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Articles that make useful Xniab presents. Some- g
thing to delight the sweet little baby, the rollicking S
. i .1 it i i .iff
boy, tne merry nttie gins, tne gaiiant youtns, tne
charming young ladies, loving mamma and papa,
and doar old grandpa and grandma.
Strong, yet stylish shoes to pleaBe all tastes. Dainty
shoos for dainty feet.
JuBt stop and think if some member of the family g
doesn't need a pair of nice, warm, comfortable slip- S
SLIPPERS in red, drab, black and green recognised 3
the world over as the beat appearing, best wearin r
and most comfortable slipper made. g
'bought a business. Ho has now sold
all his Interests In that country ana
win locate In Pendleton If ho can get
n location.
jack Strand, one of the engineers
! killed In the wreck of the steanuh P
REPORTED FROM ALL I progresso, which exploded nt tho nil
PARTS OF EASTERN OREGON , ton Iron Works In San Pnc
was a nephew nf John Halir, 01 ims
Pendleton the Only Town to Escape , county. Strand Is " J"")
Deepest Snow I the Hills Ever ! hnown
Seen by Whltes-12 Feet at South t n oil burner nt tho Iron works
Pole Mine. ,on the third Inst., when it suddenly.
Reports from all over the eastern I without warning blew Into atoms
part of Oregon arc to the effect that nnd four men were killed. The snip
We Continue to Sell Good Shoes Cheap.
I Dmdmget, Wilson &, Co.,
5 The Only Exclusive Shoe House in Pendleton, 5
m m
r"""V ''""" I"f,u-i!t, ' announce
James Fitz Patterlck Will Serve Five
Days for Assault.
James Fitz Patterick was given five
days in jail this morning by City Re
corder Fltz Gerald for assault and
battery on the person of John Albers.
Fitz Patterlck hadeen working in
Hohbach's bakery. Ho bad had some
trouble with Albers. who was also
employed In the bakery. Sunday Fits;
became drunk and was fined $5. When I
released bv the nollcn Mondav he
went to the bakery and assaulted Al- Was Severely Scalded Several Days
; announced a homeseekors' rate from
for those wishing to Beek
the great Northwest.
TMe MtA I. 4n til-., attnnt 1.
j luig to IU MilVC i V. L. I, U 11 tlltJ
first of February and the rates from
the East will be the same as given
j during last fall. From Missouri River
' points the rate will be $22.50 and from
Chicago, ?30.50 to coast points.
Iast year was a banner year for
homeseekers, but it is expected that
the coming season will outrival any
past season for the transportation
companies. Thousands cf people are
expected to come West during tho
early spring and summer.
The special rates are announced
to last Indefinitely?
there is moro snow on tne grouna
now than was ever known nt this time
of the year nnd many declare that
thern Ik more In tho hills now than
was ever before seen nt any time of
year. Especially Is this the case in
tho hills about the head of McKay
Creek-. Men from thnt part report
that five feet Is about the average
there, which is a depth not reached
before since the country has been set
tled by whites.
The deepest snow reported is from
the summit of the South Polo hill,
seven miles from Sumpter. Word re
ceived from there yesterday by
Thomas Gahagan, the mining brok
er, states that from 10 to 12 feet of
snow Is now on the- ground at the
South Pole mine.
At the Golconda mine there Is four
feet of snow, three in the city of
Sumpter, two at Baker City and one
foot nt La Grande.
Pondleton seems to bo tho only
place to escape sovoral Inches of
snow fall. Saturday and Sunday
nights a little snow fell here, but It
was so light that the next day's sun
took It all off and loft the hills bare.
Everywhere else in the eastern part
of the state the snow storm has been
raging Incessantly for the past five
or six days. Even at Athena, a few
miles east of here, there has been
several inches and sleighing has been
Indulged in freely.
bers. A warrant was sworn out for
Fltz's arrest and this morning he was
given a trial and the sentence.
Ike Carney was also before Judge
Fitz Gerald on the charge of being
drunk and disorderly. He was given
three days in tho city bastile in de
fault of the customary $5 for such offenses.
Would Venture No Opinion on Sena
torial Situation Is Not a Candi
date. Hon. Stephen A. Lowell, of Pen
dleton, was In the city a few hours
last evening on his way home from
Canyon City, where he was engaged
In the trial of John Chrlstman for
murder, says the Baker City Demo
crat Judge Lowell was esked whom he
thought would be the next United
States senator from Oregon, but he
would venture no opinion.
He admitted that Eastern Oregon
was entitled to name the successor
, to Senator Simon, but said under no
inBlderatlon was he a candidate
Railroads Will Make Reduced Rates
for the Benefit of Tourists and Set
tlers, Chicago, Dec. 9. The trans-continental
railroad companies have again
Ago Died of .is Injuries Last
John Alfred Day, the little son of
Mr. and Mrs. J. Frank Day, died at
12 o'clock last night at their home
on West AHa street, from the effects
of the scalding It received a few days
The little one crawled up to a tub
of hot water, whore Its mother had
been washing, and pulling the cork
out of the bottom of the tub, let the
hot water out over Its body. The
mother had just stepped from the
room to draw some water from tho
well when the accident occurred and
when she returned the boiling water
was running down all over the little
one's body. A doctor was called and
all possible was done to save its life
but the child was burned too severely
to be saved and it was relieved of Its
sufferings last night Tho parents
are grlef-ctrlcken oyer the unfortu
nate accident.
