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Eastern Oregon Weather
W .A ftt T
Tonight and Wednesday, part,
ly cloudy AUb tain or snow.
',5cA WEEK.
NO. 40.10
sioMiw,aw,"ww,''s's jinumniinwtj jj ..i i j nmxiu i uuuiumi
' "H" "m .nnwil llWMii hmiiihmiimhiiiiiii iwilji '
j previous year a condition due to the
decreased exports ot cattle and
fecretary of Agri-
Deals With . This
Lng Subject.
Lumber of
INSPECTIONS, 59,158,648.
i Act of Congress or 1890
Important Service to the
xk Industry Has Been Per
fcnoii. D. C. Dec. .9. The re-
the secretary of agriculture
llusth with tho Inspection ot
(products and some of tho
night out upon tins luiorcsi-
are of unusual value to
, The report says:
: ot congress of August 30,
lrided for the Inspection hy
isu of animal Industry of
Ir'cxportation, and this was
luted on March 3, 1891, by an
Bdtog "for the Inspection of
ie, togs, and the carcasses
t'icts thereof which are the
of interstate commerce, and
purposes." This law was
Fby an act which toolc offect
!02, providing for the inspec
sl products for export. Un
i laws Important service to
lock industry has been per-
tal number ot ante-mortem
is was 5S,168,64K, being an
over the previous year of 2,-
STiie cost of theso inspec
JOS cents each. The uuni-
iost-mortem Inspections was
i Tiie carcasses condemned
1 61,980, besides 17,445 parts
ctt-liispectlon .tug or brand
cd upon 19,694,605 quarters,
ieces, and 3,820 sacks of
9.287 carcasses of sheep,
ireasses of calves, 1,253,083
of nogs, and 793,471 sacks
it-inspection stamp was af
lackagc3 of meat products
Bi.pnlvrcl thn nrrtlnHrv Insnec-
lows: 7,100,490 of beef, 39.-
tton, oight of veal, 15,835,520
LeJ 638 of horseflesh, a total
bber .of cars sealed contain
itted meat products for ahip-
lolclal ahlatoIrs and other
f 61,730.
ber of certificates of ordl
rtion Issued for moat pro
tiport, exclusive of horse'
ti,Til. Of beef there were
Wit?.'?, 19,728 pieces, 3,-
B1W82,549 packages, with
116,990,762 pounds; of
piwre 85 carcasses and
weighing 1.145,248
I ft thoro were 94,962
1 658,139 packages,
SftJU pounds. Theso
lrHwtase from the pre-
1.-9,11 pounds of
" WW pounds of pork.
'efl!Wrtiflcates Issued for
"e ciport conBi3tlng of
weighing 170,968
WTi' 01 Pork examined mi
E7' Mch was exported,
' 10 M.68t,229 pounds. This
"-we or a little more than
fa trom t10 PrevIo,ls
E? a decreased demand
" Uoso countries demand
i10- The C03t of this work
?" 0-368 cent.
the exports of animals
.Products for thn vnnr end-
1802, amounted to the
Eu7il214'733-062- of this
Ei. iv 4 was ne value of
U92,760,60 8 of the meat
E uc. and $7,104,770 of.
rProducts. The total value
US?.? animal products wns
Z' 6reator than the like
' ' Previous year, but thero
Ho. . ot noarly $8,000,000
ot cattle exported. This
thi. L8ha,rt' demand' for beef
i.4:555 cattle exported. 295.-
ItoTS?' laSEed. and cer-
lot n..5IU Wher0 tnsPe-
Ills n 18 ont required. Of
Ued f lnsPected and 10,-
to l was 529,002,-
of 210'018'04G: ot mules
tfc of vessels for cany,
tol th i. ?n conducted with
most i,.fat P0S8lb,a Bvlce
iU 8'f mano treatment of
'ranalt nfPer.ntag0 of 1088
0-1S for onnattlB 18 now rc-
To Be Given to International Typo
( graphical Union.
Colorado Springs, Colo., Dec. 9.
