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    You always get quod WOODS at Alexander's, g
Our Big Sale affords a rare chance to buy Christmas
presents at a great saving.
Closing Days of All Week's Bargains
liome of Mrs. Kllllan for Mr Clarence
Orton, December 11.
Mies Tilla Pierce Is suffering from
an attack of rheumatism.
Mrs. J. Pendergast Is on the sick
NEWSY LETTER FROM REG- I The winter has come with wind and
ULAR CORRESPONDENT. ifos- either of which is very disagree
Prospect Bright for Malheur Towns it,TT AmuX lmB ,ut a telephone In
-Surveyors at Work Between ( Mr grkey departed for Pemlle-
nyssa ana vaie New toun Mouse : ton last Wednesday.
Ladles Dressing Sacks
Nothing better offered this sea-
.... . .1 1 . . i .. r
nn. 'inev are bi.yuhu iuuuc, i
excellent material, in nil the pre
vailing colors. Pi ice range from
98c to $3.75
Silk Skirts Special
$6.50 Values for $5.20
Beautifully tailored Hkirts In
the very latent styles and mater
ials. Price this week $s.ao
fn New Silk Waists
You want something service
able and stylish for a holiday
evening waist. What could be
more appropriate than the hand,
smno Tatieta and Pemi de Sole
Silk Waists we are selling at a
reduction this week? The regu
lar price is $G,50. You can se
cure them now fur
Don't forget our Big Sale on Ladies' and Children's
Jackets. Come early; we can fit anybody now. De- 5
lay, and it makes a different story
Alexander Dept. Store !
If a girl loves a fellow, that's HER BUSINESS.'
If the fellow that loves the girl, and the girl that
loves the fellow, marry, that's THEIR BUSINESS.
If the 'ellow and the girl want to buy a piano,
Call at 316 Fast Court street and we will convince
you that It's YOUR BUSINESS to buy of us. Re
member our prices lit your pocket and payments are
arranged to suit yourself.
Successors to
315 East Court Street.
Hunt up those pictures and have them framed at once
Christmas is Not Fa? Away
You will get the best work and newest style frames if
you will come to us. Largest stock to select from
for SHARP New Ideas.
Opera House Block. g
Uy buying baking powder of usjou can get beautiful artlolea
Christmas preseuts without expending extra money.
I lite H. .
"11 J J J J J
Given with Prize Baking Powder. The list includes popular
kB, historical works, children', book, etc.
We 1ho give large, attractive and UMjful pieces ofchlnaware
ilh baking powder.
Fresh citrons and raisins for the table, just in.
r M . . M K A -J . w mm w. fm 1 f n T
kJ d, li.nil v v j
. r WW-WW Vi
r - -
v I f Vf N I 1R V
III' (V5 I I I
1SV.. ...
WU 11
- - vrui in nr
to be Dedicated Christmas.
vale, Ore., Dec. 16. The present
winter started In to be another
scorcher, but at present It seems to
have changed Its mind. The snow Is
deeper throughout the mountains of
Malheur county at the present than
It ever became last winter. The cold
Is almost as severe. Yet the alarm
that was felt In the early part of De
cember has subsided everywhere,
save in the minds of a few of tho
rural distrlcters. who have not been
down to Vale to get the more recent
reflections of the old-timers.
Prospects Brighter. s
The prospect of getting a railroad
Into Vale Is attracting widespread
faith in tho Interior. Those who have
waited, lo these many years, for the
toot of the locomotive, may now be
rewarded for their faithfulness. That
the vast interior country is to be
brought 10 miles nearer to the outside
world is a thing devoutly to be deslr
ed by those who have braved tho
privation incidental to entering a rail
roadless sphere to kill tho snakes
and build bridges. The new railroad
has crept in upon the people unher
alded and silently. Just the outcome
to be expected is a mystery. That it
will extend far out Into the interior
from Vale is surmised by the know
ing ones, but that Vale is to be the
terminal for years to come Is contend
ed by others who have a record for
New Railroad Survey.
The surveyors continue their work
between Vale and Nyssa. The grade
stakes have been set on a portion of
the line and yet the engineers are
dumb to all Inquiries.
