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ED. EBEN, Pt00fi(
-- - vv
feast (jtowvva
Snow fell yesterday In the Missis
sippi basin as far south as Uirmlnsr
ham, Ala.
Three additional Herman cruisers
have been ordered to prlceed to
President Roosevelt observed
Thanksgiving day by taking a long
horseback ride into the country.
Germany unci Great Britain have
determined to take joint action to
collect their claims against Venezue
la. Two men at Bridgeport, Iud., went
to bed at 2 o'clock arter a hilarious
Thanksgiving. They blow out the
gas and the funerals occurred today.
The purchase of millions of acre.!
of Mexican territory along the border
-of the United States, for the purpose
of creating one of tho largest cattk
raising ranches in tho world, is tho hunters tried to find the other one
result of recent negotiations of Amei-) yesterday, but failed to locate It.
lean capitalists, with Utah men as. Young Newton suffered a severe in
prlncipals. I jury to his right leg, where the Hon
A dispatch from Achin, Sumatra, i t0 tlle ,lesu wlth lts ;,aws. ul" lie
announces that Lieutenant IX;kok andlwl" soon recover
45 Dutch troops on board a barge on
a river in tho Interior, wore recently;, , Deafness Cannot Be Cured
attacked by a band of Achlnese. with 'dM' ft"?" or ffiS' ear!" "et
the result that the barge sank and ; only one way to cure deafness, ami that
the lieutenant and 20 men werel1" y constitutional remedies. Deafness la
,i,n,H caused by an Inflamed condition of the
uiowntn. j mucus lining of the Eustachian Tube.
General Manning, of the Hying col-1 When this tube Is Inflamed you have a
iimn wllovml RnhnHp Knmnllhnil rumbling aound or Imperfect hearing, and
mnn, reiH.yeu Hoiiouc. bomallianu, nen t ,g enUreljr closed. Deafness Is the
November 19. He tound 35 per cent u-sult and unless the Inflammation can be
of the men composing the garrison taken out and this tube restored to Its
suffering from malaria fever. The 1 nfrJ'c?!Lni destroy.
-,,.,.,,,. , i ,, ,, ed forever; nine cases out of ten are
Mad Mullah Is In the vicinity of Mu- ratiscd by Catarrh, which Is nothing but
dug preparing to contest and advance an Inflamed condition of the mucus jur
or the British
Secretary of Agriculture. Wilson,
"Thursday Issued a sweeping order di
rected to the managers and agents of
railroads and transportation compa
nies of tho United States, stockmen
and others, notifying them of the es
tablishment of a quarantine on cattle,
sheep and other ruminants and swine
In tho Now England states, and pro
hibiting tho exportation of such an!
mals from the port of Boston until
further orders.
Tho first irrigation work to be
done by the government in Oregon,
will bo dono near Baker City.
The store of A. M. llllams & Co..ueI D of EvansviHe; James
J.h0,DrnneS.' WM rbbe Th"rsday!W. Emerson, of Vlncennes, and Col.
night of $500 in money and goods. , A F Feeti of Culver MMItary ,,.
Tho sword to bo presented by Ore-1 tnte.
gon citizens to Captain Clark, of tho
warship Oregon, will cost $1250. a Startling Surprise.
II. Hastings and W. Smith were ar- Very few could believe In looking
rested lu Portland Thursday for j at A. T. Hoadley, a healthy, robust
rifling tho till of John Cook's saloon. ' blacksmith, of Tllden, Ind., that for
.i i.i titii nrn. '
An unknown citizen of Walla Walla ,
offers $5000 to start a public library
If the city will contribute a like
Telephone connection between
Portland and Vancouver, D. C, waa
cut off Thursday, on account of a
strike of tho employes.
Bertha Wilson, aged 4, was burned
to death at Roseburg, Wednesday
evening, by her clothing catching firo
from a cook stove.
Two sons ot Charles Newton, of
Baker City, succeeded In killing a
large lynx, on Thursday, after a
thrilling light with It
Joe Beaulleu, an employe of the
Portland Flouring Mills, was serious
ly injured Friday Ly falling on parts
of the machinery ho was oiling.
