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J ... t Tour residence
Eastern Oregon Weather
Tonight anil Tuesday. rTly
J5cA WtLiutv
, i loudy continued cold.
NO. m;k;
a mm .
fiielans Believe Tha
(,jy Designs to Seize
Threatens a Revolution
j Not Interested In th
-Italy Sends Warship For-
Tiployes Safe.
uvra, Vcnezuola, Doc. J.G.-
German warships nave
off Murgarlte Islands.
'shin surveyed the Island
and It has since been be-
Ihat Germany has designs on
Is generally calmer though
nslon Is general.
Way the IlrltlBh cruiser Char
id the torpedo hoat Quail
the harbor and took po-
lommandlng the fortifications,
fearing a bombardment,
he country. The commander
fortress called on the foreign
(asking tlieir intervention and
It he had orders to evacuate
b-ess, but would fight if fired
he could withdraw. Later
tho warships sailed away.
i House of Lords. ''
Dec. 1G. In the house of
ly, Lansdowne, said the al-
llo blockade the Venezuelan
. It was in no wise intended
. British force or occupy any
Employes are Safe.
Dec. lli. The bundesrath
isked to sanction a more strin-
bckado of Venezuela. DIs-
received here say that nil the
o: tho Gorman ana British
!aro safe.
British Fortificatlono.
iDec. 16. A Caracas dispatch
at British fortifications are
Bllt lu the environs of San
House of Commons.
Dec. 1G. The Venezuelan
again ud in the house of
today. Cranuurno was a
ir questions and said that
kitain had not attempted to
I forces.
trance Not Interested.
I Dec. 1G. At a council of
today It was announced
pee was not interested in the
Ecrents of Venezuela. Guaran-
tiettlcmcnt of the" French
lie last spring, being sulllc
i proven inadequate. France,
!,iaa only wait till the time
trout is due.
Goes to Venezuela.
S. W., Dec. 1G. Tho
jiWire of the Carlo Alber-
warship for Venezuelan
"topped the Marconi ox
1,1 s certain, however,
JWiplished intermittent
uUI toamunication.
fcwfobn Threatened.
Hike. 1G. A privato cable-
Ptttaa President Castro. It
ll 'os, who refuses to co-
nuut tho allies.
CtUllty p.nnl. aLr
P"8 James Weaver.
r. Dec. 1G. Governor
f received a petition,
p uhn t.j . .. ...
Id.7 "uu representative ciu
I'lmtv i. n. ..n
Inf., Jim, iiji mo iiiii
I. . e JaK10S Weaver, who Is
l"""Jterm n u, .,,.tt.,fi. .
Miction of the murder. In
""degree, of one William Mo
Lr Harney county, on
tZn,fet fonh that, although
i irt j ,of MoKlnnon. it was
ld not h.ivn l,n lf
lw.t1)?1-'n for tho prominence
I ill'?.1 was aroused over the
2yt Case.
nAf- 16 The famous
r before CianJ up for arfiU-
a aDnlloii V oi me
n btisinoV V"-1" irom car-
Th a7, . m rostra nt of
vi ief0I'dants in the case
Pera anrt ;:1VB and
ey ar"t 18 0t theso m-
ce Uw8 anTl a,?(1J '"toratatl
Reports From Wasco County Sayi
stock Is Caught in Mountains.
The Dalles, Dec 16. A report has
reached this city that a large drove of
cattle bolonging to various farmers
of this county, on acount of the recent
snow storms, have been driven from
the forests In tho vicinity of Mount
Hood, to a place called the "Mead
ows," located about five miles east
of Mount Hood and practically at its
foot, and there huddled together they
are fast porlshlng. There is five feet
ot snow at the "Meadows," with not
an ounce of hay within 15 miles.
Tho "Meadows" consists of a tract
of meadow land in the hoajt of a
heavy forest, in extent about 700
acres, which in tho summer time pro
duces a luxuriant growth of grass,
but in tho winter is a most dreary
and dreadful locality, covered with
snow from a dopth of fivo to 10 feet.
and which becomes practically unln
habitablo for stock of any kind. j
Recommends Laws Forbidding
Employment of Women and
Children at Night.