This is the time when plants
are moved from the beds to
the pots. See the beautiful I
jardinieres we are showing in I
our show window. Step in
and get the prices.
School District Takes Possession of
Old Academy Building Will Be Oc
cupied After Holidays.
The board of trustees of the Pen
dleton Academy today transferred the
old academy building and grounds
including two lots, to School District
No. 16, the sale price, being $4000.
Three grades of the public schools
will be transferred to this building
after the first of tho year. Tho pur
chase of this building will enable the
district to accommodate the growing
public schools of this city, without
erecting a new building for several
years yet The present attendance in
the high school building Is almost
equal to the normal capacity and this
purchase will greatly relieve tho sit
Large Land Sale.
One of tho largest land sales made
in this county for several years, was
recorded In this city today. Thomas
R, Eastman, of the eastern end of the
county, sold to William. Elliot 600
acres of highly Improved farming
land, for $25,000. This is in tho rich
est portion of the Umatilla county
wheat belt, and fairly represents the
price of land of this character in the
Whon a man is worthless, all tho
good advico on earth won't help him
Atchison Glole.
g Keai estate opportunities
120 acres of wheat land, 3 miles from Pendleton,
Goo acres, 10 miles from station, plenty of water,
173 acres, 10 miles from Pendleton $(500
Good house on West Alta street $1100
320 acres on the river, good house and barn, 25
acres alrlafa, balance wheat land $4000
5 room house on West Alta street . $ 750
Two five-room cottages on West Webb St., each $ 800
Dutch Henry Feed Yard
Good property in city and connlry too numerous to mention, any
location that one may desire.
abb;ooiation block
Dave Lavlnder is In town from Wes
Bert Baker is in the city from
Peter Nesler Is down with smallpox
nt his homo north of town.
S. W. Ray, of Port Arthur, Canada,
is in the city on business.
Mr. St. Claire, the' sheep buyer from
North Yakima, is in the city.
N. Queener has returned to his
home near Alba, where he will spend
the winter.
Judge W. R. Ellis returned Monday
evening from The Dalles, where he
had been on business.
John Rlckcrt and Ed Prahm have
gone East to spend a month or six
weeks pleasure seeking.
W. R. Taylor, brother of Sheriff T.
D. Tnylor, came down from Athena
today on the mixed train.
Elting Spike, Cloyd Oliver and John
Cleghorn were guests of George Dar
veau at Hotel St. George last night.
District Attorney Hailey has re
turned from Ellenshurg, where he
spent several days on legal business.
Colonel James II. Raloy returned
Monday evening from Portland, where
he had spent several days on busi
ness. C, W. Polk, better known as "Ken
tucky," has gone back to spend sev
eral months at his old home In Ken
tucky. T. S. Boyd and William Sheehy, of
Ukiah, are in the city. They say
there Is moro than a foot of snow in
Jess Alloway was taken to the Sis
ters' hospital this morning, where he
is suffering with a severe case of
Mrs. B. Plummer, who has been vis
iting relatives in this county for sev
eral weeks, has returned to her home
In Chicago.
Mrs. W. D. Hansford, who Is visit
ing her daughter, Mrs. J. H. Robbins
at Sumpter, writes home that there
is three feet of snow there.
Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Hislop have
gone to Portland and from there will
spend soveral days on the Sound. Mr.
Hislop is enjoying his vacation.
Bud McAllister, one of Grand
Rondo's pioneer citizens, and an ex
tensive farmer and stockman, is in
town greeting his many friends.
A. L. Morris, the new proprietor of
tho Summers House at La Grande,
passed through town this morning on
his way to Spokane on business.
Editor A. F. Statter, of the Walla
Walla Union, and wife, were guests
of Hotel Pendleton Monday night on
ineir way home from a pleasure trip,
Rev, and Mrs. Sunderman, of
Meadow Creek, are in the city on
their way to Springfield, Or., where
they go to. visit Mrs. Sunderrann's
James Kennedy, one of the oxtcn
slve wheat growers of Umatilla conn
ty, is In town from his home at My
rick. Mr, Kennedy Is ono of the lucky
men to sell wheat when it was above
60 cents.
George H. Sutherland, G. H. Berry
ana v. a. jueneree. three of Walla
Walla's most promlnont citizens and
business men, were guests of M. F.
Kelly at the Golden Rulo hotel Mon
day night.
Walter Sawtell is In town vlsltlne
ms moiner. He .Is now working in a
cigar store In The Dalles whero he
nas been several years. The store
win move to Portland In a fow days
and Walter will nccompany the pro
prietor anu continue In his oraploy.