Ezra M. Durand, who was sent to
the penitentiary from Multnomah
county, for forging, six years ago, was
pardoned by Governor Geer on
Thanksgiving day,
Mrs, A. H. Kayler, ot Molala, Or.,
jumped off a trestle on the Southern
Pacific Thursday, and was Instantly
killed. She mistook a lantern for
the headlight ot an engine and bo-
$6.50, $8, $10 to $20
Winter Stfits
$6.00, $0.00 to $20.00
Winter Gfoves,25c to $J.50
Winter Mitts, 25c to $t.25
Mens Caps, 25c to $J.25
Winter Underwear, each,
50c, 75c, t .00 to $3.00
Winter Shifts
50c to $2.50
Baker City Lad Attacked by Enraged
Mountain Lion
Iiaker City. Ore., Nov. 2S. Two
boys, the sons of Charles Newton, of
this city, had a thrilling experience
wtlh a mountain Hon near this city,
Saturday. They were out hunting
rabbits when they came up with the
lion. They weie on horseback and
armed with a shotgun. The oldest
boy, a lad of 1C years, fired at the
animal striking It with a full charge
of shot in the head. The Hon became
enraged and attacked tho boys on the
horse. It caught tho oldest boy by
the leg and dragged him from the
horse. A desperate encounter ensued
between the boy and lion. The boy
clubbed his gun and beat the lion
over the Iiead until he killed It. The
gun stock was demolished, but victory
was with the plucky lad.
The two boys brought the dead Hon
to town. There was another Hon near
by, presumably tho mate of tho one
killed, although ho did not offer to
join in the fray. The gun was use
less and the boys did not try to cap
ture tho second one. A party of
We will give One Hundred Dollars for
any case of deafness (caused by Catarrh)
that cannot be cured by Hall's Catarrh
Cure. Send for circulars, free.
!'. J. CIIB.NKY & CO., Toledo. O.
SolO by Druggists, 75c.
Hull's 'uinllj' fills are the best.
Phi Kappa PsI Alumni.
Indianapolis, lml.. Nov. 2C. There
promises to he nn interesting gather
ing at the Denlson hotel tonight on
the occasion of the annual state din
uer of the Phi Kappa PsI State Alum
ni Association, Among tho persona
who havo accepted Invitations to re
spond to toasts are James Whitcomb
Riley-, A. B, Anderson, of Crawfords
ville; Professor Edwin Rost, of D9
Pauw University; Judge James 11.
Tnnlnn if Mm Riuirninn nrwtrf flini.
ten years ho suffered such tortures
r ' ,, ,, ... .
i uui a ubuiuuiioui ixa t wutu vu-
duro and live. But a wonderful
change followed his taking Electric
Bitters. Two bottles wholly cured
mo," he writes, "and I havo not felt
a twinge In over a year." They regu
late the kidneys, purify the blood and
euro rheumatism, neuralgia, nervous
ness, Improve digestion and give per
fect health. Try them. Only 50 cents
at Tall man u & Co's. drug store.
Wants Single Statehood.
Vlnlta, I. T Nov. 28. Among
those Interested In the statehood
question In Oklahoma and Indian ter
ritories much interest Is manifested
in the convention of tho Five Civiliz
ed Tribes in session today at Eufaula.
Tho Fivo Civilized Tribes aro strenu
ously opposed to tho Indian Territory
being absorbed by Oklahoma or at
tached to any other state and the
purpose of the convention Is to de
velop plans for tho ultimato ad mis-
l slon of the Indlr.n Territory as a state
If llBCIl,
Lost A black, curly haired dog.
Answers to name of "Rubber." Tax
number 199, Reward will be paid
finder by returning dog to Fred Lang
ever. Union saloon, .Court street.
Adams, Ore. Nov. 23. One who
'has stood on tho hill overlooking
Adams on a clear day will never ask
from what source Adams draws her
support. In every direction from this
point, for many miles to the veiy
toothllls, and In the valleys In the
i .... ...... .,u . .1 1 1 ti ir riiiintrv
IllUUIllUllia WUU nrcD
r ti.niann.ii nf nnrfu nf wheat fields:
in spring, green and smooth as a car-
pet. In summer a light grey, ami In
fall a blight brown, lntorspeised heie
and there with piles of straw that give
it the appearance of a vast plateau, i
interspersed here and then- wltu
small rounded peaks.
I "I would not rompau' myseli wim
the devil nor you with the lowly Na
.zarcne, neither is this a high moun
tain with the whole world lying at its
feet, but the lover of beauty, gran
deur and wealth who would not ad
mire the scene belore you is tit lor
treason, stratagem and spoils," said
J. 1 McManus, of the Adams Ad
vance, as ho pointed his linger fioiu
this eminence In a direction out over
the vast region in the vicinity of
Adams .
The Location.
Adams is situated on the O. It. &
N. railioad, about 13 miles fiom Pen
dleton, with Athena six miles beyond.
Kvery Inch of the soil in every direc
tion from Adams Is a grain producer.