Addresses the Bengal Chamber of
Commerce in Behalf of the SL Louis
Calcutta, Doc. 1G. John Barrett ad'
dressed the Bongal Chnmber of Com'
merce yesterday in behalf of the St.
Louis exposition. Today he confer
red with Viceroy Curzon relative to
India's participation in the fair.
Merger of Mexican Cotton Mills.
Mexico City, Dec. 1G. At a meet
ing held today at Monterey arange-
monts were practically completed for
the mercer of all the cotton mills in
Northern Mexico, with the exception
of two. More than $3,000,000 of capi
tal Is represented by tho firms that
have joined tho amalgamated com
Erie Fast Freight Wrecked on Union
t Street No Passengers Hurt.
Cleveland, O., Dec. 1G. The Brie
fast express was wrecked on Union
street today. Six cars were piled up
and the engineer was killed. The
firoman and conductor were fatally
injured. Tho passengers all escaped
William mans, or Ontario, Given a
New Hearing Case May be DIs
Ontario, Ore., Dec. 1G. William H.
Itiggs, a prominent stockman of
Weiser, who was last spring convicted
of grand larceny, has now been grant
ed a new trial, with strong indica
tions of being a free man. He has
been at liberty under a heavy cash
bond since bis trial.
Mr. Rigg3 was convicted of having
sold a range horse that he did not
own. Throughout Eastern Oregon
there is a practice among horsemen of
etting the tall go with the hide. If
they find, upon loading for shipment,
that they have a horse for which they
have not paid, they make a note of it
and settlo with the owner upon re
turn. This Is the trap into which Mr,
Itiggs fell. Ho had doubtless done
tho same thing many times, before, as
had nearly overy horse-shipper in
iastera Oregon. The last year had
been a flourishing time for the East
ern Oregon horsethief, and efforts
were being made to stop it at tho
time Mr. Higgs was arrested. Under
othor circumstances the case would
have been settled, as hundreds of
other cases are yearly settled, but his
enemies got in their work at the op
portune moment to do the damage in
this instance. Mr. Itiggs has many
friends among the best people in the
John Haddock, an Independent Oper
ator, Surprises the Other Opera
tors by Standing Up for the Union
Miners Large Companies Had
Tried to Freeze Him Out.
Scranton, Pa., Dec. 16. Immediate
ly after the opening ot the strike
commission this morning, Judge Gray
said that the committion desired to
J impress upon the community nnd tho
state the testimony of tho nttio gins
taken yesterday, so that in tho future
all laws on the statuto books might
bo executed.
"The commission," ho said, "had
no desire to criticise tho laws of
Pennsylvania, but recommended the
enactment of laws absolutely forbid
ding tho employment of women and
children at night. He desired the op
erators to present the earnings of the
fathers of the little sick mill girls,
and showed great anger when ho
learned that the fathers earned from
$900 to $1100 annually.
Darrow then called John Haddock,
an independent operator, as witness.
Concedes That Demands Are Just.
Haddock surprised the other opera
tors by asserting that he believed
that a proper organization of labor
and the present conditions warranted
the demands of the miners' union.
He said the large companies tried to
restrict the output of the independent
operators. He had lodged numerous
complaints with the Interstate com
merce commission and had finally
won out.
Ready to Treat With Union,
He said that he believed tho
miners had a right to be represented
by whoever they chose, and that he
was always--ready to-treat with the
officials of the union.
Lloyd, one of the miners' counsel,
asked permission to submit evidence
showing a combine of the coal-carrying
roads. Judge Gray consented
within certain bounds.
History of Unionism.
Samuel Gompers this afternoon was
before the commission and testified
concerning the history of unionism.
Southbound Queen & Crescent
Express Wrecked Near
Moundville, Alabama.