The library of the late Amos J. Cum
mlngs, the Now York congressman
and editor, Is to be given to the home
founded here in 1892 by the Interna
tional Typographical Union. Mrs.
Cummlngs, the widow, is authority for
tho announcement. She Is hero on a
visit to tho homo. Mr. Cummlngs
was a member of the original board
nf triiRtfrns nnrl Vils Interest In the
home was igrcat.. Ho frequently spoke
or his intended Dcqucsc ms win
did not contain the provision, but,
knowing It to be his wish, Mrs. Cum
mlngs has made the bequest in her
own will, recently executed.
The library will reach the home ul
timately, perhaps soon, if Mrs. Cum
mlngs decides to remove from New
York. The library contains many val
uable works and manuscripts.
Commercial Associations Take
Measures Against the Sin
gle Admission Bill.
Telegrams Lay Before the Senate
Urging the Adoption of the Omni;
bus Statehood Bill, and Opposing
Amendment Proposed by Commit
tee. Washington, Doc. 9. Two tclc-
frrnmK worn lnlri liofnrp iho K0nntQ this
r '
ffinmlnp- nriHnir lhf ndnntlnn nf tho
'omnibus statehood bill, and opposing
Police of Rome Broke Up a Secret! tho single admission amendment as
r nrnnns(rt hv thn committee.
One Officer Mortally Q f the cdmmerclai Cuo
nf Knnntin Pllv nml thp nthpr was
l- from tho Chamber of Commerce, and
Home, Dec. 9. A meeting of 13 an
1 I A 1 1 . ... , I nltUflno t' Hi HlTI fll.-l '1
art IUHLW WHO Ulimtjll llll liv uiu iiiimciuun v iii.ca ui sjm....,
last night ns the men were taking . At the conclusion of routine bus!-
nnilit, imlnnrfla T Vio ctrnfvirlo I nCQ tho Dlplr mllitln hill WAR taken
oaths on polnards. In the struggle
one anarchist was killed and one ofOc
er was mortally wounded.
The police overheard tho men ar
ness the Dick militia bill was taken
:- up. The house called up the .London
dockage bill, which provides that
there shall be nothing In contracts
iue police uveillUttlU UIU lucu ni- mwc rmaii in
rusted take an oath to assassinate the between shippers and ship companies
Another Pioneer Gone,
T,n fSrnnilo. Dnr f. S. P. Romitr
ntio nf fVio onrlloqf Knttlfirrt In this I
uuu jm. .1 I
U1UU IUEJL UlUt Ul i."v,w wi iu
stomach. He was agent for the John suDre'me Court of United
TTaIIao Orniv. nnmnntl it In QOrlv I
Box of Dynamite Was Handled Care
lessly and Allowed to Fall Down
the Shaft, Wrecking the Lower Por
tion Many Injured.
Wllkesbarre, Pa., Dec. 9. A box of
dynamite carelessly handled, fell
down the shaft of tho Lehigh colliery
between 5 and 0 o'clock this mora-
lug, wrecking the lower portion. It
Is believed five were killed and sever
al more injured.
Four Bodies Removed.
The bodies of four men have been
removed. Nine of the men were in
jured seriously. Others only slightly.
There were 50 pieces of dynamite
In tho box which the men had been
thnwlntr hv n stove.
It is supposed that the man carry
ing it, slipped and fen. His Dooy was
blown to fragments. Although the
flnmnin In onnslllerablfi. It is linnOUnC-
od that the operati-ns In the colliery
will not be closed.
Makes an Important Decision Con
cerning Payment of Insurance Poli
cies. Washington, Dec. 9. The United
Statse supreme court yesterday af-
f1rmo1 tho nnlnlnn nf tllfi circuit COUrt
of appeals in the case of the Knights
Templar & Masons' L.lle insurance
rnmnnnv vn TlnEn R .Tarman. The
onno InvnlvfiR thfi vallditv of the Slli-
clde statute of Missouri providing that
suicide shall not be a defense against
the payment of life insurance poll
nlo the rlpctalnn sustained the law
and held the company liable for tho
amount of the policy regaraiess oi uiu
fact that tho policy contained a clause
for the invalidation of the policy in
case of suicide, "whether voluntary
or Involuntary, sane or Insane."
