East Oregonian : E.O. (Pendleton, OR) 1888-current, December 02, 1902, DAILY EVENING EDITION, Image 3

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    r rsnODS at Alexander's. t
I at Substantial Savings
i.i PcnnC snouiu uc j ....... .
fct s oceiii b Mink. Beaver. Raccoon.
Collarettes, Scarfs, Boas in all the new shapes
L o price? -
i;n Fur Collar $1.98
1.50 ur scan .o
US Fur Boa 3 5b
iftFur Boa 6.00
rur tsoa. o.w
no per cent discount sale on Ladies
I continues.
inder Dept. Store
Clearance Carpet Sale at Failings. If you
It, rugs, lace curtains, portiers, wall paper, you
It such low prices again.
Indard, White, and Wheeler & Wilson Sewing
il, nedles and parts lor all machines. - A rust
r for machine and organs.
Phone Main 24
has built up a pood trade. Mr. Sando
has also recently completed a new
residence, which Is one ot the neat
buildings of tho town.
M. J. Cockerllne and George V.
Hcwett, eaeh have drug stores. M. J.
Cockerllne has been in the business
three years.
Charles Stanton owns a feed mill
with a capacity of about 15 tons of
grain n day. He supplies the local
market. ,
Frank Stanton has a livery stable,
one of the best arranged In this sec
tion of tho country.
Mr. Platzoedor has the meat mar
Vet. He buys from local cattlemen
and stockmen and has a good trade.
D. Howard runs the barber shop. 1
Charles Alspach has the saloon. He
opened up business last April and is
doing a good business.
C. E. Bott runs a confectionery and
billiard hall combined. j
Dr. John Griswold has been the
loccal physician for 20 years. j
The Helix Hotel, by Ed Whitman.1
has been established eight years. It
is well arranged. Is run on up-to-date
methods and is doing a good business-'
M. J. Cockerllne also has a hotel.1
This hotel has many patrons and Is a
popular place. I
Ira Julian is the local railroad and'
express agent and is telegraph oper
ator. S. T. Isaac Is postmaster and has
occupied this position through several .
political administrations.
The town of Helix will be Incor
porated at an early date under the.
laws of the state.
A Million Voices I
Could hardly express the thanks of
Homer Hall, of West Point, la. Listen
why: A severe cold had Bettlcd on bis
lungs, causing a most obstinate
cough. Several physicians said he
had consumption, but could not help
him. When all thought he was doom
ed he began to use Dr. King's New
Discovery for Consumption and
writes "It completely cured me and
saved my life. I now weigh 227 lbs."
It's positively guaranteed for coughs,
colds and ' lung troubles. Price 50c
and $1.00. Trial bottlei free at Tall
man & Co.'s drug store
Daughters of Confederacy.
Kort Worth. Texas, Dec, 2. Fort
Worth has opened wide Its gates to
tho scores of fair delegates who have
arrived for tho annual state -convention
of the Daughters of the Confed
eracy. Tho convention will be In ses
sion' during the next three days and
judging from the present Indications
It will be the most successful in the
history of the state society. Austin,
Galveston, Houston, Corslcana, Waco,
Terrell and other cities of the state
have sent large numbers of delegates
who arc being handsomely entertained
by the local members of tho society
and by the people of Fort Worth generally.
An ostrich never goes straight to i
iiO .AA 1..., 1 1 I
with many windings and detours. In
order to conceal the locality from observation.
The coffee habit Is quickly over
come by those who let Grain-0
take Its place. If properly made
it tastes like the best of coffee. No
grain coffee compares with it in
flavor or healthfulness.
At poetri mtjwhere ; He and Sic. pur pick tgt.
Pendleton, Or., Dec 1, 1902
This is to certify that we, the
undersigned, have agreed between
ourselves to establish uniform
prices for the care and board of j
horses by the month.. One horse'
to hay by the month $12.50. One
horse to hay and grain per month
$14. Commencing Dec. 1, 1902. -
G. M. Froome 1
M. J. Carney
S. F. Hays 1
W. Undsey. 1
of Schiitz Beer Sold in
They Are Going to Give
E. Away at The
Boston Store
Ticket With Every Dollar Purchase
This makes us, by over one hundred thousand barrels,
Milwaukee's largest brewers, and Milwaukee, as you
know is the most renowned brewing center in the world..
For fifty years we have doubled the necessary cost
f our brewing that Schiitz Beer might be pure.
We cool Schiitz Beer in .plate glass rooms, and all
the air that touches it comes through air filters.
We age our beer for months before we market it.
That-is why Schiitz Beer doesn't cause biliousness.
We filter Schiitz Beer through wonderful filters,
then sterilize every bottle after it is sealed.
The Beer That Made Milwaukee ramous
lit. t 1 '17 "w