East Oregonian : E.O. (Pendleton, OR) 1888-current, December 17, 1902, DAILY EVENING EDITION, Image 8

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Make Em Happy
Company, ot
Grandma, grandpa, mamma, papa, sisters,
brother, daughter, son, the baby, aunt, uncle, cousin
or dear fr.iend, will onjoy something that will add to
the comforts of life. That something is easy to de
cide on.
Get them a Pair of Slippers
Or Perfect Fitting Shoes
a l
We make it our special aim to supply Child
ren's Slippers and Shoes, and have a select line for
you to make choice from.
The celebrated Alfred Dolge Romeos and Juli
ots are handled by us.
Dinc&nge?, Wilson & Co.
The Only Exclusne Shoe House in Pendleton,
committee Is composed of Ed Culp,
Dalla O'Hara and Lee Brake.
Q. A. M. Is the Name of a New Danc
ing Club.
"Q. A. M." is the name of a now
dancing club formed hero to give en
tertainments each Saturday evening
at Armory hall. Just what "Q. A. M."
means is a puzzle. Tho management
of tho club refuses to tell, but offers
a season's ticket to tho first one to
guess what the letters stand for.
It is the Intention of the club to
give clean dances each Saturday eve
ning, where tho best people of the
town can assemble and enjoy them
selves. Invitations have been print
ed and will bo handed to the young
men. These will have tho names on
them and without they are presented
at the door, accompanied by the 50
cents admission fee, they will not
be admitted. Kirltman's orchestra
will furnish tho music. The floor
"Rich. Cut Glass
Rate Select Pieces
Sparkles like Dia monds.
Dick Brisbols Having Preliminary
Hearing at Milton This Afternoon.
Jllltou, Dec. 17. Dick Brisbols was
arrested at Athena Monday and his
preliminary will bo held hero this af
ternoon on the charge of horse-steal-Ing.
Brisbols Is accused of going to the
pasture of W. D. Murray and taking
an animal from tho pasture which be
longed to Murray. Tho ovidence Is
very strong against him and tho indi
cations are that ho will be bound
over to the district court. Brisbols is
a brother of Ed Brisbols, the noted
Indian policeman, who died here sev
eral months ago.
Loses His Queue.
Jack Lung, tho Chinese noodle dis
penser on Court street, is mourning
the loss of his queue. A few nights
ago some young men becamo involved
in a dispute with Jack and one of
them drew his pocket knlfo and slash'
ed off tho celestial's "pig tall" regard'
less of his protests. A warrant was
sworn out for the arrest of tho perpe
trator and placed in tho hands of the
officers, but so far ho has not been
Most beautiful stock ever
shown in Pendleton. See
display in out window.
A Surprise.
John ltanley, a nephew of Chris
Itanley, of this city, arrived here yes
terday from Marrysvllle, O., and will
spend several days visiting, at the
home of his uncle. They had not met
for 21 years and Mr. Hanloy did not
know that his nephew was coming.
Consequently tho meeting was a
great surprise to the uncle, but an
agreeable one.
Giving Shakespearean Recitals.
Mr. Robert Davis, a druggist form
erly In the employ of Brock & McCo
mis, and later of Tallman & Co., of
T ATT TC7T A KT D- in C ! t,lls clt' and wel1 known to tho young
1 aLsJIVIXxIN GL tuiiii People of Pendleton, is now giving
Shakespearean recitals in tho Snnmi
h T i s , t , ?i
Keai nsxaie upponunnies g
120 acres of wheat land, 3 miles from Pendleton, S2500 li
600 acres, 10 miles from station, plenty of water, $6500 l
173 acres, 10 miles from Pendleton $1500 l
Good house on West Alta street 1100
320 acres on the river, good house and barn, 25
acres alrlafa, balance wheat land $4000 ?
5 room house on West Alta street $ 750 li
Two five-room cottages on West Webb St., each $ 800
Dutcli Henry Feed Yard
Good property in city and country too numerous to'mention, any j
location that one may desire. ?.
.Careful Inquiry Among Gamblers In
This City Falls to Disclose Any c
twlty No Move on Foot to Break
Weak Place In Charter, If Such Ex
ists. In Tuesday's Spokesman-Hovlow ap
peared an article which read In part:
"As a solution of tho gambling
question in Pendleton, an attempt is
being talked or by the gambling ele
ment to break Pendleton's city char
ter. In which some Irregularity has
long been supposed to exist."
After careful search and inquiry
among those who are In touch with
tho gambling element ot Pendleton,
an East Oregonlnn representative has
been unable to find any one who
knows of auy such thought having
been entertained by the gammers.
There is no apparent placo where tho
gamblers could attack tho charter.
Gambling Is forbidden by tho state
statutes and should tho gamblers dis
cover a discrepency in tho charter
which would give them a chance to
break it, there would bo nothing to
gain. Gambling would bo held In
check just tho same by the state law
regardless of whether or not Pendle
ton bad a charter. Mayor Halley is
also district attorney and he would
exercise his rights as such and keep
gambling closed.
