East Oregonian : E.O. (Pendleton, OR) 1888-current, December 10, 1902, DAILY EVENING EDITION, Image 3

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'' vw X9 KOt GOOD GOODS Ht Alexander's.
Clean Up Sale
I I sic
I ffl COflvCri 1111- immui.u v. wi mil ailu Wlillur MOCK
LI ami have made great reductionst throughout our en-
j; to enable us to mane room tor our spring goods.
ladies Jackets
ro-ir IJe-.T'JfV.-tfl In very
t0?.j.ic of i at terns and
?j.k Al'tlip correct style
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gtta Mrta are right up-
aj style Hnd cut. Come
iSese and be convinced
ru the greatest bar-
Ijthe season.
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fall. There Is something about
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They must all go
at t-5 off
lexander Dept. Store I
our easy payment plan makes it pos
sible for all to purchase an instrument
(mall payment down and the piano is delivered to you and
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Let us send a piano to your home for Xmas
Successor to S. L. Wakefield & Co.
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You will get the best work and newest style frames if
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for SHARP New Ideas.
Opera House Block.
- ,
What Shall We
Have for Dessert?
This question arises in the family
every day. Let us answer it to-day. Try
a delicious and healthful dessert. Pre
pared in two minutes. No boiling 1 no
baking I add boiling water and set to
cool. Flavors: Lemon, Orange, Rasp
berry and Strawberry. Get a package
I ai your grocers 10-aay. 10 cts.
$ Several Serious Charges Against
ji Him Impersonated an Officer
Took a Saddle and Traded a Hired
Constable J. A. Lleuallen. of Wes
ton nrrtvorl In v, ,1 1 ip,..n.i... r
$j ternoon with Ira Rose, who' was land-
Itose la the young man who
several weeks ago hired a horse In
Adams to rldo to Pendleton. He
camp hero and traded the saddle at a
second-hand store' for a revolver and
received a few dollars to boot From
here ho rode the horse barebacl;
down 'the river six or eight miles and
tiaded the hired horse for another
Then he started back and when pass
ing the home of Mr. Kidder, seven
miles below hero, stopped and told
one of the Kidder boys that he was
an officer and had a warrant for his
arrest. He did not show his warrant,
but the young man thought Rose was
an officer and did not resist.
Rose ttym asked his victim If he
had any money to put up for bonds,
saying that if he did he would allow
him to remain home and he (Rose)
would come down after him next day.
Young Kidder replied that ho had no
money, but that he had a good saddle
ana if nose would take it as security
it would be all right. Rose took the
saddle and placing it on his horse
was about to leave when Kidder told
him that he need not return for him
next day, but that ho would come to
town himself and see what he was
wanted for. Then Rose said: "If you
start to town I will blow your head
This did not arouse the young man's
suspicions that anything was wrong,
but the next afternoon he concluded
that he would come to town and re
port the matter. Arriving here he
was Informed that there was no war
rant for his arrest and that Rose had
simply held him up and stolen his
The officers then began a search for
Rose, who dropped out of sight for the
time being. Last Sunday, however,
trace was secured of him and Consta
ble Lleuallen was sent out to run
the criminal down and bring him to
justice: After two days of hard rid
ing after Rose, the officer overtook
him just below the mouth of Thorn
Hollow, on the Umatilla river. Rose
had disposed of the horse and was
afoot, Ueuallon arrested him' and In
quired what he had done with the
horse and saddle. He would not tell
where the saddle was, but said he
fold - the animal to a squaw a few
miles back. Lleuallen then took the
prisoner on the horse and went back
to where the horse had been sold. He
demanded and received the animal
back and mado Rose give the squaw
back the $5 which he had received
of her for the horse. Then he was
made to mount the animal and was
sken back to Weston where he was
kept Monday night and Tuesday after
noon he was brought to Pendleton.
