East Oregonian : E.O. (Pendleton, OR) 1888-current, December 02, 1902, DAILY EVENING EDITION, Image 5

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Lee TeimilseilTfe
Christmas Bargains
m Christms goods. You want to buy a Coat, Jacket
or some nice winter wrap for a Christmas Gift to
some of your DEAR friends. Don't fail to come in
and see the Holiday Bargoins we are now offering
$8 Jackets to close at 5.50
$10 Jackets to close at $6.75
$11 Coats to close at 7.50
S15 Coats to close at $11.90
$16 50 Coats to close at $14.65
$18.50 Coats to close at $15.85
e . 7c a ,7t
V 111 U - m j - --y w . - p
Whitaker, the dentist.
Oyster cocktails at Gratz's.
Olympla oysters at Castle's.
Men's half soles, 75c. Teutsch.
I-adies' half soles, 40c. Teutsch.
All kinds of shoe repairing at
Nice furnished rooms for rent; 407
West Alta street.
Send the Pendleton Indian robes to
J your friends for Christmas.
Send the Pendleton Indian robes to
Proved That He Did Not Steal Any
Tim Townsend has been discharg
ed by a Jury at Canyon City on the
charge of horse stealing. Townsend
is quite well known here. U-ist
spring he was arrested in Pendleton
and taken to Canyon City on the
charge of selling several head of
stolen horses from the ranges of
Grant county at La Grande.
Quite a sensation was sprung 'when
he was arrested as it was rumored
that some very Influential men In the h
two counties might be implicated in By
. v. i i 1 i avi i it i 111
had been going on in Grant, Harney yy
and Umatilla counties, Townsend
Price Now
was arrested here and turned over to!t"h
a Grant county official, who came'Q
over to take him back to the scene ' yy
of the crime. The feeling was so In-! By
tense against suspected horse thieves i Ull
ir. the three counties that it was hint
ed that the officer would not reach
his destination with the prisoner alive
as the evidence then pointed very
strongly toward Townsend's guilt.
Alter the officers had left here, how
ever, with Townsend, the report was
sent in from Ukiah that a vigilant
committee had met the officer and
Townsend near the Grant county line
taken the prisoner from the officer
ana lynched him. This report held
I good for several hours before being
authentically denied.
Townsend was tried jointly with
W. J. Itoblson on the charge of steal-
25c Ladies cashmere hose . 3 or 50c
50c Ladles Jersey ribbed vests and pants 25c ea
35c Ladies wool fascinators J 8c ea
35c Childrens natural wool vests and pants J 8c ea
75c 44-lncfa wide wool cheviot suiting 48c yd
$J.OO 50-inch wide all wool canvas salting 79c yd
75c All wool walsting 42c yd
tOc Heaviest outing flannel J4yds$(
$ J. 85 56-inch heavy kersey suiting $ J. 39 yd
7c For best apron checks the other fellow charges . . 5c yd
5c to 7c Per yard for best calico at the others, here 4c yd
ing nve geiaings ana two mares, i yy
driving them to I-a Grande where they BB
were sold. He proved to the satisfac-!yH
A Howard, farm loans.
Try Gratz's clam chowder.
Eastern oysters at Castle's.
LUimmn e fnr Mcnra and tolvacco.
t T U. U UU - w O " "
Hot wienerwursH and saur kraut at ! your friends for Christmas
Gratz's The Delta candy factory makes its Townsenoys release only a. few mln
nroeenes alwavs fresh at the own candies. N'one more delicious. .,.. rtpither-itlr.n hv tho tnrv
Standard. ' Lady wants work; 202 Cottonwood,
Have your shoes repaired at j next door to Wheeler's photograph
Tenvch c " I gallery.
Olympia Eastern and Cove oyste;s stick candy "like your mamma used
it Gratz's. ! to buy' when a child" made fresh at
Most exquisite bon bon boxes atTne Delta.
Tte Delta. The new telescope hat In black aud
Preserves that are delicious at theipearl just arrived by express at the
Baacard Grocery. j r eopies vt creuuusc.
Send the Pendleton Indian robes to, bay: it your eyes irouuie
any way. consult neiihei ,
tlon of the jury that ho was not im
plicated with Robison in the stealing
and was only a hired man by Robi
son and had no Interest in the band
of horses sold. This, the state was
unable to disprove and It resulted In
utes' deliberation by the jury.
Roblson's trial will follow Town
We advise early shopping on the above goods as some
of the lines are limited in quantity
jour friends for Christmas,
Imported limburger and Swiss
cheese sandwiches at Grate's.
No Chinese cooking at Phillips' res
taurant Everything tastes good.
Tour suits will be the heighth of
lublOD if made by Slebert & Schulz.
Hees" cigar store for smoking arti
cl cr all kinds. Patton's old stand.
