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Alfalfa Roots Yield Like They Were
Pipe Stems Rye Grass Has No
Terrors for a Double Disc and
f Three Good Horses.
Quito a number of farmers wen
at Charles Chapman's place yester
day to see the experimental work of
the Deere disc plow tht Is entirely
different from the old-fashioned sulky
and walking plows, and seemed so
slmplo and light that at first sight
one would not think that it would do
effective work In turning over soil.
Therefore quite a number were
anxious to see whether or not It would
do the work as advertised iby the
company selling them.
Ono of the Deere two-disc plows
drawn by three horses, and cutting
20 Inches, was used in the trial. It
was operated by Charles Chapman
who never had before seen or used
such a plow.
Tho first trial of tho soil turning
machine was in an old alfalfa field
where tho roots were thick and as
large as a man's wrist. The work
was made yet more difficult by tho
presence of numerous large boulders
In the soil. The machine cut the al
falfa roots and turned tho soil in the
most approved manner and with but
little exertion by the horses.
The next trial was made in an alka
li field covered with high weeds,
where tho plow worked excellently,
turning under the weeds and leaving
the ground in an even condition.
Tho last trial and tho one that was
Yoar Doctor's Orders to be
effective mast he sapli
mented by pare drags
lf- yourj prescription is
filled by us it contains
nothing but the best in
gredients that your doctor
prescribes for you. We
ever substitute.
Let Marphy Frame those
Pictares for Christmas
Don't put off haviug the
work dene. If Murphy
does the work it will be
good 'work and you will be
highly pleased, Best stock
of framing material.
E. J. Murphy's
Best work at lowest prices.
Look Here
120 acres of wheat land, 3 miles from Pendleton, $3500
600 acres, io miles from station, plenty of water, 316500
160 acres, 10 miles from Pendleton $1500
160 acres, on the river, 7 miles from Pendleton,
35 acres in alfalfa, good house and barn.. .. $4000
Good house on West Alta street JS1100
Good five-room house, north of river, six blocks
from bridge (, 900
Two five-room cottages on West Webb St., each $ 800
Dutch Henry Feed Yard
Good property in city and counlry too numorous to mention, any
location that ono may dosire.
For perfect ftt.
For ease and comfort they
afford women.
For stylish appearance.
For service they give.
For the low prices,
$3 and $3.50
Dindmger, Wilson &
Good Shoes Cheap
tho most difficult, was made in an old
field covered with salt and rye grass.
In places the ryo grass was as high
as a man's head and the grtat
bunches of roots were close together
in an uneven field.
Those present expected to see the
machine broken or the horses stalled
when Mr. Chapman lowered tho discs
and started across the field. nut'
nothing of the sort happened. Tho
horses walked steadily along with
Just a little extra exertion, and tno
machine cut through and under the
great bunches of roots with as little
difficulty as in cutting stubble.
All present were greatly surprised.
"If a man should attempt to cut that
gruss with a walking plow," said Mr.
Chapman, "he would either break his
doubletree or stop his horses."
Several farmers, including Itobcrt
Laing, James Nelson, A. Hudson vud
Thomas Jacques, wero present and
wero highly pleased with the result
of the experiments. Mr. Chapman
was so well pleased that he purchas
ed the plow and declares that he
would not have any other kind on his
Tho 7-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs
Thomas Wllloughby. of this city, d.ed ' " " "Zl
h.. th f ,m, nt ti, n-iHrniwi1""1 special anthem
of Jerry Peters, in the east end of
town. Ho had been sick with meas
les for a fow days and was In a
weakened condition, which made him
an easy victim to croup. The inter
ment will take place at 2 o'clock this
afternoon, at Olney cemetery.
Dinner at St. George.
The following is tho Thauksglvlng
bill of faro for tho 25 cent dinner to
be served at the St. George restau
rant: Soup.
Chicken Broth.
Baked Salmon with Game Sauce.
Sugar-cured Ham with Game Sauce.
Prime -Rlbo of Beef, Au Jus.
Young Turkey, Cranberry Sauce.
Pricasee Chicken witli Dumplings.
Baked Clam Pie.