Georgo Horsmnn Is in town from
tho Potts country. Ho says when ho
loft there Friday morning there was
about six inches of snow, but It was
not very cold. Ho says stock are
iooKing lino but tho stockmen arc
looking for a very severe wlntor,
Frank Myora and family havo re
turned from Sumptor, where he has
been In business until recently, whon
ho sold out and went to Boise and
. 1 . t. . rlfil frlii nn
was to nave miiuu uur ."
the dav following nnd would havo
sailed for New York a week later had
not the accident happened.
A Few Sales Were Made Saturday at
62 Cents.
locally, there Is little doing in tho
wheat market. I--ist Saturday a few
sales were made at 02 cents a bushel
but today local dealers say thnt it s
down to 01 cents a bushel. None is
selling at this figure and dealer? are
not apparently anxious to buy.
It is estimated by the local dealers
that there is 350,000 bushels of wheat
yet left in the county for sale., but
they do not look for much of this to
change hands until after tho holidays.
Then there will bo a slight Increase
movement unless the bottom drops
out of prices.
Notice to Contractors.
Sealed proposals will bo received,
until 3 p. m., Friday, December 12,
1902, at the office of tho undersigned,
room 16, Association building, for the
erection and completion of a two
story frame residence for William
McCormmach, according to plans and
specifications drawn by C. E. Trout
man, architect, room. 15, Association
building, Pendleton, Ore.
New Christian Church.
Work is still going on at the
new Christian church at the corner
of Water and Johnson streets. The
building Is inclosed and the painters
nre at work today giving It tho first
coat of paint.
Infant Dead.
Richard Verne, the infant son of
Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Kennedy, aged
2 months and 21 days, died at their
home on West Alta street. Monday.
The funeral, conducted by Rev. Rob
ert Warner, occurred nt the home at
11 a. m. today.
Over 20,000 Men Required to
the Great Fleets Moving.
On June 30," 1901, there were 21,
423 enlisted men in the navy, includ
ing eight Porto Ricans, 17 natives of
Guam, 52 Cubans, 35 Filipinos- and
soven Hawalians. The applicants
for enlistment in the year numbered
more than 37,000, of whom more than
25,000 were rejected. Of the 522G
petty officers, 333S are native-born
Americans nnd 1507 naturalized cit
izens. Of the 10,138 other enlisted
men, 9402 are native-born, 1216 natur
alized citizens and 957 havo declared
their intentions of becoming citizens.
Of the 3710 apprentices only 228 are
foreign-born. The desertions in the
year numbered 3037.
"Mother objected to me playing on
the teams at tho college," remarked
the fair college girl; "but I won her
over this afternoon to my way of
thinking." "How did you do it? asked
her chum. "At that bargain sale of
handkerchiefs. If I hadn't bucked the
center of tho line nnd won a yard or
two, we wouldn't have gotten a Bin-
gle one!" Cincinnati Commercial-
The best
repairing for shoes.
Take Laxative Utnao Huinln TabUu. All
druxglitH reliind tb money II It fills to cure.
JS W . Grove's tlgnalure IB (id each box. 'Joe.
Chrome Kid
I Shoes for Ladies f
2 50
With The OWl
Free Dolls
On Saturday, December 13,
commencing at 9 o'clock, we
will give a handsome 16-inch
doll with a 50c purchase of.
crockery or glass ware.
Dolls will be displayed in
window one week before the
Only one doll to a person.
Japanese Goods
We have displayed an ex.
quisite line of Japanese China
in open and covered bon bons,
leaf nappies, cups and saucers,
olive dishes, ice bowls, etc., in
prices ranging from 35c up to
We have other Japanese
goods as low as 5 cents.
HayilandChina 1
We have ni,' .
stock Haviland. vJ
one piece or a f N
With it, we wn..uv.
to sell vou tRi, t- .
knives and forks, sp0M
Also ask to see out
uonemian glass and ah.
Scotch Ware
This makes a veru L
ate Xmas present. ljji
tiful mottled brown Kiltie
Scotch sayings etched Jsil
low back-ground. SetdiU
10 your eastern friend.
Great Line of
20c up to tx.
Don't Forget the Doll Sale Saturday, Dec.
Cheapest Place in Oregon
Big Cut in Prices Until JANUARY ist, i9o3
We will positively give a Cash Discount of 25 pn
cent on all cloaks, capes and jackets in our store from
our regular everyday prices. We do not wal
to carry over a single' Garment. Come and securei 'i
genuine bargain in these goods. All new and desin-
ble goods. No old rubbish to offer you.
Remember: The largest stock of Roods in the city tosetotfraH
CA FAPANf P fsl.
Felt Lined Fine
Kid Shoes
jj Warm Slippers
1 . .
Special low prices on Sideboards,
Chiffoniers, Lady's Dressing Tables,
Remnants of Carpets and Wonder
fully low prices. Great bargains
in Steel Ranges and Stoves .
Unnlio'n U: &J flirt I III
Tho best and most convenient
the kind we have seen is a neat little w
showing a calendar for 1903, a lodge
lory, railroad time card and car lares .
are for froe distribution. CalJ w
4 II 1 1 i ULj-t.J-H.tti j itl
" ' t W T -WW WWW W WW WW