Thirty day clearance sale on all
winter millinery at Mrs. Campbell's.
Wanted G-entleman roomer. Can
get hoard if desired. Inquire at this
Hays cigar store, Maloy's old
stand" neadquarters for smokers' suit
pwts D- Biakesieo s office removed to
Judd building. Main and Court
ftreets, room 20.
In Blakeslee's office removed to
Judd building. Main and Court
itreets room 20.
Freeh English walnuts, pecans, al
monds and all kinds of nuts at the
Standard Grocery.
Alfalfa hay for sale Leave orders
ith Dave Ingram, at E, O., or De
tott Co.'s store.
Tor Sale Lodging house, 12 rooms
ill ihree late nn Mnin street Good
Ftperty a bargain E. T. Wade.
The Daily East Oregonlan Is on sale
Portland at the Rich news stand in
"sn Pprfcirts arid at the Hotl Port-
you in I
tlon; 120 Court street.
Ssnei and Children.
The mother who is so busily en
gaged in other affairs that she must
Intrust the care of her children to
nurses and hirelings should be per
fectly sure of the character and good
sense that these uncertain individuals
possess. The impressions, good or bad,
that are received In childhood are so
lirmly fixed that no amount of preach
ing aud teaching in after years can en
tirely obliterate them. It is a serious
crime to frighten a trusting little child
by threatening to call in the most
The Mother and the Lover Who It
Wooing Iter Daughter.
It is always an open question as to
whether mothers should select bus-1
bands for their daughters. Of course
the eye j tnere ;l jot to pay 011 l0tn smes. So
fur us the mother is concerned, it is un
deniable that really she lb In the better
position to judge the qualities of a
young man than the daughter. The
mother looks at the lover with un
biased views. Hers Is no great ro
mautic love dream. Her time for that
has long gone by, and today she stands
us a guardian to her daughter, watch
ing her Interests and always wary of
undesirable suitors. She herself ha
benefited by the experience of her romantic-
period, and It Is to the better
ment of her daughter that she has
made up her mind to step between her
Tib Pipue WareOn!
. .
f -tlttl till tlt-tltl I. , . w ...- t- .-.-.-.--.------.'- -'-- -"-'- ,"' -'---------.- - ..'.-j
The Arnlilnn Muhln."
That most fiisclnnting' book, "The
Arabian Nights' Untertalument," is uot
the work of any one man or uieu, but
bluiply a compilation of Arabian folk
lore tales, doubtlets told In the bazaurs
by professional raconteurs so often us
to make them history. These tales have
Buffered many alterations and In their
present form show traces of translation
to Ugyptian soil. The date of the ac
cepted version is not earlier than 1450
A. I). The book was tlrst Introduced
into L'urope through a translation from
Arabic Into the French by one Autoluu
Galland in 1704. The manuscripts used
by hiul bore the date of 154S.
A Sale of Books
The Delicacies
of the season arc always
found at our restaurant.
A I 'present we have
Lightning shuns water, according
to the experiments of Professor Trow-
and any suitor who appears to her uu- i In idee, of Harvard, with a voltage of
hldt-ous object that the inma or nn i satisfactory Of course the daughter 1 6,000,000, which gave n sharp spark
ignorant being can conjure up in order j has her own views on the subject, but seven feet long,
to compel It to obey through fear, undoubtedly If for one moment she
Tales of bogles and weird creature were to sit down to analyze her feel
should be forbidden topics in the nurs- jng8 jt would not take her long to come
ery, and the maid who delights in ter-1 to the conclusion that she had forgot
rorlzlng her little charges with stories i ten everything for love. What does
of ghosts and other fearsome things 1 BUe care whether he has money or
that make the children shudder vrheD
nighttime comes should be instantly
dismissed, for many a case of spasm
and convulsion has been caused by
these frightful recitals.
Grand Operatic Extravaganza
Tttne MS
ttaiiry SSrD
Servants In Germany.
Servants have a hard time of It in
Germany. If a girl leaves her place
before the time specified, she risks u
fine. If she refuses a place after ha v.
ing accepted it, she is liuble to be tined
and perhaps get five days imprison
ment Few of the servants have a
room to themselves. Many of them j into Imsty and rvgn-ttalili'
what faults he may have? She like
his appearance, his conduct seems per
fect lit fact, she Is desperately In love.
And with a girl In this condition all
arguments are futile.
Then it Is the duty of the mother to
step lu with tactful diplomacy. It is
not necessary for the mother to rutd)
in and say. "I forbid you marrying
rbl mini" Of oiirsi- any irirl with
spirit would Immi'diaiely make up her
mind thai, run If lliny had to live on
nothing. shc'Hould murry thf man of
her choice. Many girU hsve rushed
New and Popular Hooks
$J.I9 to $1.25
Handy Volumes in Classics
J5c, 20c, 25c
rit r r i I Nsver was our line so complete
S0.5U OllOe ValUeiper and l.nen books, fully il-,
' lustrated, rc to $1,69
Finest Oysters f Frog
Legs Clams f Crabs
and Lobsters f
and other salt and (resli
water foods . . .