Boston Baked Pork and Beans.
Pear Cobler with Vanilla Sauce.
Lemon, Apple and Hot Minco Pie,
Grand Ball! 1 1
Grand Ball! ! !
Grand Ball! 1 !
Thanksgiving night!
Thanksgiving night!
Thanksgiving night!
Music Hall! .! !
Music Hall! ! !
Music Hall! 1 !
No Paper Thanksgiving.
Patrons will kindly tako notice that
thero will bo no issue of tho East Or
egonian on Thanksgiving day.
Take Laxative Iirumo Quinine Tableta, All
ilrudgtitB relund the money I! It falls to cure,
..) urovo b tignaiuie is ou rant oox. Joe.
half section of fine wheat
land, all in summer-fallow,
north of Pendleton.
Good improvements.
Almost a section oi land in
one body, a short dis
tance north of town.
Morning Services Will Be Held by
Each Congregation Union .Meeting
In Evening at Baptist Church.
The various churches of tho city
have arranged to hold their regular
lunlon Thanksgiving services in tho
Haptist cnurcn, corner oi weun ami
Johnson streets, Thursday evening.
Tho services will not be a regular
sermon, but will be moro of a public
nature. Mayor T. G. Hnlley will de
liver tho leading address which will
bo In tho interest of good citizenship
and he will
bo followed by several
addresses by others of the city.
Rov. Mr. Potwino, of the Church of
tho Redeemer, Is arranging the music,
which Is expected to bo ono of tho
leading features of the service. Praise
service will follow the addresses.
During tho forenoon each church
of tho city will have its own regular
Thanksgiving services and sermon by
the pastor. This Is in accordance
with tho proclamation of the gover
nor that each church should hold its
own service In the morning, and join
in a union service in the evening.
An effort was made by the minis
ters to have Mayor Williams, of Port
land, deliver an address here at the
union services, but owing to previous
arrangements, it was impossible for
him to come.
This meeting is arranged with the
purpose of promoting good citizen
shin In our community, and It 13
hoped that it will be attended by alllp.i train.' Mr. Bender Is now an at
those who realize what this means to
uio growing cuy oi i-enuiuiuu. iiie,jnK auont tho city, enjoying liimsoit
Hon. W. R. Ellis. Judgo of the sixth
judicial district, will preside at the
meeting. '
Church of the Redeemer.
In accordance with the provisions
of the church's order, and In confprm
ity with the recommendation of tho
president of the United States, a serv-
iro nf tlinnl.-spivliiir will lm liphl ni Mi.
Church of tho Itedeempr. tomorrow,
beginning at 10:3(1 a. m. The sen--
Ice will -be accompanied by a sermon
s appropriate to
tho harvest home festival. The music
will bo rendered by the vested choir,
assisted uy an auxiliary cuorus oibi0 or solo work. "I was at a re
lates. hearsal of the 'Military Girl.' which Is
Following a custom of long stand-1 being produced by our young ladies,
ing In the Episcopal church in thlsjamj was struck by the number of
diocese, the offering at this service
will be devoted to the Good Samari
tan hospital a diocesan institution of
high standing, and which last year
gave more than 7000 days of free
service to tho needy sick.
First Baptist Church Thanksgiving
Tho Thanksgiving service at this
church will bo held tomorrow at 11
o'clock. Tho program is largely made
up of musical selections and respon
sive readings. Violin and vocal solos.
anthems and hymns appropriate to
tho day will bo given. A cordial wel
come to all. R. W. King, pastor.
M. Spike, of Echo, Is in the city
Charles McRao is in town from
George Bowman has gono to Port
land on business.
P. P. Webber and wife, of Ward
ner, are in tho city.
W. A. Bohert and L. M. Gord, of
mot uock. are in town.
Mrs. Sam Thompson will spend
Thanksgiving in Walla Walla.
Mayor William Mosgrove, of Athe
ne is a guest of Hotel St. George.
C. A. Barrett, the hardwaro deal
er of Milton, is at Hotel Pendleton.
J. E. Montgomery was in tho city
Tuesday auernoon from Myrlck sta
tlon. G. E. Hall, paymaster for tho O. R.