Rose has been identified by several
and there Is no doubt but that be is
the right man. There are said to bo
more criminal charges beside the
ones mentioned against him. He will
be held to the district court.
sion, which was devoted to the work
preliminary organization and other
business connected with the formal
-. .-o ...v botuviiuis. 1 lie uirilll'l
'ence will listen Uo addresses on the
various phases of the reclnrocltv ones.
tlon and will discuss plans for aiding
the effort that will be mado this win
ter to secure the ratification of the
several reciprocity treaties now pond
ing, Some of the prominent men In
terested In the conference and its
work, and the most of whom are here
to address the gathering, are Gov.
Cummins, of Iowa; Gov. Stanley, of
Kansas; Frank I). Pavey. of New
York, and John Charlton, member of
the Canadian parliament. .
"-CBiltco FOR TA81E USS.
11 kinds of imDorted lunches.
P'iener Wlirst. sniiprlrrjiiit- and
feet at
Wain Strpnt -D,.n:rt
I have bargained with a
competent Timber Cruiser
w locate
Let Us Do
Your Hauling
We do trucking and hauling
of all description at reason
able prices.
Your horses will be well cared
for if taken to the Old Dutch
Henry Feed Yard, corner
West Alta and Lillith streets.
Hay, grain and all kinds of
feed bought and sold.
Horses for sale at all times.
Successtor to Hays & Connerley.
n the line o. a railroad
now under construction,
fms means a big clianoe
tor first-comers. See
aoine good farms for
Laatz Bros.
Coal and
Delivered Promptly.
We are in the, transfering. ant
trucking business and are pre
pared to move light or heavy arti
cles. OFFICE MAIN ST., Near Depot,
Telephone main 61.
Speculators In Malheur County
quiring Valuable Rights.
Ontario, Ore., Dec. 10. For weeks
there has been a systematic hunting
of reservoir sitPs throughout Eastern
bregon. It develops here today that
when the government committee gets
at its work In this arid region it will
find every available reservoir site
taken by some one who has an eye to
business. The real Irrigator who has
the country's interest at heart Is con
fronted with the fact that the govern
ment will have to buy off some ambi
tious person who has foreseen the
possibilities in the reservoir business,
and who has either a surveyor's stake
in the site, for which he asks an enor
mous sum, or on tho other hand, there
is a blueprint filed in tho county
clerk's office, for which a fortune Is
being demanded before the govern
ment will have clear sailing to do
something for the region.
The Malheur Irrigators have called
a meeting for December 20. at which
time it is hoped that the Irrigation
feature of this region will be launched
in a tangible form, and that any
stumbling blocks In the road of the
national government may bo removed
before delays are experienced.
The Ontario meeting Is for the pur
pose of clearing" away any fog that
may be overhanging the motives of
the great majority of men who have
the work in hand and to further
guarantee fidelity on the part of Mal
heur county by expressing disapprov
al of any promoter who Is aiming to
"hog" the Eastern Oregon reservoir
sites. .
In this connection It has been stat
ed that reservoir sites alone are not
the best way of reclaiming the Mal
heur county lands. That a canal may
be brought from Snake river at even
less nxpense than the doubtful reser
voirs could be made Is now freely ad
mitted by those who have had an op
portunity of knowing. This leverage
Is to bo worked steadfastly to Influ
ence amicable .business with those
who have already drawn a picture of
tome supposed reservoir site, and are
now demanding exhorbltant sums for
ihe'r alertness.
Paris Automobile Show.
Paris. Dec. 10 Tho fifth Interna
tional automobile exhibition under the
auspices of tho French Automobile
Club, opened today In the Grand
Palais, and will continue until Christ
mas. German, Austrian, English and
French manufacturers are well repro
sented and the latest Inventions and
most Improved ideas to motor vehi
cles aro to be seen.
Here are
the Facts
'You hear about the "active
principle' of cod liver oil and
are told that in certain wines,
cordials and extracts of cod
liver oil this principle is pre
sented with the objectional
features left out. Nothing to
it. The only active principle
of cod liver oil is the whole
For years it has been
known that in cod liver oil
are united, in almost invisible
form, valuable medicinal
agents that maintain their
value only so long as they
are kept in perfect combina
tion, in the whole oil.