Dastardly Deed of a Train Wrecker
Removed a Rail Near Trestle
Train Piled Up on Creek No Pas
sengers Injured.
Birmingham, Aln.. Dec. 1G. Tho
southbound limited express on tho
Queen & Crescent was wrecked near
Moundville, Ala., early this morning.
A rail had been removed near a
trestle. The locomotive, mail, bag
gage and express cars and two
coaches were piled up on the creek
bottom. Two express messengers
were killed and the fireman and two
mail clerks were fatally Injured. No
passengers were seriously hurt.
Over 30,000 People on the Beach at
San Francisco Witness Ceremonies.
San Francisco, Dec. 16. "In mem
ory of John W. Mackay, I christen
thee Pacific Cable. May it always
carry messages of happiness."
with these words, Lucile Gage, the
11-year-old daughter of H. T. Gage,
Sunday christened the trans-Pacific
cable and, breaking a bottle of cham
pagne over the shore end, Inaugurat
ed a new era in the commercial devel
opment of the Pacific coast. Tho
landing and splicing of the shoro end,
which is to connect the mainland
with Honolulu, was accomplished
without any hitch of any kind and
was witnessed by thirty or forty
thousand people. Ideal weather pre
vailed, there being scarcely any surf.
Headquarters Opened at Kansas City
Plans for the Annual Meeting of
the National Livestock Association.
Kansas City, Mo., Dec. 16. Head
quarters have been opened at the
Coates House in preparation for the
annual meeting of tho National Live
stock Association next month. Sec
retary C. F. Martin is in receipt o ad
vices which indicate that the gather
ing will bo the largest of its kind
ever held. The number ot delegates
will reach nearly '2000, and this num
ber will be increased by alternates
and visiting stockmen to 10,000, who
will represent every state and terri
tory In tho Union. The attendance
from Colorado, Montana, Wyonmlng,
Minnesota, Nebraska, Arizona, New
Mexico and the Dakotas Is expected
to be unusually large. The conven
tion will last four days, and tho citi
zens of Kansas City have raised a
fund of $20,000 for entertainment.
Among tee subjects which will bo
discussed by tho convention arc: "Op
position to the Romovnl of tho Tariff
on Wool, Hides, Meats and Live
stock;" "To Urgo Congress to Imme
diately Pass the Grosvenor Anti-
Shoddy BUI;" "The Amendment to
the Census Act, so as to Provide for
a Classified Census of Livestock;"
To Amend the Interstate Commerco
Act by Extending the Time Limit for
Unloading Livestock in Transit From
28 to 40 Hours;" "The Practicability
of Co-operation In Marketing Live
stock;" " To Improve tho Present
Laws Governing Forest Reserves and
the Public Domain." Among those
invited to address tho convention
are President Roosevelt, Congressman
C. H. Grosvenor, ot Ohio ,aud Secre
tary Wilson of tho department of agri
True American Woman, In Whom De
votlon to Family and Charity Were
Prominent Traits.
Washington. D. C, Dec 16. Mrs.
Uuysses S. Grunt died at her resi
dence In this city at 11:17 o'clock
Sunday. Death was duo to heart fail
ure. Mrs. Grant having suffered tor
years from valvular disease ot the
heart, which was aggravated by a se
vere attack of bronchitis. Her ngo
prevented her rallying from the at
tacks, Her daughter, Nellie Grant
Sartoris, was tho only one of her chil
dren with her at the tlmo ot her
death, her threo sons, who had been
summoned hero, all being out of tho
There were also present at tho bed
sldo when tho end came Miss Rose
mary Sartoris, a granddaughtor; Dr.
Bishop, one of tho attending physi
cians, and two trained nurses, Death
came peacefully, tho sufferer rotaln
Ing consciousness practically to tho
The Provisions Will be Effective as
Soon as United States Desires.
Washington, D. C, Dec. 16. Gen
eral Bliss arrived from Cuba this
morning and delivered a draft of tho
reciprocity treaty to Secretary Hay.
Bliss says tho provisions are effective
as soon as this government desires.