& N.. stationed at Portland, Is in the
Fred Wafllo, running 21, stopped in
town a few hours this morning wait
ing for time.
Gus Gowin, of Spokane, formerly
a Pendleton boy. Is In town shaklnc
nanus with his old friends.
Tho lamily of Alex McRae. who
have been down with measles, aro re
ported to bo much improved.
Mrs. A. W. Nye is expected to re
turn this evening from several days
spent visiting friends In Walla Walla,
J. M. I.eezer. formorlv In huslness
In this city, but now a resident of
t'oruami, Is in town meeting his many
Charles .1. Ferguson, of tho Pendle
ton Woolen MIIJs. went to Union
yesterday on business connected with
,1, ...nt
M. O. Roso. of Junlner. lias latoiv
bought a ouarter section nf whp-,t
land of W, J. Waddlo. Tho purchase
price was $850.
-Mrs. C, Winters and famllv. Elmer
II., Clara M. and Frankio L.. of
Idaho, were guests of tho Oniiinn
Rulo last night.
M. Pedro has returned frnm mi.
lings, Mont., whoro ho went with a
101 ot tine bred bucks to dlsnoso nt in
Montana sheepmen.
A. B, Montgomery, grain hnvnr nt
Helix, and a brother of Timm
Montgomery, of this city, wns in Inwn
Tuesday afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. G. S. Grit tttnn nm In
tho City the gUe8t3 Of their anno
Frank and Charlie Grltman, on their
way homo to Palouse, from an ex
tended Eastern trio.
James Derran nnd James
farmers and stockmen with
near Wallula, left town this morning
for their homes nfter upending a fow
days here on business.
D, B. Richardson, tho
al merchant, was Jn Pendleton Tues
day afternoon on business connected
wnn me arraigning of the throo men
store a few
I n-hn lmrzlarlzed his
weeks ago.
Mrs Minnie DePeatt. of Athena,
who has been at tho Walla Walla hos
Z nnat ihreo weeks, recelv-
g surgical treatment, was taken to
j her home Monday evening. Walla
! Walla Union.
I ini Kelly, tho comedian w h
the "Pennsylvania - comp.uu,
well known here, where he has boen
on the stage with other troupes sev
eral times. Mr. Kelly is one of tho
coming comedians of the day.
New Corporation Will Also Maintain
Reservoirs for Irrigation Pur
poses. Articles of Incorporation of tho
T own trriimtlnn and Livestock Com
i any was filed with the county clerk
this morning wnn numy . .
Maltie E. llcan nml Will Ingram as
Tho business and pursuits or this
new corporation is to build flumes
and ditches, maintain reservoirs and
take water from the Umatilla River
for irrigation and iiomestlc purposes,
and to buy, sell and ralso stock of all
Tho duration of the corporation is
to be perpetual and the head office
Is in Pendleton. It is capitalized for
$5000 and tho shares are divided Into
50 shares at $100 each.
Unexpected Meeting.
Professor E. 13. Conklin was ban
nllv surnrised last evening in unov
pectedly meeting an old friend mil
college chum, from Iowa, John O.
Bender, who happened to remain over
in this city on account of tho dewy'
(0rnpy 0f Spokano and was wamlnr-
In noting the fact that he had not
soen a familiar face among tho
crowd. He was accosted by an, ap
parent stranger, who soon reminded
him of being a member of a certain
Iatin class, in an Iowa college, some
10 vears ago. Mr. Render, like Pro
fessor Conklin. took the Western fe-
ver soon after finishing college, no
J Is located in tho city of Spokane and
j 's R'a" "e came west
A Musical Treat,
What a pleasure it Is to listen to
I fresh young voices, either In ensem
: finn voices I hoard there." said a Pen
dlcton lady this morning. It is not
otten that the theater-goers of Pen
dleton have a chance to see their
own young ladies in theatricals, but
when they have seen them, the girls
have always covered themselves with
glory. "The Military Girl" has the
boards at tho Frazer December 1 and
President Castro, of Venezuela, de
clares that the rebellion In that conn
try Is dead, and thinks that ho will
no auie to oillciaily proclaim peace
by January 1.
