East Oregonian : E.O. (Pendleton, OR) 1888-current, December 02, 1902, DAILY EVENING EDITION, Image 4

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CefcN2fejSMS ncS3SS3SSSSSSSI Qne, ne ral? v 1 a cop t ed . Is that a
I iSaffllgaCr P'rfcfM'CIT II ns ri l C2 ith a friend that he could make anyj
Ladies Pocket Books
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Ladies Pocket Books
Sennits Daa ttDne OolDari'
(.aoios rocKOi books
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member of congress known from one,
lend of the country to the otuer iuu
a year Ochiltree was then a member
lot the house of repesentat'ves from
$ Ladles Pocket Books
The correspondent picket! out
Ochiltree, a redheaded man good
story teller and fond of notoriety asj
his protege. Then he began to send i
to his paper good stories some of
which were Ochiltree's and mac of
which were not: and It was not long
Ix'forp Ochiltree became a personage
to be quoted, interviewed and sought
after ;
ubber Goods
Brock & MoCvmas Company
i-ie mdew Display
Ochiltree, however, did urn. I to
keep himself In the public eye He
was particular never to divulge his
age. It was said he was bore In Texas
in He was the son of Judge
William B Ochiltree, a distinguished
lawyer and one of the founders of the
means but when he joins the dizzy TeMg repubIlc when he was 15.
whirl of lady lobylsts. professional years old he volunteered as a private
besan and social functions of the In the Texas Rangers, commanded oj
nollnl nlinl will l.n rt lutiir tnr C3ptaiU John G.
the fryln
Good advu-e is like snow: the
softer It falls, the longer It
dwells upon, and deeper It -sinks
into the mind. Colerigde.
You will have to pay to fight In
Helix after this year. She is on the
road to self-government and munici
pal dignity.
Walker and served
,w ,,. , .,. the campaign against the Apaotu
h- - ""-land Comanche Indians :r. ana
- the shifting wind that blows the;iss;.
I smoke into your eyes no matter.
. where you turn? Before he was 21 he was editor of
I ' I the Jeffersonian and was a delegate
to the national conventions at Charles
j The fair appropriation will be an ,on aai Baltimore. In the Civii War
J additional tax, to be sure. But what ; he was on the staff of General Tom
" farmer would hesitate to tax himself Green and General Dick Taylor, on
: ..1 , v, ,.,0, ' the Confederate side, and won distlnc-1
" " " ,tion as messenger for Gene-a! Long-.
It would be an adaitiun to his parlor? . street.
If this luxury will add aught to the ... '
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enlightenment, enjoyment or satisfac-; After serving a term as United
r , ,t., n. . 1.., 1 States marshal in Texas. Ochiltree.
nu .... Ul ,went t0 AUh0Ush a republl-
Seattle, following the example of;"st of one dollar per capita will bejean ne wa9 elected sheriff of Gal
La Grande, has closed the gambling ! no barrier. Westerners do not let the I veston, a democratic stroughoiu and
houses. Reallv. the Sound cltv has ' "almighty dollar" turn them aside for a time was commissioner of lm
so much business on hand that she .'from their determination to enjoy Sg?D from
has little time for morality. every good thing that promises ! ' .
j knowledge, pleasure or lasting bene-
The Place to Save iMoney
Prodt is
sneers answer no questions. 10 , fit to lhe country at large
make faces at 4TO.oHl socialist votes the iast consideration.
In the United States does not reduce,
the number nor prevent a further in-; l rur3, lree aelWery has improved
create. Really. It looks as if some-j,,e social condition in the country
thing were going to happen. ! districts by encouraging more exten-
.... . slve communication among the
Snow in
mand for
Texas is
erecting a
, pie. by bringing
the farmers
Into ,'
slnc the war. while Umatilla county
is still wearing a fourth of July shirt,
and thinks seriously at times, of trad
inc this for something cooler.
Publicity will not deter the trusts
from the erTor of their way. In fact,
they seera to be like a bad scandal in
a neighborhood :
about them, the
I llwtll- T ri It O V rf ItVi ttia huotnnec ndntavc
I of the country, would not cheaper , happens that the
1 nuiruuu Hires ana reuucea postage.
' further encourage this splendid ten
; dency. If the fanners could enjoy
Marriage is very largelv an accidtnt
In few cases do men or women set up a
standard of manly or wotnanh excellence
and choose by it. Ia most cases people
becoms engaged as the result or" pro
pinquity ratiierthan because of any deep
rootea preiereu
Is reached n BYERS' BEST Better flour cannot be made.
The cream of the wheat crop enters in Byers' Best
. Flour, which is right for bread and
Fane Baking
one cent postage, and two cent fares
or an occasional pass) would it not
bring the different parts of the conn-
the more you talk try into closer relations diffuse a
worse they become. ' knowledge of current hanpenings and
Advertisement is what they desire.
The Salt Lake Valley was more
destitute of vegitation. more utterly
sterik-. than any of the arid districts
of Eastern Oregon, yet Industry, ir-l
ricatton, perseverance and .Mormon-j
Ism has made it an earthly paradise.
conditions more generally over the 1
land, and bring about a social and j
business change that would be better
fur the masses? While we are saving
the forests and storing the floods we
sn also prune down the railroad
tares and freight rates, and make a
! talk for one cent letter postase. with
An Irish leader in parliament says : i versatility and grace.