The French
That Excel all Others
deep anywhere in the bathroom, the j yimply ou nccount of this tn-ntiueut.
passage or in the kitchen. Others in.- j mother should tuli. ijuletlj to bir
habit garrets where the roof slopes' so daughter In love, urue points for and
that they cannot stand upright Some- against quietly, but decisively
times the window only opens on to the j Then pfiiiiipn your daughters ms
staircase or Into another room. In w-iu be open to the truth. Tin t- ' ns
isome places the sleeping aparrmenta j 0f rushing anywhere with her lo.vr
can only be reached by a ladder. Oc-; v-111 give place to the more tober idea
caslonally two or tnore sleep in the that there me other iiit-redients in tin
( same room, which la also used for the ) structure' f marriage besides love.
I trtorlng of old things, lumber, dirty i iernit the greatest mistake a
j linen, etc.
Books for Boys and Qirls
Henty, Alger, Alcott arui many1
other excellent books 25c to ri 25,
S T O RA a &m
1 Telephone Main 4.
aid Tuesday
Dec 1 and 2
PRICES: 50c, and 25c
T Mend n Meklnlub.
I To mead a mackintosh prepare a ce
' mem by dissolving some shreds of pure
i India rubber In naphtha to a stiff paste.
I Apply a little of it to each edge to be
Jolued; lay the mackintosh on some
thing flat, bring the edges together and
place a weight on them until the ce-;
ment has hardened, when it will be.
found to be neatly mended.
We satiifv the greedy value
hunters with Good Shoes
mother mahes is trying to impress j
thf fHclw llMill H OllllgflttT jui ni in
... i . i
vwvn iiic.iiM in. j uis inirusiou is ai
wuys resented. Walt until that soul
absorbing Idea of love has cooled
down. Thcu speak to her calmly.
Common sense will very probably pre., Wh FamlIleg are Shod,
vail, and the resolt will be happlnes. .
- Exchange,
Boston Store I
f Nothing can be more appropriate or add more to the pleas
tires of life in the home than a hih grade piano. Tlu te ig
j no reason why a piano should not hi- in every home. Our
I easy payment plan makes it possible. Drop in and learn of it
Warcroom on Court Street
!' MtHtimn
Good hot chocolate and improved beef tea
are a hobby with us, and only
This is one third seasoned with hot soda.
Better than ever, but always good.
65 Steps From Main St., Toward tne Court House
Sollrd Furniture.
Did you ever use vluegar and miter
with which to wash your dirty furni
ture? It will cut the dirt like magic,
but it must not be allowed to remain
on a moment I gel ready for tbirj
work by having a basin of vinegar
and water and a saucer of linseed oil,
and In each there is a flannel cloth. I
apply the vluegar, wipe It off, rub In
the linseed oil, then polish with a dry
piece of flannel, and the results are al
waya very satisfactory. Old flannel
which has been washed too often to
leave wool on the furniture Is fine for
this, ns well as for washing windows.
Did you ever try it? If your furni
ture Is very old. apply a little aBphal-
turn varnish, and If jour windows j
won't look clear and bright nnM them
with hot water containing a little
washing soda, wipe with dry flannel
and polish with soft paper. I eave all
the old paper uapk!u with which to
polish windows and mirrors, und I
never use soap when 1 J u l ,'?' soda,
II M Hiwji 'ii 1 H 'e. n
Gray's Harbor Com. Co.
Opp. W. & C. R. Depot
Oysters, fresh everv day,
received in the shells dt-
rect from our own beds.
When getting figuret from
others on that lumber bill of
yours, don't forget to come
and see us. We carry a large
stock of all kinds of
Building Material
including shingles, door, win
dows, moulding, screen door6
and windows In fact, every
thing that is found in a first
class lumber yard,
We have closed our retail oyster
house in the Golden Rule Hotel
building, and will devote our en
j tire attention to supplying the
public with fresh oysters by the
, pint, rpjart or gallon. Depot in
i Fechter's confectionery store, 231
. Court street, Pendleton, We
I wholesale oysters in the sack or
I car load. Oysters served on the
' half shell by the plate.
Wachsmtfth Bros.
Despam & Clark
Wholesale Com
mission Merchants
Office in li, O. Building
We have space in pur fire and
frost proof warehouse for
rent. Call on us for prices,
We are prepared to supply
the retail trade with oranges.
lemons, onions, potatoes, uay
mania nnrl frit ltd O fl t VmCtDtt H.
hies of all kinds,
Come, Get Our QuoUtlrWk J