The Uuview says ltirtlior:
"Tho first probablo move is to make
the offices of city marshal and city
recorder electlvo Instead of appoint
ive. It is considered far easier In
Pendleton to get an open policy mar
shal in than a majority of the .council
and mayor for open gambling. At
present tho marshal and recorder
owe their appointment to the city ex
ecutive, and consequently arc entirely
governed by that body. Tills is a
unique condition existing in few
Western towns. Pendleton's next
election will probably see a hard, oloso
town fight."
It Is a fact that some are agitating
the electing of the city marshal and
recorder by tho people, but If this was
done nothing would bo gained hero, as
the mayor would have tho same power
then as he now has. If the mar
shal did wink at gambling and over
look it as much as possible, the may
or would have tho reigns in his hands
and could issue orders to keep gambl
ing closed and If the marshal refused
a man could be secured to make the
arrests and the gamblers would bo
fined just the same.
The gambling element had the say
in !io electing of a mayor the first
of last year, and
lllakc. M-Full raner
tititi.n,,, itnnse left this morn-
lllK or Weston, where she goes to
1oln Dr. House, wnu "
hire She was accompanied by Miss
rthol Parsons, her sister, who goes
!tn attend a few nays wim
In her new home.
I H Hoberts. of Omaha, who has
1..,'.,'.. i' thn vehlclo nnd implement
hnsinoss lor the past several years 1.;
In that city, is In Pendleton looking
n- business location. He Is well
pleased with Pendleton and may de
cide to locate hero.
Noted Reformer and Lecturer Warmly
Greeted by the Citizens of Pondle
ton. Eugene V. Debs, Who Is to lecture
on ".Modern Problems" nt Frazer's
opera house tonight, arrived on tho
12:30 train today.
Mr. Debs needs no Introduction to
the people of the West.
He was greeted at the train Uy a
partv of friends who escorted him to
Hotel Pendleton, where ho has been
kept busy all afternoon answering
questions and getting acquainted.
The national movements In which
Mr. Debs has taken an nctlve part
have made countless friends for him,
in advance of his coming. His gcninl
personality and wido sympathies, the
peculiar experiences of his career,
endear him to every class of people.
Mr. Debs expresses keen delight nt
the hearty reception accorded him nt
every point he visits. ,
' He loves the West, knows its
bioad. rugged sympathies, and is en
joying his visit hugely.
Fifty Dollars Melt From Sight Sud
denly and Mysteriously, This After
noon. A voung man who asked that his
name he withheld because or the posi
tion or trust lie holds, and which he
mlcht loose, were the company to
find it out, reported to tho police this
afternoon that he had been touched
for $50.
The young man apparently lost tho
money. He was not drunk and was
paid off today, receiving a check for
?50. He was. on Man street in com
pany with another fellow and thoy
walked Into ono of tho saloons to
take a drink of beer. Ho had had
the money a fow minutes before while
standing on the street and when ho
left tho saloon tho money was gone.
He has no Idea who did It and is at
a loss to know how a man could get
his hand In his pocket and extract ?50
in loose gold without him knowing
it.' The police are working on the
they will
chance of doing the same again. Then
the only relief will be to elect a
mayor who will tolerate an open policy.
No Reliance in Vaults.
Sinco It has been nroven that the
have a I strongest built vault can easily bo
Friday, December 19
Now get wise lest you forget the forever favorite musical farce
Will bt. Auburn, Mgr.
All laughs, no cry! The best acting company, the best singing
company, the funniest comedians, the best dancers.
Come and laugh with us.
Seats on Sale at Fraziors Book Store.
Prices. 26c, 50o, 75o.
C. D. Minton is in town from Sa
lem. James Wellington, of Kcho, is in
Henry Hill, of Helix, is at tho Gol
den Hulo hotel.
Charles Jones, of Walla Walla, is
at Hotel Pendleton.
H. Connell, tho railroad man from
Uniatlllal is In town.
J. Haas, of Joseph, Is in the city
transacting business.
O. D. Gibson, a prominent Walla
Wallan, is at Hotel St. George.
Doug Helts, tho sheepman from Pi
lot Hock, is transacting business in
J. W. Thompson has gone to Lynn
county to spend tho holidays with
Mrs. Dell Ferguson, of Tho Dalles.
is the guest of Air. and Mrs. J. M.
Ex-Governor Frank Steunbenr. of
Idaho, Is in town today on his way
to Spokane.
Harry llogers and Thomas Sheri
dan, of Putter Creek, were lu Pendle
ton Tuesday.
liov. It. W. King left this morning
tor L.O. Grande on business connected
wun mo cnurcn.
Itov. M. H. Marvin, or Walla Walla,
passed through town last evening on
ins way to Portland.
Itov. Georgo II. Vary, of AIcMinn
vine, was tho guest of Itov. It. W.
King last night on his way to La
Collin V. Dyment. traveling cones
pondent for tho Spokesman-Itevlow,
was a guest of Hotel St. George l.st
a marriage license was granted
Tuesday evening to Samuel Hoffman
and Emma Mario Stausell, both of
umauua county.