Crazed by Drink, John Turner Writes
a Note to Wife and Child, Then
Shoots Himself.
Albany, Dec. 9. John Tuprner.
agent for the Corvnllls & Eastern
nnilmnri nt Alhnnv. committed sui
cide yesterday evening by shooting
himself in tne neaa. ne was partly
delimits from the effects ofxliquor.
Ha hart boon drinklnc heavily for two
days. No other reason is assigned for
the suicide except drunkenness. He
was a prominent and respected citl
.nn hut llnnnr mused bis downfall.
Turner left the following note to his
"May God watch over you and my
child. Any bills or notes which come
to you with my namB to them are le
gitimate. Pay them all. Have the
Elks and Woodmen care for me, my
wife and child."
Re-Organization of Consular Service.
Wnohtnirtnn t. f!.. Dec. 9. The na
tional committee of the chamber of
commerce net here today to urge
congress to pass the bill for the re-
nnnnl7Atlnn nf thfi United States COll-
sular service. Tho members of the
pnmmlttp. called nn a number Of
leaders of the houso and received as
surance thnt a consular re-organiza
tlon bill would be Introduced for con
sideration at an early date.
drably leg. TiT wmcn
v teas than tor the
Fine Fowls on Parade
Fayeffte, Mo., Dec. 9. Tho fourth
annual exhibition of tuo uenirat wis
soprl Poultry and Pet Stock Assocla
todav with a snlen
did array of feathered stock of prize-
winning qualities. Tho judging wim
commenced soon ancr tne upuimu.
mtnhnnoir nf TVnvni and will con
tinue until the close of tho exhibition
Seven Teams Tied.
New York, Dec- 9. In the Blxday
bicycle race, sevon teams tied for
first place at 9 o'clock this morning.
Including McFarland, Maya, of Cali
fornia. They are 24 miles below the
world's record.
whereby the latter can make a chargo
of the dock tax Imposed at the port
of London.
Bullet Taken From Body of Corpse to
Be Used in Second Trial of Ait
ken. Forest Grove, Dec. 9. Sheriff ,J.W.
Sewell and Coroner C. L. Large vyes
tontnv ovhiimeil the body of Que She
at the Lone Fir cemetery and obtain
ed the bullet that Killed nun. tuo
Chinaman was murdered two years
ago. A man named Altken was con
victed of the crime and sentenced ,to
imprisonment for life. The man has
been successful In securing a new
second trial, and tho bullet will be
usedsas evidence In the trial.
Ex-Mayor Ames, of Minneapolis, Be
ing Sought for In Louisville.
I oulsville. Ky Dec. 9. The sheriff
of Minneapolis, assisted by the local
police, has been searching the city
to find and arrest ex-Mayor Ames, of
Minneapolis, for whom a requisition
has been Issued. They believe now
that he has gone to Boston. His bond
has been withdrawn and he is now a
fugitive from Justice.
Kentucky Lad Sentenced to Death for
Killing Chum.
Lexington, Ky., Dec. 9. The jury
in the case of the Obrlen boy burglar,
who, with hla partner, killed Chlnn,
returned a verdict this afternoon that
the boy was guilty and fixed the pen
alty as death. Obrlen was unmoved
by the decision.
The Natural Kind of an Excellent
Grade Found.
Livingston, Mont., Dec. 9. A natur
al gas well has been discovered in
the coal measures, two miles west of
this city. The well apparently, Is of
great proportions. The gas is declar
ed by tho mining men to be of super
ior quality.
No More Slave Girls.
Washington, Doc. 9. The president
today sent to the senate a general
inmitiatinnnl ncrronmpnt In thn shane
commenced soon auur um uijbwhb. "
under the supervision of Frank W. Of a treaty -tor tu. PP. ir'
fie In girls for illegitimate purposes.