"Those who own the lands will own!
the government of the country " But
the webfoot farmer dfsasrreees with
him. On this side of the water, those
who own the land pay the tae. but
the other follow runs the government.
wile enter, uoon
the obligations of
matemitv just as
tboughtless.lv as
she entered on the
mamage relation,
because no one
has wanted her
or" the dangers she
Thousands o:
women become
invalids for lack
of knowledge of
themselves. It is
to this large body
01 women that Dr 5?
Pierce's Favorite;
comes as a priceless boon, because 1:
cures womanly ills.
"Favorite "Prescription" establishes
regularity, dries weakening drams, heals
inflammation and ulceration and cures
female weakness. It makes wsak womeo
strong, sick wotneiywell.
After my first child w bora " wnte Mrj
Jordan Stoat, of Kawttgnp, Frcdcrick-Co.. Va.
"my bsnltb was very poor for a iou time, and
in; wiaier i wai Mamm pain ao n m tack
Mil 1?
W. S. Byers, Proprietor.
Don't ...
Pendletta h
The same biming iraiaxy of beau
ties' that swooped down upon the
Now Tork horse show, took posses
sion of the galleries at the opening
of congress. When the ball opens in
Washington, to some of the old tariff
James, there will be as much high
that the greatest burden falls
those whose sole wealth Is In land
and stock, which cannot be hidden
away in vaults nor Insolvency ac
counts, it might bring about some
improved methods of taxing the vast
Incomes of inheritance!). Insurance
stepping and prancing, to amuse the I corporations and other sources of
galleries, as there was on the New ; .. Pai:i; i: a tarming communities
York tracks. j should defeat the fair appropriation.
i 1,1,0 , , if all those who enjoy the business
iviuno nvn aa u tut; uiiiac Ul mi :
Thf Grangers In Western Oregon
are making some show of opposition
to the fair proposition, on the
grounds that It will In: an additional
tax ..non the farming .IHtrict. It is! J,.1? 0VSLr55
a true story of all modern taxation, i i""pti'jn aoi a tU! of bii Pitasont
Tetlets ' whKr. ! n--l jdirtel InfuortUri
upon 1 "as greauv rtuevci; ami now after liiinj, tne
mnuuar uie monio, i Ktra to emu M'.
well. I can't see why it U that thire t,
many sufierinj wemen when there i s i
easy war to be tureu. I know yuur :sedicii
are the ts:n the worM."
Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets the- fa
vorite family laxative. One 'Pellet' s
laxative, two ' Pellets ' a cathartic dose.
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C C A "R "P for SHARP New Ideas.
niir Opera House Block.
'1 privileges and protection of the state
should be made to pay an equal share '
of the cost of government, there!
would be no kicking against public
appropriations. But as long as there
1 Is injustice there will be kickers.
tisanlsra would still keep the people
of the Southwest territories out of
the Union. In the name of Roosevelt,
who stands for rigid righteousness In
politics, war and private life, cannot
justice rise paramount to narrowness ,
and give a healthful glow to the
cheeks of legislation? The country:
is sick of the cadaverous touch of the Thomas P. Ochiltree, colonel by
partisan eorpse. t birth, warrior, atateman. journalist,
- , diplomat, promoter, bon vivant, racon-
Newt Williamson has herded sheep teur and riend of the rich, was as
on the Crook county hills and knows 'wel1, knovVb ln and "
.v. . . , continent as he Was In Washington,
what frying flap jacks and bacon an Now York and Texas, his hlrthnlace
a smouiaenngr.re maue or wet wood
i .
frtAHA 11- fft m ir..
Dr rrrin. Jle tn, jo-:
LH-ar Sir: 1 h vu v. . i
thfOUKh the rlrn.trlrn h. ... IS!...Z
I anoth r boltle ot ynar rile trwetfi.-
uinTt Len a ufjerer Tom tl.era
1 fr ma-y yeara I taw ibe at" In
I, north of Sfaltle to I nnt don to
U ba htlpedme very mm h, more
Vni'lV" nl,h' S I bi eyero.ed
and i bare been ery abxiooa loiu
another bottle.
II S, Cbandier
Weii cooked meals tuid a warm house go a good ways in
making a cold dreary winter comfortahle and bright. "Our
stoves will cook good meals and our heaters will make the
coldest building warm and comfortable
I The Thompson Hardware Co.
j Cemlsf kuxruij
jtf where U will bt!(l
J Wroat.earB.iln
j a QUUrhudtiBt
thclu ut Kile
or two horn. Sroa""
plonB. BT"1
the tit ttrttt tu;
ateau at ixs.
New York and Texas.
There are several explanations as to
Is appreciated b.
We are is
n... f.. . w. mfc lailllll in WJlllCJ.
wui luiimure manes it a cozv anH l,n,lt.. r...
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room into a handsome one, y 5 33red to oof'1
(S cies.
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offenpg thi s year an unapproachable collection.
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jew guy
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Our ex-
AliiS 114 ,1 IVV
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TT IT TT IT T7 TT Tt t--y rr v -
" wJ-k u bTIlKOT