There is no process of medi
cal skill or chemical science
that can unite these peculiar
properties as they exist in the
whole oil; that is why there
can be no substitute for cod
liver oil.
In Scott's Emulsion the
whole oil is presented per
fectly emulsified so that it
will readily enter the system
without effort or tax on the
digestive tract. The hypo
phosphites of lime and soda
which are combined with it
are valuable tonics, increasing
the appetite, strengthening
the nerves and restoring vi
tality in the whole system.
The most effective way of
taking cod liver oil, as well
as the easiest and safest,is in
the form of Scott's Emulsion.
Avoid these so-called
wines, cordials and extracts
of cod liver oil that are pre
pared for the taste only, con
tain none of the value of cod
liver oil which are dosed with
a large percentage of alcohol.
Scott's Emulsion has been
the reliable cod liver oil pre
paration for over a quarter of
a century.
They are going
to give away at
The Big
Ticket With Every Dollar Purchase
We'll send you
upon request.
409 Pear! St.
a sample free
New York.
One of the World's Greatest 8pecla Hots, Who Han Kept
From an Early Grave or the Insane Asylum.
Now, look here, young man, don't
bo so careless. Don't put off any
longer; hao your case attended to
today, for your looks tell on you. You
may concludo to get married so mo
day, and to live hap-y yi;ii must bo
a man rugged and strong physically
and mentally. So many dlv ireo casts
wo hear of, If an Investigation was
made, would disclose the fact that
physical and norvoua weakness of tho
husband causes tho wlfo to finally
hate him. Women love a manly roan,
just as much as men Iovo beautifully
developed, healthy, red-cheeked wo
men. Ulotehos and pimples show
something wrong. All kinds of dls-
i - i i a .1 , i
Ik not ucco8Hry (o go to see him; In
a fovv diseases whero surgery Is re
quired or cancers, old ulcuia and hik-Ji
It In hotter to sou him, but all woak
iif:B and prlvato condltlona can bo
t in oil at '.lOiiio. Ho has u perfect
tem of homo treatment; ho r.lwaya an
swers your lottors In a plain envelop
and keeps overy case a profound se
cret. Pay no attention to tho llttlo
books you find on streets, but trust
yourself to an old doctor who baa bon.
ruling cnscH like yours for over i
quarter of a century In Uils city. Al
ways Iwlme 10 2-cont stamps whn
wilting for Mnsultatlon, and send
binall l.otili- of uilui- If po3stb!o. Ad
dles s,
Wish Canadian Reciprocity.
Detroit, Mich, Doc. . 10.- Reciproci
ty, primarily with Cuba and Canada.
Is the result aimed at by the National
Non-Partisan .Reciprocity League, un
der whose auspices a two days' con
ference to promoto the objects of the
.league was opened in Detroit today.
Several hundred delegates and visit
ors were present at the opening ses-
r tlwayt tupplled our .troui,
Goo4 meat, well cooked makci
meal complete, Full weight and
prompt delivery are feature! of our
Luilueis, wblcb U growing raptdlf
C O U It T S I It
Hoosor's Old Stand
TEirrirn.NIC HKI 311
mn li-f ri wr TrftnTTiTr"'
E K T ;
Office Hours, 9, A. M. to 0 P. M. Cor. 2d and Yamhill 8t., fortland, Ore.
Suitable for Christmas Presents are Given
with Prize Baiting Powder.
Sauer Kraut. J'icklod I'igs Ptnt that are fine. Uuck
wheat Flour and II O Suit-rising JJuokwlteat. Log Cabin
Mple Syrup. Knglinh Walnuts, Almond, Pun-. ami all
kinds of nuts- all fresh and good.
Mattm's Family Grocery and Bakery
t r"4 f ft I expect people to know what
HOW UU YUU you have lo sell If you don't
The new store can never be I tr I JCT D "T"l Q CTO
known nnless It advertises P hJ V li I lOLf