The town, although comparatively
small In population, has three largo
warehouses where hundreds of thous
ands ol bushels of grain are stored,
and from which aro shipped annually.
It has a good newspaper, a number of
enterprising business houses, has
good schools and churches, fraternal
organizations .is Incorporated and Is
in splendid llnancial condition
Early Wlieatraising.
Wade Holman and John Adams
were the first settlers. The town Is
principally located' on the tract home
steaded by Holman, but the town was
named for Adams. Holman, like
many of tho other early pioneers was
a whcatralser and Adams a sheep-
raiser. He was practically the pioneer
of the place. The other old-timers
began to stir the soil and experiment
with wheat. Adams made all kinds
of sport or them. He told them that
they were wasting their time, as the
soil would not produce anything but
He even drove about among them
and goodnaturedly advised them to
quit wasting their time. He said ho
did not like to see such good men and
hard workers throwing away precious
moments. He advised them that if
they were bound to work to go to a
place where the soil would produce
something and reward them for their
labors. Hut these old pioneers showed
their "confidence in Umatilla soil by
continuing their efforts. Theie were
soure failures in a measure nt first
it is true; the time for planting, the
summer fallow system all had to be
learned ;the primeval manner of sav
ing the grain by tramping It out with
tho feet, the long haul to Umatilla
landing for market, a hundred and
one things had to be met by the
pioneer wheatraiser. Hut patience
and industry won. The wheat grew.
It ptuduced 30 or more bushels to the
acre. The fame of the country sptead.
Other settlers came. The small
patches" grew into large farms.
More land was taken up and fenced.
In a tew years the doubting Adams
found his range growing smaller, His
sheep had to give way to the broad
ening wheat fields. Tho pioneer sheep
raiser now had the laugh against him,
and in his old days told and enjoyed
tho joke as well as did his old-tlmo
An Old-Timer.
A. McKenzIo is one of the old
timers. Ho came to the community
in 1873, lives two and one-half miles
northwest of town and has S00 acres
in wheat. Ho has raised as many
as 47 Yz bushels of wheat to the acre
and as high as 75 bushels of barley
to the acre. Ho owned tho first
threshing outfit In the country aud
ran It within half a mile of where
Adams now stands. It was a crude
affair, but was considered a great in
stitution in those days. Help was
so scarce that he had to go to Walla
Walla to get help. Tho wheat then
was principally hauled to Umatilla
Live Squirrel "Traps,"
Mr. McKenzle tells about how the
New Books at
Confession of a Wife, by
Mary Adams, the most talk
ed about book of the day.
Castle Caneycrow, by the
author of Graustarh.
The Fortune of Oliver Horn.
The Highway of Fate.
Temporal Power by Corelli,
The Climax.
Madden O'Brien.
Donovan Pasba by Parker.
Paul Kelver by Jerome.
Book Store.
oil) til WOU oil) uo popiw S8JJtlbs
early day' Tlioy literally destroyed
ttic .rol". fonif seasons, nv
nbour stnlilnK cats out in the fields
wild Ikiik cords to lirotert tho wheat
against the squirrel ami then tel a
about how tho encrgetlr squirrels
stole the wheat from the rats. Mr.
UeKenzIo tried to gut a hill before
the legislature requlrlnK earh county
, m- iicmui.v . - -i ,
, ,. ., hiiiiiitv of emu cent lor earn
M,urrr,.i unled. The squirrels were so
mimerous at the time that the people
ll(?l.a,,., that It would bankrupt tiio
,.m,ty to pay the bounty and the mil
was defeated.
Wheat Shipments Today.
Tin- wheat Industry has gtown from
a row wagon loads to Umatilla land
ing in early days to shipments by rail
Horn the town ol Adams of hundreds
of thousands or bushels annually.
Kerr. Glffoid & Co. of Portland, and
the Pacific Coast Elevator Co.. or Tu
coma. all have agents and warehouses
at this place. Kerr, Glffoid & Co..
represented by T. A. Meuallen. have
a warehouse with a caparit yol 125
nOO bushels and thih eomp-ny handles
140.0U0 bushels ol grain annually.
Ualfour, Guthrie & Co., represented
by H. A. Marquis, have u warehouse
200x50 and handles about 70.000
bushels or grain annually. The Pa
cific Coast Elevator Co.. represented
by M. C. Mclntyte, has a warehouse
350x40 foot and handle about 95,000
bushels annually. This company also
has warehouses at Eastland and Ha
vana, nearby stations. Tho warehouse
at Eastland is 200x40 feet and about
75.000 bushels are handled from this
IKJlnt annually The warehouse at
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