Zero Weather In Kansas.
Topeka, Kan., Dec. 9. Zero weath
er provalls nearly all over Kansas to
day, "
A Toy Trust.
Now York, Dec 9. A toy manu
facturering trust was formed today,
with a capital of $3,600,000.
Miner McMeigle. Employed
by Markle, Was the First
Witness Today.
Testifies That He Was Ordered to
Work in a Most Dangerous Breast
Rather Than Risk His Life He
Walked Out Was Evicted From
His Home.
Scrauton, Pa., Dec. 9. When the
hearing wasopened this morning the
announcement of tho death of Dr.
Itice, an Independent operator, was
ma do.
Judge Gray paid a tribute to his
memory and said he had beeu one of
the most liberal of the operators.
Miner McMeigle employed by Mar
kle, was the first witness. He testi
fied that once when working in ex
tremely dangerous ground, he com
plained to the superintendent and
said he feared that he would no kill
ed. Ho was told that unless ho
worked that breast ho w.uld he given
no card for any other, as dangerous
ground bad to he worked the same ns
any other.
Rather than risk his life, he walked
out. Shortly after ho was evicted
from his home and followed by an
other miner who since "the strike had
been put to work on ground where
he only makes sixty cents a clay.
Quotations Furnished by the Coe
Commission House -I. C. Majors,
Local Manager.
Minneapolis, Dec. 9. Wheat The
cables come much Armor nt the open
ing, and a material falling oft In re
ceipts removed auy remaining doubt
as to the course ot the market. The
longs weer less disposed to sell and
their holdings, whllo the demand
from the shorts was never much in
evidence, tho general Impression Is
that the trade Is divided as to the
future course of tho market. Tho
close was' strong at le advance. Corn
lo keeping well In line with wheat,
closing c up from tho opening.
Oats continued showing a steady
firmness, closing Rtrong at -c up
from tho opening.
Pork seems to bo In tho hands of
very strong Intorests, prices showing
an advnnce for tho day; t6c in Janu
ary option and 30c In tho May.
Water May Rise to the Danger Point
on Lower Docks Guage Today In
dlcates 12.7 at the Morrison Street
Portland Doe. 9. The river is now
a ta critical stage opposito Portland,
nnd wot wpnther4 mnv cause a rise
that would put the water on the lower
Ash street dock within a week, ac
cording to Forecast Official Deals.
"The guago now, gives the height
nf tho vlvpr Iipi-p nt 12.7." ho said.
"while the tendency Is to remain sta
tionary within the next 24 hours. At
Eugene the river rose a foot within
the past 12 hours, whllo at Salem and
Albany It is falling."
Driftwood gives the gatcmen at
Morrison and Madison street bridges
considerable trouble, and all their
spare time is used In ridding the
drawheads of the tangle of brush,
logs and tree roots that accumulate
there. Sometimes the drift can he
Rhnvorl awav into the current with
the aid of Jong poles, while at others
the passing street car is used in haul
ing the mass Into the stream.
ThPi rainfall so far In December
amouits to 3.86 inches, which, added
torNfa,vombcr's record of 9.94, keeps
tho soil of Western Oregon full of
water, so that what rain falls here
after will seek the streams rapidly.
A good deal depends, therefore, on
the humidity of the Immediate future
as to whether goodB shall be moved
from the lower docks. 'A strict watch
Is being kept by the local weather
bureau officers.
$1,000,000 Worth of Property Destroy.
ed in Heart of City Several Lives
Lost In Cheap Hotel,
Atlanta, Ga., Dec. 9. Firo this
morning in the Am tin Furniture fac
tory in the heart o ftho city, destroy
ed the building at a loss of $600,000,
Six Lives Lost.
It Is now believed that six lives
were losts In the big fire this morn
ing. The property damage, on a re
estimation, is placed at $1,000,000.
Included in the burned area was a
cheap hotel. Firemen struggled
through the smoke, arousing and res
cuing sleepers. They could not gain
onoce n nno ontlrn win sr. Six are
missing and are supposed to have
been sraoiuerea.
