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We carry the Celebrated Alfred Dolge Line and have
them in red, black, drab and green. Juliettcs and Slippers.
New line just received. We "also have Felt Romeo's and Felt
Slippers for men.. Just the thing for cold weather.
Bindfager, Wilson k Company
Good Shoes Cheap. Phone Main 1181
Jack Hart Is In town from Juniper.
Perry Smith Is In town from McKay
Joe Severs Is In town from his
Mrs. Hemphill Is In towii. from Pi
lot Rock.
Albert Harnla Js in town today
from Helix.
Miss Emma I.ehlte, of Weston, Is
in the city.
Red Davis Is In town from his farm
on Tutullla.
F. H. Forshaw has gone to Pilot
Rock on business.
J. L. Osborn, of Prinovllle, is In
town on business.
Herman Suhl, of the Cold Springs
country, Is In town.
Nell McDonald, of Myrlck station,
was In town Tuesday.
Mrs. L. 13. Wells is at the Golden
Rule hotel from Echo.
J. P. McManus is at the Golden
Rule hotel from Adams.
Carl Marshman and Fred Rhode
ore in town from their farms.
F.-G. Oster has returned from Spo
kane, where he went on business.
Mrs. L. B. Wells, R. E. Thorn, H. C.
Thorn and J. Thorn, of Echo, are In
Franl? Harala, the leading mer
chant of Helix, was in town Tuesday
James B. Welch has returned from
Portland, where he spent a day sight
seeing. Frank Stanton, the Helix livery
man, was transacting business in
town Tuesday.
N. McReynolds and C. McReynolds
were in the city Tuesday from their
McKay Creek home.
A marriage license was granted this
forenoon to Thomas M. Henderson
and Miss Bertha Wells.
Lee Moorhouse, the Pendleton pho
tographer, is a guest of the Perkins.
Oregon Daily Journal.
Dr. Keys has returned from Golden
dale, where he went a few days ago
to look after his homestead.
J. L. Moran, representing the Nor
rls Safe & Lock Company, of Seattle,
Is at the Golden Rule hotel.
L. S. Thompson and E. Rlnehart,
two Walla Walla business men, are
guests of the Golden Rule hotel.
W. C. Smith, one of Waltsburg's
leading merchants, accompanied by
Mrs. Smith, are at Hotel Pendleton.
Charles Alspach, ono of Helix's
prominent business men, was a guest
of the Van Dran Brothers at Hotel
Pendleton last night.
Charles F. Kennedy returned Tues
day evening from Echo, where he
spent the day shooting ducks. He
succeeded In bagging a goodly num
ber. Harry Morgan, who has been fore
man for J. R. Snyder on the farm, has
gone to Kansas to spend the winter
at his old home. .He has not been
back to visit his relatives since 18S8.
Robert Cronln left this morning for
Baker City, where he goes to umpire
the game of football today between
the Eastern Oregon State Normal
team and the Baker City team, which
is to be played today.
Left Pendleton for Germany to Find
a Wife But Fell by the Wayside.
John Timmerman, who left here
two weeks ago to spend the winter
in the fatherland nnd incidentally tn
seek a wife to bring back to his west
ern home, fell by tht ways! 1" and Is
now married.
A telegram was received Tuesday
evening by Jospeh Uasler saying:
"Mr. Timmerman and his young wife
left this morning for Chicago," but
It did not give any particulars. Mr.
The Supreme Court Says the Decis
ion of the Land Board Cannot Be
The Oregon supreme court render
ed two Important opinions Tuesday.
Dr. C. H. Itobertson, of Salem, loses
his mnndamus suit against the stnto
land board, the appellate court hold
ing that the land board is a co-ordinate
department of the state govern
ment, and Its decisions are not re
viewable in the courtc. The only real
mipstlon involved In the Itobertson
case was the right of the state land
board to make a ruling granting an
extension of 30 days' time In which
purchasers of property who had he
come delinquent In their payments,
might make the deferred payments,
and avoid the cancellation of their
certlnflcates of sale The court holds
that the board Ib authorized by law
to make such rules as are deemed
necessary for the transaction of its
business. This decision is of great
interest locally, as there are a num
ber of other mnndamus cases pending
against the board, In which the Iden
tical question Is Involved.
Exclusive Right to Fish.
The second case decided was that
of It. D. Hume against 20 citizens of
Curry county, in which Hume sought
to restrain defendants from fishing
below his nshery in Rogue Itlver.
Hume has owned a fishery five miles
abovo the mouth of Boguo nlver since
1877, and has used It continuously
since that time. The defendants, for
a number of years, have attempted
to establish fishing headquarters on
the river below his plant, and ho sued
for exclusive right to use both banks
of the river, and obtained a verdict in
the Curry county courts, sustaining
his contention. The case was appeal
ed and the supreme court sustained
the lower court. Hume now has ex
clusive right to fish on both banks of
Rogue River five miles from the
t ... 1.1 tmntn the
'cold weather wmcn wm.,u .
i ground, would be met with joj by
Plans to Be Presented for the New
Club House-A Good Site In View,
The proposition to build a club
house by the young men of Pendleton
is being agitated and the matter IH
assume a definite head within a few
'Architects arc now nt work drawliig
plans to be presented to the commit
ee to see Just what the cost of the
. ....i ...in i.o nnd to determine
t.in,i of build nc tne
just wii.ii iiu- ----- -
voting men will want. One or to
sites are now In view for this build
ing, but none have been semen upu.