All they know is that they have
been instructed to run out the line
between the two towns. They ' don't
even appear to know who has sent
theni hero to do the work. Their huge
maps and reports sent off by U. S.
mall, are jealously guarded so that
now after several efforts at this in
quisitive Investigation, your reporter
has been unable to get a glimpse of
tne address.
Vale is putting on airs under the
present outlook and threatens to soon
blossom out as a full-fledged railroad
town. The site for depot grounds has
been selected and the bridge stakes
mark the spot where the river is to
be crossed. The town has extended
a cordial invitation to every person
in Malheur county to visit Vale on
Christmas day and eat turkey dinner
in the bran-spankin' now courthouse.
New Courthouse.
This dinner Is to be perfectly free
and the enterprising Valeltes .assist
ed by admiring country people, have
hunt a magnificent stone courthouse
and It, too. Is free to the county, hav
ing been a present from Vale. This
is the most substantial present ever
received by the county and on Christ
mas day the formal dedication takes
place. The sister towns will Join In
the festivities by sending a lot of tho
nungry delegation therefrom. An
elaborate program has been prepared
and the real artistic talent or the
place is to be brought into recqulsi
tion in tho celebration of the Import
ant event in the history of the town.
Hotel Pendleton.
M. K Jones, Portland.
J T. Shuld. La Grande.
George T. Williams. Walla Walla.
Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Grant, Portland.
Mrs. Woodward and son. Portland.
H. W. Loveland, Portland.
J. J. Fowby. Portland.
J. V. Thurston, San Francisco.
G. S. Johnston, Portland.
I, . Light. Now York.
George Harris, Portland
A. Nylander, Portland.
T F. Ogg, Minneapolis.
R. A. Seeds, Spokane.
E. R. Bird, St. Paul.
f O. Iikln, Portland.
D. A .Osbum and wife.
James Fitz. Wallula.
Daisy Trasher, Wallula.
Horace Walker, Helix.
The Colden Rule.
F. N. Churchill, Chicago.
J. S. Warren, Milton,
Stella Chapman, Milton.
Martha Kelly, Milton.
T. H. Williamson. Milton.
J. W. Sullivan, Seattle.
C. T. Robinson, Seattle.
W. C. Cunningham, Seattle.
H. T. Duncan, Umatilla.
Matilda Hale, Hood River.
Daniel O'Connor, Goldendale.
Seth Hurlburt, Ophir.
Walter Clem, Heppner.
Walter Allison, Uklah.
W. R. McRoberts, Spokane.
K. II. H. Scott, Athena.
A. J. Kelly, Frccwater.
B. T. Vaughn, Spokane.
J. P. McManus, Pilot Rock.
E. B. Evans and wife. St Charles.
John Seldon, city.
J. Wellington, Echo.
John Pgyr Portlanu.
P. A. Worthlngton. Portland.
G. D. Galley. Portland.
The cooks' and waiters' strike was
settled at San Francisco Monday. It
had been on for a year and a half.
The men practically win every point.
Mayor Schmltz was arbitrator.
My little .hl liulr did not (trow. It wu
harnliHiiil ilrv.nn-l would In ,'aU olf, ami lier
bcalp full uf dryil.iiiiiiulf that 1 could not
corn), out A'l'Ui'-c aiouixl Uic Lack of her
head wan l,.ild, nut oo tlit-to) of her head tun
hair u-im unlv two or tli-t'O luchpt long. I
ui-ed 01 Tli'i ha tur ami wmu- CuucintA
Oiutint'iit, .Mid hi'r hair hatt i-nuio In thkk ami
ae sol t n - k M us. A . mm N 1? V, A If red, U.
Wtrm l(uiii.f ii with Ci TICUMA bulFftod light drew,
tuf with ClTii N, .ui,'t of .miilli.nU, will clew
th. lealpmiU In rf ctunt., calei, ud il.pdrutf, iiooUi.
ImUUnl tril it dins fcurfticu.
Urbaim III , Oct. '20. 1M)2.