Chicago. Dec. 9.
Wheat Opened,
December ....... 7391
May 7CST75T6
December G5(8H
May 43
December ....... 31
May 33
January U'SR
May 1532
Minneapolis, Deo. 9.
Wheat Opened.
December 72Vfe
New York, Dec. 9.-
Wncat Opened.
May S0'4
December 61
May , 49
73 Vi
England and Germany Give
Castro Notice That Ho Must
Pay or Fight.
Wheat In Chicago.
Chicago, Dec. 9. Wheat 73.
Dispatch Received at the 6t.ite De
partment From Minister Bowen,
Confirming the Presentation of the
Ultimatum Turn Over Their Busi
ness to American Minister.
Washington, Dec. 9. A loug dis
patch was received at tho stato de
partment this morning from Minister
llo'won ut Caracas, confirming tho
presentation of an ultimatum from
(lennany and Britain to Venozuola,
and tho departure of tho representa
tives to tho gunboats.
Doth legntlons turned over nil tholr
records and business to tho American
Shortly after Ilowen's message was
received the German embassy at
Washington loft a communication
rrom tho British embassador to Secre
tary Hay containing presumably a
formal notlilentlon of the nctlon of
Germany and Ililtuln. Al tho cabi
net meeting this morning tho Vono
7,uclnn affairs wero dlsciiBsed.
Hartford Poultry Show,
Hartford, Conn., Dec. 9. High
grade poultry and pet stock of every
....Li., fiiiu Va rnl(apnm whom thfe
sixth nnnual show of tho Manchester
Poultry Association opened touay uir
An niicnlolmia onn rllllnnn. The sbflW
continues through the rest of tho
week aud from all indications win
prove the most notauio anair oi uu
kind ever given in Connecticut.
To Destroy All.
icahirwrtnn tipo. 9. The secretary
of agrlculturo'has sent instructions to
Dr. Salmon or me uurrau ji nuwm.
un.ira mho in nersonallv superin
tending the work of fighting tho foot
and mouth disease epioemio m i"
England, to aesiroy an uiiiujam
fee ted.
Discuss Venezuelan Situation.
London. Dec, 9. A cabinet meeting
was held today for the discussion of
the Venezuelan situation.
John Gomana Was First Speaker
Believed That the Unions Had a
Right to Demand Higher Wages,
But Should Not Stipulate the
Amount of Work to Be Done.
New York. Dec. 9, Grover Cleve
land entered tho civic fedorntlon
meeting immediately preceding tho
opening this morning and warmly
greeted Bishop Ireland and Mark
Hanna. Ho declined 'a seat on tho
John GomaiiB, who under the direc
tion of Carroll Wright, has charge of
tho Investigation of tho question of
tho restriction ot -he output of tho
United States, watf-the first Bpeaker.
Ho said that the question must bo
separnte from that of wages and be
lieved that tho unions had a right to
demand high wages, hut unfair re
strictions came when members stipu
lated how much work tho mombers
could do.
Chicago Professor Kept a Turtle's
Heart Muscle at Work for 72 Hours
After It Was Removed From the
nhlrncn. Dec. 9. The discovery of
a new means of causing rhythmic
beats In a strip of heart muaclo Is an
nounced from tho University of Chi
cago. The stimulus Is oxygen, and
Dr. David J. LInglo is the rllscoveror.
Ho has been working on the lines of
Professor Jacques Inch's annouueo
raent, made two years ago, that a so
lution of salt would stait a heart to
It long lias been Known tnai uiu
hnrt lu ovtrnnmlv sensitive to oxy
gen, and to carbon dioxide, the gas
produced in vitiated air. But hereto
fore the action of oxygen has been
thought to bo confined to tho purlfl
cation of the blood. Dr. Ungle shows
that this gas has been the power di
rectly to sustain tho beats of a strip
or in. mi t nuiHolG removed from the
body of a turtle and to keep it going
for more than 24 to vz nours, .vuu
then the muscle stopped only because
.licanlntlnn Kft lii and In fact, tho
strip continued to beat for 24 hours
of tho 7Z with part or ll airoauy ueu.