Coal Famine in Omaha.
Omaha, Dec. 16. Unless coal Is re
ceived from somo source, all tho pack
ing houses hero will shut down tomorrow.
Against the Beef Trust
Chicago, Dec. 16. Arguments are
being heard In the federal court today
in tho injunction suit against tho al
leged beef trust
Three Thousand Dollars Appropriat
ed for Its Purchase by Congress.
Washington, Dec. JG. Clark, of
Montana, made his first appearance
on the Benate floor this morning.
There was agreed to without objec
tion a concurrent resolution appropri
ating $3000 for tho purchase from
Mrs. Emma Cadwalder Guild, of a
bronze' bust of McKinley.
Corl Picic, Barges and Boat6 Washed
From the Wharves Great Damage
Already Done,
Cincinnati, O. Dec. 16. Tho Ohio
river is rising rapidly and Is now 10
fret above the low water mark. Im
menso daraagchas been done and
farmers are fleeing to the uplands.
Tho coal piers here, this morning
were torn loose from their moorings.
Fifty loaded barges, 10 loaded boats
and 60 empties were swept down the
river. Tugs are pursuing the floating
piers and barges. The loss is already , monP(i from Denver.
$50,oon. U is sun raining nara.
Be' Completed Within a Few
A story has been circulated (o tho
effect that tho new academy building
was found to be faulty in construc
tion and. would bo rejected by the
board. This Is a canard. After care
ful Investigation it has been learned
that this rumor was started by some
jealous person who seeks to injure
the prospects of tho building. One
of the leading members of tho board
said today that tho building had been
tested and so far was perfectly satis
factory. The new building will bo complet
ed within a few days and tho board
will then meet and pass upon the
building and it will be received by
them between now and the first of tho
Mrs. W. A. Clark, Jr., Suffering From
Blood Poisoning Specialists Sum
moned From Denver.
Butte, Dec. lfi. Mrs. W. A. Clark,
Jr., who two weeks ago became the
mother of a millionaire boy baby, Is
In a critical condition and is not ex
pected to live. Blood poisoning has
set in. Specialists have been sum
Livelv Finht for President Golnn on
n."i..rBu..' M.h ,H I" Negro Republic,
Port nu Prince, Hayti, Dec. 1C.-
uiwy ci, rinnAI rnlfn tha mlnlaiAr r,f Mio 111
Lapeer, Hich., Dec. 1G.- -John Best,
recently released from the state In-
sano hospital, this morning cut the
throat of William uiegg, a aecrepu
man 70 years old, and attacked his
mother with a razor, whom he des
noratoly wounded. Ho then cut his
daughter's face, arms and hands in
many places. The mother's and
daughter's outcries brought aid. Best
took a revolver in his pocket to com
mit suicide.
Laura Bigger on Trial,
Freehold, N. J., Dec. 16. Laura
Tllcrtrn,. nnnenrnd in COUrt today to
stand a trial on tho charge of conspir
acy to secure the Bennett estate.
terlor. and an opponent of General
Nord in the contest for tho presiden
cy, has sought refuge In tho Ameri
can legation. There has been much
firing on the streets of the city and
grnt excitement prevails.
Omnibus Statehood Bill Taken Up
This Afternoor.
Washington, Doc. 1C. McCall in
troduced a resolution In tha house
calling upon Secretary Hay for all
Correspondence relative to Venezuela
The omnibus statehood bill was
taken up at 2 o'clock this afternoon,
California Beekeepers.
Los Angeles, Cal., Dee. 16. Mem
hers of tho California Stale Beekeep
ers Association commenced a three
days' convention today in the rooms
of the chamber of commerco. Lead
ing agriculturists of tho state are In
attendance and tho meeting promises
to be one of more than ordinary in
terest to those engaged in be nu!
ture. It is probable that considerable
attention will be devoted by the con
vention to ways and means of pro-
venting the introduction into this
state of "foul brood," which Is de
vastating the apalrles of a large part
of the West and Northwest. This so
called "foul brood" disease thrcatcna
to wipe out tho bee kingdom, accord
ing to members' of the asosclation. It
swoops down upon the rjueens. the
drones and the busy littlp workers
alike. The aplculturlsts compare the
disease to Asiatic cholera and the
foot and mouth disease.
