East Oregonian : E.O. (Pendleton, OR) 1888-current, November 18, 1902, DAILY EVENING EDITION, Image 3

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    Lv'''''. -in COODS at Alexander's. $
a,l.g" ww .8
What You Want in
First Last All the Time
I of quality could be stronger
lotf15' ftivn nn the Sorcsis
W " ....itpc we Clve on me ourcsis
All sizes, all widths.
oolnliratpd Tniin Strnntman Shnfis; fnr
P'nnc in linv calf with heavv extension soles.
" . a. i tlir All C17 0C
IGREEN'S little giant school shoes. The best school
i earth lOr Jlllie muiiey. .cviiiy jiaii uuainmucu
ixtcnsion soies,
n I k
Dept. Store
Gnaiici Clearance Sale
, c r- .. :it it n r t
trI."6neM oixiy idys wc win auii vu pcia, uua, i,ui-v.
bias, Poitiers, Wall Paper and Sewing Machines at a
Reduction. In fact everything in our store will go at a
ft Discount for Cash. This is the chance of a lifetime
y goods cheap. Call and get our prices.
Undertakers' goods always
on hand at reducid prices
Phone Main 24
Hunt up those pictures and have them framed at once
CitMstmas is Not Far Away
lou will get the nest worn anu newest siyie names n
ton will come to us. largest siock 10 seieti num
C Qt$ A OO for SHARP New Ideas.
V- &riJlr Ooera House Block. S
fOR table use
Blinds of imnn.....i ,
b, -"i"'icu iiincnes,
15uts near Postoffice
aers Custom Mil,
' W'tra, Proprietor
No Bad Debts
Are contracted by our system
of doing business for we sell
for cash and give our custo
mers the benefit of our saving
from loss. More fresh, first
class groceries for your money
than any other store in Pen
ton. Our stock is all fresh.
4 New goods arriving daily
Miller Grocery Co.
nelena, Mont., Oct. 4, 1(02.
Dr. 0 A I'errin,
Helen. Mont
1 vrlib to thank yoa for my re
lief. I was suffering agouiei
from pllei and was taking mor-
f hln. to relieve roe, when, on
be ad vie. ol a friend. I procured
a bottle of jour ferrin Pile br.
cific and took a tabletpoonful at
uldbt and an other In the morn
lug. At bait pait 12, noon, my
wife gave me anotber tableipoou
ful, wben my pain all itopped.
In two dayi I u able to attend
my regular buiLii entirely re
lieved, it wai simply wonderful,
Truly youn, ,
Juliui Meyhoefer, Furrier.
Wheat has been the life, the main
spring, the backbone of this wonder
ful country. Panics mny come and
go, business Institutions may fall,
misfortunes may befall other enter
prises, but the wheat crop never falls.
In oyer 30 years there has not been
a failure In this section of Umatilla
county. The oorest producing years
finds this si'ctlon.of the country yield
ing 25 and 30 bushels of wheat to the
acre and the prosperous years find
It producing as high as 50 and fiO
hushclK to the acre.
There are two extensive wheat buy
ers at Weston. The Pacific Coast El
evator Co., Is represented by Tt. Jam
leson, who hns been buying wheat for
a number of years. The company has
a warehouse 40x200 and for the past
four years Air. Jamleson has handled
an average of 72,000 bush'els of wheat
nnnually for his company.
J. H. Price Is the agent for Kerr,
Glfford & Co., at this place. They
have been established at Weston for
a number of years. They own a ware
house 200x40 feet and handle about
50,000 bushels of wheat annually.
This company also owns a warehouse
at Downing, near this place, 50x100
feet and handles at that point about
35,000 bushels of grain annually.
Flouring Mills.
The Weston Flouring Mills, F. L.
Blair, manager. Is one of her largest
business institutions. The plant cost
about $13,000 and has a capacity of
5(1 to (SO barrels of flour a day. It was
established about four years ago and
has been running on full capacity dur
ing the seasons since that time.
Weston Brick.
H. n. Kelson., the famous Eastern
Oregon brickmaler hns his plant at
this place. He has been in the busi
ness for 23 years and he supplies a
trade for more than a hundred miles
in every direction. Large shipments
nre made to Walla Walla. Pomeroy,
Heupner, and Pendleton draws her
entire supply from this point. One
day last week two carloads were ship
ped, one to Iorie, Oregon, and the
other to Pomeroy, Washington, each
being in opposite directions and near
ly a hundred miles away. Mr. Nel
son estimates that he handles at least
four million brick annually, and owing
to a scarcity of hands the past year
it has been difficult to supply the de
mand for his brick.
The soil is particularly adapted to
mnk-intr hrick. At first glance the
average brickmaker would pronounce
It unfit for the purpose, but after 'he
test is made he finds that it has few
equals as a material for brlckmaking.
It has the appearance of being too
sandy, but sand has to be mixed with
it, and while in a wet state, rain does
it no harm Haiti that would ruin the
average material does not affect this
material, which Is a pale clay.
An average of 40 to 5 men are em
ployed on the yard and It takes abcut
$40 worth of wo-id a day to run the
yard. This results In a large weekly
pay roll in Weston which adds mater
ially to the wealth of the place and in
creases its value as a business point.
Mr. Nelson will take a trip to the
East at an early date and examine
machinery and apparatus and buy
such as he thinks will work best In
this country and will Increase the ca
uacitv and facilities of his yard, mak
Ing It one of the best in the Pacific
Town Has Just Witnessed the Ban
ner Year of Its Existence.