!et. although there is a likelihood of
Ii being erecteu on ivm--i om-ui-.
.i i. nt f ho unuroyres-
slvp have been trying to throw cold
water on the srheme to organize nnd
erect a club building, the ardor of
those back or tne move iui uui -
... .i... D. (hi,.- nrn rpcelvlllC till'
Ul lilt-' ictioi, unit v.tj
uppnrt of all the young men and
the majority of the business men, es
pecially those who wish to see the
town grow aim uaiuc mc o
their shoulders to the wheel and
Umatilla County Pioneer.
In a private letter to his brother
at Weston, Taylor Green, of Wood
ward, 0. T.. writes that ho has been
elected county commissioner of his
, mintv Tnvlnr fireen ramo from Mis
souri to Umatilla county in 18G2, and
settled nt Weston, on fine ureei;.
whore he lived for 15 years. He then
tenioved to Union county, where he
rrslded until ls'.'s. wnen ne weni iu
Oklahoma Territory, at tho opening
of the Cherokee strip. He is engag
d in the cattle business extensively
and is well pleased wlin mat coun
that while there he met his fate and
after a brief courtship, was married.
He will now abandon his mp to Ger
many and after visiting Chicago for
a while will return to Pendletrm with
his bride.
Wyoming, the Home of Ex-Senator
Carey, Finds the Law Most Satis
factory. Portland. Nov. 11). Governor De
Forest Riciiards. of Wyoming the
Timmerman. -when he left here, paid i home of ex-Seuator Carey, father of
He would stop In Omaha to visit a , tho Carey Irrigation law wires as
few days with a sister. It is presumd follows of the operation of the law
in that state:
"In cases where those appropriat
ing water and having lauds segregat
ed under the Carey act have been
supplied with sufficient means, ener
gy and ability, the working of that
law has been successful in this state.
"I do not think that it would be
wise, In view of tho now irrigation
law passed recently by congress, to
repeal the Carey law, as both can
be used In tho same stato without
conflict. One can be applied to such
sections of the country where there is
an abundance of water In tho
streams, whereas the lands intended
to be watered under the irrigation act
are such as will require the construc
tion of reservoirs or dams, in order
that the surplus and waste waters of
our streams may be used In their rec
lamation. "In all the larger and more diffi
cult projects under the Carey act In
this state, $10 per acre has been the
maximum amount charged for water
Your Doctor's Orders to fee
effective mast be sapli
mented by pure drugs
If '"your prescription is
filled by us it contains
nothing but the best in
gredients that your doctor
prescribes for you. We
nevur substitute.
Defendant Alleges That He Is
Only Heir to Allotted Lands.
The title of the only suit filed at
the courthouse this morning was that
of William Henry vs. A. P. Woodard
and Catherine Matt. This is a suit
to get clear title to 160 acres of
land In section 3C, township 4, which
was allotted to Annie E. Woodard.
Plaintiff married Miss Woodard
after the allottment of tho land and
her parents, defendants, claim In
terest In the lands. Defendant al
leges that he Is the only heir to the
land and asks the court to order
plaintiffs to establish their title or re
linquish their claim to the land and
all rents from the land since 18P7.
Hailey & Lowell are plaintiff's attorneys.
Declamatory Contest.
The Pendleton High School has ar
ranged to have a declamatory con
test Thanksgiving, between a pupil
of tho Pendleton school and a repre
sentative of the Baker City public
schools. At the same time a recep
tion will be tendered by the pupils
of the high school to the members of
the Baker City football team, and to
the pupils -who accompany them.
Clerk's Office Repairs.
The paper hangers and paintors
have almost completed their work In
tho county clerk's office. For the
past several days tho clerk and his
two deputies have been doing their
work in the south room of the office
and they will bo glad when tho work
is finished so they will not be so
Look Here
120 acres of wheat land, 3 miles from Pendleton, $2500
600 acres, 10 mi'es from station, plenty of water, $6500
160 acres, 10 miles from Pendle.on 81500
160 acres, on the river, 7 miles from Pendleton,
35 acres in alfalfa, good house and barn, . . . $4000
Good house on West Alta street $.1100
Good five-room house, north of river, six blocks
from bridge $ goo
Two five-room cottages on West Webb St., each $ 800
Dutch Henry Feed Yard
Good property In city and country too numerous to mention, nny
location that ono may desire.
No Council Tonight.
There will be 110 council meeting to
night on account of Mayor Hailey and
several of the councilmen being in
Portland attending the irrigation con
vention. It was expected that tho
matter of a sewerage system would
be taken up tonight, and the tlmo set
for the election, but now the matter
will have to rest another week un
less a special meeting is called.