Annual Exodus of Scandinavians for
the Old Country.
Chicago, Dec. 9 Tho annual exo
dus from tho Northwest and the Mid
dle West of Scandinavians who return
to the mother laud for Christmas hol
idays, Is unusually heavy this year.
A specie' train that left Chicago for
Won, Vnitf onrrfpd GOO Of tllCSO eXCUr-
sionlBts to Norway and Swoden. Tho
train, which was eiaporaieiy avuitav
;d with tho flags of the United States
and Norway and Sweden, carried a
brass band. Practically all of tho ex
cursionists wft lreturn to tho United
States and a large number of tbem
have arranged to brJpg kinsmen with
them on tho return trip.
n.i,n. Vnn, hrnthfir nlavS
golf, does he not? Slnnlckson Yes,
t. ..... r.t rA ,7 .9.
but I assure you uu a jvh.-..j
tlonal In every othor respect. Phila
delphia Press.
Occurred at 2 p. m. Today 3000
View the Body Many Distinguish
ed Guests Short Service,
Portland, Me., Dec. 9. Tho funeral
of Thomas II. Heed occurred nt 2
o'clock thls afternoon. It Is nstlmat.
ed that 3000 peoplo vlowcd tho body
whero it Iny In stato In the First
Parish church during thn two liouni
Tho casket waB draped in tho Stars
nnd Stripes and surrounded by im
mense heaps of flowers from all ovor
tho Enst.
Tho distinguished guests wero Gov
ernor Crnno, of Massachusetts; Gov
ernor Hill, of Maine, nnd Congress
men Littlellchl, Allen and Ilurlelgh.
Tho entire service was soverely un
ostentatious, requiring only a half
hour's time. The body was laid to
rest In tho family vault.
To Promote Negroes' Welfare.
Chicago, HI., Dec. 9. Tho American
Protective league, an organization of
colored people designed to buy land
and found communities to give em
ployment to negroes, Is holding Its nn
nual convention lu Chicago this
week. Those in attendance represent
many parts of tho country and In
cludo somo prominent leaders of tho
colored raco. Joseph W. Hendurson,
of Providence, It. I., founder nnd pres
ident of tho leaguo, Is In rharge of
tho proceedings,
To Discuss Child Labor,
Charleston, 8. 0., Dec. 9. Tim In
ternational Association of Factory In
spectors began Its sixteenth annual
mooting In this city today with Jamos
Mitchell, of Montreal, presiding. The
sessions will continue several days.
Tho principal matter of consideration
Is lli question of stato or national
legislation providing for safety appli
ances in factories to provent opera
tives from being Injured. Tim con
vention will also discuss child labor
In mills and factories,
Art Exhibit at New Orleans.
New Orleans, I a-, Doc. 9. Thn sev
enteenth annual exhibition of the Ar
tists' Association nf Now Orleans was
opened to the public today and will
continue through the remainder oi
Id Thn iililliltifln tllln vdar
is the best In tho history of the asso
ciation and embraces a )arg niiinbe."
of tho best works ot iiru'inHirary
American artists.
Ontario's Branch Line,
Kingston, N. Y., Dee. 0. Tho new
Kllonsvllle & Kingston branch of tho
Ontario & Western railroad is now
practically completed and It Is ex
pected to open the line for rognlar
passenger and frelsht traffic early
next week. Th'o handsome new pas
senger station In Ibis city t midy
for service.
TJie value of the Coinmuiy'a owrnt
Ing cm thn mother lode Is m Ma,
bated on thetame capital as South Plo
GolumUa $1 per share
E. and E. OOo per share
North Pole $5 per share
Golconda started at lOo new oell-
lng at 60q and worth more
South role is starting at too
The Urn y Is cm the ftwtefr
- V . . 1... ..II i, ,1 .r.iifilia
il)K Of StOCK, niiwntj"