Library Opening Postponed.
Washington, D, C. Dec. 16. On
account of the recent Illness of Mr.
Andrew Carnegie, the dedication of
the Washington Public Library build
ing, which ho presented to the nation
al capital, did not take place today
as originally scheduled, but has been
postponed for several weeks. Mr,
Carnegie has accepted an invitation
to deliver the principal address at
the dedication ceremony
Not Many Doubts Expressed as to the
Triumph of the Plans If $30,000
Is Not Enough, Vote More Tax
payers Are Willing.
Tho most important subject hetoro
the peoplo of Pendleton at present is
that of voting buudB for a suworago
system. Herewith is presented tho
opinions of somo representative citi
zens concerning this matter,
C. B. Wade.
"By all means, let us havo tho sow
er. If $30,000 is not enough to build
a sewerago system necessary to tho
town, It will get the thing started and
it will bo better to huvo that than
nothing. Tho health of tho commu
nity demands n better sewerago sys
tem than wo have at the present
James A. Fee.
"Pendleton ought to have a Buwor
uge system but I do not bolievo that
it will bo right to vote a tax of $30,
000 on the tax-payoia of this city to
build a pipo down Main and Court
I btreets and leavo out tiio rest of tho
j town. The amount of money nukod to
bo devoted will only start a sowerago
system. I am heartily In tavor ol
sewerago and tho health of the town
demands It, but it should In thorough
I would bo In favor of voting a larger
tax than $3U,ouo."
Fred E. Judd.
"I am in favor of voting tho $30,000
to build a sewerago system in Pendle
ton. Tho town needs IL and If $.'JU,W0
is not enough to build a thorough sys
tem it will bo much better than what
wu now have, it will' place a sower
down tho "principal streets and tho
property-holders can thou connect
with the main sewer pipes. 1 think
tho measure will carry without a
Judge Thomas Fltz Gerald.
'There is 1,01111) kick against voting
a tux of $30,000 to build a sewer sys
tem here on the grounds that it will
1 not suffice lo put lu enough pipo to be
j of material advantage to tho majority
of the people. This should not ho tho
feeling Thirty thousand dollars may
lie short of the amount needed to
thoroughly hwer tho town, but It will
he a start and when oricn stuitod the
amount needed to flnlHh the sewer can
tln.'ii be raised." I
R. Alexander.
"1 am heartily In favor of sowerago.
We need it badly. If $30,000 will not
build a complete system, It will bo a
Hart in tho right direction. The fu
tine health of the city depends upon
a thorough and up-to-dato nyntiun
Leon Cohen.
"Sewerago first, last and all the
time. Voto tho $30,000 bonds and If
this docs not build a complete sys
tern voto more to finish It."
Colonel J, H. Raley.
"Tho suworago (jination ib the
greatest question which has comu up
for settlement by the peoplo of Pen
dlcton fdr years and there should not
be a dissenting voice agulnst the Ihsu
ing of bonds to build tho sower. 1
know of a number who will build
flue residences and somo business
houses which will be put up If tho
bill for a sower system carrion, but
ff It docs not tboy will not bo erect
ed. If 130.000 Is not enough to build
a thorough system when onco started
tho balance needed to complete tho
system can be raised. Pendleton
needs a sower system and must havo
Brooding Over Brother's Sui
cide, a Prominent Farmer
Decides to End His Life.
Was 33 Years Old For Fifteen Year
a Resident of Umatilla County
Leaves Wife and Three Children
Wife Prostrated With Grief.
Word wns tnlophonod to Pendleton
this afternoon that Chris l.empko had
committed suicide by bringing .a hin
homo near Warren stntlon. about t:30
p. m.