Athonn nr. Nov. 18. Athena has
had a great building boom during the
past year and building is still going
on. It is estimated upon a careuu
basis that since January 1, of this
year, $35,000 have been expended In
Good Dressers Wear Good
Not necessarily expensive, as the reason of the unvarying success of the big store
has been its desire, purpose and intent to sell only such merchandise as could be
called trade builders in the true sense. A trade builder is an itotn of merit. The
merit of an article depends uprm the prices asked for it. As wo buy only from the
recognized leaders of American manufactures, wo remove to the utmost limit, all
thought of inferiority, and are in a position to claim first clasB value. Therefore
when you buy at tne big store you get the best, are satisfied while- using it and
pleased to call again. We are pleased to see you return.
! )
a .! i i m
i ,t 5 1 Ml 7
11 1.
All Sizes and
all Prices
Fine imported
cloth, made in a
clean union shop
American fabric
with wonderful
wearing quality
A line that com
mends itself to the
Don't forget to
remember our
corduroy pants
A lovely woman
in a McGec under
is sure of an clc
gant appearance
of her street cos
tume. Therein
lies the secret of
their popularity.
$1.50 to $5
According to material and make
up all have the patent smooth fas
tener in back. ach skirt has an
extension of four inches to suit
varying waists.
The Boston Store
SUCCESS attends our November Clothing and Dry Goods Sale
Proprietor of the
i ...
announces ma
Clearance Sale
on Jackets
and Furs
improvements. It Is claimed that the
sum would have been much larger
but for the scarcity of carpenters.
Two bricK nusiness mucno uuc
l..,., 1...IH nn Mnln Ktreet at a cost
of $8000. These building have press
ed brick fronts and stone basements
and are owned by Lester Swaggert
and Mrs. J. H. StaUl.
The new Christian cnurcn, at a cosa
of $8000, Is under construction.
David H. Taylor has spent about
$8000 improving his warehouse.
U. J. Bodily built a ne wmeat mar
ket building at a cost of $500.
Dr. A. W. Botkln built a new barn
at a cost of $200.
Following new residences have been
Mrs. Davenport's residence, at a
cost of $700; Mrs. Bookner's residence
at a cost of $1400; H. W. Dlsper,
$1000; ilrs. Green Espes, $000; Dun
can Mclntyre. $1000; George Gross,
Charles Allen's addition, $235; Mrs.
Eva Boddy, $150; A. h. Jones, $300;
Charles Brown, $800; J. A. Mulrhead.
O. K. & N. Company, purchaso of
grounds and moving passenger and
freight dopot to Main street, $3000;
A rihick's Improvement, $30; C. A.
Fisher, $200; C. A. Barrett & Co.,
$200; W. W. Jacobs' addition to resi
dence $300. It is estimated that other
improvements .not herein enumerated
have been made to the value of at
least $1200.
Luck In Thirteen.
By sending 13 miles, Wm. Splrey
of Walton Furnace, Vt., got a box of
Bucklen's Arnica Salve, that wholly
cured a horrible fever sore on his leg
Nothing else could. Positively cures
bruises, felons, ulcers, eruptions,
boils, burns, corns and plies Only
25c. Guaranteed by Tallman & Co.
What to do In cases of accidents, bo
fore the physician arrives, is told In
a compact little volume "Accidents,
Illnesses and Emergencies" Issued )
the medical department of the Mutu
al Life Insurance company of New
York. This book Is sent on request
to those who address the homo office
of the company, Nassau, Cedar, Wl
Ham nud Liberty streets. New York
The book makes suggestions about
diet, ventilation, disinfectants, drain
age and givos hints on first aid to the
One of the World's Greatest Specialists, Who Has Kept Hundreds
From an Early Grave or the Insane Asylum.
Is not necessary to g to sen him; lit
a fow dlsoascH wheru surgery Is re
quired or cancers old ulcers and such
It Is bettor to seo him, but all weak
ness and private conditions run bo
cured at home. He has a perfect sys
tem or homo treatment; ho always an
swers your letters In a plain envelope
aiul keeps every caso it profound se
cret. Pay no uttcntlon to the llttlo
books you find on streots, but trust
otirself to nn old doctor who lias been
curing 'asH llko yours for over a
qi-arter t a cntury In t-iis city. Al
ways Inclose 10 2-cent stumps when
vwltlrig for consultation, and send
small bottle- of urine If possible. Ad
Now, look here, young man, don't
i.,. un nn.lnxK Don't nut off any
indoor- hun von,- (-ih(- attended to
today, for your looks tell on you. You
may conclude to get married some
.In., an.l In II IO Illlt.PV Villi "lllSt I JO
a man rugged and strong physically
and mentally, oo many uiv iicu
we heai of, If an investigation was
made, would disclose Uio fact that
physical and nervous weakness of the
I nuhnnri rnilki'H tlm wlfo to finally
hate him. Women love a manly man,
Just as much as men love beautifully
developed, healthy, red-cheekwl wo
men. Blotches anil pimpien
t..,.l,ln,- ojrr.ni' All kltldH Of dlH-
easei' aro cured by this old doctor, It
Office Hours, 9, A. M. to 9 P. M. Cor. 2d and Yamhill Bts., romana, ur,
vek. ' '