- j
dlers, j
Who sleep the sleep that men call
death; '
Asleep in the inldBt of their youth
and valor,
Their brave lives quenched by war's
hot breath.
This the load thd good ship carries,
Sailing from those Islands far
Coming back when friends are wait-'
Where mothers, wives and sweet
hearts are.
Many a loving gray-haired mother
Many a sweet-heart dear and fond;
Walt and dread the white ship's coming.
With breaking hearts while the!
days go 'round. I
Ship of death with sacrcu burden,
Coming from the Orient shore
Bringing back our sleeping soldiers;
reace to them for evermore.
Cross of Christ and lovo of country,
wane or tnem a trust apart.
Hall to you, oh, sleeping Boldlers!
sacred to the nation s heart.
No Chinese cooking at Phillips' res-!
'aurant. Everything tastes good.
Remarkable Offer
ings for the Holi
day Rush
Wo have just received 2
delayed shipment consisting
of Silverware- and Candies,
and rather than carry any
over wo shall reduce tho price!
even if it is loss than (ho
original price. '
1'ine teaspoons, plated with sil-1
vcr on a brass and nickel base, at '
39 cents a set,
Best quality A-i extre plate sil- j
ver teaspoons, will last a lifetime, I
at Jt 98 a set
Other fine values in knives,
forks and fancy silver sets at
duced prices.
CANDIES -Fancy New York '
mixed candy at 10c a pound
Other nice creams at 20c and 25c.
The Delicacies
of the season are always
found at our restaurant.
At present we have
Finest Oysters Frog
Legs $ Clams Crabs
and Lobsters
and other salt and fresh
water foods
The French
m mense
line at lowest prices.
The Nolf State
Tolupliiiiiti .M11I11 I
In Step With a Progressive City
Two-thirds of your life it,
spent in your shoes Don't you
think it is worth while to make
your feet glad by buying comfort
able shoes ?
Douglas Shoes
For Men
Gloria Shoes j
For Women j
Red Scho ilhouse Shoes I
.. ..For Boys and Girls ..
Have the "sole of honor" I
which has made them
over the world 1 he
famous all .
only place 1
Handsome People
Is shown at our store in our magnificent display of
Dolls. The children fall in love with our big assort
ment We have laughing dolls, talking dolls, dolls
that close their eyes in slumber when laid down.
Lage Dolls
Small Dolls
Medium Shed Dolls
Never in the historyjof Pendleton was such a beau
tiful and complete collection of dolls shown.
First see the dolls and (lieu get our price, as we
are offering special inducements.
in Pendleton where you can buy j Have Yow Water Pipes Examined and Repaired ar Once
the W. L. Douglas and Pngree .
Gloria is at the Big
Boston Store
Where Whole Families are Shod.
Delay will lead tp serious breaks,
rirst-cjass work guaranteed by
BECK, the ReiUbic Plumbet.
Court street, opposite the Golden Rule iiotel