East Oregonian : E.O. (Pendleton, OR) 1888-current, November 29, 1902, DAILY EVENING EDITION, Image 6

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"Lei the GOLD DUST twins do your work."
This would be a cleaner, brighter world It erery
Housekeeper U4M
UttuHtpllam-ymiT pleasures: DWt-Tour
efforts: Suftfracrar-trom your cares; Aatta
to your lite.
uiicasro. (tew rone, notion, 01. uoui.
All the National
Bank Circulation
in the United States could not
purchase the assets of The
Mutual Life Insurance Com
pany of New York.
Yktal clrtuUtlon of ill Nillonll Buikl In the Untied
Suto, Stpttmber so, iosi
its of Tht Mutual Lift Ins. Co. of New York, tit
r than those ol any other com piny in cxisttocc.
organization this Company has paid policy
noiacn orcr
$569 I59000
wile U morn than any .ther company tn the world
ku disbursed.
Write toiiy for " Wh.re thill 1 1 mum 7 "
The Mutual Life Insurance
Company of New Youk
Richaio A. McCvxor, President.
Seattle, Waah.
L ttmber.
All kinds for all purposes.
Sash, Doors and Blinds
Planing of all descriptions done
to otder.
Don't place your order fo
Building Material until you havf
consulted us.
Pendleton Planing Mill and
Lumber Yard,
Let Us Do
Yovt Hauling
We do trucking and hauling
of all description at reason
able prices.
Your horses will be well cared
for if taken to the Old Dutch
l-ienry feed. Yard, corner
West Alta. and Lillith streets.
Hay, grain and all kinds of
feed bought and sold.
Horses for sale at all times.
Successtor to Hays & Connerley.
Oysters, fresh cverv day,
received In the shells di
rect from oar own beds
We have closed our retail oyster
house in the Golden Rule Hotel
building, and will devote our en
tire attention to supplying the
public with fresh oysters by the
pint, quart or gallon. Depot in
Fecliter's confectionery store, 221
Court street, Pendleton. We
wholesale oysters in the sack or
car load. Oysters served on the
half shell by the plate.
Wacbsmwtb Bros.
Telegram Received From Washington
by Postmaster Llvermore Hours
of Delivery and Location of Mall
Postmaster ljot Llvermore received
a telegram from Washington, D. C, at
4: 1C Friday announcing that the free
delivery would be begun In Pendleton
Monday morning.
This was good news to the post
master, as he had promised the peo
ple the free delivery by the first of
December, but had Just about made
up his mind that the thing would
again be postponed.
The naraeB of the carriers have not
yet been given out. The local post
ofllce employes ltnow them, but re
fuse to glvo the names until it fs as
certained whether or not the ones se
lected by the government will accept.
Some of those who took the exami
nations are In some other vocation,
which thoy will not want to glvo up
for the government job. If any of
them refuse to take the position,
others will have to be appointed and
it Is thought best not to give the
names until it Is sure they will take
their places.
The posts have been set and the
boxes will bo placed Monday morn
ing. Thereafter all who have their
mail addressed with their street and
numbers will have It brought to their
doors without further delay. Other
wise residents will have to make
J proper application for the delivery.
Application uianiis are nr. 1110 jiusuu
flce for all to fill out who wish their
mall delivered. When mail has no
street or number these blauks will
have to be filled out and returned
to the postoHlce before the mail can
be delivered. ,
Hours of Delivery.
There will bo three distributions
daily. The first delivery will leave
the postofllcc at G: I5 a. in. and go
only into the business portion. The
second will leave at !) a. ru., which
will go to all the resident and busi
ness portions, while the third deliv
ery will leave the office at 6:45 p, ni.
and will bo 'to the business houses
only. .
There will be no Sunday delivery,
bdt citizens may get their mall by
calling at the office at the same hours
the windows are open now.
Registered letters will be delivered
and carriers will also collect mall if
stamped properly, but the carriers
will not be allowed to tako money
with which to put the stamps on after
arriving at the office. All mall to go
to the postofllee must be handed to
the carriers or put in the boxes at
the various corners, where they will
pe located.
Mail .Boxes.
There will be one dozen of these
boxes, situated as follows: One at
Court and Stonewall Jackson streets,
Court and Vincent, Court and John
son, Main and Webb, Main and Alta
Aula antl Alta, Calvin and Alta, JIapl
and Webb, llush and Jackson. College
and Webb, Cosble and Bluff, Hope
ana (jourt.
With the establishment of free de
livery all one cent letters will be
abolished. Any letter to bo delivered
ln the city must have two cents on It
or it will he held for more postage,
Pendleton Academy and Milton Col
lege Combat for Honors on the Lo
cal Field.
A contest is on this afternoon be
tween the Pendleton Academy and
the Milton Collego football teams, on
the Alta street football grounds.