Section of Road Near This City Needs
Graveling, and a Move Is on Foot
to Secure Needed Repairs.
a ,n,-n U nnw nn foot which will
he presented to the county court nt
Its next session to have tho road
down tho river graveled. It Is said
for two miles down the river, on the
north side, the public road Is the
worst of any section of road, so heavi
ly traveled, in the county. Tho bed is
low and holds tho water, in many
places great pools standing for weeks
at a time, mis manes iravel very
,nm,,H .lnrlnr the wet season nnd It
Is stated that this two miles of roau
is traveled by more people one day
than any other road coming Into
t,.,..,, Tho prnunrt Is soft nnd gets
very muddy, making hauling very
difficult. Those ntivocatmg me re
...irinir nf thp rnnd clnim that with
a very small outlay this road could
be made comparatively goou. it is
only a short distance from the river
ihorn is nmnln cravol for treat
ing the roadbed. This being the case,
It would cost little to nam tne gravoi
ninnn wnntprl nnd the work
could be done very rapidly. The bed
would have to bo raised in places ana
ways made for the water to drain
off Instead of standing In pools as it
does now.
This is a commendahle move and
with proper presentation to the coun
ty commissioners the matter will no
doubt be taken up by them and the
road Improved.
River Is Up.
The Umatilla River is said to bo
higher now than it has been in many
years at this time of year. There is
a large volume of water coming
through town and tho banks of the
river are full to overflowing In many
places. This is caused by the heavy
rains of the past week, which are
almost unprecedented.
the nth. ,
b-utiiuUn3' g-JfcJ
the groom J?Jt M
ventiona; black f,lssl
dinir thP . :..: After a
wedding present'll
exquisitely decorlttftl
new school H..:'Q,il
consisting of alJ''1!
n atn t.U .... &etUlJ
center richly decot tSI
creations in china S?J
over th ..ct! SI
help but notice H, i
r, .....1. mjJKjj
Owl Tea
Afternoon Tei
I have Inn mnnK
attempt to name It ijij
1 uttve siock raaciaJ
n n ,1 atnnll w.A .
' l u ...... t, iuiu ElQCg .1
desired. Wheat !u ,
On thA rlvar t I. '
uaie j
may want from one to J
City Property a Sp
I have & long list til
uu, resiliences, yj
I do not list propertj t
Real Estate Dea
No Golf Tournament.
Owing to the prevailing bad weath
er of the past two weeks the golf
tournament which was to have been
pulled off, has been indefinitely post
poned. It is said now that no tour
nament will be held until spring, as
it is now too close to tho holidays.
Kick the Pigskin on the Local
Gridiron Saturday.
Next Saturday the Pendleton high
school will play football with the
Indians from tho reserve. The local
high school team has been contem
plating playing the Indians, and a
few days ago a challenge was sent
them. This was accepted and Sat
urday afternoon was set for the game.
This will be a game worth seeing.
The Indians are many pounds heavier
than tho local boys and they are all
said to be old football players, Moto
nlc, tho famous Indian athleto, will
play with tho team and several others
almost as largo and athletic as he
will bo lined up agnlnst the little
high school team. However, Coach
Bryson is confident of winning the
day oven against strength. Tho Indi
ans play good football, but they lack
in efficiency and spued. Here Is
where the school team expects to out
class them far enough to win. Tho
Indians are said to bo practicing for
the fray and when this game is pull
ed off it will attract a large crowd.
And Looks as Though a Few Days of
Good Weather Is Certain.
Will wo havo a few days of fail
weather? It now looks like I -s the
sun camo out bright and i this
morning nnd all indications are to
ward x tovr days of fair weat" or.
However, the weather man says no.
He predicts snow, but this would be
welcomed with wide open arms, as
anything which would bo a chn
from rain would bo acceptable Ju-t
now. The rain has ptinued for
nearly two weeks in, .santly and
people are gelling tired of wading
through the rauJ and slush. Even
Arbitration Board Proposed.
Detroit, Xlich.. Nov. 19. The au
nual convention of the Stfive Found'
ers' National Defense Association bo
gan in Detroit today with members
present from St. Louis, Cincinnati,
Pittsburg, Chicago and other cities
of the country. The convention vill
consider and act upon a proposition
from the Metal Polishers', Duffers'.
Platers'. Drass Moldors'. and Urass
Workers' Union looking to the estab
lishment of a joint arbitration board
for the adjustment of all disputes
arising In tho trade. The proposition
is In most respects similar to the ar
rangements existing between tho
stove founders and the iron moulders
which has prevented strikes in that
branch of Industry for the past 10
..... TT I I I 1 I I
I Soles
Fastened and put together
in a manner to please and
satisfy the most exacting.
Such are our Men's Shoes
that we sell for
Warm Sh s and Slippers
Special sale this week on all
We have too many and must close them out.
Now is the buyers opportunity.
We will give a big cut price on Blankets, Bed Ccm-
forts, and Outing Flannels.
Our Clothing Sale is Still On
Remember: The largest stock of goods In the city toMlMtft
To be seen in attractive millinery at our parlots. Otrl
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