Postmaster Lot Llvenuoro and son,
Itobert, left Tuesday for Heppner,
where Mr. LIvermoro went on busi
ness and to visit friends.
News comes from Walla Walla that
Lois, the llttlo daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Lester Swaggart is very low
with pneumonia and is not expected to
Montle D. Qwinn, of Bolso, ono of
tho leading sheen men of Idaho nml n
uiumui ui j, ii. uwinn. or this eitv.
passed through town yesterday on his
way to Portland.
Mrs. John Luhrs nnd Bister. Uua
Lillian Iteady. left Tuesdav
for Paradise, Or., where thoy wero
called on account of tho death o a
sister, Miss Alice Iteady.
Carl Hansen will leave
morning for Santa nosa.
ho will spend tho winter. Mr. Hansen
leaves I'enuioton each fall about this
time of year and sneuds tlin mrJ
uiunuis in the land of "orange bios-
Mr. and Mrs. A, B. Gallowav nf
Bolso City, aro guests of Hotni p.
dleton on their way to Portland to
spend tho holidays. Mr. Galloway Is
tho genial traveling salesman for tho
opened by expert safe-crackers, tho
treasurp department has decided to
add to their massive vaults and com
plicated locks a novel electric burg
lar alarm, While tho government Is
endeavoring to protect tho nation's
wealth in the best manner possible, it
Is very important that wo should en
deavor to protect our health from the
Inroads of disease. The safest medi
cine to do this is Hostetter's Stomach
Bitters. By strengthening tho stom
ach, perfecting tho digestion and puri
fying tho blood, it prevents disease
from obtaining a roothold. It will also
cure dyspepsia, flatulency, constipa
tion, bllliousness, nervousness and
malaria, fever and ague. Ono bottle
will convince yon of its value. Don't
fall to try it.
Boise Visitor.
Air. AI. B. Gwinn, general manager
of tho New York Lifo Insurance Com
pany at Bolso City, state secretary of
tho Idaho Woolgrowers' Association,
and a brother of J. W. Gwinn', of this
city, is now attending to business In
The Dalles. Ho visited hero a fow
days witli his brother, en route.
Thursday Afternoon Club.
The Thursday Afternoon Club will
meet tomorrow afternoon at 2:30 at
tho homo or Airs. A. P. Nash, on Jack
son street.
Ladies and Giils
Men and feoys
50c to $1.25
Per Pair
on Eatftli
I Women ot Men t
uuk uull DAY
Last Saturday was a groat success , .
tho hearts of many childron this Xmaa v
lu iiu on" kuhw uvav uoiuiuuy, Kesri ((,
n,l lnovn limv ' ""Oiler
Saturday. Dec. 20. with n .,.n.
more of crockery or glassware i;ii JQ'c'ls
novelty worth 50c.
Thoy consiBt of card trays, auga 8
hoiiP. jellies, etc, and aro lacciuarnH an iU.. ..
.. - I " W 111 AT tlw i
not tarniflU m tno open air.
FURTHER-With a 50c purchase of
ftlnaatlMlVO WA Will nrOUOtlf o 1 .1 4 1 .
worth 25c. Both presents will make fit
thomselves, and cost you absolutely nothing1
Come early, as our supply is limitpd
Young man, if you want
to touch a woman's heart,
buy her a piece of china.
Buy your wi
ner pf
" , uu II
Josh Billings said,
"Court the girl's mother
half the time. The girl
won't object and the moth
er likes it."
Josh was right. Buy
the old lady a dainty piece
of china and the old lady
will do the rest.
n. ..
M Villi (ill.
thing in the men
lect a nice present 1
will RflltlfA tfrtM -At
juu WHO
better seven-eighths.
thine nlpa CAB
better than nicechk'
r 1 T 1 1
u w iea no
Cheapest Place in Oregon
Holiday Goods For All
111 .7 1 1 L. 1 VtJi A. II t VI tilllllltbl Ulk 1UUUL.U n III
1 1 It t I " t f 1 11 1'
wp nvp fuor fi invvn. w navt .1 invpiv men nanasm
111 11 111 ir c iv 1 I'Yir.m r wn wnrif. iih i i; i kivmsi. yiinch. 11
lewelrv. wonl scarfs, fascinators, sweaters, lurs. Also
... it r. 1 .1 . 1 ...
niein you win unci inu urcaiusi anu our uutcb mciuwos-
have marked prices down in order to make December tie
ner month this year, 1902
Come and see us and save money.
f)T)T) RfinfrTCRS fin., mllorflnn to select !"Q'
cash purchases made before Christmas,
LAMPS Hanging Lamps, Stand Lamps, & Ki
Oiobes, Largest line in Pendleton
WRTTTMfl Tfoirc rr. .1 -rwl CfntlenieB'
GLASSWARE Very fancy Water Sets, w
STEINS Verv ornamnnlnl. T.arOfi and SnWh
uernian bteins.
f VI
r nt r nil
Yi w. t L- r l." mir h if tin -
JTLI V III 111 "
vi mill .untsJ
uiiotds many fcargas fof
Dollar. You'll exercise S00'
Economy If yoa W
hi Vnld
Bny now wltilo atook is complete.