The collego eleven arrived on the
afternoon mixed train and were taken
from the depot to the grounds in a
'bus provided by the academy man
ngement. The visitors were all ready
dressed for the fray. This Is the sec
ond game between these two teams,
One week ago the academy played the
college team on their own grounds
and defeated them by a score of six
to nothing. The academy team has
strengthened considerably since that
time and it is" thought to bo a harder
foe to cope with than when the first
game was played. The college team
is also said to bo much stronger than
when tho first game was played and
this is making tho game more inter
Judge FIU Gerald Ulves Young Man
an Oppotunlty to Improve His Con
Frank Sherban, charged by William
Harrison with breaking windows out
of his home, was released by Justice
Fitz Gerald Friday afternoon pending
good behavior, Harrison swore out
warrant for the young man early
yesterday forenoon saying that Sher
ban had been annoying him consider
ably lately and ho wished to have it
stopped. Some of the witnesses were
sure thoy saw Sherban throw a stone
through Harrison's window while
others wero Just as suro that it was
not Sherban. In view of tho counter
evldonco, sentence was suspended
pending Sherban's good behavior.
Comet to Pass Near Mercury.
riostnri fnss. Nnv 90, TtaVtiln.
tlons made at tho Harvard University
show that tho comet U, 1902, this
evening will pass within 1,014.000,000
mllos of Mercury. Effects of the dis
turbance upon tho planet can, there
fore bo determined so accurately that
a good value of the mass may bo ob
tained. If Ih OYIIIX'tn.) tiin ramjt urlll
bo vlsiblo after passing Its perihelion.
For Rent.
What '.a known as Jacob's
Knqulye of O. Bf Wade.
This month will be known as particularly a variation of Decembers. 0urat
J I. P. n I I n a rf-v -V 1 L s-x L 11
will far eclipse all former efforts to please me nu uci u. .,c sbck. (
cning need is customers. Let us do business.
Black Goods
$1 25 Silk and Wool Crispet 49c
$1.S5 Vigoune
$1.00 Striped Venetian 8c
$150 White Cord 85c
50c Flannel 25c
$1.25 Victoria S;rge H)c
1 nt lu
Colored Wool Dress Goods
G0c Brown Brillantine 25c
60c Green Brillantine 25c
$1.25 Brown Broadcli th 50c
50c Fawn Flannel lc
7Cc Grej' 3Iixttire 25c
f 1 IT 'A.!
ni IL 1 . I III' 11 V tf II 1 I IS1TI - .... f
$1.25 Grey Serge
(JOc Zibilines
Four Makes of Saline, Silkine and
L H B - B Z h kw H " B "
$18 Grey and Black Suit Latest Style -Good
Quality Rainy Day Skirt
$20 Black Tailor Made Suit, Tucked all over
$15 Tan Monte Carlo Coats, Good Quality -Beaver
Collars, Nicely Made
13 50
Discount on
All Furs
uud ann r.nnsu
Underwear Isss
Than Half Price
mm -mr w mmm "m jmrnr h mm mm
1 m 11
For nilloua and Nervoiia DUordcra.such a Wind and Pain In the Stomach Sltlr M.j.rh.
Oddlr.ee.. fulneaa and Swelllne alter meal.. DliilntM and I Drowilne. 1 cow icmu.'
to be "WORTH A OUINI3A A DOX." BEEOHtM'S Hill V igJSylgHj
Wtak Stomach; Impaired Digestion ; Disordered Liver
tney act like magic- few doe will work wondeta upon the Vital Oreans 1 Sr.nM,.
inc the muicular avatemi retorlncr fh inn.i..i ri..i.J!'!' ff?.?""' ottengtlien
J&,irV of thy human ?m
01 aocieir. ana one t me Deit cuaranteea to the Kervom and Dabtfttated it that
Prepared only by THOMAS BEECHAM, St. liekna , Gng.,and 36S Canal St., New York
SoM Everywhere, tn Boxes, 10 cents ana 25 oents.
Malgnaliireia on erery box of thrRMulnT
book Ih rnntii.l l. .),.f...,.i.... i..L:.i7i..
It ttre 1 ",Wfty8w"nthItiL'outof order-
aZ.t . UB '" a tuorougu, ei
mluatlon of the pipes, drains, steam
ihuiijb, mo,, give an eaw
mate on thn nmt n Y.ir. t. ...-. i,
good worklnjr condition. Our work'
IV. ar cuoipetent and wo Imve evry,
IlOUltJob to a successful Issu-. .
Thn- Plninhar
OourlBt. Opposite tjolden Jlule goto
Dally East nninnnl.n hu rsrrler.
men. ao you
r An (IS M
... h f rial v '
".,' and on un
o 11""
"""" ih 5
a iiouse
and lot 'Il'and K1,
. ..-..ft v ruiwo- . .. ..
A house and tw
a Dlt. flVT .. I
.A dwell me,
Vacant .W.....'
A Mock, 0 tj m
A "Ttaii
IT .
nirn in 1
-Uia remeUy that cure, a cola lu ouo dy.
E. U. vuivt
only 16 cents a wek.