No particulars havo boon rt- e'ved
othor thnn that Mrs. Lompko went to
tho barn between 1 nnd 2 o'clock tli 1st
afternoon nnd upon entering woa
startled at discovering the lifeless
body of her husband dangling in tho
air. Ho had gono to tho barn, se
cured a ropo, tied ono ami to n cross
beam, placed ft noose tied in the
othor end around his nock whllo
stnuding on n box and deliberately
jumped ofT.
No causo can ho assigned for his
rash act. Ho wns a very plenRant fol
low and never appeared down-hearted!
but always hnd n pleasant look and
word for overyono. Ho had nern:
said a word to anyone about killing
himself nnd his wife la prostrated by;
tho sudden shock.
Only Inst Saturdny forenoon Claua
I.cmpko, a brother of Chris Lompko,
committed sulcldo by bringing in a
most tho same Identical way. He leffl
his wlfo In tho houso without a word
tf warning and went to an outhouse,
where ho tied a ropo around a beam
and his ncclc, jumped oft n box and
was dead whon found. Chrla attend
ed tho funeral nnd burial of Clan
at Warren Monday, and It la thought
(hat ho brooded over tho ending off
his brother until ho hecnino crazed
with tho thought or self-destruction,
nnd planned lo end his own II fo 'In
tho samo manner,
Chris Lompko was about 33 years
of ago. Ho had a wlfo and two
children and hns lived In Umatilla,
county for tho past 12 or 15 years.
In this tlmo ho has mado consldersv
blo money nnd owns a lnrgo tract of
land near Wnrron station. IIo Is sold
to ho worth about $16,000.
Acting Coroner Fltr. Gerald wan no
tified of Mr. Lempku'H sulcldo, but ho
thought It unnecessary to go out, w
It was a clear caso of sulcldo.
Old Premium Advertising Scheme la
Renewed Under a New Dress.
Within tho past week sovtiral mer
chants of this city hnvo been ap
proached by agents ot a foreign :ul-
ve 1 lining scheme, which proposes In
furnish coupon or stamp tlckctH, lu
book form, to bo distributed to ciih
toinnrH, and afterward redeemed fu
prizes and discount!! on purchases.
Somo of tho morclinntH of neighbor
ing towns havo accepted tho offem of
thnao agents and tho results Imvo
been most unsatisfactory Tho pro
moters of tho Beheino nro not resi
dents of tho statn, they do not Hpond
their money in the cltlca in which
lliey seek to oporato and It Is tho gen
oral oxpresslon In this city that all
such methods of advertising l dis
countenanced. Business man find the
old rcllabln and trustworthy method,)
better They know who tint .n-
dealing with and are not xeii'llriK
(heir money out of the coiiiitiy Mil
get it linek again lu patroimt:- nwl
This 4r:hcm In one of the old pio
mliim plunii which has been put In n
new iIipmh It Is 11 threadbare and
vtornout proposition, with which tho
people havo grown weary. II menus
tint expenditure of legitimate profit
by those who uccepl It and only ot
rJeliUK somo foreign concern which l
not Interested lu the welfm. ,.1 tie
home merchant
Resigns Position,
Miss Cella 1 ten 11 Iibh announced
that she will resign hor position as
fctenographor lu tho county recorder's
offlco to tako effect tho first of tho
year. Miss Henri has boon dopnty In
tho county dork's ofllcr; for tho pattr
two years and Ik an efficient storiKgra
pher. Hho resigns lo take it slrnllni
position wilh the Hartman AbKti;ir
The vulue of Hih Compiiny' oi eiut
lh on tlio mother lode an follows,
Iwtd on tliowiine capital tw Fnulli Pole
Columbia $1 per share
E. and . OOo per share
North Pole $6 per share
Oolconda started at 10a now sell
ing: at 50o aud worth more
Scum Pole is starting at ior
The time to buy la on the flrvt offer
ing of stock anil profit by all advance,
Onliapan at Ifftrttiran'n titwtraet ofttrw.