Dr. 1'irrlu, Helena, Mout
Dear S ri- I hare hf.i trvlnv
tliiougn tbo drucglm here to obtain
anothi-r bottle ol your pile ip(IGc
as I hate been a lufferer from them
for niatiy eau I saw the "art" in
the IM ot Seattle, romelline In May
last. At tl at time I wai ICO miles
north of Seattle, to 1 entdo n to
riettJ and found 1 1 hare used It
up and have betn ti yng to g t more
It liai helped me very much, more
to than anythltg I .have everuted
and t have been vrj arjzloui to use
anolher bottle.
Your, reiiiectfull,
11 S. Chandler
I, .1 m mm maiuis m
t i f f m nT.a- - -
All kinds of imported lunches,
hot wiener w.urst, sauerkraut and
pigs feet at
Luke Holmes Sprains His Ankle
Masons Have Banquet Alfred
Sands Gives a Dinner Friday.
Helix, Or., Dec. 15. On lust Friday
evening Luke Holmes one of D. U.
Richardson's clerks, went into the
warehouse, forgetting the cellar door1
was left open, mid received u very j
badly sprained ankle, and it will be1
some time before he will be ublr to!
be out again.
Len Gamble, who hud typhoid fi-ver
and was taken to the Pendleton bos-1
pital for treatment, has again return-!
ed to Helix.
Mrs. E. E. Whlteman has returned
from Spokane, whore she has btiu j
on a visit to her daughter. Mrs. Renal
Mrs. G. W. ICnlght went to Pendlo-,
ton on business last Friday.
flirs. .Mao soneti and Emma Green
woro Pendleton visitors Saturday
J,. u. Sinitli went to Pendleton last '
Charles Alspach was In Pendleton
on business last Saturday.
Mtitur Knight and wife, of Pond h- I'c-nuielon, ur , utc i, jijo2
!entsfl,'of VhiSinpluce. ""' rr,""r'" "" j 1 ,,is is t0 cer,,f' tllat We' the
fir Ringo and T. (j. Montgomery j undersigned, have auretid between
were In attendance at the Masons' f ourselves to cslaUibh uniform
uanquui given m-re sauii'day evening.
Mr. Wilklns. the grand master
workman, lias been hole In tlt inter
est of the Workman lodge, of this
The dance given Saturday evening
by I'roressors Newkirk and Ray was
well attended ami greatly enjoyed by
On Friday evening last All'led
Sonde gave one of his sumptuous din
ners to the folltnvlug friends: Mr. and
Mrs. Glass. .Mr. and Airs. Peter Bones,
Mr. and Mrs. I.. D. Smith, Miss Emma
Green, Miss Nellie Herudon, Miss
Pearl Smith and Guy .Smith Mr.
Sondo Is noted in Helix tor Ills excel
lent cooking.
prices for the care nd hoard of
horses by the month. One horse
to hay by the month fia 50. One
horse to hay and (iruin per month
14. Commencing Dec. i, 1902.
G. M. Froome
M. J. Carney
S. F. Hays
W. Llndsey.
Quarterly Meeting at Juniper Birth
day Party for Clarence Orton Per
sonal Notes.
Vancycle. Doc 15. Mr and Mrs.
A. Pierce and their son, Homer visit
ed in Helix last Friday
Rov Rhodes conducted quarterly
nif.etiiie at tho North Juniper hool
houBe December 13. and pn-... !, 1 an
excellent sermon December 14
Tho Misses Tilla Pierce and Ollvo
nraco Hiient Saturday with friends in
Is Sure to
Ely's Cream Balm
Olroi relief t once
It cleanc, soothe!
and heal, the diseased
uutubrane, II :ure
CaUrrh and drive
UntelflAi n 1. r- a 1
cold In thelLIII II N II I MM
oulcklr. It ll
ihwulxd lleala and nrotecU the membrani
awar a
Head qu;
This Advertisement is For
Men's Handkerchiefs
White silk Initial handker
chiefs. A complete assortment
nt 25c, 50c, 75c.
Something uew. Kxcelda with
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The Boston Store
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Christmas Giving is Not Complete
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Anyone will appreciate a bottle of perfume, especial
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lug money.
Safety Razors
You can dejiend upon It Hint liny Kei.tlciimii will uppreclat,,
h Safety Hu.or Any one can iihoit. Kvfii If he dots no
shave himself, there uru always time when lie can 11 e a safety
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New desiuiif.
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The proper thing this aeiinin
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Main Streets