I Warm
75c, $1.00
$1.25, $1.50
Leggins for
P Ladies & Children
Overgaiters for
f Men and Women
The Ofleen Hnfof
Now Open
The new buildincr. in hu r
recently erected hv inn t?ii nl
Garden strejt, between Court and
Alta, is now open to the public.
Contains 30 well.lighted, and venti
lated and newly lurnished rooms.
Not an inside room in thn
ing. Modern inprovements, elec
tric lights and baths. The Hotel
is directly back of of the (Wen
Chop and Oyster House on Main
street, and the Queen Chop House
and the Queen Hotel will be run
in connection by Messrs,
Olson & Van JPuymfcr occfc
After Very Successful Season's Run,
the Men Will Be Discharged To
night. After nnother very successful sen
son tho Pendleton Scouring Mill will
closo down this evening a few
months to nwnlt tho coming in of tho
next year's wool crop. Tho special
sorters who wore Imported from San
Francisco last spring to work in tho
mill, will leave In n fow days 'for
thoir homes. Several local sortord
will be retained to handle about 14,
000 pounds of wool yet on hand.
Jolly Club Dance.
The members of tho Jolly Club will
give a ball Thanksgiving night at
Music hall. Kirkman's orchestra will
furnish tho music nnd a delightful
Imn In nrnmlHfiil. This Is thi Hnpnnil
year of tho club's existence nnd it
feels justly proud of its success.
Oysters, fresh every day,
received in the shells di
rect from oar own beds
We have closed our retail oyster
house in the Golden Rule Hotel
building, and will devote our en
tire attention to supplying the
public with fresh oysters by the
pint, quart or gallon. Depot in
Fechter's confectionery store, 221
Court street, Pendleton. We
wholesale oysters in the sack or
car load. Oysters served on the
half shell by the plate.
Wachsmuth Bros.
vSpecial Dross Goods Sale for One Week Oily
Uress Uoods worth 1.50 Sale Price f
" " " 1.25 " "
" " " 1 00 " "
75 "
" " " .60 " "
SO " "
5 " "
We must reduce our dress goods stock, and to do m
make these big cut prices. We will save yon moneyed
dollar invested in dress goods. Come and look thus e
We are agents for the Cosmopolitan Paper Patterns, isj
Itenieiuber: The lurgent stock of goods in tlif city to wlettfe
The millinery season for this fall and winter is dra
v,, vc nuvu oeen very successiui anu iw
community have shown their appreciation of our bigh A
wiciy uy selecting irom our stock, we nave um
some of the most stylish fall and winter hats wlicl
to dispose of and are offering them at greately Ktof?
We invite you to come and inspect these hats"te'w
The best and most convenient thiJ
the kind we have seen is a neat little
1 i i i . t rln lnlffP Oil1
ouuwing a calendar tor iuo, a yt-
tor frflo riiHlrihtilinn. UHJ u'
Is appreciated by every member of. j-i'wU-Our
furniture makes it a cozy and Ian,orm the I
Biuuuiui iaDies, outlets, ana cnauo
room into a handsome one,
Furniture Store near Po.tofiicc
other night ti ,
beautiful in C .M
groom looked?
Ventinn,, Ul , ktt.U
.., uiacfc, ill
dim' lio "Iter 11
exquisitely oW.. ,Tlfl
new school ,jJBU
bread tray.i,h2;8
and t ihn.... u"UJi
7 mie scroll.,
consisting nl . 1 u, .fl
Plate with cut-ouf5
center richl,i. "
spray, and'
-tch. Others
creations in chin, ?':
over the rnM.
hnln 1, T ' ,Vt
wrappers wPr '
Owl Tea
CheaPest place h Q
13,000 acre tract and liaj
5,000 acre tract andiwj
afifi nnroD to Oft a "J1
800 acres wheat lanitSM.
140 acres on therivtr 12 1
renuieton f 1800:
This U only apartkllisfrfj
"w-n 1 unun ea i nifty
City Property a Sa
I have a long Bit J
iuio, residences, uj
I do not list proptrty t
iJiitu in rigai.
E. T.
Real Estate Dnj